I don't hate the dude but I dislike how he behaves during press conferences and shit. He's perfectly fine, likeable even during his YouTube vids but he seems so desperate to come off as not insecure in the press conferences that he acts really cringe. It's not always as bad as "Elsa" but it usually ain't pretty.


I would love to see the average Redditor on stage with someone they are competing against. let’s see how smooth cool calm and collected they behave. and that’s without the pressure of cutting weight, dieting, and training, like a madman for the last eight weeks.


95% of the roster seem to have no issue tho. Hell I don't mind that. I don't mind if he's not himself or if he's nervous jittery and on edge. I literally just want him to stop forcing the shitty one liners and try to act up on the Mike a little less. Is that so much to ask? I feel like it's easier this way.


Lmao you’re a goofy bro 🤣. Are fighters forced to get in there and fight? No they CHOSE to fight. Oh and also I’m pretty sure they get to pick theirs weight class 🤨. So we are critiquing him based off what the post what’s about and your only response is “wElL wHY DoNt yOu gEt In tHeRe AnD dO iT” 🤣🤣. We chose to do regular jobs they chose to fight. Quit being an Izzy 🥩 rider 🤣


i think you need more emojis in your response..


I think 💭 you’re right 👍🏻 buddy 😃😊 I was just pointing 👉🏻 out how dumb 😧 your comment was because imagine 🤔 using “try dieting 🥩 cutting weight 🔥 and training 🥋and then you try and do that” is simply stupid because guess what😧😧? Who is the person choosing to fight, to diet🍔 and try and kill themselves 😵to make a weight class? Oh yea the fighter. So your comment is irrelevant 🤣🤣 thanks tho 💯💯💯💯


-CSO 🏆🇲🇽🇺🇸👾🫀


Building up fights by saying he’s gonna tear apart a guy then goes out there and point fights. Then is delusional thinking he put on a master clinic.


Sean Strickland literally said he wants to be the first person to kill someone in the cage, and he fight way more conservative than Israel. And gets half the hate for it too. also, you must be brand new to the sport. If you find it odd that a fighter is saying they’re going to kill, knockout, destroy their opponents, and then it just doesn’t happen. And in Israel’s case, it’s usually his opponents fault, was Jared‘s last fight exciting? No how about Marvin Vittori? How many exciting fights does he usually have? But when it comes to guys are actually come to fight, Paulo, Costa, Robert, Whittaker, etc. on the fights are exciting because it takes two to fight.


It doesn't take two to fight at all lol. If you're fighting someone who's so scared of your counters they refuse to even try anything it just makes it way easier to fight them, especially when you have such a mad reach advantage.


then how come strickland didnt just go finish jared? explain that.. Same with Silva vs damien who has zero striking, or theles leites. Going forward and constantly being one who engages first and more often, exposes you to counters. Same reason why Izzy KO’d brunson, costa and whittaker. And not guys like Yoel who just stood there.


Have you ever trained a striking art?


whether i have is completely irrelevant and i want you to argue the points i actually made, but I do box, not professionally but have trained consistently since the pandemic.


It's not completely irrelevant, I ask because I'm not saying anything controversial, I'm seriously saying one of the most basic pieces of strategy you learn when you start boxing. Brother, you're saying Adesanya can't be aggressive because he has to worry about the opponent countering. He's meant to be one of the best strikers in MMA, he doesn't know how to enter range and attack with defensive responsibility? If you go back and watch some of his kickboxing, Adesanya was so good at being aggressive but with amazing defensive responsibility, that was really his speciality. He was not the kind of counter puncher who needs someone to attack him, he was the kind of counter puncher who forces bad attacks out of his opponents which he can then exploit. I'm not disputing that it would be more risky for Adesanya to be aggressive than to jab/leg kick/keep away if his opponent isn't doing anything. If I were his coach I would also tell him to just jab and leg kick until it's over. But he doesn't do that because his opponent being timid makes being aggressive harder, it's just that it makes the jab/leg kick/keep away gameplan a viable option.


Silva pieced Maia up and was winning the fight he took the easy way out but that was an exception not the majority for hom


So when he got cracked by Romero and point fighter the rest of the 4.5 rounds that was Romero’s fault? Who tf said I like Strickland or his fighting style? Strickland has less eyes on him considering he wasn’t champ, plus with Izzy it’s about wasted potential, dubbed the second coming of Anderson Silva. Maybe I’m spoiled when I say I want to see guys try to finish. Also the question was asked about Izzy not Strickland.


If you don’t think he’s the most gifted striker in MMA… You are either blind or a casual.


What are you on about??


Izzy is the most skilled striker in MMA. If you don’t see that then you’re either blind or a casual


He never said anything about his skill...


What I’m implying is his fights aren’t boring… He’s just not a brawler. Exceptional level striking takes a little more to know what you’re looking at, and is a master clinic. He was a super active champion and was the aggressor in his least lived up to the hype fight (Yoel).


Thinks he's witty and operates on another plane, but all this trash talk is just cringe. Talks a lot of shit and then point fights his way to boring decisions. Honestly the best response to your question is to go watch the Romero and Cannonier fights.


Cannonier did nothing that entire fight he wasn’t even trying to take the action to Izzy cmon now


He literally stalked him the entire fight.


I was there live watching that fight Cannonier did everything but try to fight


No you weren't.


I’m gonan rewatch that fight right now and give you time stamps of when Jared even remotely tried to take the fight to izzy, He did absolutely nothing but let izzy run around in circles and kick his leg off lmao


Just a reminder he once felt the need to tweet this: Fun Fax! 📠 After my UFC debut at #UFC221, in the locker room while taking my cup and undies off I had precum stringing out my weewee. Source: https://twitter.com/stylebender/status/1136168512492146689?lang=en


Hes a dude in his 30s with the personality of a 14 year old edge lord. Also the cringe levels are through the roof, and has that whole "i was bullied" backstop that seems to be used to disregard some of the horrible shit he says and does.


You got examples of horrible shitbhe does or you just saying shit?


Jacking off his dog isn’t horrible, but it is kind of terrible


Obnoxiously confident in comparison to his fight style and his fans are annoying + the discussion surrounding him is annoying. In his personal life he seems like a decent guy but his UFC persona is complete repellent to me


I don’t know man but with that amount of title defences one needs to oozing confidence it doesn’t work any other way. Also what’s wrong with his fighting style? It takes two dance right? Sometimes UFC fans just want a knockout every fight.


look how obnoxiously confident Conor McGregor has been for his last three losses, and how duty he’s been after he’s lost. Yet he still has defenders. Look at Sean Strickland, saying he wants to be the first man to kill someone in the cage, and then all he does is jab jab kick. Yet doesn’t get the same amount of hate.




Alex saw that and started training MMA.


You can tell Alex is really under his skin and Izzy cannot take that he has lost to him multiple times.




Me. I wanted to have a discussion lmfao that’s what the sub is for dummy


He acts like a teenager despite being in his mid 30s, horrible trash talk, hyping up his fights as if he would spectacularly destroy his opponent only to end up jab-jab-leg kick the entire fight. Apart from that he seems like a cool dude.


The dude thinks he can never be wrong, can never have a bad fight… its just the casuals that dont understand. Then he goes off on fans asking for pics all the time. Like they are not the ones making him millions. Just a total dick with a sense of superiority. Plus his fights suck dick…


He’s a bit of a nerd, a little cringe, and he was champion long enough to fight “safe“, which most people find boring. Personally, I’m a huge fan because he speaks his mind and displays bravery, integrity, and loyalty.


For a lot of people it’s his style they don’t like, both in the cage being a rangy technical fighter that stuns opponents into boring fights, like against Jared who is lead leg dominant, Izzy would leg kick as soon as weight was put in the leg so Jared ended up being boring. But also his style out of the ring, the trash talk sometimes doesn’t land, the walk outs kinda cringy when you hype up a fight and it ends up being boring, and things like painting his nail weird colours doesn’t sit well with a male heavy UFC audience


He started getting more hate when he responded to the George Floyd incident by talking about how he was ready to fight in a race war or something along those lines... it was cringe and gross.


he’s got Usman’s arm in this pic too.


Because he is comfortable in his own skin and acts the way he wants.( paints his nails ,watches and talks about animals, and occasionally has a really bad one limer) They also say he is a boring fight because he has some decisions.


Because he's a technical fighter and people in this sub want to see a gaethje vs Ferguson every fight. Same reason people hate Khabib.


Izzy and Khabib are really nothing alike in style or excitement (in my opinion), of Khabib’s four title fights, three were finishes, of Izzy’s seven title fights, two were finishes and I would say the five decisions aren’t of the same quality as someone like Volkanovski who has only one finish out of five title shots but a lot of bangers and I’d say Volk is very technical, I think that’s the problem a lot of people have with him, technical fighters can still get finishes or have really exciting fights


Can y'all stop with all the why does everyone hate this fighter posts


Bots man. Fuck the noise


The Aussie takeover in the ufc’s great, they’re all great role model characters to have but Izzy as good as he is can be hard to listen to sometimes on stage and hard to watch, unlike Volk or Whittaker or the others. Then there’s Tuivasa who’s hilarious


You say you're a huge Izzy fan, so just from that the conclusion must me that not everyone hates him


Acts like a pre Madonna an has cringe walk outs an hypes his fights up to be boring, that's why


Wait until the post Madonna Izzy, will be a god tier fighter.


There is a problem with the mental health of people who hate on fighters. They are fighting for our fking entertainment with 4oz gloves, you need some balls to do that, unlike 99% of the idiots in this sub who cant even fight, let alone having the courage to get in the ring. Bunch of pussies hatin’ on tough guys on the interwebs. Just like a few friends of mine who tought they can fight until I got em in the ring with me (im a boxer). Long story short, doesnt matter how many people hate on Izzy or any other fighter, they are still crybabies who bitch about seat pricing at events, fighter pay, this n that…




They just can’t stand a proud black man, the same people who slate Izzy for being ‘cringe’ in press conferences think Colby and Connor are the best thing since sliced bread.


Disrespectful to even put conor in the same sentence as izzy, sure they both talk a big game difference being conor actually does what he sets out to do. Unlike izzy who will say this n that about destroying dudes just to end up point fighting for 25 minutes.


Loooooool if Connor set out to get flattened in three out of his last four, then absolutely he does what he sets out to do


Obviously talking at the height of his popularity… Even conor is hated by the majority now but will still draw due to his exciting style win or lose. He takes the fight to the opponent something your boy struggles with. But hey you probably think fans that hated woodley are racist too right?


Don't think most people hate him but due to his corny lines , people want him to get smashed.


idk about others but i never hated his fighting style, i am a huge sucker of technique and high iq fight like what he does but some of his moments on the mic and overall his personality feel very cringe to me, it's like he tries too hard to be someone he isn't, idk. I don't HATE the guy, i just dont really like a bit of his personality.


At least homie gets his own arm in the pic.


Strickland’s fight against Cannonier was more exciting than Izzy’s. He plays it super safe unless he can cheap shot you after the bell.


he is an insufferable douche. some people just become cringey egomaniacs when they are successful, this is izzy.


I dont mind him. He atleast trys to be entertaining which this sport needs. What I don't really care for is his predictions. He says it's gonna be a war or a blood bath or something crazy and then the fight looks like a mild sparring session then he blames it on his opponents not willing to engage. Also he creates false narratives in his head like he'll say hey to his opponent back stage and shake their hand then go to the press conference and say his opponent was trying to be buddy's with him or like when he looked/starred at Alex Pereira at the press conference pretending he's downloading Pereira's energy or something. That kinda stuff comes off as cringe.


He was champion long enough to become a villain. That’s just how it works. You win enough times and people will hate your fighting style. He was so good it made his fights boring and not competitive. So people started hating. Not because he sucked. But because he was too good. I’m not saying he doesn’t have flaws. He’s cringey and he overhypes himself. But to be honest most fighters are one or the other or both anyways.


Everyone? I think he has a lot of fans. He’s especially popular with the casuals


I don't like him because the first fight I showed to my friend to get him into MMA was Izzy v. Romero. Needless to say, that friend does not watch MMA.


he says he gonna put on a show then proceeds to jab and leg kick his way to u-dec


They couldn’t bother photoshopping all those tattoos on usmans arm so Izzy kept his


when a guy fights in any other fashion than ruthless lawler it’s seen as boring by casuals and hated on no matter how insanely good they are


The guys a fuckin cornball with his anime bullshit. Cringey for sure


he gets his own arm on ufc.com which is cool


Sad people hate successful people. That is it. Nothing more.


Trying to determine who’s hand is this 🤨🤔


I like him as a fighter, but find him pretty cringe and annoying as a person. He’s a big enough star where’s he’s really tried to market and sell his personality, but it comes across as kind of corny. Like he’s not genuine, but acts like he is Additionally any long time defending champ usually has a lot of fans clamoring for them to lose, immediately after their title loss is usually peak hate time in their career. He’s still got tons of fans and his social media content still seems to generate a lot of views, he’s not that hated