Best typing game in the Heavyweight Division

Best typing game in the Heavyweight Division

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His fingers are getting strong for maximum poking effect.


goat comment


Nganu has already a crossed eye


He’s gonna need some pointers from Bisping


Bro his hands are JUICY AF


Ngannou won't even know what poked him


And white


i started watching about a year ago and all i know about him is this


Same, bones is equivalent to a mythical creature to me. Never seen him fight.




The eye pokes


Goddamn youre missing out on the best part


Yeah like the peak Coke Bone Jones days


Jon "blow" jones if u will


The ol Coke n Poke Jones era


Trigger fingers turned to Twitter fingers


“You getting bodied by a chubby ni**a*” -Derrick Lewis


Poking fingers turned to twitter fingers*


Best way to shoot his load and not get in trouble


Must be hard to type with all that eye juice on his fingers tho


Motivate me more


He bulked up like 20lb AND THEN went on for some negotiations


Nah Lewis got him beat. Joe Rogan and his Instagram have a very healthy marriage


Joe “Derek Lewis has the funniest Instagram page ever. Have you ever been on there? Dude it’s fucking hilarious” Rogan


Just to correct you it was never no marriage




Johny Chicken Jones


Jon: “I really want to fight Francis. I really really do. Trust me I do. I’m dying to fight Francis. Really, really want to get in there with Francis, mix it up.” Dana: “Cool, let’s do it.” Jon: “30 million.” Dana: “no.” Jon: “Then I’m not fighting.” Dana: “cool, we’ll do Lewis and Francis.” Jon: “I really want to fight Francis. Really really bad.”


Bruh it was 10 million and tbh 30 million isnt even THAT irrational when you consider thats exactly how much Conor gets paid. Plus the pay per view for Francis vs Jon would undoubtedly be one of the best selling in the history of the UFC. Its pretty simple, you think he’s the goat, give him goat money. Dude is undefeated and was paid only about a quarter million per title defense before. Oh no the greatest fighter of all time is asking for big money from the billion dollar company... what an injustice.


Bruh he doesn’t have the same ppv value as Conor. Goat or no goat it’s still a business.


This guy gets it. Jones should be paid more sure, but he’s asking for money he can’t get and knows it. So he can cop out. Btw this is all Jones fault. Never learned how to promote himself. Started off as humble God man. Then bad guy. Then good guy. Back to bad, then good, now bad again. Furthermore, no one knows who he is. We know him because we follow the sport. Pick 100 guys in your city block, 90% will know McGregor, 5 might know Jon Jones.


While I do agree with most of this, there is very obviously a bigger reason - Jones is risking everything that makes him who he is. 30 million is the price he is willing to sell his legacy for. He knows that Francis COULD clean him up, and Jones isn't going to let Dana sacrifice his legacy for 1/9 of what Connor gets paid. Although if this was 5 years ago, I'd say Farncis doesn't have a chance and Jon would take 1 million lol.


Yea your right, i honestly think that at the end of the day Jon’s ego for always wanting to prove the naysayers wrong is going to come out, and he’s going to settle on a lower amount (probably still at least 8-10 Million). I genuinely think that Francis does have a good chance of knocking Jon out, but that being said, i also think Jon has a good, maybe even better chance of upping the defense, and taking the win either via tko or UD/SD. Theres just to much evidence to support that Jon wouldn’t just let Francis land a blow good enough to knock him out, especially since he’d most likely be studying his last 5 fights. When Jones follows the game plan, he’s almost unstoppable. I say let Francis defend his title against Derrick Lewis, then after that put him up against Jon.


I... pretty much agree with this. Wtf reddit, I don't come here to agree with people.


Breaking, one of the UFC GOATs is trying to be paid his worth.


How much were his last ppvs?


Did he switch over to boxing. That’s all those dudes do down there. They always talk about who they are fighting but usually end up in the ring with like C and D level competition.




Keyboard warrior


Jones knows his time is coming to an end. He doesn't have long left in the sport and knows Ngannou can KO him and Jiri or Jan would both be huge issues for him in his current form.


As much as I dislike Jones, I don't see him losing to Jan. Age difference + wrestling Jan did out strike Izzy, and won almost all rounds but it was a stand up fight


But it's really possible that Jones is mega washed at this point. He really didn't look good last couple fights and he hasn't fought in a while. If he's actually worse than he was in his last fights he definitely could lose to them. Also consider this. He is bulking to heavyweight right now. For him to fight LHW he would probably have to cut hard which could reduce performance more.


he may need a couple pictograms


He needs performance enhancers for his typing game too


USADA dont test for those. Time to get out from under the octagon!


Lots of couch time to gain all that weight. Jones and I are no different.


Been like this ever since he robbed Reyes


Honestly, no one is going to be able to beat him. I seriously doubt Ngannou could string together words with that character limit as fast or precisely as Jon.


​ 144er Champion of the world


He got hurt by that decision fighter comment. You can tell he super self conscious about his recent performances


Pin this for when he smashes his elbows through Ngannou’s eye sockets




respect lmao, love Francis but I think a heavier Jones does what he did to Gustafson in the 2nd fight to Ngannou, just get him to the mat


Exactly Ngannou won’t be able to stuff a perfectly timed takedown by Jon unlike stipe and then Jones is just going to bury him


What makes you think that Jon can take down Ngannou, when neither Blaydes, Stipe or even Cain couldn't? They're all as good, if not better wrestlers.


Stipes wrestling isn’t close to Jones and Blaydes barley shot he got caught with a punch he didn’t get stuffed


I just don't see Jon doing any better. He gets hit too much. Especially by guys who are the same size/bigger than him. And you can't eat shots from Ngannou


Yes but honestly Jon will find an opening first for a takedown and if he gets him down he’s not getting back up buttt if Jon gets caught yeah he’s going out


Jones took dc down you don’t think he can take a non wrestler down ?


Stipe also took down DC. At a higher weight class too. He *could* take him down, sure. I just don't see a scenario where Jon dominates Ngannou.


Jones has fought many power punchers in the past he uses his reach at the highest level and I think he will oblique Ngannou if he comes close, than if francis gets wreckless he gets taken down


I don’t think Francis has the cardio for more than a 1 or 2 round fight with jones


You might be right. I think he gets knocked the fuck out.


Respectable... only time will tell


I like DC, but honestly, he’s a fat welterweight. He’s smaller and has less reach than Usman. All the more respect to him to being able to reach that level in LHW and HW.




In fact in LHW, he only beat 3 high level dudes : rumble, Gustafson and Oezdimir. With notable washed up guys before such as henderson and freak shows like nelson.


He only beat Stipe and Derrick Lewis. Stipe avenged his loss twice and Derrick is a fucking freak show where he’s always outclassed until he finds a 1 punch KO. He did excel in LHW even if he was on the smaller side.


I know you didn’t just call DC a fat welterweight


He’s more like a fat middleweight, if his daughter hadn’t passed away. it’s sad to say but he’d likely have competed at 185.


DC is a fat welterweight?!? Nephew take a lap lmfao




Bones is the Kevin Durant of MMA. HOF talent with extremely thin skin


Eating and tweeting


Poking fingers turn to twitter fingers.


Accurate😂😂😂 Also I don’t think he wants to see Jan or Jiri


Man, I can't wait to see r/ufc and r/mma commit suicide when Jon beats Francis. The salt from both subs every time he wins are levels beyond retarded. And when he wins, those excuses are gonna be so delicious. Looking forward to it


I don't know if Jon can beat Francis or not... but IF he did, I think the MMA world would explode


He will roll thru the entire HW division


Yup, tweet by tweet.


You actually have to fight to do that.


Lmao good joke


Mfs really forgot how dominant the GOAT can be


Takes true domination to do that many line of coke mixed with steroids.


To be fair maybe they never saw him be that dominant at all if they weren't MMA fans before 2016.


I'm not sure if this is shade on Jones for not being dominant for 4 years or actually talking about new fans lmao




Hasn’t been dominant like he used to be in years, and won’t even step into an octagon anymore


A bunch of casuals here it seems lol


Casuals? His return against OSP was the beginning of the end. 2 terrible title defences, that were questionable wins, he continually makes people hate him with his holier then thou attitude, how is he dominant? He arguably lost to Reyes, and Reyes had been murdered every fight after, dominant is not the word I would use to describe Jones any more.


“Jon Jones Teaches Trolling: Better Trolling Guaranteed” is the Mavis Beacon for Gen Z.


Top Level LOL from me on this one... top level indeed.


Need to pump up those fingers for the eye pokes


Image also checks out as he’s deflating back to LHW.


And if his history tells us anything he possibly juiced his way to a bigger body.


I wonder when the sport is going to catch up to him like it caught up to every single legend ever


He added all the weight to his fingers


He be like 50 Cent rocking specs and a turtle neck sweater in Stallone's Escape Plan. Funniest shit ever!


Heavyweight keyboard warrior


I’m starting to think he never wanted to move up but he was just hungry


ITT snobby holier-than-thou jj fans get triggered by a meme


Who said that he moved? Did you ever see him fight at heavyweight?


A poorly photoshopped image for your guys to comment on. A disgrace and imaginative poor image. Let's see Jon Jones as a HW in real if the time comes. Preferably in an octagon, the smaller one or the standard size, it doesn't matter to him. The standard size one would probably suit Jon better as there is more space to escape and attack against Francis. Whatever octagon it is, Jon will adjust to it like no other. He is the goat, the undisputed, the one to beat in an octagon to be the champion. And he knows it and we do to. Forget about his private life, what we want to see is a Jon Jones in an octagon as same as we loved to see a Mike Tyson in a boxing ring, I admire Francis ambitions to take on the Wilders or Joshuas or even the Gypsy King in a boxing ring fighting under boxing rules. Francis will be done against one of these guys although I wish him better as a UFC fan, it all depends on his chin and how much he can take to last against these guys. Against Jon Jones I can see Francis being strangled by a boa constrictor he never knew that it exists. Remember, I can t breathe. As much as I like Francis Nganno as a character and as a true UFC HW performer but this is the limit for him in the octagon and the boxing ring as far as I can see it.


What else can he do until a fight gets booked? He did only just move up and wanted to fight the winner of stipe ngannou and that fight only happened a few weeks ago


Yeah, and now it’s his turn to fight. But all of a sudden he won’t accept the fight.


Your not very clever are you?


Care to explain?


You’re not very clever are you?*


Bruh did you ever fight Laktoast?


idk bro he could probably just shut up


It’s his Twitter account, isn’t that what Twitter is for? If you don’t like him or what he’s saying your more than welcome to unfollow him, but we all know your not gonna do that😂


that’s the problem lol, i don’t even follow him and i still have to see his bs


I like it how you say you still have to see it, like it’s so devastating, it’s just a tweet calm down


just say you love Jon Jones and go.


I love Jon Jones and I think you guys are being too hard on him, leave him alone, hes a great guy, he trains hard, eats at the nicest restaurants, drives the fastest cars and hangs out with the hottest dudes. What do you do?


bro it’s a ufc subreddit we’re just making jokes lol, it’s no biggie i respect your opinion. i don’t hate Jon in any way. do i wish he was little less mouthy? sure. but i respect his grind and legacy. and to answer your question politely, i wrestle varsity and i make music bro 🌟


im just memeing bro i dont think jon jones actually hangs out with hot dudes.


So many Jones haters in this thread. Name another Champion who has been defending their title since 2011 and still hasn't lost. Let the downvotes begin.


saying let the downvotes begin, doesn’t make your comment seem any cooler. Enjoy this downvote since you asked for it tho.


Realising the consensus of thread is an attempt to be cool? Wow, noted.


glad you’re taking notes 👍🏾


Gimp reply


that’s an awfully weird way to spell king 👑


You’re cringe dude


are you new? this is kinda what i do


I definitely thought of you as funny until today


aw man you don’t like me anymore? i’m gonna cry 😢