Nah they just wash their face with stacks of money




And for some reason still know literally nothing about how their skin works


bUt it'S JuSt OliVe oiL


People always say they have treatments instead but isn't it easier to apply some tretinoin every second night? I'd prefer that over getting treatments no matter how much money I had.


Lol if you ever watch their get ready with me's or their go to bed with me's the largeeeee majority use trash products (Lily Collins loves witch hazel) or really expensive fluff products ($200 face cream with glycerine as main ingredient) and use like the worst technique I've ever seen. Im sooo unimpressed whenever I watch these lol it makes me think they must have some amazing esthetician's and dermatologists who fix their messes on a weekly basis for them to appear in public as they do lol Has anyone ever watched kylie jenners lol she fake washes her face like she doesn't know how ans has never done it before and then "dries her face" with a towel that is still absolutely coated in makeup after her "cleanse" lol I think if skincare isn't a special interest of theirs they're just as likely to use lame products and use them wrong as any of us lol with the benefit of nearly infinite professional resources to fix it I have yet to watch one where they use Tretinoin but maybe they don't include prescriptions? I rarely see it mentioned but im sure lots of them use it! Particularly the older (30+) generation


I would never look to a Kardashian for a “how-to” for anything realistic or for anything anyone real does. That family uses the faces/bodies they were born with as a light suggestion, to take a line from a famous comedian. That video you mention is so laughable. She’s using her own face wash line and washed her face for barely five seconds, when in reality she would need to triple cleanse to even begin to make her way through the amount of makeup she wears. And then the makeup all over her towel 😂😂😂🙄


Yes it was so bad lol


They don't know how to do because they rarely do it alone. They have an army of estheticians, derms, plastic surgeons...


I mean I know but I would still say most of them likely wash their own faces before bed most of the time lol It's mostly for show, to advertise products and for paid collaborations that these videos even happen, and they don't want to look bad doing their routines so what we see is likely not all of it either. Nobody looks cute washing their face lol


They're just given a bunch of products to promote in those videos, maybe way morethan they usually use alone at home. If you have money to access multiple office treatments per week, all you have to do at home is just grab a cleanser and a moisturizer. So, multiple steps routines are just unknown territories for them.


Yeah that's basically what I said


I haven’t really seen those but I’d just assume a company paid them to say they use it 😂


I just assumed that they were doing what Elizabeth Bathory did


They absolutely do. I used to read a lot of Into The Gloss celebrity skincare articles, and it's really obvious when they have the 'tret glow' in their pictures, but all of their recommended products are whatever new moisturizer/serum they're supposed to be promoting. Tret is rarely mentioned because as a prescription it's not sponsored. Of course in addition they're probably doing botox/fillers/needling/etc.


Tbf, I think it's probably not ethical for a celeb to promote a prescription medicine which technically treat is.


Isn't it less ethical to benefit from it and then pretend it's whatever product they are sponsored by that did it? They are lying and make money by lying while the companies by using a person that lies swindles their customers with false promises. Seem worse tbh.


That's not ethical obviously but I think there's an in-between. It might be a cultural difference too, to me it's insane that prescription medications are heavily marketed in the US direct to people, or the general treating people like customers and less like patients


well considering only a few celebrities actually age well, i would say majority does not, and rely on fillers and botox and face lifts


No they get Botox and plastic surgery. Maybe if they have severe acne they do.


Of course they do


I was wondering the same thing but I doubt it. They have the money to do in office treatments.


I saw one that did on the “ go to bed with me series”, but then she did an updated GTBWM and she switched to all natural🥲 so no more tret


I feel like accutane gets prescribed like paracetamol to celebs - having acne while you’re a big star isn’t really an option