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Yeah no he literally said multiple times during his “tumblr” days he was doing stuff for the weird black kids with no voice because the majority would say the things he liked were/was “white ppl shit” she tried tho


“This is for the niggas in the suburb” - Oldie


literally tho lmfao, tik tok mfs act like they know everything


I’ll never forget that line


She clearly has no familiarity with that era of Tyler, he talked about this all the fucking time lol


This comment needs to be at the top


It seems more of a satire. It’s just about being different I think. Gettin in fights for wearin skinny jeans. Gold teeth and chains. Flashy outlandish clothes. Being super into your own fashion sense. Things that others just weren’t doing but are coming around to. The game constantly changes because we will always want these types of radical people.


“misinformed” while also spreading misinformation crazy.




some of stuff is misinformed but I get what she’s saying, most times tyler at that point in his career he was saying and doing shit for pure shock value. not necessarily saying it’s right and a lot of stuff he did back then did not age well at all but calling the nigga anti black is a stretch imo.


If anything, he seemed more anti-“Steve Harvey” and more anti-“Tyler Perry” than he was anti-black.


This comment is very underrated that it made me laugh cause Ik what songs he talking about that needs more up-votes those some of my favorite songs from him


EDIT: what I initially wrote here was incorrect as fuck. 2 minutes and 14 seconds into Flower Boy a Conversation, Tyler talks about how stoked he was that black people were into See You Again at a club. I think the girl in this video didn't watch any of that video.


in return he made great songs, that’s not necessarily bad nor is it catering to one specific group of people. it was a win win situation, he definitely should’ve worded that better lol. because he really was just trying to make music for everybody to enjoy. now does that somehow make him anti black because he wants his songs to be easily digestible? no not at all, it was simply him trying something that he never thought of doing before. and it worked, because it wasn’t just alt/artsy white folk at those concerts it was a mixture, even my mom a black woman enjoys that album and she’s still listening to it till this day. EDIT: just now seeing homies edit my bad


Looks like someone didn’t listen to MANIFESTO.


people think too deeply on this shit. nobody fucking believes him when he said the shock value shit had no fucking nuance and that it was just that- shock value. stop with this dumb ass antiblack shit. the entirety of odd future with the exception of one person is heap of ghetto ass black kids who were his best and closest friends at the time of his "anti-black" run.


I wouldnt say ghetto ass black kids because they werent apart of that cultural part of hip hop I would just say they were black outcasts in hip hop odd future as a hole was a collective of black kids doing their own style in hip hop and their unique colorful style got the appeal of the suburbs


This is a horrible take lmao


She’s thinking to much honestly. Hes just doing him he never targeted or targets anyone. He just makes music to make music but he started as a 19 year old obnoxious kid who didnt care but society started to get rid of people for that so he cant be on the shit he was when he was younger cause hell get “canceled” but its not all bad cause it allowed him to grow and become more serious and to express himself more


The fuck is this cringe ass shit 😂








Shutcho burnt pb&j Ass up


Omg shut the fuck up lol




The video is super cringe, trying way to hard to prove a point that is not there, she’s clearly under-informed, defaming tyler just to sound “woke” the dude commented on how cringe it was, and you thought it was a good idea to tell him not say it like that and then ask if he was black? Are you 12? Did you not like the fact that he used bad words? And what does him being black have to do with him pointing out the obvious cringiness of the video?




Please shut the fuck up.


Nigga was literally going around screaming “fuck white america” for the longest. “This is for the niggas in the suburbs”. White kids just fucked with it cause he was doing some out of pocket crazy shit, which is what where people love.


Just some tiktoker talking out of their ass as usual


I feel like even if he was having anti black lyrics in his music he’s grown from that since flower boy came out and then on, he’s super heavy on black kids pursuing their interests and Black sound being respected more than just being labeled off as Trap so theirs room for growth in everyone


i do not care!


I wanted to comment my piece, but y’all already covered all the bases. Love y’all.


Lol that was earls bar not Tyler’s, “too black for the white kids, and too white for the black”


he’s said it in interviews tho, that’s probably where she got it


Listen to oldie, listen to the beginning of trashwang, listen to rusty.


Who tf cares, just listen to the music brah.


It was jokes. It was always jokes. Mfs just be acting like they don’t get jokes.


I don't think Tyler was doing demographic analyses and carefully designing his music to hit a certain target audience. His early work comes off as personal and adventurous. He certainly wasn't PC but this is a huge misread.


Her using “got all the black bitches mad because my main bitch vanilla” as evidence fucking kills me lol


Tiktok makes people think their opinions are fact and it’s their duty to be the reporter for the world


He was young and trying to be edgy he even had messages in his fucking music back when he was being edgy for example radicals where he said kill people burn people fuck school he had a message that he even explained so people couldn’t say he was just a horrible person and they would get his message he has messages in a lot of his songs he’s been telling everyone since goblin for black kids to be who they want instead of them thinking they have to be like other people.


How many of y’all have listened to bastard?


I’ve never seen it as for white people, just mainly for different black people than usually thought of as the black audience


Y'all need to look into CRT, anti-blackness, and afro-pessimist literature. Otherwise, you're just gonna think she is talking out of her ass. She's not. His music wasn't necessarily "for" white people but they were DEFINITELY the target audience in his early career. And I can definitely see how his earlier content would alienate black folks and why some would have a hard time identifying with it today.


Thank you


Yeah this is why I had a hard time listening to him in his early stages. I just couldn’t get jiggy w/ the anti-blackness


*Earl sweatshirt voice*: Don’t care… still don’t care


Some people find anything offensive… ok


What he use to say was genuinely offensive, even Tyler admits that lmao


But I was quoting Tyler doe


Or maybe he was just a goofy guy with a idgaf attitude when he was younger but what do I know? I’m just a privileged white male, right?


Yeah probably




I’m white so idk but it’s not that serious. There’s black kids out there that’ve liked him since day one and there’s white kids that are just now getting to him.


This is such a ridiculous thought process, as it assumes that “black people” and “white people” are monolithic hiveminds that all think the same. Tyler spoke to a demographic of people who were looking for something edgy that broke away from the norm, and that included people of all races and sexualities. While it is nice to see Tyler speak out about racism and black issues in his recent lyrics, saying he was ever “anti-black” is just disingenuous and dishonest. Not everything needs to line up with this lady’s specific taste in order to be acceptable.


The teenage boys in the comments are so butthurt 😂


Get this misinformed lost soul off my screen


Nah she's just one of those people Tyler talked about all the time who took everything personally


Stupid, this is peak stupidity




how many more times is this gonna be said


Race literally doesn’t matter when it comes to his music and it doesn’t matter. This is coming from a black person myself.


Fuck that black bitch 😂😂😂😂


Jesus Christ. This is how you Tyler fans get down? 🥴


No not all of us just the ignorant ones


Yes, it is. Sadly.


The fact that comments like this exist and y'all still aren't getting the point


His songs are pretty fire so idc






Bro was just trolling


"I know what I'm saying because I sound smart and convincing" "Do your own research"


"I'm not going to give sources go do your own research to try to find my sources" = everything before and after is invalid coming from your mouth


Damn Wiz Khalifa lookin a lil young nowadays


i mean.. stfu




he's not for black people? no matter what he says, tyler wasn't sat there pen in hand thinking "yeah this ones for the white folk". he does weird shit, he likes it, and it's for whoever likes to listen to it


I thought it was pretty obvious that Tyler makes music for himself and himself only.


Wtf these weird ass people talking about


He was just saying stupid shit when he was younger. People always wanna bring old shit back to “cancel them”


You can't analyse edgy in this way- at least not his type. He purposely used shock value so people would hear a verse and clutch their purse- he was saying awful, offensive shit. He acted pretty adamantly homophobic, anti-black, would use asian slurs, would rap about being a rapist, and killing people in general. His music was never aimed toward white people, and saying that defeats exactly what he would say- he never fit in. Too white for black people, too black for white people. He did odd shit. And it attracted a pretty white audience. Do I know why? No. I'm not black, so I can't say. But her take is ass.


Bad take flat out






Man imagine being so wrong and so sure you are right


Her head look weird


Culture doesn’t get more unfiltered than that! IYKYK


I wonder if she knows that Tyler purposely did this shit Bc he loved pissing people off😭 he don’t care


She might as well had said Tyler was anti everything 10 years ago, he offended damn near everybody he rarely singled anybody out if not ever😂despite that he grew up and evolved into his upper echelon


Bruh she don’t know nun 😂😂😂


But he don’t even have a hook for the white kids to sing along to


this bitch 🤨 earl is the one who’s “too black for the white kids and too white for the blacks”


Shit is annoying why does the world insist on lying to itself?




Lol you’re a Trisha Paytas fan


And a bigger Tyler fan ☺️


🤨 and you’re not?


lol I can’t like 2 things at once?


Never said you couldn’t but it seems like you’re laughing at me for my stance on this issue but you’re a fan of someone who perpetuates internet drama


I wasn’t laughing at all, you’re just saying that world is lying on itself cause she was critiquing his past lyrics? That was just a reductive take imo.


My opinion is that this trend of political correctness and proving your blackness is farcical and unfair to everyone involved. I get it’s not an easy one but this person is claiming that she doesn’t buy the line “Too black for the white kids, too white for the blacks”, which is an Earl line by the way, but what does she know about his life? Seems like she’s the one being shallow and reductive. Edit: Her and that other dude are saying Tyler isn’t “black” but like who tf are they to say that?


How did the other dude say that Tyler isn’t black by saying he wasn’t a rapper for black people. You’re literally twisting his words 😭. And yeah I agree, some of what she said was very reductive, I don’t think she has a best understanding of his life but ofc only we do because we’re fans. Doesn’t really excuse the actions that are done.


Also like all that “anti black” shit in his early music was self aware. He’s not an actual nazi like what?


I’m not anti black woman. So, holla at ya boiiii


yall pussies. bye


Can we please stop making these massive generalizations on what people do and don’t enjoy listening to. At the end of the day literally everybody is different


Bitch need to do some other shit fr smh


It sounds like she’s just trying to push some narrative cause she’s bored or has no life or whatever, also she’s definitely brainwashed and delusional