A majority of the public thinks the June 21st lockdown easing should be delayed >54% (+11) think it should be postponed >28% (-6) think it should go ahead as planned >9% 9 (-1) think it should happen earlier

A majority of the public thinks the June 21st lockdown easing should be delayed >54% (+11) think it should be postponed >28% (-6) think it should go ahead as planned >9% 9 (-1) think it should happen earlier


The data also shows the majority (although a minor one) of people aged 18-44 want the restrictions to end as planned. The older generations though are heavily skewed the other way. Makes sense as I was going to comment saying I don't know anyone my age who doesn't want the restrictions to end on the 21st.


What the hell is wrong with these older people? They've been vaccinated. If they haven't, then they are entirely responsible for their own level of risk. What do they want to happen here? What's the end game?


There doesn't seem to be any end game, just endless restrictions.




They're just fine. They can live life as they normally would now. Tea and cakes on the weekdays, sitting at home reading the paper all weekend, maybe a walk at a beauty spot. Youngsters are desperate for the June 21st unlocking because we want to go to the rave again. Boomers couldn't care less about that.


The majority is so incredibly minor I'm not sure why you're making it out to be this huge thing to get angry about. For the 18-34 year olds, the youngest age group, it's literally 45% keep closed and 46% reopen. Seems like you're just looking for an excuse to shout at the older generation.


Can't tell if you're replying to the right person or not. I said it my own comment it was a minor majority. I also said correctly the older generations are heavily skewed. Both correct information that weren't mentioned in the original post. I then anecdotally said no one my age wants a delay. Again, true. Didn't attach any opinions to anything. What's your beef with any of that?




Does it really matter if the pro-delay group (calling it pro-lockdown is disingenuous...) is in the absolute majority?


I don't know why people are surprised at this. Conservatives and older voters have always been anti-freedom and pro-restrictions even before covid. Conservatives literally support removing laws protecting our human rights and giving the state the right to execute citizens at will. Yet people are surprised they support keeping restrictions now? They were already happy for the state to literally kill British citizens to 'protect society'. Conservatives are the most popular political viewpoint currently so authoritarianism and anti-freedom views will be the most common outlook.


It's a win for anti vaxers if we delay. Proof the vaccine doesn't work


They do though


Then why are covid cases up 40%? It's not a *vaccine* if you can still catch the virus and be hospitalised.


Out of interest, when did you lockdown sceptics come up with this new troll where you accuse people of being anti-vax?


I'm not accusing anyone?


~~What's the difference between a delay and a postponement?~~ Reading comprehension is not my strong point, evidently.


Glad it wasn't just me..


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Specifically, the questions was about restrictions on meeting people indoors/outdoors being lifted.