God I love tumblr

God I love tumblr


My thing is that I can never really believe people are trolling just from like a single thing they say. Because I know people can just think like that


Happy cake day! And yeah anon definately wasn't trolling lmfao


It's called Cunningham's law.


*Ackshually* it’s Poe’s law, Cunningham’s law is... Oh you little...


I don’t know either what happened here


Cunningham’s law says that the quickest way to get the right answer is to give the wrong one, because someone will correct you.


And poes law?


Poe’s law states that it’s impossible to gauge an author’s intent over the internet. For example, you can never be sure if someone’s trolling you.


Without an indication of being joking, satire is indistinguishable from extremists.


And Cole's law?


States that no matter how disgusting a food is, some people will still eat it. ^Seriously. ^It’s ^just ^a ^combination ^of ^the ^worst ^textures, ^tastes, ^and ^temperatures; ^how ^can ^anyone ^like ^it.


> Seriously. It’s just a combination of the worst textures, tastes, and temperatures; how can anyone like it. I bet you eat all your meals using bare hands.


I honestly think coleslaw is great. Would eat it more often if a typical coleslaw wasn't so unhealthy for a "salad"


Agreed. Unless you skip the mayo and use vinaigrette. And apples. And coriander. Then it's a very tasty crunchy salad.


It can be good if it isn't allowed to get soggy.


It just seems so unnecessary. "Hey guys, we have a ton of cabbage to use up!" "I know! Why don't we submerge it in a sea of mayonnaise?"


Coleslaw and cold potato salad is nice 😞


Cole's law states "Fool me one time shame on you Fool me twice, can't put the blame on you Fool me three times, fuck the peace signs Load the chopper, let it rain on you"


This law is outdated and stupid /s


At some point, satire becomes so poignant (is that the right word?) that it becomes indistinguishable from what it parodies. And without author clarification you can’t really know. At least that’s how I understand Poe’s law


I thought that was called the StackOverflow law


SO is the only way I can still do my job these days


To be fair I totally don't get being a sports fan either. I'm glad people seem to like being one, but I don't get it. You're not on the team. You probably don't know anyone on the team personally. Their success or failure means nothing in any real sense, to you. So I extra double don't understand how people actually get screaming, red faced mad at the other teams. Like. What the hell? I just don't understand it. To me, anon is the reasonable one and the other person is nuts.


[Social Identity Theory](https://www.units.miamioh.edu/psybersite/fans/sit.shtml). I'm sure this applies to you too, just in a different aspect of your life. Humans latch onto their ingroups very easily.


Especially weird comment from him considering this is in his top voted comment of all time >See also: the wet blanket who has to tell someone why the thing they like isn't good. If someone you like is happy, just be happy that they're happy. Unless they're happy about a Transformers movie. Then punch them in the crotch.


There's a big difference between being the screaming fan at a game trying to fight fans of the other team and wanting one team or the other to win. The point anon tried to make is that you should want the better team to win just because they are better. And it's somehow an issue to not want them to win. Also as someone else said. This type of thing can be applied to pretty much anything


Maybe they just really like bands. And wagons


A lot of people do like to jump in with something popular regardless of how little they know about it.


One might think an argument is unrealistically stupid, but people actually believe it


“so by your logic you hope to get the job and not the best qualified candidate”


I always hope my waiter brings me the cheeseburger I ordered, and not the most hungry person in the restaurant.


Why would a waiter bring you a person instead of a burger??


That’s why he didn’t want the person


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I feel like a better parallel would be "I hope my waiter brings my order to me, because I ordered it, and not just some other customer because he likes them better."


I love the double insult here because it also presumes whoever you're talking to is a loser in literally any situation.


Me rooting against Mercedes because they’re OP


lol I came here to say wait until this person finds out about F1 where *everyone* roots against the best team


Yeah, lot more fun when a team comes up from behind to get the win at the last minute, or just miss out on the win in the same situation


Oh well let me tell you I didn't think of f1 at first and I was like "uhhh but it's still just.. cars??"


Me still rooting for Leclerc and Ferrari and being absolutely *SHIT ON* every goddamn race weekend


Sainz drove great last weekend though! And Leclerc was... um... exciting!


Driver of the day too clearly that means he did the best right???


Right ??


He had a very good recovery drive to be fair


Too bad he always has to recover from his own stupid mistakes, that affect other drivers


Me rooting for NIO in formula e even though they’re basically the Williams of formula e


well looks like red bull domination is about to start


Nah, next season regulations change, hopefully with the budget caps no team dominates.


Looking forward to seeing some haas/Williams/Alfa/Alpine podiums next year


it's a regulation change not a miracle


Yeah I really hope the budget caps make a difference. The richest team wins>winning team makes the most money by winning>has more money to make a better car>oh wow they won again cycle just keeps getting worse and worse, and the budget disparity between the top teams and the bottom teams is absolutely massive. I would love to see more active competition (for the lead - the midfield battles are still good too) in years to come!


we switched out the arrow for the bull


You've saved us! How can we thank you! I wouldn't say saved, more like under new management... Getting 2010-2013 vibes from RBR.


Not gonna last for long with Honda dipping out.


It's gonna be a hard day when Russell gets the Merc seat and I gotta choose between supporting him Vs supporting whoever can get close to Merc lmao


Ironically, I’m starting to get interested in F1 because I learned about William’s Racing having their FW15C car get banned in 1993 for being too good, and now they’ve been on a losing streak They *were* OP and now they are underdogs


They clawed it back in 2014/15 to the top of the midfield but have been dead last since 2018. Would be nice to see some podiums next year


Dead last until this year. Now haas is the worst by a long shot


As my cousin once said, "We always want [rival team] to lose. We want them to lose *practice*."


*Practice?!* we talking about practice? Not a game, not a game. We talking about practice?!


holy crap AI is on reddit!!


Meanwhile as a Leafs fan watching our rivals go to the finals. Pain.


I swear to god if the Savage Speeders win Marble League again...


My father was an O-Rangers fan, and his father was an O-Rangers fan. In this house, we eat, drink, sleep and bleed orange. Seriously though, our blood is actually turning orange and lately Dad has been giving me a bowl of orange marbles for breakfast. The glass hurts my teeth.


I bet before you eat as a family you all put your hands together, bow your heads and chant "ooooooooooooooooo"


Do you not?






Fuck the Savage Speeders All my homies root for the Minty Maniacs


Team Galactic has consistently been my biggest letdown. It’s hard to remain a fan sometimes, but I don’t want to betray a team I’ve stood by for so long. They just need some new coaching! And maybe a fresh face in their lineup, a *stellar* new recruit, if you will.


born in patriots area so….. boy do people have opinions on this


I’m a Tampa native and asked a friend of mine from Boston if this is what he felt like the last 20 years now that the Lightning are 3 wins away from their second straight cup, the Bucs are defending champions, and the Rays are a game back from first place in the AL, and every sports fan in America hates us


All thanks to Tom Brady


switzerland football team be like


Fans of a sport *do* want the best team to win. They just want their team to be the best.


Eh, sometimes I just want a really arrogant team to get knocked down a peg. The joy of watching their fans going from shit talking to hysterics over a loss can be cathartic.


Did you mean: the New England Patriots


18-1 worlds best 2nd place team


18 wins and one Giant loss


You would have loved rugby recently. The Saracens are a team that play in the English rugby premiership and are widely regarded as one of the best club teams in the world, they are stacked with international players including World Cup winners and a ton of the players that make up the English National side and the Scottish side. A few years ago they dominated both the English premiership and won the European champions cup and their fans wouldn’t let you forget it. But there was a problem, it turned out they had broken their league’s salary cap massively to retain their huge number of star players. After an investigation they were docked 50 league points and had to play an entire season knowing they were guaranteed to be demoted to the second division. This second division is where they had just spent this last season, going from battling the greatest teams in England and the rest of Europe to facing off against lower league opposition, including some teams that are only semi pro. Best part is though that in their first game down they arrogantly thought they could rest most of their players and walk the league but were beaten immediately by Cornwall. Even though they have now won promotion back up to the English premiership they will still have to wait a year before they can possibly qualify for the Europeans Champions Cup again.


Oh that's a good story, I do love to see it. Also, it's just occurred to me that Saracen is a potentially offensive name for a team, though I'm not Arabic or a Muslim so I can't speak to that.


They are called the Saracens as back in the day they had a local rival club called the crusaders although now they don’t exist. Personally I haven’t heard of people being offended by the name particularly as at least here it’s viewed in a similar way to if you had a team called the Vikings or the Knights although I could see it potentially causing offence. The big controversial name in the English premiership is the Exeter Chiefs who have a stereotypical Native American chief as a mascot. There are some calls to scrap the nickname altogether or at the very least change the branding to a Celtic chief. Personally I’d say the Celtic chieftain would make more sense anyways to have it be more related to British history. Over in New Zealand there is a team called the Crusaders who changed their logo from a crusading knight recently in response to the Christchurch shooting (where the team is from) to avoid offending the Muslim community of the city.


Yeah, talking about Exeter, a lot of their fans wear feather headdresses as well, which is a bit odd and maybe offensive? Old Saracens fans tend to wear fezzes with badges on, but they’re swamped by all the new fans.


Go Cornwall!


Fuck the Saracens <3


Waiting for VGK or TBL fans to riot at this comment.


Let's be honest here, it's their latest opponent's fans that are more likely to riot...


inb4 the “Vegas fans haven’t suffered enough!!!” meme


The knights are alright. They didn't get the cup in their first year, and they took Fleury from Shittsburgh.


TBL fan (who is not an obnoxious troll). At a certain point you just have to tune out the haters and enjoy your team having success. If you continually look online for validation of your team loyalty, you will primarily see negativity outside of your own fandom


*Euro noises*


me rooting against England in the Euros


while we are here, fuck Manchester United... there, I feel better


Me when it comes to Mercedes in Formula 1 The lead Mercedes drive is the GOAT. They also had the fastest car for several years. It was impossible for them to be beat. They got lazy Now Red Bull has a faster car, and two good drivers who actually work as a team. This means that Mercedes is facing real competition (they treat their #2 driver like shit) So I’m very happy to see Red Bull knock Mercedes down a notch and force them to actually try.


Unless it's European football, in which case an upset like you've described typically results in rioting and death.


Depends on the country. Not a lot of riots in France yesterday, despite being the World cup champions and getting knocked out in the round of 16. And we're talking about France here. They know how to riot.


Nah. Watching the best team blow it is great fun. Unless the best team is *my* team. Watching Green Bay blow it again this year gave me a nearly *sexual* thrill. Decades of accumulated grievance really seasons your sports Fandom to perfection.


This off-season must be edging you like crazy then


Fuck yeah it is. Always drives me nuts when fans turn on players and side with ownership. In the case of the Packers, it's even dumber. These guys are siding with FO executives over their star player. A completely faceless, replaceable executive has put his own ego over one of the greatest QBs in the history of the sport. It's amazing. It's the kool-aid drinking itself.


I think it's more a case of fans wanting their team to remain good, without regard for what is fair or right for the players. It's not like they legitimately respect the front office. It's just that instead of coming out and saying "we're going to suck without Rodgers and I don't want our team to suck," they rationalize someone else's BS that makes it sound like they have some kind of logical argument. It's silly though because "We're going to suck without Rodgers and I don't want our team to suck" is a perfectly cromulant thing for a fan to feel and say. But instead they repeat some front-office-dick-sucking take from some radio or TV personality so they can sound ?informed? or something. Anyway it's not just sports. People often have some gut-level desire or way they want things to be, but are unable to articulate their feelings or desires. So they parrot others who make arguments which favor their desired outcome, without necessarily understanding that argument, or without supporting that argument or the logic behind it in and of itself.


If you don't mind me asking, what team do you support? I've grown up in WI, but never really gave much thought to football and hadn't realized anyone might hate the Packers this much lol


Most of it is resentment from the Farve dynasty.


Oh yeah, that checks out


I'm actually a Bengals Fan, but I'm here in Louisville, so I'm more broadly an NFL fan. And growing up my favorite team was the Vikings, and they are still my favorite NFC team, especially since they got Zimmer as coach, and I've loved him since his days as Bengals DC. My real salt is with entitled fan bases. They just irritate the hell out of me, and here in KY we have what I think is one of the 5 most entitled Fandoms in sports, UK basketball... The undeserved piety of Packers Fandom (the city owns the team!) just rubs me wrong. Like, the Packers *deserve* to win because they do football the *right* way, unlike those other, lesser, *perverse* teams. Plus, every team in the Packers division is just way more fun and way more interesting.


One of the greatest QBs *and* the face of the franchise. They’ve been the Green Bay Aaron Rodgers’ for what, five years now?


Wrong. I don't care if it's deserved or not, I just want them to bring that trophy home. (although some events that occurred in the last 12 hours might make it a bit difficult right now, so maybe next time)


Idk I'd be at least moderately offended if the lions managed to bring us the Lombardy.


the entirety of the f1 fanbase against mercedes lmao


Only till someone else wins a few years, them Mercedes well be the lovable underdog. Who thought 8 years ago we would all be cheering on redbull


I watched in the early 90s and the idea of McLaren and Williams being the plucky backmarkers still seems weird.


For me it's Ferrari From the most dominating team to celebrating a pole position. I'd only just gotten used to Honda being back in F1 for the 1000th time and they are gone haha


And indeed they were pretty dreadful when I started watching in 91-92. It was genuinely shocking to me when Schumacher signed up for them for 96, it seemed such a step down from Benetton. It went from "hey, Ferrari won a race! Cool! Good to see them doing well!" to "Oh god not Ferrari again" - and that went on for so long I kind of lost interest in F1, and never really got it back again.


Being a fan of team likely means years of emotional investment so yea, you hope they win even if they're not the best. Why/how does one begin down a path of caring about any one team over another? Tribalism? Localized propaganda/indoctrination? Idk. It's illogical, for sure, but that doesn't make the feelings any less real. My Depression is illogical. Doesn't make the suffering any less real. *shrug*


I mean it could be for any number of reasons. Like I’m a Miami Dolphins fan because my dad grew up a fan, because *his* dad was once upon a time in the Air Force and was stationed in Florida when the Dolphins were the only team around there, and he became a fan because it was a thing for him to go do on the weekends. So i have all these good memories of just hanging out with my dad and my uncles, just hanging out and watching Dolphins games together. my grand dad and one of my uncles have passed, but i still like watching the team because of all the good things it makes me remember from my childhood.


Squish the fish 😘


Must be a dirty Pats fan lol❤️


I've never been so insulted in my life. S'go Bills!


You know, you’re right. I went too far


That sounds like a eufemism


Unless one of my favourite or least favourite teams is playing, I always cheer for the underdog regardless of the sport. Hoping the game is gonna end like everyone thinks it’s gonna end is just boring imo


in my case, i care about \[team\] bc i know more about their players than the players on other teams, so i have some emotional investment in how those players do. i don't root *against* other teams, but for most of them im just not familiar enough with their players to care how they do


I became a diehard Seattle Mariners fan because of an internet documentary about them, so... Unlocalized propaganda here.


I only really care about college football and I like the teams I like by association. My dad, my sister, and I all went to PAC 10 schools so I want those teams to win. Of course I want my school to win and it just makes it fun to have a team to root for. And of course there’s something great about going to a game and rallying with others to support your team. This whole thing is just to say, SKO BUFFS!


Why are all those Swiss fans so excited? Everyone knows France was the better team, everyone on Switzerland should be ashamed of themselves for upsetting the tournament favorite


Man, as a Swiss person i still cant believe it. We have literally never been in a quarter final in the Euro. Last time we were in any quarter final was the 1954 world cup.


As a Belgian, I love the Swiss now I hope we play you in the half finals and fight over who has the best chocolate


I had money on France, but I was rooting for you guys, super fun game (or match idk lol I’m American)


As a Wales fan, I’m so happy for you


Swiss fans are so fucking happy it's crazy being in Switzerland rn


If France was the favourite they should've just played better and won! /s No, for real. It was a great game and as a neutral party it was highly entertaining to watch. I watched it with my friends and at some point we were all rooting for the Swiss team because they did so well against the last World Cup winner. The game was super chaotic from time to time. You couldn't tell who would win at all.


Only got one of the two upsets today, but both games were wildly entertaining, great timing for me to be unemployed lol


You joke but I saw weirdos on /r/soccer with very similar takes...


To be fair, in any tournament, there’s the clash between Switzerland winning is crazy fun, but France vs Spain would’ve been a much more intriguing matchup. That being said maybe the Swiss can do it again


It would have been intriguing but this result is *far* more interesting and will be remembered as one of the great wins in international tournament football. It's like complaining that you asked for a BMW but got a Bentley instead.


The excitement of the upset absolutely outweighs a potential drop off in the next round’s matchup, just saying there’s still some give and take to it. But Spain could win 4-0 and the upset will still be worth it, and certainly much more memorable


wait till he learns most the nhl hates vegas just because of the fans.


This is why my friend hates the Philadelphia Eagles


Their fans are definitely annoying but what’s happening there is unquestionably good for the sport


Shit I'm from nz and I low key love when we lose coz kiwis are the worst fans


As a binational French-Swiss, fuck.


Hoping the statistically best team wins would be the most boring way to watch sports. Underdog stories are the best part of competitions


crabs bad. i don't care if they evolve four times and fully carcinise. crabs still bad, go jands.


I know what carcinization is, but I only know “jand” from the name of a tree and ‘Journal of Applied Nonlinear Dynamics’


it's "jazz hands," a blaseball team that I support. blaseball is like baseball meets nightvale. blaseball.com


They are both wrong because the concept of 'best team' does not make sense. The only thing that should matter is the current game. If a team is proving to be better in the game but ends up losing for unfair/uncontrollable circumstances (say the referee is blatantly wrong on some call, or a player randomly has a heart attack) then, even if you were rooting against them you should not be happy about the win.


In the best of circumstances, it's more "Gee, that really sucks, I feel bad. Not bad enough that I wish my team hadn't won, but I feel for them. They got hosed."


This, by the way, is *exactly* what politics has become.


sport is an irrational, unconditional love and it's better this way


Must have been a France fan, they got so touchy when I said I don't like Mbappe... 😂 Oh well, I'm sure he'll play very well in the next round.


I live in Philadelphia we absolutely do not hope the best team wins


It's more complicated than that. I DO hope the best team wins, and I hope the best team is us.


It's called being a Canucks fan and thinking year after year “this is their year!”


*cries in Leafs fan*


I started watching baseball and hockey when I lived in Minnesota as a kid. Moved to Michigan and football caught my attention, so naturally I followed the local team there too. Now I live in central FL and I'm starting to watch the NBA. Twins, Wild, Lions, Magic. My sports existence is pain.


I dont care if St. Pauli are good or not i just want them to win!


Clearly these people have never participated in the cultural event of /r/Blaseball.


The point is it’s okay to not be logical when I it comes to sports


I'm pretty sure that's their point. Being so involved in a team that you have no personal investment in is silly(according to the poster)


That’s definitely How sports work now unfortunately I’m pretty sure that’s how politics works nowadays to


I mean, technically the "best team" isn't decided until after the game, so you're more hoping that your team is better.


It’s called a rivalry, and I think most of us don’t even remember why it started


Ok google, what is an "underdog"


And politics.


I honestly cannot comprehend sports team favoritism. I live in Pittsburgh so I get the extremes of growing up in a weird culture where you are a fan of a team because of your proximity to their home field or whatever. But how does someone become a fan of another team... like at random? Sports are all about stats including most wins and losses, so isn't there an objective best team in every league? Why does someone from Chicago fall in love with a team from Detroit??? Is it.... like... the colors and the mascots? That's really all I can figure??


Sometimes its player based. I became a fan of ENCE (counterstrike team) bc I really liked the players and when my fave was let go and joined another team I started following the other team.


it's just too ez for ence


As someone from Illinois but is a New York Jets fan I gotta tell ya, I don’t really know… Like, I chose to be a Jets fan as a kid. I didn’t have any reason to choose them, but for whatever reason I just did. Now I’m stuck with them regardless of where I live. Oh well.


I can understand if there’s no team in your area, for example my dad grew up a Reds fan because Pete Rose was his favorite player and the Rays didn’t exist at the time, but I find it super weird when someone roots for a team outside their area that they have no connection to when there’s a team in their city


it's the referee's responsibility that the best team wins. it's the fans' responsibility that this silly contest is imbued with enough meaning that life is worth living


Can't relate I don't like sports


So brave


Do you like any trashy competition reality shows because it's a similar concept.


What was the original argument? Why do I feel like it was an argument against anti-white/cis/straightness?


Didn't track down the exact context, but the user posts a *lot* about gymnastics and a little about drag competitions, so it's probably about one of those E: seems like it's probably in response to [this post](https://aurelia-dobre.tumblr.com/post/188242053271/cant-help-but-notice-that-nobody-complains-about), so yeah, Tumblr OP doesn't like the US gymnastics team for whatever reason even though/because they win so much and the anon doesn't like that


You spend enough time on Tumblr and your brain loses the grip on how reality functions. I'm not even trying to be rude, I'm just saying. Happens with all of internet tbh.


That take... actually kinda makes sense, huh The one being replied to I mean


Yeah, the comeback really only works if you're totally on board with how being a sport fan works. If you're not, then the rejoinder is just an example of another thing that doesn't make any sense.


It's not just sports though to be fair, this is true of any competition of any kind. If you're into like, Bake-Off, then you'll probs have a candidate that you want to win regardless of if they're the objective best. Or hell, even with stuff like wanting yourself to get a job you applied for, you're supporting yourself over the objective best candidate. The rebuttal is kind of illogical sure, but that's because tribalism and favouritism is illogical. But essentially all humans nonetheless utilise favouritism regularly.


Yes? And sports are stupid?


This is why team sports are so stupid. The team people like is arbitrary. There's no intrinsic difference between them, yet people attach such a ridiculous amount of emotion to it.


You know people are allowed to like things and have fun, right?


How every sport arguments start with friends lol


That's why you always bet on the other team. Either your team wins and you're happy, or you win money and you're happy.


If I'm otherwise neutral I often hope the "best" team doesn't win because it makes things more enjoyable. Like it's boring if you know who's going to win, and besides the payoff is better if you root for a side that isn't expected to win and then they do. That said I once watched a basketball match because I was bored and it was on, and I have basically no idea how basketball works (it's not as popular here, I looked up the rules at the time but I've now forgotten them) but one of the teams was called Spurs and I'm an Arsenal fan so... Probably the least logical rooting against a team I've ever done, but I knew nothing about either side and it's just more *fun* to have a team.


Also the premise by definition of underdog stories.


Underdog stories probably need the additional element of giving the reader a reason to root for that underdog. Which could be as basic as telling the story from the underdog's perspective.


But if you hope the other team loses, and they do, then it means they were not the best team


I don't even know if they have played/are playing/play at all but I hope Luxembourg wins the EC. I just think it would be funny if they just kicked everyones ass