It's to yank you away if you get electrocuted?




6 years at a utility and now an EE that also goes in the field for outages etc, have also never seen a yeet stick


We have probably the same yet stick (rescue hook) for working on hybrid/electric vehicles in the body shop.


Hybrid tech here- yeet hook is in the tool set, most guys just keep a long 2x4 near them to be smacked with


Was also taught to use an air hose and loop it around them


In the super early days of hybrids, I was told the 2x4 was a requirement.


Looking to but a hybrid car – opinions on newish Toyota’s? What are some things to look out for in a hybrid? Prolly buying used!


What kind of suit it he wearing? I’m assuming it’s to protect from high temperature?




Thanks. Did some research as well. My understanding is that the blast pressure alone will cause deadly internal injuries. Best practice is to use a remote switch if you're concerned about an arc flash or arc blast




Crikey. Yeah my neighbor is an electrician and was my source of info. He said there are some disturbing YouTube videos out there I was interested. No thanks


I assume it’s metal weave and will allow electricity to easily flow through the shell rather than the person inside.


Electrical shock actually


I thought it was a repurposed hot stick at first- never seen this before. Work with high voltage daily in an under ground coal mine.


I'm in the same boat as you. Have seen most of the PPE, hot gloves, flash blankets, FR clothing, hot sticks, "shotgun" but never a stick connected to a belt on someone to pull them away incase of arc flash. It probably is a good idea.


In low voltage switching, the fibreglass hook is to pull you away before you get electrocuted. In high voltage switching like this, electrocution is the least of your worries; the stick would be to ideally pull you away from the arc flash before they have to vacuum up the pile of ash you’ll become


I'm assuming so. I googled "high voltage pull stick" and a similar looking product came up: [https://www.powerandcables.com/product/product-category/catu-cm-45/](https://www.powerandcables.com/product/product-category/catu-cm-45/)


It's known as a Rescue Pole or a Shepherd's Hook at least in UK and Ireland. Becoming more common now as you should have one when working on EV battery packs. edit: As explained by Edd China https://youtu.be/WHCRweBtZRk?t=766


"It might not save your life but it will stop the horrible smells".


Goddamn I love Edd China.


And a rubber suit to make sure the ashes won't scatter all around when you pull them away from the precious equipment.


It would be so much easier if you could just pull the lever mid-air. In reality though if you make sure you're not grounded at any point, theoratically it's an open circuit (no current). See the rubber surface he's standing on on the second clip.


You know how electricity can sometimes cross the air? Most famously in lightning? Well that bolt is way hotter than the sun and can violently vaporize the metal conductors (and everything else!) in a big switch like that. Reminder: "vaporize" means a change of state from liquid to a gas. We're talking enough violence you don't get to see the liquid state. It just blows up in your face. Anyway, not being grounded doesn't save you from an arc blast explosion. The guy with the stick is insufficiently suited for the task at that distance.


it is for recovery in an arc flash event, to pull the operator out of the fireball if the circuit fails to open. this operators risk of electrocution is pretty well zero. if you want some nightmares look up arch flash videos.


Yup. This is the right answer. He/she is also wearing an arc flash suit. To clarify, in an arc flash the circuit should automatically open to stop the arc. The hook is for if it doesn’t.


Yes it doesn’t take a lot of amps before you are unable to let go of whatever is shocking you. So you have one of these non-conductive sticks to yank someone outta there. Also those look to be 40 calorie suits they are made to help you survive big booms. Even with the suit on if something blows up, you’re going to have a very bad day. Source: I’m an Electricians apprentice


High voltage equipment fails and when it does it creates an arc flash. This arc flash has a lot of energy which causes flash burns. That’s what the suit protects against. The mat the operator is standing on isolates the operator from being a path to ground.


Being electrocuted makes your muscles tense up and your grip tighten. If by some chance you're still conscious you might not be able to let go. The guy with the pole is more likely going to pull his colleague away if anything happens. Even then, it also doubles up peoples opportunity to react. Maybe the pole guy can react quicker than the other person, or has a better view..


you tense up and grab harder when it happens


From my understanding, this is a stick they'd use to pull the operator away in case of electrocution, as the muscles contract when you're electrocuted, meaning in some circumstances you just can't let go.


My cousin is the nurse, she had an older guy in the hospital. Completely tore both his shoulder muscles from being electrocuted. His back muscles tensed up so much that they literally ripped both his shoulders apart.


This makes the most sense


Yoink stick. Because the user is pulling toward themselves.


Always nice when an industry professional joins the conversation to teach us the correct terminology. Much appreciated!


Why can’t the attach a rope and pull that or like some robot arm that does it for you? Surely something simple to pull the switch rather than risk a human life every time?


Because pulling the lever was just the final part of the dangerous work. You can't fix a breaker that has welded itself shut with a rope, for example. You have to get in there with your hands and tools. In the clips above they have already completed the more dangerous and complicated part of the work and are doing the final, safest step.


To be fair, flipping a switch that reconnects three phases at something like 10,000 volts is also quite dangerous


Yes. but since he already had to do the more dangerous work by hand, flipping the switch while he is there is not a problem.


But it would still reduce the overall risk, wouldn't it?


Yes, not doing something risky is always safer than doing it.


Money.... humans are cheaper then tools to a corporation.


To other humans. Corporations are legal entities, not living organisms, don't anthropomorphize them.


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I wear the bee keeper suit at work too. Basically we figure it’s an open or closed casket difference for us. I’ve never seen this “yet stick” though. Great idea.


It seems like a chicken switch would be the way to go


And the honorable job of 'hook man'! First time I saw it was on a crew working on a BEV battery pack. Operations that require hand tools intervention with all cells connected and exposed conduits all require a hook man. Rules say you don't have him, you don't work.


Yoink Stick


The part that makes 0 sense to me is the lack of arc flash gear on the dude with the yank stick. I mean in the event of an arc fault, the guy on the far end of the stick will be in more danger than the guy in the bomb suit imo.


If it was needed, it would be too late.


It's called a hotstick


Actually it’s a rescue hook. A hot stick is used to work on high voltage connections from a safe distance.


So incredibly dangerous, but this reminds me of an experience I had in high school. I was in drama club and was working on the light crew for the fall play. The night of dress rehearsal the light board blew up. Like, sparks and flames blew up. But as you know, the show must go on. I did the lights for that show directly from the circuit breakers backstage listening for audio cues and flipping whole sets of breakers on and off together with modified wooden rulers. Our drama director stationed another person up there with me holding a t 2x4 with instructions to knock me away if I was electrocuted. Ah, to be young again...


…why can’t they pull the lever with a robot?


Same deal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjGMfM4zUuM


This is actually a yoink stick


Oh that stick will do is give your family something to bury You’ll be burnt to a crisp


Odd they have one to operate a GOAB..


Yoink stick. Yeet moves away, yoink moves towards. Same speed tho.