Lavillenie being booed by the brazillian crowd in rio was terrible to watch. From a sportmanship point of view but also seeing his reaction on this was heartbreaking. I really felt that one https://youtu.be/WY8Q2Jc_G2c


There are some bigger ones from a historical point of view, but as far as ones I watched live on tv, I'll always remember seeing Abby D'agostino go down in the 2016 Olympic prelim 5k. Another runner in front of her fell, and it caused her to fall and tear her ACL and meniscus. It was pretty obvious right away that it was a major injury. I knew some ivy league track athletes that overlapped with her time at Dartmouth, and they were all rooting for her hard, so then I was too. I don't think she ran another big track meet again after that, which just adds to it.


bolt losing to gatlin. i understand it was his farewell but it still made me really sad. for me bolt was always the spirit of track and field, i watched him since i was a kid and it was just heartbreaking


El G losing the 1500m Olympic gold.


A good choice. Should've medaled in 1996, but fell in the final. Won Worlds 1500m in 1997 and 1999 and was the clear favorite to win it in 2000. It did make that double gold in 2004 that much sweeter, at least.