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😂😂 Lycett just said Truss spoke with clarity and he felt reassured. This was so obviously wrong that the Tories are fuming.


I love when the presenter walked into his trap and said 'No, seriously.. This is serious..' and basically admitted she thought it wasn't clear what Liz was going to do about the cost of living crisis.


Still baffles me that she even said that when they invited a comedian on the show...


I never thought I'd be in any way defending Laura Keunssberg, but by saying that she isn't saying "that's obviously not true", she's saying "you obviously don't think that" (because you are famously not right wing).


A serious question, does she ever provide that level of challenge to Tory politicians?


It would be cruel to offer them challenges above their level of development. The proper thing to do is to help them and walk them through the issues that they face.


Gonna have to watch this. Not seen it. Don't have a TV box connected up.


Tons of copies of it on YT.


I don’t know why they’re all so up in arms. He’s clearly stated he’s on their side and is clearly right wing now.


Yeah, he's very right wing.


He was very clear about that.




It was a very clear plan


So clear most would think it was seethrough, almost non-existant even!


“And these are your reasons, my lord?" "Do you think I have others?" said Lord Vetinari. "My motives, as ever, are entirely transparent." Hughnon reflected that 'entirely transparent' meant either that you could see right through them or that you couldn't see them at all. \- Terry Pratchett, The Truth


The very definition of government transparency


He felt very reassured.


I'm reassured. Are you?


I’m reassured. So is she.


Famed right wing comedian and commentator Joe Lycett.


*Incredibly* right wing


I thought he was very clear about that.


Because I think they had expected Joe to be argumentative and were prep for that. The moment he turn the tables and agreed with them sent the wheels off the car so to speak. Great start to the show.......


It’s not what he said but the way that he said it… Yes this is what we have come to.


That's why they're up in arms. It's like when you sarcastically joke about someone jumping off a bridge and then they go and actually do it. It's the trauma of being taken seriously when you know you shouldn't be and wrongly assumed you wouldn't be And yeah I've been there. Not in that exact scenario, but I mean being inadvertently responsible for other people's shit decisions. It's chilling af


"I've been perfectly clear..."


>MP told BBC director general Tim Davie he should have not booked Lycett I thought right wingers hated cancel culture? They wouldn't be hypocritical about something like this would they? Hmmm.


No Platform for Lycetts!


What a fucking snowflake


Every accusation a confession.


And why isn't Toby Young defending Lycett's right to free speech?


They don't Lycett up 'em!


The right invented it, the left mobilised it online.


Paha. What a snowflake. Thought the Tories hated the 'woke'?


They're supposed to be anti Cancel-Culture too.


They're in favour of free speech when it's used to marginalise or discriminate minorities, but not when it mocks their government. Punch down, not up, it's the tory way.


To defeat the woke you must be the woke, flow like a snowflake and sting like a trigger.


For some reason they do not hate adultery...


It just makes my brain explode how conservatives are so good at voting for people who do the stuff they claim to hate, but couldn’t even look at the opposition doing it (far less blatantly, which is where they seem to take issue as far as I can tell).


Now who's cancelling who?!


No, if you are making fun of Tories, it is because you are woke. If they are making fun of you and you fight back, you are also woke.


>He was asked on as a pundit, he did this mock applause after Liz Truss left the interview chair, was then immediately asked for his reaction and he said, ‘She was the dregs of what they’ve got available and the backwash of the available MPs.’ So what he's saying is the BBC should only get guests on who are Tory propogandists. Anyone with a functioning brain can see this person is even more utterly unsuitable to be PM than her lawbreaking, corrupt, lying predecessor.


Plus he didn't even say that. He observed that other people might say that, but he would never say that. Because he's incredibly right wing.


He specifically pointed out that that's what the haters would say. He of course is an upstanding very right wing gentlemen and would never say that.


>he said, ‘She was the dregs of what they’ve got available and the backwash of the available MPs.’ He didn't though. He specifically said he wouldn't say this because he's very right wing.


His opinion on Truss is shared by a very large part of the BBC audience. In fact it’s only because Brine knows that this comment is true that he’s so excited about it.


I think you’ll find he wouldn’t say that, but others would.


So Lycett, while clearly and vocally supporting Truss, offered political analysis on a political analysis show. How dare he!


Not what he said. Certainly what he inferred... But a politician should be the absolute last person to be complaining about vague or unclear messaging


>So what he's saying is the BBC should only get guests on who are Tory propogandists. So, that makes Lycett a perfect fit, considering- as he made clear- he's very right wing.


Burn 🔥


Thing is, after the first question, she kept asking him stuff. As if it hadn't really registered and she was hoping for a better response. In her head "no, he didn't really say that, did he? I'll ask again".


I thought the BBC was 'far left'?


But he’s incredibly right wing now? Can’t win these days.


Steve is actually incredibly left-wing by Joe's standards. To be expected from such a wokey leftie.


Cancel culture gone mad. These woke lefty snowflakes can’t handle difference in opinion anymore.


Sounds like Brine is a bit salty.


Surely being salty should stop him being such a snowflake


Saltflake, so very fragile, and dissolves easily...


Fun Fact: The clitoris has over 6000 nerve endings, but it's still not as sensitive as the average conservative man.


He probably just climbed out of the pork barrel. He’s gonna get himelf in a pickle if he doesn’t try and preserve some decorum.


That's very good!


He used to be my MP (and I once met him in a kids treehouse). This is the most excited he's ever been about anything. Like seriously, why did this one TV appearance get him more worked up, and give him more media attention, than literally any other issue our country has faced in the last 12 years??


Take your upvote and get out! :D


its amazing how the Tories call the BBC balanced, when all the BBC does it invites Tory boot lickers in to their news output. One liberal minded person, and the BBC is unbiased to its core, and needs to be shut down to protect democracy. ​ The free speech warriors, really dont understand free speech


They assume free speech means people who have 1-2-1 the same opinion as they do.


But Lycett did express the same opinion. And they're furious. He was very clear the "backwash" comment was some people, not him.




>1-2-1 it's one-to-one lol


Or 1:1


the problem is of course the BBC is not set up for free speech its set up for two bland opinions, one on the left one on the right,


> one on the left I don't think I've ever seen anyone on the BBC advocate for the abolition of private property.


Sometimes they bring on an overworked nurse who tries to say the NHS is struggling, that counts right?


one in the centre, one on the right, the middle classes would explode if they were forced to listen to the actual left


I post on reddit, ive seen r/fuckcars or r/antiwork, yeah the left in Government is not ready for the real left. ​ To say nothing of Brexit.


If you mention Proudhon in the house of commons people think you're talking about french soup.


I managed to watch about 2 weeks straight of Newsnight at the start of the leadership race. Fucking hell its unreal mate, 10 episodes and I think they gave non-Tories about 10 minutes of airtime in total. Only one rep on from Labour that entire time, in two appearances, and the sum total of one of those was "are you not excited by the level of diversity in this contest?"... I stopped after the segment on the energy crisis some disabled woman was talking about already struggling to afford to charge the equipment that lifts her out of bed etc., how she doesn't think she'll make it to Christmas, and the presenter just smiles, nods, moves on with the discussion... I think after a few presenters have gotten burned by allegations of bias they're just way too scared(/deep in Tory pockets) to even look like asking "how or why is this being allowed to happen?"...


the idea of a Tory leadership race, where the winner becomes PM (which is in itself an offensive concept) , is very hard for the BBC to proper coverage to, without appearing to favour the Tories. You can invite Labour or the Lib Dems, but they wont have alot to say on THAT topic. ​ Cost of living is another story, we as a nation dont want to see people on the front line of it, we like to think we life in a rich nation, where these problems dont exisit, its takes alot for someone struggling to get coverage at all. ​ In the end you need an Opposition who WANTS to talk about basic reality of life in Britain, and will force itself onto every platform going to do so. To many groups, the BBC, even Labour play far too nice with the Tories.


Why did the BBC need to provide coverage of the leadership contest? 99.9% of the country had no say in it. Should have ignored it for two months.


Because the outcome would impact 100% of the country.


you are not wrong, but its a really hard discussion to have. True few of us can vote, but the leader becomes PMs, its important.


The paper review spots struggle as well, the Guardian journalists do make it on, but the Spectator has such an outsize role given it's a very niche low readership journal, not even a proper paper. Plus treating the Sun political editor like an independent voice is daft. They should acknowledge that certain media just reflect the view of their owner not actually making an judgments.


I think the idea is to show not tell. We don't need the presenters telling us how bad the energy crisis is when they have a real person telling us and showing us.


Please don't misrepresent Joe, as he said in the interview he is very right wing!


I think then in that case, what they’re so upset about is that they invited someone on who they wanted to fulfil the role of the lefty liberal woke counterbalance, and then Joe didn’t dance to their tunes so they’re furious about it.


And this is why the entire 'freeze speech activities' wing of the right has always been disingenuous.


freeze speech would be right


12 years in power with a large majority and a favourable press and they still pull this nonsense. The conservatives really are used to playing politics on easy mode


They are thinned skinned incompetents.


The funny thing is by getting annoyed by what Lycett said, proves that Brine know the statements are absurd. He's basically admitting that Truss's speech was terrible and gave no specifics about what she'll do to fix the issues in this country.


Kuensberg should have been asking what specifically Liz was going to do to. Yesterday again Liz gave a speech with no specifics, and no media questioned it or asked for more details. The media are completely in thrall to what the Government want, and if they ask the wrong questions they will shut them down just like what they plan to do with Channel 4.


Normally what happens on these things, the politician speaks. They invite the lefty to comment, which gives the right wingers a chance to poo poo what the leftie said and fill in the gaps with their own guff. When JL comes on and gives them the guff outright, the whole structure of the show collapses and the whole enterprise is shamed and mocked. The emperor has no clothes and now everyone can see.


The golden aspect is that Poe's Law applied. Satire was less satirical than the reality - Joe Lycett merely repeated / quoted the oligophrenic horseshit that Elizabeth III was emanating. He didn't have to take the piss, he didn't have to invent funny points or satire - it was enough to just act as if he was on her side and repeated the medically certifiable nonsense from the wonderwoman. It was wonderfully crafted appearance, and the fact that they consider this taking the piss... well, superbly ironic. Exactly how HIGNFY episode playing Boris clips of him making utter fool of himself was "brutal". Life beats art. If life is filled with characters like these.


Honestly, this is the problem with so much of media, and society. They're so used to getting away with taking this stuff seriously and uncritically and treating anything else as illegitimate that just quietly repeating it back to them when they're wanting something else is something that they just don't have a response to. They're going to ban him, and I imagine it'll be difficult to have a comedian on the show for a while. But we've got a serious problem in that we really let someone like Laura Kuenssberg tell us what we think. Just by simple framing, we're told what's legitimate, we're told who isn't to be taken seriously, and we absorb the ideas accordingly. Every time you hear Tories smugly say something like "There's no magic money tree", you have to remember how much is dependent on the fact that most people are unable to just turn around and go "Really? Actually that's bullshit". These shows won't do it for us. And the people that will don't get a lot of opportunities.


The producers really got their moneys worth out of having Joe on, her show is still being talked about if they're still whinging about it.


None of the other pre-selection television airings will get as replayed as this one.


> “You talk about the conversations that go on after output, how about a conversation that goes on before output? Where somebody says, ‘You know what, new show, new start, new term. Let’s not book Joe, because we know what Joe is going to deliver.’” I thought Tories were **AGAINST** cancel culture Mr Brine !!


I often find the best thing to do in this situation is throw your arms in the air, cry and let the funny man know just how much he hurt your feelings. Everyone is bound to respect you after that.


Brine is known to be very salty


“Joe Lycett has gone on there and unashamedly cheered on Liz Truss! This is an outrage!” “What exactly are you offended at?” “He applauded her and said she was great!”


"... when we all know she's not."


He literally agreed with everything Truss said? Is Brine furious that what she said is ridiculous then?


He did *also* use the old “somebody like me would never say *proceeds to say thing*, because I’m not the sort of person who would say that” technique when he described the current Tories as dregs and Truss as the backwash. That was the point when even those who were slightly confused if he was being genuine realised that, no, he wasn’t. Not even opposition MPs would get away with this (except for Rayner, she’s just call them scum again).


>current Tories as dregs and Truss as the backwash I mean, is he wrong? We have sunk so low into the political talent pool of this country, just a look down the new cabinet list is shocking.


Opposition MPs wouldn't. Government MPs might...


Well of course not because Labour is too cowardly to speak truth to power so it falls to the ***very*** right-wing comedians.


Joe lycett won't be getting knighted anytime soon


I dont think he would want to. All he needs to do now is a comedy tour where he reads Lizzie's speeches and set of to the sunset as a billionaire.


He might get knitted tho'.


Imagine the scale of the tantrum if Boris Johnson put him on his departing Honours list.


So, what he's admitting is that no rational person should follow the new PM, right?


With all the attention over Lycett, it seems a lot of people have missed how utterly terrible the whole show was. LK actually opened the show by asking the panellists to say nice things about Truss. And then in her actual interview with the person about to become PM, she opened with "you're about to become PM, can you believe it?!?!?" What a car crash of a show.




So fragile.


To counter this they should get a funny right wing comedian booked. I'll wait.


But Joe Lycett *is* extremely right wing!


Right wing comedians are just anti trans opinions said in a funny voice.


I particularly enjoyed the attack on Lineker. "He's a great pundit, I care about what he thinks about football, I don't care what he has to say about water quality", says man who has printed out Lineker's tweets about water quality.


Who are the special class allowed to comment on water quality if it's not someone who uses water?


How do the Torys still not understand the Streisand effect. They're literally throwing fuel on the fire.




You know my favourite part of this? Right at the start he says that Laura Kuenssberg is unimpeachable in terms of impartiality, and you see him looking around the room like he's daring someone to challenge and begging people to support what he knows, absolutely knows, is a bare faced lie. It's remarkable to watch this war on free speech. The only "opinions" that are permissable apparently are those which align with people like him. How dare there even be another side, and how dare they be given any sort of platform. O and by the way, let's keep NHS workers at the food banks, where they belong. Absolute scum of the earth.


Is the Tory Party's official position that it's so ridiculous that someone could agree with Truss that if someone does they have to be taking the piss?


Lycett is doing brilliantly here. I doubt he's been talked about so much ever! Clearly what they were hoping for was a left wing pundit to give predictable left wing opinions about why Liz Truss is awful, and a right wing pundit to say how great Liz Truss is. And to be fair, that would be a perfectly reasonable, but rather dull, show. Which makes their choice here rather odd. There are plenty of people who will give the mainstream Labour supporter opinion. If they get a comedian it's not going to go as planned.


I'm absolutely sick of these snowflake right wingers engaging in cancel culture. Free speech!!


“The funny man said nasty things about mummy.”😥


Um.. he said nice things


Bloody snow flakes getting triggered.


Why do serious government things like trying to prevent raw sewage pouring into our beaches or address the cost of living crisis when you can simply ensure the media only says nice things about you comrades? This is the reality TV populist party way.


He was brought on to play the role of left-wing contrarian and light comic relief on the panel that they’d debate, and Lycett gave them absolutely nothing but a parody at their expense. Can’t outwit a comedian.


It was very clever as they thought they could roll their eyes at him, dismiss any arguments he made, or that he was just one of those luvvie lefties. Let the grown-ups do the talking and all that. But they have no response at all for it.


All this reminds me of this joke: A man is standing on the pavement in Moscow. "The president is an idiot!" he shouts at the top of his lungs. Some policemen quickly come up and start arresting the man saying "offending the president is illegal" "But wait, I was talking about the president of Ukraine..." "Stop lying, everyone knows the president is a moron!"


So thn skinned


There goes my MP acting like a prick as per


Why is Brine being so salty?


I thought these Tories all wanted to protect free speech, oh I see as long as it's what they want to hear.


He needs more in his life if he’s got the time to worry about this


Oh no, someone with opposing views!


I'm concerned how they are reacting to this and kind of worried for Joe and the BBC






The point he made about Linekar was even worse. "He's paid £1.3m a year out of taxpayers money". Yes, to present Match of the Day. Since when does that mean he's not allowed to Tweet in his own time, like any other private citize ?


Steve Brine has tweeted about football. What a hypocrite. Of course, the truth is that they hate influential people on Twitter because they cannot control them or shut them down.


Hahaha, what an insufferable ballbag. He should go work for the Kremlin.


Because Joe acted sarcastic, shallow and arrogantly, deliberately self deluded. Which is exactly how they act.


Did you see the interview? Did you not hear Lycett say how he was very right wing? And who is “they?” Presumably you’re referring to very right wing people, like Lycett.


What a snowflake.


I liked his spider picture and changing his name to Hugo Boss. I also liked this.


because it is joe who made the tories a laughing stock isnt it ?


Brine seems salty


What about cancel culture, comedians can't make jokes any more, snowflakes, freedom of speech and all the other things they claim to care deeply about?


I think this is just a nothing burger. Edit: Really? Getting downvoted for that🤦‍♂️


Stop making stupid people famous.


I'm presuming you mean Joe Lycett? You might not like him but he's evidently not stupid.