Weekly Reading Discussion

Hey yall! How's it going? What have yall reading this week? What are ya looking forward to next week?

Sudden betrayals or new friends?

Relaxing holodeck retreat (oh really? Watch for malfunctions !) Or wayward tech?

New lifeforms? Or disputes with the usual suspects?

Experiments on unknown anomalies or exploring unique architecture?

Hope it's been a good week guys and gals


Finished the James Blish novel Star Trek 2. These are the Cliff’s Noted versions of various episodes using the original script as it’s source material. Lots of differences been the book and the finished episode. I look at these as a kind of alternate history for TOS.


I am nearly finished with the first volume. They are super short, but I find them fun for what they are. In very excited to read the more meaty stories coming up.


Those are a lot of fun!


I'm JUST starting my star trek journey myself. I haven't read any books and have just started watching the OG series. I'm 4 episodes in. Anywayim reading Star Trek 1. James Blish's adaptations of the OG series episodes. These are super bite sized and quite fun for what they are. I'm looking forward to the next series of books like Spock Must Die! for more meaty stories.


Oh I hope you enjoy star trek! The tvs series The Original series (with Kirk), the Next Generation (Picard), Voyager (janeway) , Deep Space 9 (sisko) and Enterprise (archer) are all great tv shows. Some of them take a bit to get on their feet. (Haven't seen the newer shows from the past few years) As for books, I started with the miniseries Rihannsu (sometimes called Bloodwing chronicles) by Diane Duane. Its a five part miniseries with captain kirk and crew , between Federation and romulan forces. Absolutely my fave series of star trek books, though I've read several great standalones since then.


I've heard plenty of people in this sub praise Diane Duane. I'm looking forward to trying those out. I only have the first of the rihannsu books. But what a good place to start. What's your favorite iteration of the TV series?


That's a toughie. I was a kid of the 90s. So I grew up with The Next Generation and Captain Picard. Watched reruns of original series with Kirk and followed along with deep space 9 and voyager ,later enterprise as they came out. Lost of good "world/galaxy and char building" throughout each series. All series have a bit of setup, and some episodes are better than others (for instance I personally disliked majority of TNG holodeck episodes where something ALWAYS went wrong, felt like nothing happened in "the real world" so to speak Have to say my fave was Voyager overall. Really neat rooting for their journey home and all the neat ppls and stuff they interacted with. The crew as a whole is a really neat menagerie. And I enjoy the idea of "boldly exploring " . Really great crew building over time also. The Trekverse as TV series (original, tng. Ds9, voyager, enterprise) was really awesome for me growing up. Love all the crews and experience alien cultures, working for a common goal. It was only in the last half year I thought "hey, try the trekverse books!" SO GLAD I FOUND THIS SUB FOR RECS AND DISCUSSION on many threads. The crew on a mission/found family on a quest is my fave trope in all of sci fi (and fantasy).


Glad you found the sub too! I really only joined a week or so ago myself. Ds9, Voyager, and especially Enterprise seems to have fallen out of favor so it's interesting hearing such good praise for it. Unfortunately wasn't around when they were airing but would have loved to catch it when it did. I'm curious now of your thoughts of the voyager books if you ever get around to reading them.


Haven't read any Voyager specific yet, except for the Day of honor short stories (which i enjoyed all of those). The novel length ones I do have are part of the "post movie trekverse" and I'm trying to get through my star wars legends chronological read through (a least through the thrawn trilogy which is roughly 10 books away) before I start trekverse


Diane Duane does a great job of portraying Romulans. The Romulan Way is my favorite ST books. Been binge watching the series the last few months. I grew up with all the 20th century series, so unfamiliar with Enterprise and later, but I've watched the last few months TOS, TAS, ENT, and am finishing up TNG now. My favorite TNG episodes seem to be those that have the camp of TOS, such as "Man of the People."


I'm really enjoying TOS right now myself. That mixture of camp and drama is perfectly fun. That's really awesome. Can't wait to read her books. She comes highly praised. What are your thoughts on Enterprise?


Tagged along with Tasha Yar and Data in TNG Survivors. A neat duo story about a mission to a planet with rebellion. Political intrigue and Tasha's back story were fairly well done. Knowing what happens in the TV show, the epilogue to this actually hit a bit harder than expected.


Read the first three issues of the 1984 Star Trek comic series from DC. They take place right after TWOK and do not mesh with later movies at all but I'm enjoying myself. The writer has a good handle on everyone's character. The original characters are interesting too-- >!there's a Klingon who defects from the KDF in the second issue.!<


Reading Star Trek Log Eight by Alan Dean Foster. Tomorrow, Star Trek #6 from James Blish.


Just finished the DeForest Kelley biography and cried at the end. Started two new books, too: "Inside Star Trek" by Bob Justman and Herb Solow (almost 30 years since I first bought it) and "The Three-Minute Universe," which was a 99-cent sale recently and gets off to a *great* start.


Finished reading the Nanotech War, read DS9 #11: Devil in the Sky and noe finally onto to the Avatar books


I'm reading the second volume of the SCE stories, which are a lot of fun. They used some characters from the NG series and now they're on their way to DS9 and I'm getting to see Nog as an adult in Starfleet, which is fun. I do have the first book in Strange New Worlds waiting for me once I finish SCE. I got to attend a talk with Anson Mount and Ethan Peck, so it should be even more fun to read. 😊


Finally reading the Coda trilogy, I haven't read *every* single post-Nemesis Trek book, but I figured it was time to see how it ended. Not too far into Book 1, but I'm enjoying it so far.