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One in the chamber and nothing in the brain case.


Looks like the mag he dropped was empty, so I feel like he was stupidly checking that it was clear by shooting at his hand. He very clearly did it on purpose. Reminds me of people who do shit without thinking like looking down the barrel.


The Luke Skywalker school of weapon safety




I figured he was gonna show how bad ass he is and catch the bullet as it was fired. Then he quickly remembered he once seen that in a movie maybe a dream. Shit I can't catch bullets in my bare hand nope I remember now. Does anyone have a band-aid? Maybe an aspirin.


I have a bb in my hand from doing the same shit but it's a bb and I was 9.


Alex is that you? My brother also shot himself in the hand. He noticed the bb gun would drop a bb out instead of shoot it if you pulled the trigger only a little, and then of course he did it into his hand and shot it


My BIL did this when he and my husband were younger. My husband was playing with his BB gun in the yard and then dropped it and ran off. His brother comes across it and wants to know what the air puff feels like. This guy went to Stanford and is a doctor, but he’s typical brainiac and has no common sense. Yep, he shot a BB into his palm, too.


I'm glad it's so common but simultaneously horrified such smart people do this


It's a good reminder that being well versed in one field does not automatically extend to other fields, nor does it necessarily make someone smart.


I had a bb removed from my toe when I was in 5th grade because I figured there was no way that a single pump would create enough pressure to shoot through pleather... Right? Lesson here, don't test on yourself. Or maybe never point your weapon at anything you don't intend to shoot, who know?


I was shooting at my local range and was a lane away from an all-too-typical scenario where the dumb jock guy brings his timid girlfriend in to shoot guns for the first time. She's nervous and he's enjoying the smug big tuff mon superiority - it should be mentioned he had something waaayyy too much for an inexperienced woman who couldn't weigh more than 110lbs soaking wet. Anyways, he shows her how to rack a round and she just didn't have the lower arm strength and the round doesn't chamber. So.... "click". She tries again, again, just not pulling the slide far enough back and again.... "click". Now this is where she literally turns the gun 180º and looks down the barrel, still with her finger inside the guard. I screamed "RANGER" and dropped. This is the sort of thing that a sixty minute class and some dry firing practice could really have stopped from happening. That idiot's girlfriend could have blown her head clean off if the guy had properly maintained his gear and new lick one of basic gun safety.


What does telling Ranger mean?


Dudes a fucking dumbass lol


1. For being high on opium (with a gun) 2. Doing stupid shit with a gun to impress your friends (while high on opium)


You forgot 3. All of the above while sat with his kids and family


You forgot number 4 - testing to see if a gun is loaded by shooting it at your palm lol


*It was loaded, but not anymore after I checked*


Other than the title, why does anyone think he's high on opium? I don't see anything that suggests that at all. Maybe I'm missing something.


Well the title is the only thing to go off of as far as I know so I just assumed it to be true


Props to the camera man. Kept it steady. Zoomed in.


Hardy chuckle, thank you fren


This asshole was saving it around.


Look at that fucking bone.








Classic handburger.


I had to hold a dude’s hand together who shot his hand point blank once. Basically the corner of his hand with his pinky and ring finger was just dangling. Guy was in a surprisingly upbeat mood.


Loos like the head of the 3rd metacarpal.... the tendon was likely severed and curled up further up in his hand/wrist and that’s why he can’t straighten that finger


I fucking loved that. I loved how the Coen brothers had that kid just focus on that bone, almost like he was the one to go into shock. *Look at that fucking bone.* (No Country for Old Men is what I'm talking about, in case I'm off base.)


You called it, friendo.


That ain’t like any party I’ve been to


Yeah… these guys have better music 😂


It's the heart of darkness, Jez. It's the fucking dirt.


And right into that kid's sandals...


The way the kid reacted I thought he got hit in the foot.


I thought it was the kid's blood for a second.


I'm pretty sure he did, like right on the toe. It looks like its dangling when he takes off.


Oh shittt why did I watch it again


I think you're right. Looked like his big toe maybe.


I don't think so. There was no blood where he stepped on the couch.


yeah the poor kid is 100% gripping his foot in pain


Stupid mf. And there was a kid there too next to him


This - the fucking dude is sitting there, off his tits, shooting a firearm around, **sitting next to a kid** - and it takes him shooting himself in the hand for someone to take the gun off him? Christ twice.


Yup. Honestly though I can see why they weren't quick to grab the gun from him, he was firing it like he was the Lone Ranger or something. I wouldn't wanna grab a gun from a guy who's shooting while high off heroin or whatever the hell hes on


It's a Tuesday there.


This just adds to my hatred of Tuesdays. Just when I thought that day couldnt get any worse, it pulls this crap.


But.. tacos..


Pro tip: It is technically legal to have tacos any day of the week.


Yeah, but they *do* be hittin different on Tuesdays.


yea, they be hitting at half the price on tuesday vs all other days of the week.


And puts people on Squirt Alert until Thursday.


You need to eat better tacos.


You need a higher quality food truck my friend.


Taco T(h)ursday?


But they’re cheaper


They're overpriced the rest of the week. Stop big Taco


I bet tacos 🌮 hate Tuesday more than anyone.




But consider this; Taco Thursday


Don't even get me started on fucking Tuesdays.


Tuesday is just Monday part 2


When every day is equally awful, no day is the worst day.


Don’t forget Cinderella having the time of her life on the dance floor. Edit 1: Gesus, there’s also a princess passed the fuck out on the couch arm rest between the two ladies. Edit 2: is this a fucking wedding????


Inshallah more like.


No one mentions the dead chick to his right :( she doesn't even flinch when the gun goes off. The one with her head down.


could be heroin tho


Bruh the motherfucker that shot himself didnt even flinch🤣🤣 they off that good good


Good point, I like when he clinches his fist and lets go his middle finger no worky anymore haha


Facts, bro shot himself and reacted like "Man, I didn't need to use that hand anyway."


On the bright side, kid just had a life lesson.


Stay away from uncle salim


Ive never seen a gun and i knos not to fuck with them


Why is the kid there? Do people take their children with them when they go smoke opium?


Smoked a lot of opium when I was much younger... These people have no fucking clue if this dude is high or not, but opium is doubtful from my experience. Opium makes you melt into whatever you're sitting on and just vibe, for the most part.


Yeh this is so not opium Opium is like being wrapped in cotton wool travelling on the good ship captain good vibes. This is more like .... just a good old fashion idiot doing idiot things.


Well to be fair it looked like he was vibing, just with a gun


That’s not the “vibin” the OP was referring to. He truly did mean *melt* into the couch. The guy in the video wouldn’t be able to sit upright if he were on opium. Haven’t you ever seen pics of an [opium den](https://media.sciencephoto.com/m3/72/03/27/m3720327-800px-wm.jpg)?


Gosh I wish I was there. I’ve only had opium a few times in my life—the first time it did nothing (smelled lovely though!) The second time it felt pretty nice. The third time and final time, I felt like everyone in that picture looks.


Yeah, that looks like the gaze of a drunk.


Doesn’t look very drunk either. I doubt if he’s on any drugs at all tbh, maybe just crazy


Gender reveals have really gotten out of control the world over.


It’s red! It’s a boy!


I thought I saw the kid’s foot get shot off but I might be mistaken


Nah if you slow it down you can clearly see there’s no damage to his foot before he ran off. Probably just caught some of the hot gasses or maybe felt the bullet/fragments fly by


Just got hit by a chunk of bone. It's nothing.


Or you know, acting like a gun just went off?


I dont think so. I think maybe he just got scared or else he wouldve looked to an adult for help.


It's hard to confirm it, but he does grab his foot and look like he's in pain before he ends up moving out of frame. I can't really see his foot well enough to tell. Maybe a graze or got one of his toes?


sometimes i'm like, i don't wanna watch this, i know i don't wanna watch this, and then i watch it :-1


5 times


Those are rookie numbers, you gotta pump those numbers up


Once you watch it the first time, you might as well watch it again. And again.


Same here. Sometimes, like this time, I go straight to the comments. Don’t feel like seeing this shit but do feel like seeing people sass him in the comments.


Same here bud...most of the time I can tell by the title and I don't even hesitate, this time though......not too upsetting but I didn't need to see that lol


That is quite disturbing on many levels


It's chilling how he doesn't reacting to shooting his finger off. He just stares at it mindlessly.


I think that's just from shock, either that or he's drunk. I saw this on another subreddit and they assumed that he was drunk.


Well if he's actually on opium he is already in great shape with the pain for when the 'medic' arrives.




Probably on hella painkillers


Oh, another thing I read is that he didn't know it was going to shoot his hand. As you can see he takes the bullets out before he shoots, I believe he thought there would be no bullets left. Little did he know-


How fucking retarded or fucked up do u have to be to test if a gun is empty by shooting your hand? And what gun owner doesn't realize that a bullet is gonna be in the chamber after firing one?


He didn't take any bullets out of anything. He removed a mag while a round was already chambered. How in the fuck does anyone own a gun and not understand the basic concept of how it works.


It's a semi auto, though.... after you shoot another one is in the chamber. It's still there even if you take the mag out.


probably in shock. I knew a dude lost his fingers in a machine where 2 rollers turn toward each other. He said he saw it but didn't feel it at first. He picked his fingers up and was trying to put them back on. He remembered doing that, and said it didn't really hit him until his coworkers saw and started trying to help him. Then reality and pain kicked in.


Username kinda checks out


I dont think he shot his finger off, I think he shot his hand dead center and busted the tendon of the finger


He didn't shoot his finger off though, he shot through his hand, severing the tendon, the finger is still attached, just limp


He didn't shoot his finger off, he ruptured the tendon


The woman two over to the right is passed out and doesn't even flinch at either shot.


I hope Corner Girl isn't dead. 🙏 No reaction from her.


That’s crazy actually I didn’t even notice her until you said that. She does look pale too


Booze, friend. A handgun goes off 3 feet away from her, twice, and she never flinches. She's unconscious.


I don't know where this was filmed buy I'd bet my next mortgage payment there's no booze in a hundred mile radius.


this is Pakistan, possibly in Punjab. men may consume alcohol but it is highly unlikely that ladies ladies such as consume any.


Opium, however..


It says opium in the title, and that shit looks like opium to me.


Doubt its booze - she looks small. Prolly sick of everyone's shit.


I still can’t notice her. Both women on the left arm ok?


In the middle of pink shirt and yellow shirt


Oh my gosh I thought it was a cushion!! It’s a lady! How is no one concerned?! 😱


Go watch Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. You won't see *her* coming either.


This is actually a scene from the pakistani remake of lock, stock, and two smoking barrels


Heh, I mentioned this too. Wanna hang out and touch wangs?


She missed all the fun!


The first thing I noticed ...


That’ll buff right out.


I’d just like to say that the camera man is an absolute G. No flinching, eye on the prize at all times for the rest of our entertainment.


I would gtfo before he killed me. I’d be ashamed if he was my father


Great party


still one in the chamber idiot


This is not the fingerblast I was hoping for


His friend ripped it out of his hand way too late


I think the friend has a little too much confidence in this fool. Everyone around looks uncomfortable with him having the gun in hand.


Can he make a full recovery or is that finger tko'd for good?


If you get to a decent doctors they'll put a couple pins through it to put the joints back to where they should be. The tendons and ligaments in the hand will push everything back into the right place and after 6-8 weeks in a brace he'll get the pins pulled out (which is about as painful as getting shot). After about 4 weeks he'll have most use back and then after a couple years it'll be back to 95% but always hurt when the weather changes. Source: got shot in the hand with a 9mm hollow point at point blank


y did u get shot?????


My neighbor got high and decided to use my door for target practice.


I had a friend whos neighbor came in and accidently put a hole into the wall facing his kids room with a shotgun, then when cops showed up later he told them no guns were allowed in the house and showed the cop the hole (it was right by the front door) and the cop actually obliged and set his firearm in the car before coming in to talk to us.


Oh fuck, how is that your neighbor has a gun hanging around?


Ever been to the US?


Right US




Fucking around with a gun whilst on opium.


A hollow point? Holy shrapnel, dude. Ouch.


The only up-side to it was that the fragmentation slowed it down enough going through my hand that it only stuck in my face rather than going through that too.


😬😬 yeah that's a pretty good upside


I would also like to hear the story! Was it a ND?


It was intentional- or at least it felt that way to me. My neighbor got really high on alcohol and hallucinagens and decided it was appropriate to unload all 14 rounds into my house. My sleepy/hungover/dumb ass decided to answer the "knocking" I heard at the door around shot 11. He squared up to me, fired a shot at me through the window in the door. The round passed through my right hand and stuck in my face. I hit the deck and he kept firing in my general direction as I retreated to my bedroom. The state felt like there wasn't good evidence that he was trying to kill me since he was blacked out during the whole thing and didn't have any clear motive to shoot me. He ended up in jail for about a year while awaiting trial and then ended up with a plea deal (which I was asked about and I approved) that got him time served plus paying my medical expenses (about $10k) plus $653 in restitution.


Wow he got off really light for almost killing someone!


I actually had a buddy get shot straight through the hand like this dude. Finger bends now, but he can’t make a fist. He’s like halfway between a fist and always flipping someone off.


I had a gang banger coworker who had some dude run up on him while he was in his car and shoot him 4 times. He put his hands up instinctively to “block” whatever was happening and he took one bullet right thru the center of his hand. He actually turned out just fine and they were able to reconnect everything and he could almost make a fist a month or two later or so. I think it was a small caliber bullet tho.


Well he for sure destroy his middle metacarpal and it looks like he severed the extensor and flexor ligaments (middle finger just dangles).. that middle finger is never moving again


It actually may move again but it will be with serious difficulties. Depending on the medical care he gets will depends if he gets to keep his finger for more than just a counting digit.


doubt any medical care is happening


>extensor and flexor ligaments


definitely done for good


He shot thru the tendon but I’ll bet they got him fixed up with a semi working finger.


His hand will always be weaker.


>or is that finger tko'd for good? I'd day it is "tok'd" for good... cause that's a tokarev pistol. That's my dad joke for the day.


That finger just left the party early that's all.


Depends. It’s much easier to repair tendons in terms of mobility in the middle of the hand that get severed than in the fingers because it’s basically a tight rope at that point connecting to the forearm and finger. With that being said, it depends on how much of his tendon he just blew off, how much is ruptured, how much is torn, and how fast he can get assistance. Time is critical in medicine.


Idk it’s hard to tell but I think his pupils look kinda big so it wouldn’t be an opioid, plus opioids really arent very impairing except when your noddin in which case you’ll be nodding and wouldn’t be picking up a gun snd shooting urself lol. Maybe he was like very drunk or perhaps high benzo dose, idk


I don't think he's on opium either, I'm clean after 25 years heroin addiction and I've never seen somebody look like that on opioids


Congrats on that btw!!!!!


Y’all don’t clear the chamber by palming a round?


Definitely drunk. Opium causes the person to nodd or have that lazy eye. He almost shot that kid on the foot, what an asshole.




Completely made up title


Man that camera man is on point!


mf'r bleed all over your own damn shoes. shit.


“I’m reposting this for karma and claiming that he’s on opium based off of that one comment I read on the original post” FTFY


Well, that's enough internet for tonight.


He won't be giving anyone "The Bird" anymore.


Someone didn't treat all guns like they were loaded


What kind of shitty parent let that kid into that room full of fucked yo adults on drugs with a gun?! Jesus H Christ did his poor foot get hit?


I like that he took the clip out, thinking it was gonna be empty. What a dumbass


Good for him.


Opium just makes you want to lie around feeling completely untroubled. No guns are needed


LOL they waited until he blew his hand off to take the gun away?


Shot the kids fucking foot.


What evidence is there of opium in this video? Lol, dipshittery? Yes. But idk about opium. Edit: just because they look middle eastern does not mean they all smoke opium.


Maybe the passed out chick that doesn't react to any of the shots lol


They are definitely Desi people most likely in South Asia which has ample supply from Afghanistan. Woman in the background is completely unconscious to the point where two gunshots don’t wake her up.


This video is from Punjab, pakistan, why didn't they snatched the gun when he shot his first bullet,


Did the bullet go through his hand and hit that kid in the leg??




Looks like extensor tendon gone.


Anybody that fully understands firearms knew there was one in the chamber


Lmao.. dumbass


Doesn't everyone point the gun at there hand, to test if there's one in the chamber??


Cheddar Bob!!


Ok, maybe my family isn't so bad after all.


It's always the one in the chamber....