I can't see what is happening at that end or what is this machine about?


Looks like it's just banding together the white thing which looks like a towel of some sort


That seems awfully complicated and slow.


Looks like it’s as fast as it needs to be. Doesn’t look like there is another sheet or w/e waiting for a band so this is probably the most cost effective solution that can keep pace. It’s actually quite simple. The bands are in a sorting drum. It vibrates and the bands self align and work their way up the ramp. The ramp is designed to reject improperly oriented bands. Then there’s a sensor to confirm the band is in the right position and then the grabbing arms with just be blindly following a timed routine provided the sensor gives the okay.


No, it's not either. It's the right speed for the upstream processes apparently. Any faster isn't necessary. It's not complex either. I do worry about the position of the rubber band tho in case it's twisted or misshapen at all. It'll miss


Also, how does it pick just one if they're clumped. I'd be surprised if that spiral platter separates them.


OH yeah, I didn't think about that. I'm guessing there is some anti stick applied to them or it doesn't matter if two are applied


It's quite a difficult problem to solve in my mind. I'm struggling to think of a good separation mechanism. Unless done with optics and then a failsafe width max in its pinch incase it needs to drop and attempt again. Looks like it has plenty of time


"Oh God"


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Hm? Isn’t it a Rick and Morty reference in response to the title?


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It’s a Rick and morty quote. Rick is at the breakfast table messing with parts. He builds a robot that’s entire purpose is to pass the butter. The robot is sentient and when it asks it’s purpose it holds its head and says “oh god” Edit: “oh my god”


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Pretty sure it says "oh my god" Edit: yeah https://youtu.be/3ht-ZyJOV2k?t=20s


Neither have I, I’ve just seen the meme a lot


I can't stress enough how tedious nightmare it is to design automated equipment for plastic and rubber parts and assembly lines. Especially if the parts aren't optimized for the process. Part presence detection sensors and cameras are super expensive and require constant calibration - especially for low contrast parts in sub optimal light conditions. Manipulation and location repeatability are just at difficult, especially if you have low cycle times. I was once tasked to investigate and develop a process for a +90% automated assembly line for a car HVAC distribution system - after 3 months it became apparent it wouldn't make sense financially as it would have cost 4.5mil euro minimum. Many fun engineering challanges though!


I agree. I saw the rubber and got a little nervous about the flexibility/variability. The feeder bowl seems to work well tho.


Indeed, must have taken a hell of a lot of tweaking to get this process running consistently. I can taste the blood sweat and lubrication that went into this.


How did you get in to this industry? I'm a mechanical design engineer and I've always thought automation design would be super satisfying.


A PLC specialist friend got me into a small automation company, ground my teeth doing projects for BMW etc. With the current manpower vacuum in the manufacturing sector, you can't go wrong working in automation - But you already know that. If you want exposure to the latest cutting edge tech and amazing experience, automotive is where its at IMO. If you were from South Africa I could help you out, other than that I'd say target any company working with a large auto OEM. Im familiar with european companies such as FFT Edag, VDL, Mondragon, Rockwell etc.) Im sure you'll find something close to you. Im also you understand its brutally difficult to articulate what exactly we do so I recommend having a highly detailed portfolio of your work handy - been amazingly effective to draw attention during work applications. If possible, look for positions in Body Shop (BIW) line building as this is where most of the fun is. Multi sequence tools, tight tolerances and crazy process requirements. (Also will get an idea why I say Tesla Body Shop is badly designed) Being a mech des-eng myself, I can say your on the right track already. ;)


It must take about a month to fill just one package of rubber bands.


+1 for title


Oh my god


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The goatsee machine?