Weekly Reading Discussion

Hey guys, what have yall dived into this week? Gonna get into next week?

Trade disputes or diplomatic tension?

Dangerous excursions or engaging dignitaries?

Space battles and brutal situations?

Beyond boundaries and amazing anomalies?

What have you enjoyed or maybe not quite that much? Happy reading!


This week I officially began my Star Trek novel journey. I have been buying a lot of the paperbacks because I’ve been able to find them cheap. But I read my first one this week. Started things off with one that really interested me, Christie Golden’s Voyager Homecoming. I really enjoyed it and it was exciting to learn what happened to the voyager crew when they returned home. Currently finishing up the second novel in the series ‘the farther shore’. Following that I’m going to read the two spirit walk novels and then move on to some of the numbered tos books as I don’t have anymore voyager after those. Really enjoying my first steps in my voyage and hope to one day read all of the Star Trek books. Currently I own 133 of them, so I’m on my way.


Tried reading Rise like Lions but couldn’t get into it, so started reading Burning Dreams by Margaret Wander Bonnano and I’m enjoying it immensely. Serves as Chris Pike’s biography and a sequel to the Menagerie! It also kinda works still with current canon which is great!


Just finished *The Joy Machine* by James Gunn / based on a script by Ted Sturgeon (TOS #80). It's about a planet controlled by a super computer – The Joy Machine – who rewards work with feelings of pure joy, administered directly into the brain. Very nice story, just wayyy to long – there's a whole middle chunk that's just Kirk going from A to B to A again and a pages-long infodump about space whales... Meh. Otherwise I'd recommend it, it's very TOS and the resolution of the conflict makes the drag before it worth it. It would've been great as a proper episode I think, but oh well. Now I'm reading *Triangle* by Marshak & Culbreath (TOS #9), which is about... A love triangle between Kirk, Spock, and a Starfleet Agent they picked up somewhere, Sola Thane. Features all the fun things: New Humans, Mind Bonds, a very lonely Kirk, Pon Farr, thinly veiled K/S slash, Main Character Death (but don't worry he gets better)... And I'm not even halfway through. The writing style is definitely on the better side when it comes to these tie-in novels and I do love the characterisations.


Just finished Contamination. Now, I am going to start Boogeymen. I believe Q-in-Law is next.


Read issues 7 and 8 of the 1984 comic series. They were about Saavik's origin and first pon farr. I did not have high hopes but they were actually decent. Read issue 6 of the ongoing comic too. Didn't really like it


Slotting through The Terllisane Confrontation. I only manage to read about five minutes a day because the book is boring me to tears.