i’ll leave this here

i’ll leave this here

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I know it’s not as fun to watch but getting grapplefucked has to be so demoralizing. Another man is pinning you down and there’s nothing you can do about it.


It’s the worst. All of that time you spent training and you feel like your opportunities are being wasted. You’re getting tired, he’s getting points, the crows isn’t happy watching you do the splits up against the cage. Feeling a fight slip away without feeling like you were able to put everything you had into it. Sucks 2/10 do not recommend


Frustrating more than demoralizing, it makes you angry because you don’t actually feel like you are losing. If you’re getting ground and pounded that’s demoralizing.


Taking no damage but losing a fight has to be the worst feeling.


Idk getting your face beat in feels pretty awful


I didn't mean literally no damage lol


I know lol


I have been face punched & I dont like real fighting. It really sucks lol.


I doubt it. It’s much easier for someone to think they won and that it was a bs decision.


Or like what max did to Ortega . that shit hurt watching.


This is what I find fun to watch. In a way, unlike a flash ko or a rock em sock em fight, a guy who can just dictate the fight and control the guy to no ends. Khabib was really the most interesting fighter to watch. He barely took damage and would make any fighter look like he's in the wrong league.


*proceeds to get held down in next fight*


Tbf khabib is not human


Legend says he can singlehandedly rape a man twice his size


I heard he can rape bears


I heard he DOES!


I'm a bear and i can confirm


We talking a “San Franciscan” bear or a grizzly?


Well assuming Khabib and Garth we’re both naked in that fight, it’d probably look a lot like a forced blowjob imo


This is the PPV Uncle Dana needs to make, THIS THE REMATCH THAT WILL BREAK ALL RECORDS...and cause some to question their sexuality


I mean statistically Dagestan isn’t exactly a very safe place


On purpose...


No doubt buddeh


If one man can hold you down ANYONE else can rape you. Think about that.


No, no I dont think I will


No thanks!


Man I remember how much I laughed when I saw that interview. I didn’t hear anything about it before, I was just like ‘oh gimme that Gaethje interview to get me more stoked for the fight’ and then ‘lmfao what?’ Hahaha


He got raped by one Russian


100% usman could rape masvidal


He was close... (reference to the picture of him grabbing masvidals's pp)


gave him the ole dick twist




Ah yes the ol' dick twist.




UFC's should all be fought 100% nude, no cage, winner by unanimous rape, no tap outs.


2021 Dana "UFC fights will never be decided by rape." 2031 Dana "$50,000 rape of the night bonus goes to Sean O'Malley for 5th consecutive fight, this kid is electric!"






Maybe Aljo was on to something when he told Yan “I’m coming on that ass”


wanderlei “I want to fuck Chuck”


“i’m coming on that ass” *pause*


Sean O'Malley couldn't rape his way out of a wet paper bag.


Sean Jeffrey Dahmer O'MALLEYYYYYYYYY: Probably Bruce buffer some day


Got to have full penetration, not just the tip.


Herb Dean needs to go to the replay, was it just the tip?


Would have been more entertaining


This sub has certainly taken a turn


Y’all so fuckin weird man


I thought we were mostly just memeing Mostly.


Wtf is this thread LOL




What if 1 womam can hold me down?


Then 4 chimpanzees can cock slap you twice


Please tell me this is an actual quote from the Highlight himself lmao


It is indeed an actual quote! Haha


Like when Khabib made him sniff his testies?


I feel like that’s against the rules


No one held Masvidal down though. He was holding Masvidal against the cage, but they weren't on the ground the majority of the fight.




Let’s be better than that bro


Bad wording but gaejthe was passed t f out


Gotta love Bisping. Got to respect fighters who change up their career even after fighting, stay with the business but don't just fight until you're half dead, people like DC and Bisping who are now respected commentators, do coaching/ have podcasts and so on. No idea what Chuck Lidell is doing these days but you don't want to be fighting at his age like he did with the Tito v Chuck 3 fight.


I still wish he hadn’t taken that last fight against Gastelum. Losing against possibly the GOAT in GSP wouldn’t have been a bad end to a career. Getting KO’d clean by Gastelum wasn’t ideal and it was absolutely pointless in the end.


Yeah that’s a tough one, I forgot about that gastelum fight until now. I listen to bispings podcast and he’s talked about how your payment skyrockets when you become champion / or have recently ex champ status and he wanted to get in afew more fights but his eyesight was getting worse and worse so he had to retire. I’m not sure how much he was getting paid when he fought Anderson silva, gsp and gastelum but it’s got to be bigger than half a mil right? Can’t blame the man for taking the gastelum fight at all. It’s good that he realised to definitely stop right then though instead of another few losses. But losing to gsp is better for his legacy I agree, no shame in losing to the GOAT but gastelum is no chump either, he gave adesanya a run for his money.


Sometimes you need that “I’m done” fight. Plus, gastelum isn’t exactly a can


Been saying that since the fight lol. "All he did was hug him and stomp on his feet" Then why didn't Masvidal stop him lmao? Why was Usman able to do whatever he wanted to do and secure an easy win?


Blame the guy that gets a boring loss, not the guy that gets a boring win.


Ala Adesanya vs. Romero


I think the argument is that he played it safe...hes being smart against a dangerous striker ..he could be more exciting I suppose but yea hes free to win whichever way he wants....fans dont have to like it though


People seem to forget that usman was basically as unprepared as masvidal was, why would the wrestler strike on 6 days notice with a striker he hasn't been preparing for.


They also forget that he was well within his right to not fight at all, it wasn't his fault Burns got rona


People also forget that that getting hit sucks lol. I don’t get the hate for usman and his performance but if you can walk away with minimal damage and get paid by someone hoping the ref would stop, why wouldn’t you? Lol I’ll never understand this. Casual fans screaming “clinch is boring” but judging-wise he’s dominating the fight. Why stop a game plan that’s working?


> fans dont have to like it though Neither does Mas'. Still lost though.


I swear Jorge is about 1 year out from BKFC. I really hope they pin him against Usman again or Colby so he gets wrestlefucked again and just whines about it.


He would be a lot more successful in BKFC and would have some dope fights.


Wasn't the fight on short notice. I mean he could have genuinely been drained from the quick cut. Either way I wouldn't expect a rematch to go too differently.


Masvidal wasn’t all that out of shape. I think I heard he had been helping Poirier with his camp.


He confirmed in the post fight press conference that he only cut 7lbs.


I wouldnt say able to do whatever he wanted, if that where the case he would have gotten the finish. He was dominant sure but only in the clinch, where most of the fight took place.


Masvidal was great in the clinch game with Nate Diaz, yet he can’t do shit to Usman, shows how good Usman is


It was a good win but I wouldn’t go as far as saying usman did what he wanted. Jorge stuffed a lot of his takedowns and gets no credit. He lost his wind in the third.


So if I have to skill set to immobilise any ufc fighter while I inflict almost 0 damage I'm the goat ?


If you include gsp and khabib in the goat conversation, then yes. Usman didn't do "zero damage"


Khabib mauls people, GSP has good ground and pound, Usman's performance against Masvidal was abismal. Fighting a guy who had 5 day preparation on only weightcutting and you can only hold him and stomp his toes ? Fuck that


If you can strike a grappler and grapple a striker (which Kanaru can) you do that. Thing is, masvidal's grappling is abismal.


Demian Maia actually says Masvidal had good grappling and jiu jitsu in their fight. He lost but he had a black belt trying to submit him for 15 minutes


Kamaru doesn't strike with strikers. He strikes with grapplers and 1 trick ponies like Woodley


That's what I said, he can strike and grapple, so he strikes grapplers and grapple strikers, as he should.


I misread, apologies


That's an absurd thing to say and you don't watch Masvidal for you to say his grappling is "abismal". Lol. Masivdal has some of the most underrated grappling in the sport.


You're right. I think I saw a bruise on Jorge's foot


A win is a win - DC’s style wasn’t exciting most of the time either. But at the same time, you can’t blame fans for not necessarily lining up to pay $70 for a PPV of another one. Usman’s post-fight “put some fucking respect on my name” - yeah that’s not necessarily going to happen if you win via foot stomp. An ugly win is better than a pretty loss but Usman/Mas was a painful fight to watch.


To be fair I don’t think Masvidal had the conditioning to perform at his best grappling wise after that crazy weight cut and the 6 days notice


If I’m playing football and you can’t stop the run, I’m going to run the ball. If I’m playing baseball and you can’t hit a slider I’m going to throw a lot of sliders. If I’m in a fight with you and you can’t stop something as basic as a foot stomp I’ll just foot stomp you to death. If you want to be great, learn how to stop great people from exploiting your basic weaknesses, not belittle them for essentially being smart.


but also, if my nose is shattered and I can lean on you for 25 minutes and not get punched in the face, I'm going to lean on you for 25 minutes and not get punched in the face.


Finally somebody with a brain


Usmans nose was shattered against Masvidal?


It was shattered when sparring Gaethje.


Yup, broke his nose


I dont think its necessarily the strategy or tactic of clinch and foot stomp thats so bad. Its more the fact that mas took the fight on a weeks notice and usman couldnt do any significant damage to him. He did what he had to do, and the fight really wasnt close but the way usman destroyed burns covington woodley maia and rda were way worse than what he did to mas. Mas may have been dominated in the clinch but he took no significant damage and actually landed some decent strikes in the first. Also the fact that usman supposedly dominated him but wants a rematch to ‘put him in a coffin’ tells me he knows he didnt really beat up mas that bad and it annoys him.


I think he probably just wants the big pay day again, and is annoyed at people talking shit about the fight when he had a shattered nose. Just the fact that he came out and told the media about his shattered nose after the fact tells you he is annoyed about his performance. I do not think this is rocket science. Obviously you are not going to throw hands with a guy like masvidal if you have a shattered nose and you know you can just press him against the cage for 25 minutes.


Thats my whole point though man you just said it. He’s ANNOYED at the fact that he had to resort to clinch and stomp to beat mas. His ego wont let him let it go and move on, because he feels he can smash the dude and wants to prove it. Just that alone should tell you that Usman knows he didnt REALLY beat mas that badly. If he did he wouldnt feel the need to rematch him. He knows deep down he didnt really do anything that impressive and it eats at him because he’s a champ and knows he can do better than that.


I think it's just a big pay day and an easy win where he can look better than he did the first time.




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He also fought masvidal and short notice. I know he was in shape but why take any risk against a fighter that you haevnt prepared for if you can just hold him against the fight. I think the rematch will go mostly the same but it will be more entertaining cause usman will be able to take more risks since he will have a better idea and more specific game plan to fight masvidal.


Im not saying i even disagree with the tactic. I thought the fight was boring for the most part but i dont think usman shouldve just stand and bang then get slept. Im not stupid i realise why he did it but its clear that usman is tryna get back at mas which is telling me he doesnt feel like he really got him good enough the first time


So are we going to ignore what Usman said in his post fight interview? The first fight was kinda a lose/lose situation for Usman bc if he won....the built in excuse is that he beat a guy that took a fight on short notice and had a last minute weight cut.....BUT if he lost, then he lost to a guy that took a fight on short notice. Usman wants to get RID of that excuse and wants Mas to have a FULL camp so that when he beats him again...Mas or his fans can't regurgitate the same lame ole excuse.


Usman does footstomps in almost all his fights. 6days notice or not, Masvidal still lost to the most basic thing.


Pretty much as boring of a fight as it was u can’t fault usman for doing what it takes to ensure the win


If I can win chips shooting threes I don't care if a real man isn't afraid of contact. If I can win the league by parking the bus I don't care if it's not the beautiful game. If I can win a fight on the ground I don't care if real men stand up. Losers always find an excuse to complain about, and winners always find ways to win. It's that simple.




Meanwhile a lot of mma fans complain about a fight being boring if the two guys aren’t brainlessly whaling at each other in the face with zero strategy.


Which is ironic considering that many prelim fights are all out no defense striking wars because they aren’t well rounded enough to leave their comfort zones yet people don’t watch them. Instead they shell out $89 or whatever dollars to see the main event which often ends up in a defensive fight because both main eventers are well rounded enough to avoid all out slugfests.


This is reddit you need a more relatable example If I'm playing Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter and I keep low kicking you, I'm not the one who sucks, you suck for not learning how to block (Jk in that scenario we both suck just differently)


Actually I was going to use Madden but then I realized I made a completely hypocritical post like an hour ago in the 2K basketball forum bitching about people using cheese so I decided to shift my argument. What’s more Reddit than talking out of both sides of my mouth?


To be faaaiiiir... 2K is straight up cheese


I used to play and watch Starcraft, people hated cheese. If that’s all you can do, it’s a problem, but mixing in cheesy strats is just smart gameplay.


I'll admit I do find that aspect of MMA boring but it's a fight, you so what you can to win so I can't hate on it. Sunday morning Burns was struggling to answer Usman's jabs so what did he do? Throw a lot of jabs, switch to Southpaw and jab with his power hand. Repetitive but it worked. If you know and can see something working against your opponent of course you'll use it.


How many foot stomps does it take to cause death? Just curious.


Great question. The UFC record for leg kicks in a fight is 68 by Carlos Conduit. Nick Diaz did not die. Assuming a leg kick is 10 times worse than a foot stomp I’d say that 680 foot stomps is not enough to do it. Maybe 6800? That seems high. So scientifically I’ll say between 68 and 6800.


Slap contests are a thing. Come on Dana, where is Zuffa Foot Stomping?!




Hahaha, whoops! I’m blaming autocorrect.


“His lunches are better than mine, he shouldn’t be able to use them”


Did masvidal actually complain about that fight ? Just curious btw


Usman should’ve just stood and traded with Jorge knowing full and well that Jorge is a better striker and his only chance of winning would be on the feet. Seriously, are people dull? It was a boring ass fight but Usman did what he had to do to win. Jorge stood there, made little attempt to get out of the clinch and blew kisses at the camera all fight. It was a cringey attempt at winning a title, possibly the worst I’ve ever seen


I think Andesanya vs Romero would take the cake for the most cringey title fight in recent UFC history


Because Jorge didn’t deserve the title shot. He beat Darren Till fair and square, Ben Askren who can’t fight these days and journeyman dumbass Nate Diaz. The most ridiculous resume leading up to a title shot in a long time. And it was under the illusion that Jorge was some absolute killer despite him also being a journeyman.


I didn’t mind him getting a title shot, there wasn’t another clear cut contender at the time aside from Burns who was hurt. Him getting a rematch potentially is comical though, especially right now where there are at least 3 other more worthy contenders


Colby fresh off getting his face busted was more deserving than Masvidal. Till, Askren and Diaz weren't serious contenders for the title (I know Till challenged TWood but he's not championship calibre), he was a short notice replacement to stop Dana having to lower his prices, rearranging or taking an L on that show's profits.


I don’t even know why people want that rematch inside the ufc or the audience. He’s an awful matchup stylistically for the champion. He has one chance to take a win which is a flash knockout, which is highly unlikely due to Usman’s fight IQ


He beat Darren Till who's only loss was to Woodley and had a shit ton of hype behind him. He beat ben Askren the undefeated wrestler, a champion in multiple big organizations, coming off a win against Robbie Lawler a former champion. And nate diaz in a gigantic ppv event who is coming off a win against Pettis. You can't say he's a journeyman when he has competed at the elite level for half a decade. Not everyone who hasn't challenged a title(which he did last year) is a journeyman. edit: I am not claiming jorge can beat any of the top 5 or is deserving of a rematch. Just pointing out he's obviously not a journeyman.


He didn’t even just beat them, he dismantled mate Diaz and KO’d both till and askren


You guys are nuts if you think Jorge beats anyone in the top 5


I'm of the same opinion. I mean, there's always a chance he could time a perfect KO and pull off a win, but like 90% of the time I think Usman, Burns, Colby and Thompson would molest him in an horrific manner.


As opposed to pleasant molesting?


Wonder boy would be the kind to pleasantly molest you.


This is more true than me brain would like it to be


I think the Burns fight could be interesting and we don’t know what the Colby fight would look like quite yet


him vs. leon would be a good ass fight i think jorge could beat him


I HATED Bisping when he was a fighter. When the Hbomb was landed while he was unconscious - I cheered so loud the neighbors thought I won the lottery! Now I fucking LOVE this dude. He’s an amazing commentator and even his podcast is fun to listen to. He’s really grown on me... like an English wart


He’s still a dickhead and did some very questionable things, but I agree, he’s intelligent and well spoken and was pulling lines way before Connor did. I loved when Bisping won the belt and also love when GSP choked him out- it’s complicated!!


Which were the most questionable things?


Spitting on his opponents corner is pretty high up there.


Wow that was unreal


I read that in Bisping's voice lol 😂😂👌


*what an asshole guys*


Ya whatever you're just an average bloke, Im a samurai. I put myself out there, i believe and then achieve.


I think most people’s gripe is that he was essentially stalling and something similar wouldn’t have been allowed on the ground for example they would have been stood up. He wasn’t working.


I’m not your buddeh, guy


I'm not your guy, pal


Hi not your guy, I'm Dad! :)


Dad, where have you been?! Its been like, 13 years! Did you finally manage to get those smokes?


I did!! I’ll be right back though, gotta go get some milk!


Bisping did complain about boring wrestlers throughout his career tho


I don’t think I’ve seen someone lose so much steam so quickly. He went from the bmf champ to political commentator to being picky of his opponents. His whole schtick is getting old. I was a fan but I think I’m out.


What’s with all the Instagram memes in this subreddit?


let me eat bro


I mean he is like the biggest/thickest welterweight ever and Masvidal is built like a lightweight.


You might even say he’s looking thick, solid, and tight


I just spit on my phone reading bisbing part.


This Bisping meme need to become a regular thing


Lmao some dude told it I had a bad take cause I said Masvidal’s only good win in 2 years was Till. I don’t even hate Masvidal I just think his fans are retarded.


Just like him 😂


Those guys probably don't like Muay Thai fight


I don't watch muay Thai regularly but I've never seen fighters stuck in clinch for whole rounds. There's no cage to press against and for some reason it looks like they have an easier time breaking the clinch.


This is such a convenient way to tell real fans from casuals.


My thoughts exactly


Kamaru is becoming such a beast that at this point he can do all the cringy shit he wants and still be praised.


I could definitely see Bisping making that point hahaha. Simple, yet effective.


Believe you meh


if the judges didn't suck and started giving draws when they should we wouldn't have this problem if neither of them did any real damage it should be a draw


crazy how like two weeks ago if you expressed this opinion you’d get downvoted into oblivion, people absolutely despised usman for his fight with masvidal. let’s see how long this good will lasts


I don't care if it's Masvidal's fault for not being strong/good enough to break the clinch. I don't care if it's Usman's fault for not being mote more aggressive and preferred to play it 100% safe. I blame the ref/rules because that was not a fight, and toe stomps should not be counting as activity. People are defending Jorge/Usman depending upon their personal likes/dislikes. If nobody is even remotely close to being hurt, the rules should be able to find a resolution.


Ya but leading up to the fight Usman was talking a game “gonna bless him with these hands”...... when it was just a snooze fest of a fight


Imagine losing to leg stomps


Imagine being a loser on reddit


I have that conceived, believed and achieved.


EXACTLY. fuck...


Usman has the capacity to put on a show, but he won’t do that every time depending on the matchup


The WW division curse. Lawler was the only exception.


Problem is Kamaru says he wants to finish him. He won't live up to that, and that's whats trash about Usman.




I’d like to see a full fight camp fight.


That pic of Mike is hilarious