Am I the only one who thinks IGOR should be an “essential album”, so far its only Flower boy

Am I the only one who thinks IGOR should be an “essential album”, so far its only Flower boy


I would say that in terms of bringing Tyler to the mainstream, flower boy is probably the most influential. Flower boy brought Tyler to the stage and Igor made him the star of the stage.


I think people really forget that before flower boy Tyler was just a irrelevant washed up rapper to the mainstream.


I wouldn’t say he was “washed up” he was more so a rapper that had their own niche and demographic before becoming mainstream


How can he be washed up, he was still pretty new


In hip hop circles sure people were excited to see what he’d do but the keyword is mainstream. Most people only knew him as the OF guy who made Yonkers.


Goblin was hyped to here and hell and back. Tyler was probably at peak fame pre-Flower Boy in like 2012, probably around the time The OF Tape Vol 2 came out. Wolf didn't really raise his profile. And Cherry Bomb got panned everywhere. I think the consensus was that Tyler would always live in the shadow of his edgelord blogosphere breakthroughs. Then Flower Boy revolutionized the way Tyler was perceived by the media.


Yeah, i remember some people thought Tyler was going to be a cult followed rapper after CB got panned. Then Flower Boy came out and a lot of people started to like his stuff more, but others still thought this newfound sexuality was just another tactic to get notoriety. It wasn't until IGOR came out that the public fully accepted Tyler.


Wasn’t he hanging out with Kanye, jay z


The goats always knew he had “it” Wayne, Pharrell, Ye, jayz, the mainstream audience just never cared much


Yeah nah you must just be a late fan cause when I was in middle school OF and him were like my gods


he was never that relevant in the mainstream at that point to be considered washed up. it was still the same *edgy rapper that weird teens listen to* dismissal that followed him since his breakthrough


how was he irrelevant or washed up, he had fresh ideas all throughout his old records and his storytelling was unmatched by anyone at the time (correct me if im wrong)


this is gonna sound kinda dumb but dont forget, without cherry bomb we wouldnt have flower boy. thats sorta essential


I mean no shit we wouldn’t have flower boy without any of the music he made before




And we wouldn't have Cherry Bomb without Wolf, which we wouldn't have without GOBLIN, which we wouldn't have without BASTARD... Your point?


i meant directly infuenced like the experimental sounds used in cherry bomb were kinda needed to be experimented on so that flowerboy could have been the flower boy we all know and love yaknow


Essential album is usually just the album that makes it easiest for new listeners to get into the artist, which makes Flower Boy the most fitting. Same reason Travis’a essential album is Birds instead of Rodeo or Astroworld


Ok but that kinda makes no sense because Astroworld is hands down Travs biggest album and is arguably the easiest one for new listeners to get into. Also just because an album isn’t meant for new listeners(and might not appeal to a mainstream audience outside of the fanbase) doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be in the essentials. I know you’re right and that’s probably why it is, I’m just saying that shouldn’t be the deciding factor.


To be honest this “essential albums“ is almost always off. The same for essentials playlist. They literally put nah nah nah on Kanye’s essential page for months . Imagine how many potential fans that scared off.


Dont even get me started on apples essentials playlists.


birds is likely his essential bcs goosebumps is still his most streamed song (at least on Spotify, so I assume it’s probably the same on Apple Music)


almost 2/3 of kanye’s albums are “essential”


Flower Boy was a historic moment in Tyler's career but in my mind IGOR is wholly in a class of its own.


I like both albums but Flower Boy covers a bigger variety of styles than Igor and so that aspect alone makes me think it's more likely to get new fans


This reminds me. I work on a flower farm and so at work today I listened to flower boy.


that’s nice :)


So.. what happens if you listen to another album? I work at a theme park and I can only listen to astroworld. Or else. /s


you could listen to spiderland by slint as well if you’d like to change it up


If I change it now then I won’t be a flower boy.


if anything i think cmiygl will become essential. in my personal opinion i think he nailed it on this project as far as bringing elements from all different parts of him to make a new project. it’s great


good point but nah


yea man i be torn w it. igor has such a boldly executed production. he always goes for what he wants i guess is what my point was. because of that (in my mind) any album could be considered “essential”




IGOR is my favorite and I had the same thought when I saw it was just Flower Boy, but if you start adding too many albums as essential is starts to lose it's meaning a bit. Perhaps has time goes on they would add IGOR.


I guess but 2019 was arguably Tyler’s biggest year yet and that cannot be ignored


Who cares what Apple Music thinks is essential? They don't even have the correct lyrics half the time.


All his albums are essential idk what apple music is talking about




You what?


because its a pointless arbitrary designation


nah it should be wolf


Finally someone who likes RISE!


I think you could honestly put every album there except maybe cmiygl since its so new


I would say CMIYGL is essential because of the hype, energy and unique approach. He goes so hard, the album is *legendary* to me at least already.


it should be wolf


I would highly agree that IGOR should be included


Nah flower boy still


Flower boy is just better


Who gives a shit??


According to this Reddit post 930 people give a shit Edit: 1.3k


Nah but like how much of a difference does it make if APPLE MUSIC doesn’t have the best fucking essential album?? That is the absolute least important thing that I can think of in the entire universe


i would argue cmiygl should be an essential album since its some of his best rap work yet and its easily accessible


Agreed, however its only been out for 3 months. Needs a little more time to age.


No, because listening to Igor is nothing like any of Tylers other albums. Essential album means its an entry point for new fans. Imagine getting into Igor as your first Tyler album, just to be completely let down by all his other projects. Thats like the equivalent of Circles being A Mac essential album, rather than something like Swimming or Faces.


No. Essential means something you have to have. I would say that the bast majority of Tyler fans would say that Igor is one of the best in his catalogue therefore making it essential.


Yes you are right about the definition of the word “essential” but some words take on different meanings in different industries. In this case what apple determines is “essential” in the music industry is very different from mine and your standard definition of essential. Think of if you had to choose the 3 “essential” colors of the rainbow, you would most likely choose red, green, blue. Aqua marine seafoam turquoise bluish green may be the best and most artistic color of the whole rainbow, but it is still not an “essential” color.






what did this user say? I really wanna know....


He said that wolf should be




Should be Igor and Wolf, flower boy is not the “essential” record


I may be biased, but Flower Boy was the Album that got me into tyler. Then after that I listened to IGOR and it repulsed me so much that I had to listen to Flower Boy to clean it out of my ears. Then I listened to wolf and enjoyed. I didn't enjoy Igor until months after I started listening to tyler, so I understand that many New fans probably wouldn't like IGOR.


Ig so but I see IGOR as a black sheep in T’s catalogue and along with the fact that it was his first number 1 I feel like it deserves a spot. Wolf was also in my opinion the best of the early era Tyler. I can see why people like flower boy but if not IGOR then definitely at least Wolf deserves a spot up there


Yeah, I agree wolf totally deserves a spot up there. I feel like for a new fan you either really love or hate IGOR. Especially due to the fact that a large amount of the people likely to check out Tyler randomly are probably rap listeners rather than pop/indie fans(who are more likely to like IGOR), it seems like putting IGOR as the essential album would be interesting considering, that as you said it is a black sheep in T's catalogue.




flower boy is a relatively normal (but very good) rap album but no one else is making igor


Because it’s an essential ‘album’ not ‘albums’ unfortunately 👎🏻


I would say Wolf, Flower Boy and IGOR


igor, flower boy, wolf, cmiygl, goblin, cherry bomb i would order them by essential-ness. though that isn't a ranking of how good they are


It’s not an essentials? That’s crazy


Needs Wolf for sure


Oh I agree 100% percent


All of T’s music is essential


apple music gets the essential albums so wrong sometimes


Off topic, but, they need to put Bastard on Apple Music




And Spotify


Igor and Wolf should be up there fs even if I like flower boy a lot more


It seems like their criteria for accessible is “accessible” and “stand-out” in their catalog. But I’m pretty sure Igor will get listed as an essential record in a few years.


I think Igor and wolf should be next to flower boy in terms of essential albums


yes and no ya feel


I definitely think IGOR deserves the same praise, I really do... in terms of being “mainstream” obviously Flower Boy beats IGOR, but I think IGOR is an incredible body of work that I come back to more than any other Tyler project. I was honestly only a casual fan before IGOR, but it really cemented Tyler as one of my favourites.


honestly yea, i think IGOR and maybe one of his older albums should be an essential album, to show both sides of his music


Igor is literally my favourite album in all of music but I have to disagree, it's not as approachable as flower boy. CMIYGL though would be great along side it.


I've been listening to Tyler since cherry bomb and I've never listened to Igor and only two songs from flower boy


I feel like wolf, flower boy, and Igor are the most essential to understand him as an artist.


wolf, flower boy, and igor should be up there


Seeing how Tyler said that if this album didn’t do any well he would quit rapping I could see why it says “essential album” but apple should really put IGOR as well


I know IGOR drew in a lot of fans from a certain demographic, but as someone who started listening to tyler like 8 months ago, IGOR was very hard to get into as a newer fan, because it is so wildly expiremental. To me the only ones easy to listen to were Flower Boy and Wolf. Flower Boy especially as that is probably one of the few albums I have ever enjoyed on First listen.


Yeah I feel like Apple Music barely updates the essential albums.


Yes, i think the same


I never listen to those Apple Music “Essential Albums” for most of my favorite artists its always wrong


I think Wolf should b an “essential album” as well But yeah IGOR definitely deserves this


Unpopular Opinon: Flower Boy is better than IGOR . See you all in controversial!


It’s gotta be flowerboy This is a Tyler album 100% No gimmicks Just tyler


Igor dosent feel like it was made by tyler. Imo igor and cherry bomb arent musically pleasing


How old are all you tyler fans? Is it just me or does this feel like teen shit?


Im 18. Not sure what makes this “teen shit”. Was just curious every time I saw Tylers essentials as to why Igor was excluded. I mean if you take part of a Tyler the Creator reddit its likely your a teen or someone in their twenties


I'm guessing "essential albums" is an apple music thing? Doesn't make sense considering something coming from a music player. Them calling Igor essential or not doesn't mean anything. Any of his albums could be an essential album. It's subjective. I mentioned teens cause concern over this was something I did when I was a teen, and slowly realised that it meant little.


I don’t think any of us are concerned, just curious and posing a question for discussion. We all know that music and art is subjective.


See that's the thing, if it's subjective, the question really doesn't matter does it? Someone made a subjective choice to put flower boy as an essential album.


This is like saying no one should ever voice their opinions on any music because it’s all subjective 🤣


Not no one should voice their opinions cause it's subjective, why bother discussing an app sticking an essential album sticker on some album? It's not like you discussing Grammy win either, it's some dumbass app with its own algorithm for recommendation. That essential album means nothing for it to be discussed about. Do you understand?


His Essential Albums really should be Wolf, Cherry Bomb, Igor and Flower Boy


Cherry bomb is ass


I say Goblin should be




I think that an “essential album” is insulting to the flow of his discography. It’s telling people to not experience his work and find what they like. Not all experienced must be tailored imo


I agree with this however if Apple Music is going to set albums in stone and call them “essential” I think Igor deserves a place


nah, Flower Boy really encapsulates Tyler's range, IGOR is great but it's somewhat exceptional of what you'd define Tyler with kinda like how 808s and Yeezus probably aren't "essential Kanye" like, didn't Tyler approach it more as a way of showing his ability of being a songwriter, rather than it being an album of where he himself is at?