I agree with his points, they're very well made and presented. So my main takeaway is, do not ever dismiss a Russian "victory". Ukraine is far from out of the water yet, but what is definitely is that Russias scale of anything they can call a "victory", and it may just come down to focusing on killing the leader of the Azov battalion and proclaiming their "special military operation" was a resounding success, and that was their goal the entire time. But I say give it 3 months at most, and you'll find that Russia will likely fall into disarray, poverty, chaos, and governmental disgust as information and footage of these atrocities to trickle in via hearsay from those with VPNs. But Russias clock is ticking and it's up to Ukraine to speed that clock up until the bell rings and Putin is forced out of the Kremlin one way or another.


Also a discussion topic he introduced that no one else seems to have is, what happens after if NATO intervenes? Let’s say the US and other big NATO counties DO get involved directly. Like… what happens after the hypothetical war?? What the heck happens to Russia? What if NATO gets involved and then Putin just says okay I’m done, mistake let’s move on. Uh, well we have to do so nothing then. Then what?? I mean this is all assuming shit doesn’t go sideways for all living things. It’s just a good reminder to consider the bigger picture. Or even consider other pictures.


Russia will have to break up into smaller republics in order to survive as a smaller entity still known as 'Russia'. It's how all empires fail: continuous expansion is easy whilst it's cheap, enemy resistance is low and your losses are small, but when you run into another empire easy expansion isn't possible anymore. See Rome against Persia, Byzantium against Kilij Arslan, Hitler against the Allies etc.


I agree with the few videos of this guy I’ve seen. He is intelligent and makes sense what he is talking about.


Beau is actually a great objective source of information for both domestic and foreign topics. He researches the topics he talks about rather thoroughly. He's a perfect example of "don't judge a book by it's cover". He does solid work.


his latest video he touches on the plausible reports that a number of NATO countries in eastern europe, particularly those with a bloody history with Russia, are considering intervening in Ukraine on their own.


This isn't my area of expertise but he raises a lot of very good points. The biggest ones are that Putin's system of government is based on corruption and nepotism. Incompetent but loyal stooges are given command positions and everyone steals whatever they can so the conduction of war operations result in massive disfunction. Basically, the system is rotten to the core because Putin is rotten to the core. There's a fix for that but that involves Putin's death.


Probably not, based on the thumbnail. BUT, never judge a book, you know. Genuinely watching now and will edit. EDIT: He is very well spoken and takes his time. I do think he is introducing some very excellent talking points. He is really digging into some good procedural and hypotheticals after what most would consider “the end game.” There isn’t really anything to hardline disagree or agree with. Other than, we reeeeeally gotta think about this haha. If that’s the main point, then yes, big agree! But I’d never subscribe to his channel. EDIT….. again: The guy seems to have some legal issues, I’ve never heard of him before this. But the 3rd party news (not from his channel) about him is uh… well it’s bad.


Don't let yourself be fooled by his appearance. This guy usually makes very good analyses. Haven't watched this one, though.


You were right 👍 He does seem to have some decently insightful comments and ideas that set up good discussions. EDIT: The guy seems to have some legal issues, I’ve never heard of him before this. But the 3rd party news (not from his channel) about him is uh… well it’s bad.


His legal issues are also from over a decade ago. People change. As far as his channel goes it's been nothing but gold for years.


This guy was put in prison for human trafficking working with Russians. Stop posting this bullshit.


Source asap please EDIT: Thanks for the resources, I had never heard of this guy until this. Thanks 👍


It's true to a degree. He worked for a private contracting firm that did some less than savory things. He has videos on it, atoned for it, and did time for it I believe. It doesn't take away from the fact that he has very objective and informative views on topics and is very articulate explaining things.


I mean….. I’d say it takes a little away. Some of that stuff is really pretty bad 😬 I will say from this one video, he is not pushy. He is making meaningful discussion.


How do I find those videos?


https://www.latimes.com/politics/story/2021-03-30/google-moonshot-redirect-far-right-online-extremism-anarchist *In 2007, federal authorities charged him and three Russian co-conspirators in a scheme that brought mostly young Eastern European women to the Florida panhandle illegally to work as maids in local resorts. King was sentenced to 41 months in prison, and he and his accomplices were ordered to collectively forfeit $1 million in assets.* Edit: He might have some good opinions here and there, but he's still a disgusting piece of shit.


If it was bringing them to put them into prostitution, then yes, he’d be a piece of shit. If it was helping them skirt immigration laws and live a life they wanted then it’s a lot less scummy.


If I remember correctly, part of it was taking their passports away, sending them to completely different locations than originally promised, and then forcing them to work for a set duration before they would give the passports back. Seems pretty dodgy to me. Edit: This was **definitely** not done to "help" immigrants "live a life they wanted" by having them forced into maid positions and stealing their passports effectively locking them in place. Based on everything that's been written in the news, this was all about them making money by exploiting immigrants because immigrants were just easier to push around. In other words, bullies going after easy prey


I was giving my opinion based on the facts of the article. You’re right, if passports were taken then it’s involuntary. I am always skeptical when the term “convicted felon” are used to discredit someone. There are many ways to become one without being a “piece of shit”.


You shouldn’t be judging a man solely on things he did 15 years ago.


~~I'm not (I did mention he has some decent opinions imo)~~ Normally I wouldn't judge, but when you have spent your earlier years human trafficking young women, well, that pretty much puts a permanent, dark cloud over your head in my book. The offence is so grave, that time doesn't make it right. If you're able to look past that, then more power to you, I guess.


Thanks. I agree that that should be a permanent mark on his record. And he isn’t someone I would leave my kids with, if I had any. I just don’t like it when people are called p aces of shit or disgusting like that after all this time. In my humble mostly uninformed opinion, I thinks he might have had enough time to turn away from those things, which I hope he has. I respect your disgust though. What he did was disgusting.


He is a human trafficker


So I saw.


Unreal. I had no idea.




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Thank you for the award. Totally unnecessary, but thank you. I should have just posted the link. Just think it's important to know who you are listening to.


Oh absolutely 100%, and don’t feel bad about the awards. The weirdest shit happened a few months ago. I got a ton of awards on a live stream I did and I got so many that I ended up getting Reddit premium for free for two years as well as many thousands of coins that I do not care about. Is this like a normal thing? I really have not looked into it at all yet 😬 haha


Then he likely knows what he's talking about. Young people on Reddit need to realize the even the scummiest of people can be useful sources of information. Not everyone worth listening to is going to be a saint, particularly when it comes to war.


He admitted to his past and it is haunting him ever since. I have no idea what this has to do with what he is saying.


Tell me you haven't watched the video without telling me you haven't watched the video.


the gi-joe shirt multiplies all credibility by \*0 , which actually increases the credibility of this duuuude