That's pretty appealing 🤣 (I'll show myself out)


I yam very disappointed in you


This machine peels vegetables "And then what?" Idk drops them ig


Engineer: [eats a chip] not my assignment, not my problem.


Task: Make a peeler machine ✔️


That's super slow, hopefully it's just in demo mode


Build a faster one


Can the peelers peel on the way down?


Poor design. It should peel on the upstroke and the downstroke reducing peel time by 50%.




Sweet potato fries comes to mind. Freeze-dried mashed potatoes don't have skins. I'm sure there are a ton of uses.


Potatoes in mass production are chemically peeled.


Even if it is a little bit slower than a experienced human peeler, it doesn't need breaks, it doesn't call in sick, it can't hurt itself, it doesn't talk shit causing problems for HR. As long as it costs less than about $300,000, it is a no-brainer. Covid and the subsequent labor crunch have pushed automation into high gear. Many automation project that before weren't done because the ROI was too long suddenly make financial sense. By the time a lot of thee people are ready to rejoin the workforce, many of their old jobs will be gone. At my plant we have replaced about 10% of our hourly jobs with automation in the last 2 years. Nobody lost their job to machines, they took vacant jobs we've not been able to staff regularly.


I am a human who can use a peeler and I absolutely would buy this for my kitchen. I hate peeling potatoes.


It peels it so precisely and mechanically then drops it like a hot potato.


Question. Is there a handheld version of that peeling action?


Oddly sexy




You could feed a whole African village with what was left on that peel!




It’s pretty slow, no?


I don’t know what I was expecting. But hats off for low waste unlike baby carrot peelers


The blades not being bidirectional ruins the party for me. All right all right here’s my upvote anyway


Nixon would be proud


I expected a lot more waste but there wasn’t any have to say I’m impressed


Pro tip don't try and put a bunch of sweet potato peels in your garbage disposal or you'll be in for a bad time. Pro tip number two. If you clog your garbage disposal with sweet potato peels you can use vinegar and baking soda to fix it.


This is the way they teach moms how to peel potatoes.


.. Put your cock in it


Need one with brushes for the shower. Just stick ya arms up and push a button. Boom instant wash


Pretty inefficient....why not peel going down also?


If someone touched me like that I could climax in 10 minutes :(


How I undress my lover


What I wouldn't have given for that when I was on KP duty.


Anyone who has peeled more than one potato in their life can do it faster than that.


great now kitchen personnel are out of jobs too


Welcome it. The sooner we allow bots to do more the sooner we’ll live in abundance with everyone’s needs met - imagine food grown and delivered with almost no human interaction. DOT workers no longer being struck by cars while fixing potholes and roads. Humans can and will be valuable for creative, training and repair purposes. What’s your thoughts robots washing your clothes, dishes, sewers? Wouldn’t it be better if they would fold them and put them away too? Waymo has driverless taxis in Phoenix and San Francisco. It’s here. Time to adapt and stop being exploited by the rich.


You'd need to stop people at top's greed first. If it was "hey, we automate everything then use that to pay people basic income that is enough to live decently and allow people to pursue their interests without being forced to work shit jobs just because their interests have little market value", sure. But in world we're currently living any savings from the automation mostly go into increasing the profit margins of the corporate overlords, and any benefits for the random citizen are much smaller. I mean **I** don't worry because I'm lucky enough that stuff I like to do and I'm good at have market value but people doing let's say "common" jobs are absolutely being screwed.


Absolutely not. It would not be better if robots did all those things. You can have them, and keep that shit far away from me. No way in hell will I ever get into a driverless taxi to start with. I’ll grow the majority of my own food and cook it myself, thank you very much. I’ll do my own laundry as well. Under no circumstances will an Alexa or something similar ever be allowed in my home. I tried an old Roomba for a minute, but it did not work out very well. You think that robots are going to free us? For fucks sake, since robots have become more common in everyday life, our lives have become incredibly more complicated. Robots can be incredibly useful, but what you are talking about is just sheer laziness. If that’s your idea of being free, I honestly feel sorry for you.


I’ll spend my time enjoying interests instead of daily tasks. I’m not lazy my friend I work 80 hours a week, 2 separate full time jobs. There’s always considerations to be made like Amazon buying the robot vac to case your home similar to ring doorbells and Alexa/google assistant…..but it won’t all be like that. I’m not forcing the idea on anyone - just the choice of. And with automation will likely come universal basic income because, like I said, I think we’ll be living in a world of abundance.


I'm fully with you, automation is the next rational step for a species looking to further evolve and reinvest its time in creative and abstract endeavors, without having to worry about satisfying your basic needs first. The other guy most likely misunderstood as if the addition of automation is going to remove the ability to do things by yourself. It's like saying nobody knits because it's automated now, while in the reality there's plenty for f people that still partake in the activity (silly example but you get the point haha). Abundance and automation are not gonna take our freedom away, quite the opposite!


"There’s always considerations to be made like Amazon buying the robot vac to case your home similar to ring doorbells and Alexa/google assistant…..but it won’t all be like that." It already is like that. I can't help but point out to you again that as robots become more common place in everyday life, our lives have become busier and more complicated. Why on Earth do you think that decades of things continuing in this direction would be reversed by adding more robots to the mix? Individual tasks may be easier, but then more is expected from individual people. This is a very clear and easy to see progression. Your argument is not based in reality in any way.


👌 cool. Good talk.


How many hours do you work a week?


But I hate peeling potatoes. Also, I lived on farm for most of the childhood and would definitely *not* want that as a job, let alone if you cut the machinery out of it. It would *literally* be back-breaking, leaving people to live their retirement with all kinds of health issues related to heavy physical works all the time (like my grand-grandparents). I'd happily get the automation and do my physical work in hobbies tinkering in the garage The problem with automating jobs is one single one - the vast majority of benefits goes in the pocket of person replacing human with machine. Not to government, or the citizens.


When farm machines came around the field workers lost their jobs. That's how slums were created and those families are still working shit jobs, and with robots things just became worse... Machines do not set humanity free, it enslaves us even more. We are better off cleaning sewers and with a decent wage and job than unemployed while the billionaires work their robots.


> We are better off cleaning sewers and with a decent wage and job than unemployed while the billionaires work their robots. That seems like a thing person who never cleaned sewers would say


Would you rather clean sewers and have a decent wage to support your family or no job at all?


Dunno why you think you'd get decent wage doing that regardless of automation.


Don't know how you think automation will help either. All we have now are markets full of products and lots of unemployed people


Idea of universal basic income have been bouncing around for some time. Idea is basically tax the companies that benefit the most from removing jobs (and the sheer fact corporate is taxed less than people is asinine on its own...). So you can rent a flat on the outskirts and do nothing your whole life, but people naturally want more from their lives so someone that tries to bootstrap small business (say dunno, selling crafts on etsy) don't have to worry about putting food on the table and can just focus on perfecting their skills (and get better much faster), rather than slaving away just to survive in a job that's obsolete. And it puts pressure on employers for jobs that can't be automated to pay decently as nobody *needs* the job to just have roof over head. Of course, the problem is that nowadays corporations can just jump ship to country that doesn't tax them that much and I think it is a bit sad that world's politicians don't have any united front on the matter.


Yeah i know universal basic income but it'll never work because right now even the price of a flat is already higher than minimum wage, so certainly whatever they give us as basic income won't cover anything


Minimum wage stagnation is another problem politicians fail to address...


Dude, it's just a peeler. I can't stop cutting myself every week I have to peel and cut a vegetable. Doesn't matter how much experience I have, every week I cut myself accidentally. If something can help out to make better food quality it is welcome. Art in cuisine will always prevail.