UCF is such a huge school, I've dealt with not being able to go into class in the past too. I also deal with social anxiety so I'm just gonna recommend what's worked for me. I went to Counseling and Psychological Services [CAPS](https://caps.sdes.ucf.edu/) You can get counseling from there (1 on 1 & included in your tuition) and if you want to try the social anxiety group they offer I've been to those before and I thought it was helpful. I was recommended to take medication, but that's something you can decide or ask about as they really help you every step of the way. It's a big change to start here so if you're looking for a way to deal/cope with things and try to improve it I'd say to start there. I wish you the best!


I would recommend looking into Student Accessibility Services (SAS). They provide a range of accommodations for students. Potentially they could advocate on your behalf to get your classes recorded. I'm not exactly sure, though, if they could help you with this in particular since I don't have experience, but I think it's worth some research.


This! They also have the option to have someone in the class take notes for you. Worst case, I’m sure you could email the professor and explain the situation, and then get notes from the other classmate through SAS (I have personally been a notetaker for SAS before)


I recommend maybe bringing something to drown out the constant noise of crowds while walking back and forth so you can maybe be less overstimulated. Sorry I'm not entirely sure just trying to help


I'm fine with crowds every once in a while but everyday just hurts. Thanks for the advice tho


Be on the lookout for Knugget and his merry band of ponies. They're sometimes on campus to help students relieve stress. [CAPS](https://caps.sdes.ucf.edu/) sometimes has puppy and kitten days too but I also recommend going there to just talk to the counselors and see what they have to say. They are a wealth of resources.


Hi there! I have moderate social anxiety, idk if this helps but I avoid areas of large crowds and usually have my headphones playing calming music. I have a really hard time focusing too. Are your classes over an hour or so?


My classes are a little over an hour. I need to start listening to music while on campus but the most of the anxiety is when I'm in class so I can't really listen to music then


idk what ur anxiety stems from but for a lot of people its feeling like people are judging you. I can tell you as someone without anxiety theres a billion people here and no one cares, its pretty easy to be completely ignored by everyone if it makes you feel any better.


I definitely do get that feeling of people looking at me and silently judging. I also do understand that people don't really give a fuck. I don't judge and hardly pay attention to others so I shouldn't expect them to do that to me, but even with that realization the anxiety is still there. The anxiety is usually worse in smaller classrooms where it's harder to blend in with the crowd tbh


If its as crippling as it sounds you may need therapy


Yeah I used to have therapy years ago but stopped because I would get anxious to go in person lol. I've definitely got better and honestly even forcing myself to go to class while anxious is something I would have never done back then. Then I would of walked to the door and not been able to open it


This is not the ideal situation but some tips I can recommend to make it slightly more bearable are 1. Record lectures yourself so you can watch them back when you're in your own cozy environment. Taken directly from my syllabus "Students may, without prior notice, record video or audio of a class lecture for a class in which the student is enrolled for their own personal educational use." 2. Earplugs are really nice, especially for quizzes and exams. 3. I keep a tiny travel spray bottle (like the size of a lipstick) and put water with a few drops of lavender essential oil in it. I'll spray it on my wrist if I'm feeling anxious and need something to help calm me down. You could do this with any of your favorite scents really. 4. I keep something on me that I can fidget with, like a stress ball, sand-filled sensory toys, playdoh even. Do what you gotta do to help distract your mind. Wishing you the best of luck!


\#1 was a (largely symbolic - it wasn't previously illegal) publicity/marketing add-on to the florida bill requiring a dubiously motivated survey about perceived bias against certain political stances. Regardless of context, it's explicitly legally protected that you may do so, with the caveat that if you post it publicly (or technically give it to someone else, but no instructor is going to care that much) the instructor can theoretically try and sue you. Separately, get a pair of earbuds that don't block noise and connect them to something that's turned off or just have the other end of the cord in your pocket. People won't talk to you nearly as often and you can hear just fine.


I have SA too and I'm terrified to start UCF in the spring from Valencia! I'm an accounting major so hopefully this is a good major for people with SA which is what I hear...


You may be able to meet with your PCP or a doctor and get some anti-anxiety stuff. I would give you a high five and a "you got this shit" but idk if that would help and i am far away at the moment.


Try and see someone in the health center. There is no shame and you are not alone. I suffer from generalized anxiety which triggers syncope, A physiological condition where my arteries dilate, blood pressure drops and I lose consciousness. A couple of years ago it got so bad that I became stuck in a perpetual anxiety loop, (fear and anxiety about my anxiety) and I was afraid to leave my house. It was most manifested in medical scenarios like doctors offices and hospitals, which is ironic because that’s where I ended up half the time when I fainted. I finally got the courage to talk to a mental health counselor and that started my long road to healing. You’re not alone. These things are common and dealt with more often than you think.


Hey!! Sign up for peer coaching. It’s a virtual service where you can meet up with a student of your choosing, they get training on how best to support you and familiarize you with the best resources for what you are feeling, and it’s totally free. You talk to them, they’re pretty knowledgeable about resources and then you gain a friend at the end of the day :) sorry to hear that your anxiety has been this taxing. I hope it gets better


I have terrible social anxiety too, something I've been using that's been helping a lot is CBD oil, it's really helped calm my nerves with all the chaos of figuring out campus, classes, and just being around so many people in general.


this! helps my anxiety a ton. so stigmatized for no damn reason yall it won’t get you high! it’s not psychoactive! CBD is a life saver for so many people. including me! i put it in my coffee every morning and it helps me conquer the day.






I get u I have social anxiety too. I do meditation sometimes. I’m starting to take various supplements like ashwaganda, L-tyrosine, & SAMe (this one is on the pricier side), but these all help with hormones like serotonin and dopamine. To increase oxytocin (it’s a hormone that helps with feeling connected & less hostile to others) I take vitamin D & magnesium. I’m also trying hypnosis to get rid of mental blockages that prevents me from connecting with others. I have an essential oil diffuser, lavender & sage is a good combo. Also Yogi Stress Relief tea supposedly works wonders as it contains Kava, a plant that’s been proven to help alleviate anxiety so there’s really good reviews on that. I’m taking a more holistic approach and I’ve implemented a lot of these, no lie, in like the last month lmao because Ive noticed how my anxiety has gotten worse over time by avoiding uncomfortable situations. Anyways if you wanna know more feel free to DM me. I love this mental health stuff and reading the science behind it


Try starting the morning with a Long Island ice tea. Can’t hurt your situation.