Pink Horrors of Tzeentch Unit Spotlight | Total War: WARHAMMER III

Pink Horrors of Tzeentch Unit Spotlight | Total War: WARHAMMER III


I am very happy that they make gremlin noises. The lore describes them as laughing and cackling all the time. Pretty cool even tho i really dislike those unit previews. The old previews were just better imo


They sound like Rabbids


Oh god that's so accurate


They're Rabbids that killed Rayman


Well now I know what to expect from the Workshop.


haha fucking yes! thank you, I couldn't figure out why it sounded so familiar!


Tzeentch: The god of change, the Great Conspirator, Orchestrators of grand complexity. His minions: WHAAAAAAAAAGH


>WHAAAAAAAAAGH \- It's treason then !


Just as planned.




Duh, Tzeentch is the kunninest one there is. Cept for Mork of course.


Gork and Mork are two divine sockpuppets controlled by Tzeentch.


Not really a Warhammer nerd, but how exactly are these instruments of change? Don’t seem particularly knowledgeable, sneaky, or plot-ty. Even low level brutes in Khorne’s army exist to shower skulls for the skull throne. How do these guys help the Great Deceiver?


Burning things to death is a kind of change


Someone's always got to do the grunt work. And how much do you want them screwing up your plans anyway with thinking.


When they are not on the battlefield, these little buggers are the ones that sneak into the homes of mortals to hide their keys and steal one sock from each pair. (Besides Khorne’s boys, most of the daemons are not really fulfilling their master’s “purpose” on the battlefield, plaguebearers spread a bit of disease, but mostly hit stuff with swords, and daemonettes do most of their seducing and pleasure peddling at the pre- and post- game, battle-time is for pinching)


Horrors are Psykers in tabletop. They were hilariously random unit in FB and 7th ed 40k: they were awful fighters on their own and not shooters, but learned one random spell - which could be either smth useless, or freaking Doombolt which could oneshot *tanks*. In later editions they are weak psykers with limited abilities, but got promoted to proper shooters.


That’s my point though. Each grunt of each god seems to have a passive power granted by their god (rage, disease, seduction)


> seems to have a passive power granted by their god So do these though, in a very literal sense. Magically imbued and if they are killed they change into different versions. (Whether that'll happen in TWW3 remains to be seen, but they do in the lore/tabletop)


>Don’t seem particularly knowledgeable, sneaky, or plot-ty. Tzeentch is the God of Change, those things are all under his purview theme wise, but he isn't *limited* to that. Why does everything that serves him have to be sneaky or plot-y? His Servants can take as many forms as they well please. The weird impression that Tzeentch guys all have to be weak looking schemers in robes, or be sneaky guys is not really a thing in reality. The Lords of Change are giant muscular birds that can wreck things as easily in melee as any monstrosity. The mortal servants of Tzeentch are all still geared in heavy metal, or take various other forms than just the shriveled wizard archetype. If we're talking 40k stuff, just look at the Thousand Sons and their implacable Rubrics or Scarab Occults that are the complete opposite of the fragile booky looks. The Horrors of Tzeentch are just one aspect of his domain. The Pink Horrors are joyful boucing monsters that split into two depressing balls of Blue Horrors, which (as of Aos) later split into Four awful Brimtstone Horrors. They represent one form of change, and as his lesser Daemons they do the grunt work well for him. Plus they can do thinking. The Heralds of Tzeentch are just more leadership geared Pink Horrors for the most part. Shoudn't judge too much off a couple of seconds sizzle reel.


Adding to this, though it’s not really playable anyone, in the warhammer online mmorpg, the chaos faction were tzeentch aligned. So you had your spell caster boys in the magus(who looked pretty armored and also never walked anywhere) and zealot in feathered robes cultist looking, but you also had marauders going pretty much barechested into battle and chosen who were all plate wearing. And for all the faults of the game, the look of many of the classes seemed on point


Isn't there now a private server for Age of Reckoning? I think it was called Return of Reckoning or something like that.


There is but I still see fundamental problems with game design choices(was a daoc player). I do think I saw they completed the greenskin and dwarves capital cities though


>The Lords of Change are giant muscular birds They used to look quite frail, but it was kinda a ruse: they just prefered to look like weak hollow-boned birbs just to fool heroes to forget that it's a freaking Greater Daemon opposing them, which has adamant tough skin and claws that can tear armor as easily as butter. New Lord of Change model looks majestic and is a pure furry material, but this is general direction of GW making Tzeentch less weird and more majestic and ornate (like, look on Aspiring Sorcs or Horrors - old Horrors look really disturbing and not cute at all).


In the lore/tabletop, killing a Pink Horror makes it split into two Blue Horrors. In Age of Sigmar, killing a Blue Horror makes it too split into two Burning Horrors (smaller living flames). Less "agents of change", more "striking them down makes them change."


Horrors embody change in its most fundamental form - in chaos, randomness and mutation. They're also imbued with enough of Tzeentch's sorcerous power to cast spells. The plotting and scheming is done by high-ranking daemons. These guys are foot soldiers meant to fill the ranks of his armies. A mastermind does not need his pawns to think for him, so most of Tzeentch's lesser daemons are unintelligent by design. Tzeentch actually isn't all that subtle when it comes to battle. His armies have so much raw sorcerous power that the battle usually comes down to them obliterating the enemy in multi-colored sorcerous fire. The horrors are fodder meant to keep the enemy busy and throw a few fireballs while the spellcasters do their work.


Tzeentch is also straight up the God of Mutation, out of all the Chaos Gods Khorne and Nurgle are the most “straight forward” relatively speaking. Tzeentch and Slaanesh occupy a sort of Lovecraftian existence in the corners of the Chaos pantheon as their followers are some of the strangest to take shape. Tzeentch loves contradiction right? Everything about these guys are a contradiction. They’re lovable little monsters full of tricks and schemes and minor plots, they’re michevious and well… chaotic.


I can't hear the sound they make and not think of Rabbids. Now I'm imagining a Rabbids crossover...


Shame that mods cannot contain other intellectual property


The real shame is that prevents us from getting a Shrek mod for the ogres.


in a world of ripped vikings, ratmen, lizardmen, angry fungi, undead, undead with guns, and ripped vikings with 5 eyes, 3 teeth, 7 horns, and 2 buttholes I’d still rather wake up to any of them sitting in my room than even see one of these “dudes” staring at me from across the supermarket. imagine you grab the last cheese danish and this dude just hucks a ball of magic at you.


and then you become a mass of writhing tentacles which transforms in a wheel of legs who then become a singular finger that screams


But is the cheese danish ok?


Unharmed on the floor beside your shrieking ever changing body. The Pink Horror then picks it up and swallows it whole.


..old testament angels, is that you?


maybe they were a primitive interpretation of a spaceship or helicopter(4 wings a.k.a. 4 helicopter blades) but who knows


Nah, I already promised to be too angry for magic to work on me


Ratmen? Absurd!


news this early means we're getting more later But roster reveal was already confirmed for today. I wonder if they just filmed a lot of the Spotlights and than realised people don't like them so they put them out ASAP


It's a shame, really. I really enjoyed the previous unit spotlights. the Mournguls, Cylostra, the Doomflayers, the Poison Winds Mortars, hell even the War Wagons looked cool in these. The music was cooler, the animations were rythmic, it basically told us everything we needed to know without needing 3 seconds frames of smoke text, and in a cool cinematic way. Now it's jus\[COOL NEW UNIT\]t impossible to ev\[UNIT THAT KILL STUFF\]en understa\[DESTROY YOUR ENEMY\]nd what we're wat\[KILL THEM ALL\]ching.


The previous unit spotlights were great, I watched most of them way after DLCs were avaiable and they were still interesting. The new spotlights offer nothing but "hype" but most people just get annoyed by them at this point. Tho I like "death is like a winter's chill" music in the new ones


I think everyone agrees old format of unit spotlights were far better.


I say this on every video but they're not "the old format", they're a different format. The "Introducing..." videos will probably show up closer to launch like they did last time. They used them with The Silence & The Fury a few months ago. These are just a preview style video for the likes of Instagram and Twitter, where people don't even have sound 90% of the time. The people here aren't the target audience. It's basically like when a game or film releases a few screenshots or cast photos. It's just a teaser to keep the topic in our heads and keep us chatting about it. I'm sure we'll see the "Introducing..." videos in the buildup to release.


The crazy thing is that we got the fucking awful Kislev/Khorne ones, then went back to normal excellent WH2-quality for the Jabberslythe and Troglodon, and then went back again to WH3’s style. Like presumably the team/outsourced company making these for WH2 & 3 are different but I just cannot fathom the point of these tiny smoky dribbles - at least give each faction 1 of the high-quality ones for their centrepiece monster.


this sub needs to get past the idea that all this marketing is designed specifically to satisfy their desire for news. *Some* of it is for the diehards yes but stuff like this is also designed to build a library of content for casuals and keep TWW3 boosted in social media algorithms/feeds.


The question is though, do they split into 2 blue horrors when wounded?


That’s the million dollar question


You would think if they did it would show up in the unit spotlight? You know unless the the black smoke completely obscured the .5 seconds they used to show it.


Kinda given up those hopes. Maaaybe its locked behind some tech in campaign. But if they could do it I'd feel they'd show it off proudly.


Same boat. I'm actually having a hard time imagining how that could work in TW environment without seeming janky.


Best I can imagine is something similar to the Phoenix resurrection chance or the Necrofex's spawn deckhands effect. Maybe with taking some damage ie. losing half the remaining models


It’s all on the Hell-Pit Abomination to me. When it’s low health, it can gain a lot of health, or instantly die. When it dies, it spawns a unit of Skavenslave spears. Surely “at 5-10% health, unit dies and spawns two blue horrors” is possible under the same system?


> Surely “at 5-10% health, unit dies and spawns two blue horrors” is possible under the same system? I can see that being a thing, but that might be a bit broken gameplay wise. Say you have a 19 stack of Pink Horrors, that essentially that essentially gives you an additional 38 units in your army at one time. Sure it would likely be under the usual rules of summoned units. But it does feel like it would be kind of bonkers to do that.


Yeah but what if blue horrors were utter trash, like sub-Bretonnian peasant trash.


This is the reason I don’t think they do it. This + performance limitations that is.


[Mods have managed it](https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2587070664&searchtext=). It wasn't too bad from what I remember, and it was a nice little bonus. Obviously a different level of quality expected between mods and the actual game though, in theory.


Oh god those models are horrifying haha.


Definitely wouldn't happen on a per-model basis. Maybe when the entire unit dies or drops below X% hp it'll spawn a new unit.


It's already in the game with the Phoenix, or the Hell-Pit Abomination, the way it'd work is if your unit dies while it has a high enough morale, it'd summon two Blue Horrors, which would decay like all summons, and the morale clause would be to balance the effect since daemons wouldn't flee and would always die.


My guess would be the route of “spawn a unit of blue horror on half health or death”, if CA ever decide to implement it, because otherwise they would have showed it already.


So in 8th Edition, which TWW is based off, Pink Horrors didn't actually split into Blue Horrors in a permanent way. They instead had an ability that caused additional attacks on one enemy they were in combat with equal to twice the number of Pink Horrors killed in that combat round. It mimiced the narrative of "Pink Horror dies and splits into two Blue Horrors that attack the nearest enemy", without requiring you to have a bucket of Blue Horror miniatures. (It's then handwaved as Blue Horrors being sullen and bad-tempered, and any that survive the round wander off out of unit cohesion in search of better entertainment rather than sticking around). I can see Pink Horrors in game having the same kind of ability, causing automatic damage to nearby enemies for each entity they lose.


TWW has already used a bunch of stuff that appeared in previous editions only, including things that have been specifically claimed to no longer be in use at all like the War Wagons. So they've never purely stuck to 8th. Also people didn't like them losing the ability back in 8th anyway so no need to make that same mistake again.


It's more the fact that one of these things is an nightmare to animate and balance while another is a quick and easy solution that already has precedence in TT rules. I'd prefer a nod to Blue Horrors through a unit ability rather than them being absent altogether, and it doesn't currently look like the Pink Horrors are actually able to split since that sort of thing would be the highlight of a video like this. Also speak for yourself, I liked the implementation in 8th as it meant I didn't have to drop an extra £200 on buying twice as many Horrors as I actually needed just so I could convert half of them to Blues. It's probably the one consumer-friendly choice GW made that edition.


> Also speak for yourself I didn't say 'all people' I just said 'people'. Some people as yourself liked it for the cost saving aspect, while others like I mentioned were annoying about pinks losing their thing.


Yup. What I’m waiting to see. Best I can hope for is blue horrors getting their own showcase.


yeah, i was going in thinking "oh good I'll find out one way or another about how they're handling blue horrors" nope, now look at some smoke


They probably went the lazy route and just made them different units. This would have added so much flavor, but CA seems to be going for quantity over quality for game 3. **This is understandable as the scope of the units to add is massive**, but I have to ask, what's the point of having a billion different units if they all feel and act the same? Having a few unique units with cool mechanics you need to learn would make the game better than just having a bunch of simple units that all do the same thing (melee or shoot, then die).


I hate people like you who call developers lazy, when they're already working really hard to make such a big game.


You didn't read the full comment. I'm not arguing for them to pour more resources on the project. I'm debating whether resources are being spent in the way that makes for the best game.


And you didn't read my comment, I didn't comment on how they should spend their resources. I said I hate when ignorant people who don't know anything about actual game development call gave developers lazy.


Such blatant fanboism, pretty cringe to look at. And this corporate bootlicking is what locals upvote? I'm very disappointed.


Also, cringe? What are you 12?!


This has nothing to do with "fanboyism" or "corporate bootlicking". It's about people not understanding the amount of work and effort that goes into the game, and that sometimes means that developers have to sacrifice certain things to ensure they get the game made on time and on budget. I'm sure the people at CA would have loved to make more detailed and unique models for every unit in the game, but that's not realistic.


Now that's a huge amount of copium, mate. No wonder, it's hard to ignore multiple already existing examples of splitting units that shows how little CA need to do in order to make it work with pink horrors whose splitting is their entire gimmik (really, it's like making dwarvish battering ram looks like a steam tank without bothering to make an actual unit... oh wait). If corporation cheaps out even on such important parts of the unit identity - no wonder they failed siege rework that badly. "Have to sacrifice", "made on budget", now that's a good fanboish terms for a half-baked product. All to reinforce your faith in your favorite corporation, good job. Faith that they indeed care about making the best they can and not trying to feed as little as they can to their playerbase without backlash in order to maximize profit. Because sure, they never cheaped out on anything and did not shat on the playerbase in order to make more money (oh hi 3K). But I didn't came here to have a pointless argument with a military-grade cringe fanboy about his object of obsession, so sorry if all that sounded like an invitation to a conversation. Nothing you may think matters, so I wish you a good day, boy.


And I'm not gonna waste my time on someone using idiotic phrases like "copium". You call me boy to diminish me but you use the vocabulary of someone who uses their moms credit card to buy Fortnite skins.


And I didn't say they were lazy. I said they went the lazy route. Those are two different things. One implies the devs are not putting in work, the other that they aren't putting in work in this specific area. I know how game development works, this just isn't a case of resources missing, it's a deliberate choice of designing the game a certain way. We still don't know if this has been scrapped completely either. My current guess is that they are keeping this mechanic locked to the regiment of renown version of the unit. That would be a cool use of this.


unlikely, i don't think there has ever been a unit in the game with multiple DIFFERENT entities in it. Far more likely they will spawn a separate unit of Blues once they go below 20% unit numbers or something.


Not to beat a dead horse, but yeah, I could see it looking like the model getting to 10% health, insta-dying, and spawning a blue horror unit. My wager is it's functional, but not a pretty transition.. so they don't want to spotlight it. **Edit:** guess not.. https://www.reddit.com/r/totalwar/comments/qgzfrz/it_should_be_obvious_to_everyone_but_so_that_no/


We have the tech to spawn things when something dies, as seen with the hell pit abomination spawning rats. I don't see why CA wouldn't use that same system for pink/blue horrors unless they couldn't figure out how to get 2 kind of units to spawn inside the same container as to not overly bloat your army window every time a pink horror dies. Alternatively when they die they could just create a 'blue horror' explosion around them that deals damage and disappears.


Cant really see a mechanic that makes sense for Total War to implement it tbh. For it to be correct every Model would have to be replaced while the unit is still alive, which effectively would spawn in a new unit in your army which then gets filled up depending on how much damage the other unit takes. I doubt that their code could handle this or it to be worth the hassle to implement it properly.


They are so adorable, I want a pet pink horror


They look so cute. I want to pet them.


If they make a special edition that comes with a pink horror stuffie I would definitely get it.


I hope the Naruto run makes them run faster


At 0:11 He's so happy because he knows he's gonna be the next Hokage, believe it!


Just as planned


Still not a fan of the smoke stuff, but i love these little guys.


I don't understand. When you go to the movies do you not slowly wave your hand in-front of your eyes to make transitions between the action? I thought that was the norm.


They have those huge ass maws, yet they attack with piddly Costco knives


I think one of them bit a guy in this spotlight. Looks like to do both?


Which millisecond was that? I couldn't catch that in the fever dream/hype reel


I believe it is at 0:23 or so. A horror stabs a guy, another bites a guy, then another stab


And he bites the guys ass no less!


Just as planned


The maw is a distraction, then you get the stabby.


The mouths are a distraction so they can stab the enemy in the back.


In their defense there are a lot of things in the Warhammer universe that I wouldn't want to bite. Taking a bite out of a zombie pirate would probably be a very unpleasant experience.




When a goblin really loves his Squid, this is the result.


*I gottz me prodder*


Maybe it's because I have no tabletop background, but all I can see when I look at these is the massive potential for minion mods... ![gif](giphy|gzMzeLJmd44WQ)


I knew these goddamn things were of Chaos origin


Wait until you see Nurglings...


These little bastards give me so much hope for nurglings.


I would relish the chance to arrange a firing squad to execute a retardation of minions.


Ngl they be kinda cute


Well these unit spotlights are not really unit spotlights but the horros look amazing.


0:21 he chews the bum-bum


The new variant of squigs is looking good


Oh my god pinky demons!!


At some point in the future you just know Okoii is going to do a video with a buffed up doomstack of these little buggers and I am ready.


I know everyone shits on these videos, but after watching it I still have no idea what these guys do? "Drown your foes in spellfire" OK does that mean they come with bound spells, or do they have a magical ranged attack? The video then shows them in melee, so are they a hybrid melee-ranged unit? Then there's the whole blue horror question. I presume we'll find out in the next day or two with the roster release, but I don't quite see the point of these videos.


They'll be like chameleon stalkers, probably a limited "ammo" that they use as shock damage before melee


Hopefully they'll be more like Free Company, where they are fully dual purpose, rather than Stalkers that are really just melee units with precursors.


there's supposed to be some kind of magic overhaul coming, so grain of salt, but I'd be shocked if they had a bound spell - likely just neat little magic missile infantry.


From what I understand, basically all/most Tzeentch units on the table top were spell casters. It would be like if each unit had spells in the bottom right hand of the screen in Total War. Instead of that, it looks like these will work like chameleon stalkers or hybrid infantry as others have stated here. Also one pick horror is supposed to split into two blue horrors when they die - still no word on if that is going to be in the game though.


Are pink horrors meant to be ungor-like expendable chaff or gor-like mid tier infantry?


I think mid tier sounds right


Blue Horrors - available at base building. Pink Horrors - tier 1 or tier 2 barracks (or Khorne equivalent of Barracks, PILE OF BLOODY SKULLS for instance), Exalted Pink Horrors - tier 3.


They are tarpits. All Daemons are unbreakable similar to undead, so Horrors are mainly used to fix the enemy in place while your Flamers and wizards use magic to nuke them from orbit. In terms of their actual fighting ability, it's not great, not terrible. The pink horrors will probably be a bit stronger, the blue ones closer to cannon fodder but still better than true "chaff" like zombies and skavenslaves.


I'm not well versed in the lore but from a gameplay standpoint I hope they are low tier chaff. Especially if they have their mechanic of splitting into 2 blue horrors.


If we assume Blue Horrors are tier 1, then Pink Horrors might be tier 2. While unknown about their existence, the assumption would further be Exalted Blue Horrors tier 3 and [Exalted Pink Horrors](https://us.v-cdn.net/5022456/uploads/editor/vt/nnz9xxuojzhp.png) probably tier 4. And the split mechanic is probably non existent, due to the different tier stages and there for multiple units. Which we also saw as different [in this screenshot pretty early](https://us.v-cdn.net/5022456/uploads/editor/wf/m4shoskfubl7.png). But when the roster reveal comes today, we will know for sure.


On the tabletop because they split into Blues on death *and* have the 6+ ward save, they're a fantastic tar pit, who also can output decent damage due to weight of numbers and the realities of rolling d6s giving you a 1 in 6 chance to fail any save no matter what. In AoS, where you have specific god factions, Pinks are the basic units taken, though I beleive they are more expensive than the Acolytes and Marauder mortal units. Those two units don't seem to be in Warhammer 3 though. I'd imagine in game they'll be a tier 2 unit, with Blues as a separate Tier 1 unit. Or they'll be Tier 3 and Tier 2 respectively, depending on where the Forsaken troops sit. Their power will come from weight of numbers, and the ability to be both skirmishers and melee blobs.


They are Tzeentch's 'standard' Daemons, equivalent to Bloodletters etc. Definitely mid-tier. They weren't quite as tough as a Bloodletter, but they had spells (the larger the unit, the more spells you got) and would split into two Blue Horrors whenever you killed one.


I know it’s been said before but these videos feels made for people with severe attention span issues.


They're teasers meant to keep interest flowing throughout the marketing period. The only problem with them is using the word "spotlight", but even then that's just a marketing term without any standard definition.


Judging from the number of nerdrage threads on Reddit and the TWforums it seems that they have the impression this is what the userbase is comprised of.


​ ![gif](giphy|LW0bpr12KBVEQ)


14 seconds out of 41 is grey smoke lol


"The air was filled with smoke and blood"




Love the design of these, but if CA ever want to make a custom daemon unit it would be cool if they used the old horror design for it, as the they looked great as well and so characteristic to tzeentch


Aren't they supposed to be bigger than that and also subdivise into blue horrors when dying ? I'd be a bit disappointed if they don't :/ I imagined more like a 20 units size, becoming little by little 40 blue horror and finally the little ones (forgot the name).


Horrors vs nurglings battles will be hilarious.


This is the ideal m̷̧̧̨̨̛̖͕͔̦̘̙̻̤͙̗̱͙̙̦̰͔͔̼̠̻̱̉̔̇̾͒̉͗̐̎͂͛̓̈́͛͗̈́̈͌͗́̏̔͒̑́͌̈́̌̌̿̓̂̊̉̾̒̑̓̑̓̕̕͘̕͘͜͠͝ͅą̵̦̩͍̰̹̖̬̥͎͑̈͐͑͂̋̾̈́͌̏͛̅̌͘͘͜͝ͅͅl̷̨̛͈̖̘̗͚̼͎̝̱͉͎̬͔̘̰̼͋̂̆͐͋̏̏̆̊̓̏̿̇̿̔̒͆̏̌̅̀͊̾́͘̚͜͝͠͝͝ę̶̧̧̧̛̮͈̩̣̻̗̱̤͎̖̝͙̮̺̤̟̯̩̲̩͉͕̞̭͙̙̣̣͚̠̺͎̈́̈́̈́̐͛̋̉̓̋̀̇͗̋̈́̅͘͠ͅͅ body. You may not like it, but this is what peak Ć̸̡̢̳͕̭̭͇̖͓̰͈͖̱̖̮̺̥̖͕̮̙̰̣̗̟̗̲̣̻̜̦̯̥̺̱͕̋̉͗̔̾̅͐͛̈̈́͆̎̉͛̂͜͜͝H̵̢̧̛̭̭͕̞̗̩̮̙͖̹̳̗͚̥̜̟͙̟͓͉̖̤͕͈̖̱̥̖̘̱̲̫̹̼͇͉͙͈͓̦̑̓̏̓̏̑̈́̆́͌̃̅̑̑͌̊͒̂̇͐̋͒̆͆̀̿̿͒͋̑̽̈́̕͘̕̕̕̕͜͝Ą̶̨̢̡̛̥̱͙͕̙̥̙̺̹̝͇̫͙̙͖̘̙̼̗̩͖͎̘̠̖̦͈̤̥͔̬̲̭̺̪̩̳̻͒̈́̆̀̋̊͗̓̄͛̋͗̐̐͂͜͜͝͝͝͝͠ͅƠ̵̡̞͕̭̭̠̣͙̩̗͖͍͓͕̥͎̙̜͍̏͑͆̒̀̅̋̀̈́͐̋̌̓̚̕͜͝Ş̴̨̧̧͔̣̜͚̤̯̯̖͎̫̞͎̙̲̹͖̹͔͉̠̰̰̙͕͙̝̞̬͖̞͓͙̝͍̪̤̼͇̥̗͇̄̈́̈́͗̓̈́́̀͐̄͑̂̈́̈́̄͐́̄̔́̓̊̇̀͒́͒̈̈͂͑̀̄̃̃͂̀̚̚̕̕͘̚̕͜͜͝͠looks like


Horrors are pink, horrors are blue, where there was one, now there are two!


They look so good and have tons of personality. I never thought I'd be such a Pink Horror/Tzeentch fan but these reveals are.... changing my ways


Did a child design these? Looks so cartoony.


Yeah almost like they they need to make stuff look like the stuff from the universe they are licensed to use.


I'm not trashtalking CA, I'm trashtalking GW.


Please carry on then. My apologies


I mean, have you seen Squigs?


These things remind me rabid chihuahuas




The in game graphics look amazing


I want one


I just wish they would show what happens if you kill them. They HAVE to turn into Blue Horrors.


little knee stabbing fuckers


Anybody else slightly disappointed that they don't actually look like the tapletop models so much ? I feel they should be a bit more ... tentacle-y.


You mean like the higher tier [Exalted Pink Horrors](https://us.v-cdn.net/5022456/uploads/editor/vt/nnz9xxuojzhp.png)?


Kirby stop!


Can anyone be sure what is the will of Tzeentch??


It looks like towards the end two Horrors do a sync kill together (unless it’s just cut to look that way)


so khorne it is


Not splitting into blues?


They're kinda cute tbh. The voiceover-less smoke style of trailer continues to suck though.


I want to hug one.


Ooo, now I know what we need for valentine 2022!


TWWH3 is going to be weird af. Love it


Shout out to the editor for getting the screams to harmonize with the music from 0:04 to 0:08. Getting some Vampire Coast [gun to drum sync vibes](https://youtu.be/UHh1TxryWlw?t=126).