They will fight in two days, the rest is irrelevant as of now.


they are big boys, they probably do hurt each other in sparring, would be so easy for big guys them like to go a little too hard


They had nothing bad to say about each other when i watched the Bisping interviews just a moment ago. Ganes Coach is just looking for attention and the media rippes it off ofcourse


I mean neither one of them have really said anything too bad. Both of them downplayed thier respective instances. Ngannou said it was an accident when he hurt gane and gane said sometimes it looked better for francis when they spared. People need to stop confusing two fighters not being friends with them beefing. Just because they arent all good and jolly with eachother doesn't mean they hate eachother either. Believe it or not its possible to not love someone without hating them, ufc fans tend to forget this


Change gane to gane’s coach and change Francis to say “I don’t care”


Let’s say the beef is real, are we really going to give any creedence to being a dick while sparring and hurting someone? I don’t believe this holds up in a fight. I remember when cody garbrandt was talking all this shit about whooping tj in practice and then tj’s roided ass all but dropped his balls on cody’s perfectly groomed beard in the fight.


Fake beef... like Beyond Meat?


Hmm, what if they both were telling the truth