lo siento, no hablo mucho español pero te entiendo. voy a responder en ingles. The whole area of Riviera Maya is pretty safe and touristy. Plus you speak Spanish so I don't think you'll have trouble. There is a strong police/military presence patrolling the beaches and the popular areas in town. Don't get too drunk, don't try to buy drugs/do anything illegal and be aware of your surroundings. Drive carefully and follow the rules of the road. Merida & the state of Yucatan is considered one of the safest places in all of Mexico. The highways you will drive on are safe and have several police run checkpoints along the way.


Thanks for your input and opinion. You make me feel a little less worried about traveling over there. Hopefully within a few weeks everything clears out and we get back to normal again.


Puedo hablar como residente local en Tulum. Tulum ha sido muy tranquilo desde hace mucho tiempo. Podría entrar en detalles, pero aquí no tendrás problema. ¡Les deseo felices viajes!


Muchas gracias. Creo que todo va a salir bien. Solo veremos con el tiempo! Pero gracias por tu opinion.


Los siento. Que esta pasando en TJ?




You’ll be fine, I honestly think a lot of people are overreacting about most of the fear. I’m more afraid of the US government.