I use a topical mixture of Fin+Min made from a dermatologist, how do I wash my hair?

I have been experiencing dandruff lately and the itchiness is unbearable. I been using a topical mixture compounded in a bottle of Fin and Min from my dermatologist which I apply every night before bed so I shower every morning. I also use Niz twice a week. I've read to not showering can help prevent dryness in hair but how can I not shower if I apply min and fin every night?


Maybe you are using too much


I only apply it to my hairline pretty much


For me, liquid min gives me the CRAZIEST dandruff (also insane itch for the first 6 months of using it) and it just doesn't go away, until I stop using it. I had to switch back to foam min and the dandruff pretty much stopped. To add more details, I've been on minoxidil for 6-8 years now and have switched back and forth from liquid and foam. The first time I took notice of the dandruff, I switched to foam and definitely noticed less dandruff. After my 6 month supply ran out, I switched back to liquid because I heard it's better. Used it for 3 months and the dandruff never went away (itching went away though), so I went back to foam. I started seeing a dermatologist for my hair loss and she put me on liquid min telling me it was better (more absorbent). I actually noticed that I lose MORE hair when I use liquid and on top of that, my dandruff came back and even more than I ever noticed; pretty much couldn't wear dark colored shirts without seeing a ton of FLAKES (BIG ones) on my shoulders along with a dusting of it. This was 6 months and I recently switched back to foam--almost no dandruff. I've also noticed much less hair loss with foam too. I recently saw an image graph somewhere saying both foam and liquid give the same results in terms of slowing down hair loss, so it's down to the individual's preference.


Do you shower and wash your hair everyday? I’m on the same boat as OP and use a compound mixture of fin and min. How do you apply Fin if you use foam Min?


I use to wash my hair everyday with the keto shampoo because that's what my derm told me to do. After browsing tressless again, I realized NO ONE uses it everyday, so now I only do 2-3 times a week. I shower most days and mostly shampoo when I do shower. I don't use topical fin; I use to take oral fin, but now taking oral dutasteride.


If I stop taking the topical min and fin I would probably reverse all of the progress if I switch to just min in foam, right?


I think if you stop taking either yea, but if you take them in some other form it should be fine. So you could start min foam and oral fin and I believe you should be fine.