Going through alcohol withdrawal, poor Polish guy

Going through alcohol withdrawal, poor Polish guy

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I’ve seen my brother like this a few times. It’s terrible. Have no idea where he is now but hopefully not like this.


As a former Alco myself, this was the worst part of quitting. I could handle the insomnia, sweats, nausea and vomiting, but this was the worst. Nothing like having the nurse need to feed you in detox because they bring you a fucking soup for lunch :p


Happy to hear you no longer use. It’s a hell of a drug.


Thanks! I got clear shortly before Covid was a big thing. Then I was in hospital for Covid last August. They thought I was drinking again because I was so messed up I still have a small tremor in my hands, and slight numbness in my toes. I think they only believed me when I was in there for the full corona treatment, and then for an extra week to "detox" and I still had a tremor.


That’s a whole new level of addiction is even if he got sober, he has the numbness, seizures, heart stuff and all the other shit he would have to deal with. It’s a literal fucking nightmare for him and everyone else dealing with it. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.


Medicated detox was a life saver for me. I went in the ER and left with 25 valium to use for 4 or 5 days. I adjusted my dosages so I took more on day 2 and 3 than the rest because thats when shit gets real. Thats all it took for me to stop drinking daily after 3 years of a liter of vodka a day.


My ex-husband was like this. I also don't know where he is.


I’m like this and I also don’t know where I am


/r/stopdrinking is a wonderful community.


True. Lurking there is a great way to stop bingeing




Yes it is.


You are like this and I have no idea where you are


My god I’m so sorry.


for some reason, reading this comment hits me hard. this is the comment my wife, my siblings, my parents would hear if I started drinking again. this is why I quit, because I don't want my loved ones to think "where is he? he's gone" I don't want my loved ones to have to hear over & over "I'm so sorry" or the next step, "I'm so sorry for your loss" I'm almost 2 years sober, and I never want to look back. I never want to touch booze again. if anyone wants to just talk, please reach out. I won't judge. I hit rock bottom when I didn't expect it, it was very humbling. I have been through some shit. you can read my posts too. feel free to message me, I'm here to listen. I offer help because I want to be there for others, and because it's part of my journey too: I never knew how brutally alcohol would hurt me till it was too late and I couldn't escape.


Wish my mom could open her eyes before those vodka-cranberry’s claim her organs. So sad to see my mom struggle and years of me offering help and different routes. Only for the liquor to win. (Not a Jim lahey joke, make it if you want <3)


MadMaxturbator is better than MadDrinker


You’re a good person and you’d better be damn proud of yourself!!


I've seen my brother like this many times. Sober now but the depths of his addiction have been hard especially after getting arrested. My own problems are a different story


I think the longest my brother has gone has been maybe a year in his 18 years of drinking. Once my dad dropped dead a few years ago from an aneurism due to his blood not clotting due to liver failure due to ALCOHOL, my brother really lost it. I’m not sure he’ll recover this time based off the last few visits he had with my mom and I. It’s his daughter who I feel most sorry for but what do you do? Wait until I get a call that he’s dead or in jail is about all we can do at this point.


My brother relapsed pretty bad when our dad committed suicide. It was a mess, I had to go to his place to take care of him and talk him into actually telling our mom. My brother dropped off the map for about a year too after he crashed a car that me and my siblings were supposed to share (he was drunk and high). I'm sorry. I really feel for you. I'm glad he and his partner figured their shit out, especially for their kids/my brothers step kids. There was a long time where I was waiting for the same call. My heart really goes out to you. His drinking wasn't 18 years but it was over a decade. It hurts, especially being the youngest sibling


Is this possible from alcohol?


You can die from going cold turkey if you're enough of an alcoholic.


I did not know alcohol withdraw was that physically serious.


The reason the guy is shaking so much is because his nervous system is depressed every day from the alcohol, so this is what it looks like when he doesn't have a depressant in his system. That's how hyperactive his nervous system is "normally" in order to compensate for the effects of the alcohol. If that's what he looks like externally, you can imagine the kind of things his nervous system is doing to his body internally. That's why it's so important for alcoholics to disclose how much they drink honestly if they ever go to a hospital. If you are a severe alcoholic, they will actually give you sedatives* during a hospital stay just so that you don't die from stopping suddenly. edit: grammar idk what I was trying to say in the first sentence lol edit2: If you are an alcoholic, PLEASE look into a support network like Alcoholics Anonymous. If you are someone who is affected by someone else's alcoholism, there are resources for you too. [Al-Anon](https://al-anon.org/) is an organization that supports people who are affected by or worried about a loved one's alcoholism. You owe it to yourself to find support.


Holy shit I gotta stop


Best time to quit was yesterday, 2nd best is right the fuck now. If you're experiencing Tremors like this man, check yourself into a clinic, hospital, or rehab, for your safety, but please stop drinking


Nono, no tremors, shaky hands in the morning making it hard(er) to lock my door when I go shopping food. I'm not that deep, but I feel kind of invincible, you know, finishing a 700 ml bottle och vodka every day and not even waking up hungover. This video was one hell of a wake up call. I know I can safely quit cold turkey at THIS point. Edit: My biggest problem is what the hell to do with all my time, I mean, I can't just start doing archery in Covid-19 times. All the clubs are closed.


Get some medical advice so you can taper off correctly. One of my close friends died recently from going cold turkey. Just moved to a new flat and was starting a new job on the Monday. Died the weekend before he started due to just stopping cold turkey as he wanted a clean slate. Was absolutely tragic.


Definitely taper off with a doctors help ( they may give you some meds to help withdrawal symptoms) when you're ready to commit. I've known people who drank vodka & gatorade everyday along with a few beers. They thought they could taper off alone or do cold turkey. Every time they tried, they had a seizure and ended up in the hospital. My ex also had tremors like the guy in the video. He refused the hospital. I had to hold a 40 of strong beer with a straw and give him sips of it because he couldn't even hold anything. It's not something you wanna find out the hard way.


> Edit: My biggest problem is what the hell to do with all my time, I mean, I can't just start doing archery in Covid-19 times. All the clubs are closed. This is your addict brain talking. I know because this is how I justified my drug use. Drawing the false dichotomy between either doing drugs/drinking all the time or doing absolutely nothing. "What else am I going to do after work? Might as well get fucked up since otherwise I'd just be bored." Then when you actually have something to do it's "why would I do that sober when it would be so much more enjoyable if I was fucked up/high?" The answer is to do what people who don't get fucked up all the time do: either foster hobbies or just get used to being sober while you are bored. Easier said than done, I know, but that's what AA is for. You will need a support network.


I agree with this, too. Addiction removes the enjoyment we used to get from doing… things… and that enjoyment is replaced by errrrrrr more drugs. I had to start forcing myself to do “something” after cleaning up otherwise I’d want to go get some (insert drug name here), and since I made sure that wasn’t really an option anymore I’d just go to sleep or otherwise do something very unproductive and/or potentially stupid. The thing with all these substances of abuse is that they’re extremely difficult to self-regulate for any substantial length of time. Very few people can do it, and as soon as you feel you’re one of those few —boy oh boy you better be ready for a surprise! And once you stop you have to sort out why you started. Because unless someone tied you down for a long time and forced it in you, YOU were medicating something. But when you learn why you needed that drug and start understanding how to deal with it properly, it’s like an enormous door to the entire fucking outside world swings wide open.


No you can't assume you can safely go cold turkey on 70cl vodka per day, I'm going to sounds harsh, but wtf are you thinking with now?! As others said, taper that down, limiting access is one of the best ways, obviously by not having it at home, no access to vehicles, money etc. And as you mentioned, work on a replacement habit. Don't assume you can take up archery, and it'll replace alcoholism, you're dealing with one of the most potent drugs out there. Schedule in your week instead, with things you truly enjoy sober, take loads of long walks (can recommend audio books and podcasts) and one day at a time mate.


I bought a bow actually 😄


Shit I did bro I was to the point where I could drink a 24 pack of Dos Equis and still be sober that is when I realize I had to stop or slow down now I drink one every once in a while


Head over to r/stopdrinking lots of really great people there


Thank you


From one alcoholic drummer to another, I wish you the best. I find I make my biggest progress when I focus on my set gains as a benefit of sobriety. They are quite significant and it's so much easier to keep the momentum


Not to mention the hallucinations associated with DTs


I've seen people say this on reddit but I've never heard of it in real life. They give you Ativan or Librium.


Ativan is godly for what it does to end withdrawing


My step dad had to be put into a medically induced coma two times to get off alcohol, he was a raging alcoholic his entire life to the point where he’d have a bottle of jack on his night stand and he’d wake up in the middle of the night shaking like this till he took a sip. He even would bring a water bottle filled with vodka to work. Alcohol addiction is a lot worse than people seem to think. He’s 10 years clean now.


Good to hear he is clean! I knew it was serious, just not that this was part of that too. Definitely a bit amazed that this is legal “everywhere”


I’ve been in bed last two days because of alcohol. I quit for 60 days and was doing so good at moderation and watched it slowly slip away and down the rabbit hole I went this weekend. It’s so embarrassing and exhausting


I know it can feel incredibly frustrating when you slip back into old habits that you’re trying to quit. It’s important to remember that you went 60 days without alcohol before drinking again!!! That’s a huge improvement!!! Just keep your chin up and keep trying. Eventually, it’ll be so long between drinks, you could pretty much just say you were treating yourself for once!


Your progress hasn't been erased. This is just a tiny set back many of us have while maintaining sobriety. Keep your head high and keep moving forward. I won't drink with you today.


Alcohol and benzo‘s have the worst withdrawal possible out of any drug you can take. It’s pretty difficult to get to that level of addiction however compared to heroin, But once you are there you have to gradually taper off over the course of weeks to months to avoid dangerous and potentially fatal seizures


That’s why alcohol sales were open everywhere throughout the pandemic. If you cold turkey alcoholics they go on ventilators. I used to know a guy that was trying to quit, but he needed to drink a certain amount every day just to stay alive. So quitting without a detox facility was essentially impossible.


Only drug besides benzos (xanax) that can kill you from WDs


Yea... seizures and shit... fucking terrible. Heroin and opiates, you feel like you’re going to die or want to, and that’s fucking really bad too. Alcohol and benzos are no fuckin joke. Really sad really...


I had a seizure when I was taken off xanax cold turkey. I couldn't get a prescription (3mg a day) transfer over state when I had to "move" suddenly and the withdrawal is no joke.


Other GABAergics too, such as GHB


People don’t realize how bad it can be. Benzo and alcohol withdrawals can kill you.


They can also suffer hallucinations.


Yeah this is a chronic case.


Back when i was an alcoholic, i drank about 8 24oz Steel Reserve within 8 hours without eating so much as a cracker, fell asleep, woke up, straight up feeling like i was gonna die and had a fever of 101. Kept thinking i should see a doctor but i thought i was being paranoid and i was embarrassed. Looked up alcohol withdrawals when i started feeling better, saw that i was very close to death, as i learned that fever from alcohol withdrawals is cause for an ambulance


I used to be a heavy Steele Reserve drinker too. I would get a 4 pack of the 16oz'ers and drink those in about 2 hours and then ride my bike back up to the store and get 4 more. I got to the point where I was having stomach and back pains but I didn't think nothing of it. But one day I woke up and something in my stomach just felt, wrong. I was in a lot of discomfort and pain, I tried to tough it out for a day or so, but when it got to the point where I couldn't even be still because of the pain or find any comfortable position to lay or sit in I went to the ER. And good thing I did. They took some scans and tests and about 30 minutes later they told me my pancreas was extremely swollen and i was being rushed to an infirmary with an ICU in case it ruptured, which at the time was like being hit in the face with a slab of ice of a wake up call. I ended up being ok after spending a few weeks at the hospital, but the doctor sent me a clear message before I left. He looked at with the most serious of expressions and told me that if I decided to drink again, that this could happen again, except it will be worse. He told me that I would either end up developing chronic pancreatitis, having to have the dying parts of my pancreas surgically removed and be in constant misery and pain for the rest of my significantly shortened life. Or he said I might just start hurting again, but this time i might not even make it to the hospital. He said I might go to sleep after having a few drinks and feel fine, and then wake up in the middle of the night with a ruptured organ and bleed out before an ambulance could even get there. I was only 24 years old when that happened, it's not worth it. Life is worth so much more.


Well Ive learned allot today, hope you do fine now!


Yea man, im cool now. Switched to marijuana and mushrooms


Good to hear!


For those who don’t know, steel reserves are ~8% and american lite beer is ~4%. Since they are 24oz cans he was drinking the same dose as about 32 typical lite beers.


Alcohol and benzodiazepines are two drug classes that will kill you just from quitting, ain’t that messed up? They act on gaba receptors and idk what part of it about quitting when deep into addiction, but the brain can’t handle the lack of gaba uptake or something and you can seize and die. Edit: actually just read that other guys comment about delirium tremens cause I think that may be closer to what I’m trying to say.




Thats insane, totally did not realize alcohol withdraw could be so serious




Worse than heroin w/d which doesnt kill you


I'd say Benzo withdrawal is the worst but both are pretty bad


Another cruel factor of alcohol addiction is that by the time the user starts to experience physical health symptoms, the damage is often irreparable. I went to college with a guy who drank a lot (like we all did) but he just never stopped drinking excessively like that. I saw him maybe 15 years out of college and he could barely walk. He said it was Wet Brain Syndrome. He lost all his muscle coordination and was constantly confused. In our younger days he was a competitive runner and ran dozens of marathons. So sad to see him unable to even walk. Like others have mentioned above, I lost contact with him. I frequently wonder what happened to him.


Been there. You reach a point where, or at least I did, that I would consistently vomit booze back up in the morning until finally a little bit would stay and start to make me well. Alcohol is some nasty shit. Almost twos years escaped from that hell -- hope dude here finds his way (if he wants).


3 years for me in may. Best decision I ever made. Life is swell compared to that hell.


Thanks for saying this. Been sober after a detox place, and for some reason watching this made me jones. Because I know how good it feels to finally get a drink when you’re this bad, but your comment helped remind me it’s better to be sober. Thankyou


You got this


3 years for me as well. I got lucky and discovered I had untreated adult ADHD. After years of trying to quit drinking with AA, outpatient, therapists etc etc all it took was Adderall and my desire to drink literally disappeared over night. Watching this did make me Jones a bit as well though! Being sober and not having every thought and action controlled by the bottle is better than any 'next day' drink can ever feel though.


I'm almost at 2 months and it's the best decision I ever made. I would black out and have seizures when I didn't drink. Quitting, going to detox, and getting help was crucial and I'm so glad I did it. I'm going to save this video because I still get mad cravings. Watchung this almost made me cry and reminded me exactly why I needed to quit.


Congrats on sobriety! Same. Need that drink to stay down so you can get "well" . 7 day hospital detox for me. Right back to drinking. Two weeks later went to rehab. 4 years sober this past May!


Nice man! I went to rehab and had a major seizure within a couple hours. Did five days hospital detox and was drinking by the end of the week. Went back to rehab a week later and no booze since. Needless to say, life is infinitely better. I have no qualm with folks who drink, it is just the closet earthly thing to a demon for me.


Just honestly curious, but how much are you drinking to get as bad as the dude in the OP?


So it was definitely a progression but I was always a pretty heavy drinker. It was -the- thing I looked forward to after a long day of work. And for a handful of years that worked fine. I wanted to get drunk, so I would generally buy 2-3 8.1% malt liquor tallboys and that got me tied up pretty well. However, once I lost my job and the social supports of my life started fading away, I started to drink more and more. Eventually I just decided fuck it, I am drinking 24/7. And for about two years I did. A 20 case of high ABV beer and a tallboy or two, which eventually turned into a case of beer AND a bottle of vodka. That's when the shit really started hitting the fan. Needing booze to sleep, waking up drenched in sweat and drowning in anxiety -- you drink so you can fall back asleep. I woke up everyday feeling the most terrible I have in my life, only to rinse and repeat. God man, I felt -so- lost and helpless. I seriously considered on at least a few occasions to end it, and frankly had it just been the right time/right amount of shit in my system, I may have done it. I am beyond grateful to be here now. And plenty of people drink alcohol without problems and all the power to them. But I do see a huge problem in the way we have accepted the false "drugs AND alcohol" narrative, as if they are two separate things. Alcohol is a drug, a hard drug, and treating it as such might go a long way with harm reduction. I believe that with all drugs; talking about these things frankly and openly saves lives.


This is where I'm at now. Quarantine wasn't good to me Kinda sorta tapering down by switching to wine instead of vodka


Well I can tell you that if you desire it, you'll get there. "Rock bottom" is kind of a myth, in that you hit in when you decide to stop digging. I'd definitely recommend some kind of peer support. Before I dove completely into recovery, I tiptoed with SMART Recovery discord groups which I found helpful enough. And then in-person AA meetings were great just to have a sounding board. You don't have to commit your life to these programs, although you may find people telling you otherwise. At the end of the day, whatever works for you to taper/stop drinking is the best way. Might take some trial and error but you **can** do it without the use of any crutches. There's a lot of promising studies on baclofen and naltrexone and what have you, and while all of those things are great the bottom line is you don't need them. And I say that because I used those things as an excuse to keep drinking, as in "there is no way I can do this without XYZ" but that was just the viciousness of addiction talking.


This is where I was a few weeks ago I slowly tappered down to now where I'm having 3-4 shooters a night instead of a bottle. Soon it will be no shooters!


I've been through my fair share of detox experiences, but alcohol withdrawals look absolutely brutal.


They can be lethal. Seizures can be severe, the body gets so used to the slowed down effect from alcohol (depressant) that when you take it away everything starts working faster trying to normalize (shakes), the heart works double time and can cause heart attacks. Kind of crazy that it's still legal and other things that are not so damaging to the body are not.


When I was in rehab (tianeptine) this lady told me that even pump hairspray wasn't allowed bc of the alcohol in it. As crappy as I felt that day my mind was blown.


Did you switch to tianeptine from a more traditional opiate?


1. 7 years prescription pills (vicodin, perc, oxy) 07'-14 2. 2 1/2 years heroin 14-16 3. 2 yr tianeptine 16-18


Ah I was 2 years on those blue 30 jawns. 5 years on H. 3 + years clean now. I've tried tia but never more than 25mg orally at a time.


Ps congrats on getting clean. Pain pills to heroin is something I’ve seen loved ones deal with. It’s brutal. Proud of you.


Thanks man. This sub seems to have a lot of compassionate people on it.


If you can, just don't fuck with Tia. I've seen people go through the worst things because of that, and if I can help others stay away from it, I'd feel like I've done some good. I imagine you know it's dangers as someone that's taken it, but maybe someone else that doesn't will read this.




Hello fellow brothers


We out hea


Okay what's tia?


We had a guy in the local county jail die a few years ago from alcohol withdrawal. They put him in the drunk tank and just ignored him. Small town. The medical staff was, frankly, stupid as fuck and just left him in there to ride it out. I think they all got fired and one of them got charged and is in prison.


Link? I’ve heard second hand of the same thing happening and nobody got in trouble it almost made my uncle change careers it fucked him up so much


It never made it into the news, that I know of, but I'll look for one. but theres a plaque on the wall at the jail with the dudes name on it.


A plaque in the little jail is a little dark. “Hmm what’s this new plaque?” “Commemorates a guy we killed here in the jail.”


The increased heart rate is fucking HORRIBLE. You're shaking as it is, having body spasms (making you think you're minutes away from a seizure) and on top of that your heart is pounding like a fucking drum. I found codeine withdraw MUCH more uncomfortable but the alcohol withdraw was (also uncomfortable) but with the added thought of "yeah I could straight up die here"


Post-acute WD is not picnic either. You see so many people detox and come outfeeling on top of the world (pink cloud, IIRC), and you're less-functional that when you were drinking all day due to the depression, waiting for the meds to start working.


You're sort of right on that explanation, but it's one of my favorite physiology concepts to teach, so lemme take a shot. Alcohol is a depressant, which in this context means that it increases inhibitory activity in the central nervous system. Many systems in your body operate by a balance of signals, and in the brain there are signals that excite further activity, and signals that tamp down further activity. Eventually, your body becomes acclimated to the increased inhibitory signal, and compensates by having more of the excitatory signal and less of the natural inhibition. If you suddenly stop giving it the depressant (alcohol, Xanax and other benzodiazepines), you are left with a pro-excitatory imbalance. This means sensitivity to light, sound, anxiety, palpitations, autonomic overdrive (tachycardia, hypertension, sweating), tremor, and in its worst manifestation, hallucinations and seizures. Source: ER doctor.


It is crazy isn’t it… Alcohol is legal, weed is basically still illegal.. it’s all about money and the pharmaceutical Industry, if weed takes people pain away then we can’t get them hooked on pain killers


I think the prison system also has a hand in that. The effects of alcohol lands more people in jail than cannabis and the people arrested for the “illegal,” possession of cannabis makes up for the difference. Gotta fill all those cells with people so the state can make money on their labor.


Ya the pharmaceutical industry is the biggest most ruthless drug dealer on the planet. Im a recovering opiate addict, i went to out patient with people from all walks of life. There was an incredibly sweet woman that was in her 60's and had never done anything wrong in her life. She got cancer, they gave her pain meds. Then her insurance cut her off one day, no warning and no time to wean off. She couldnt afford them so she turned to getting them from the street. She was introduced to heroine when she didnt have enough to sustain the pills even at street price. All the sudden a woman that had no intention of doing anything wrong is hooked on heroine and spending her entire retirement just to stay well, all because she got cancer and the pharmaceutical industry did everything they could to get her hooked and then pulled the plug with out any help to get off of them. It's an epidemic that was purposefully put in place to make millions and it makes me sick. The saddest part is how common of a story it is. But anyone in active addiction reading this. Its not your fault, but it is your responsibility to yourself to get well. And believe me it a tough road to walk, but man is it fucking worth it. Im a year and 2 months sober and going strong. Life is still tough, but im not spending days laying wait of the impending doom that is withdrawals. Community Bridges saved my life, if you're struggling, they will help. And if not them than there is many many places out there to get you on the right track, it all depends on you in the end tho.


>allow doctors to overprescribe Vicodin and oxy with little oversight as schedule 3 drugs >get tough on illegal diversion of pills by making opioids schedule 2, requiring much more oversight and paperwork, scaring doctors away from their previous prescribing practices >at the same time, start up the heroin trade in Afghanistan >heroin is now cheaper than nearly any other point in recent history >normal people previously prescribed pills have no parachute to get off opioids >switch to heroin >introduce fentanyl >illegal opioids now cheaper than ever before It’s almost like this wasn’t an accident.


Considering that they figure out how to make alcohol in prison... Making it illegal is not a great idea. Legalizing everything else probably is Not saying that YOU think prohibition should come back. Just commenting.


Yeah that is the thing about it, whether you like it or hate it, Alcohol is fairly easy to make. Better to have it regulated and cheap than illegal.


Easier and faster than marijuana, even.


I never got to this guys level of withdrawal but at my worst I had to go to the hospital for an unrelated illness and had to spend a couple days there. I had been drinking heavily (fifth of whiskey at the worst) every day for about 7 years with only a few sober days peppered in. The nurse noticed my resting heart rate was 140bpm and I was shaking uncontrollably, and asked me how much I drink. That was the day I realized I needed to get my shit together.


Did they do anything for you after they found out you had a problem?


Yeah they'll give you ativan or Valium


Speaking from experience. Not this bad but withdrawals it’s pretty fucking horrible and I feel bad for this guy.


Don't forget to keep your nutrition levels stable. Alcohol can lead to deficiencies in zinc, magnesium, B vitamins, and vitamins A, C, D, E, K. Even if food isn't desirable, a few tablets usually are ok to keep down.


Yeah thiamin pills I was on before, I’m actually not a drinker anymore besides socially this was awhile ago I had rehab of sorts throughout corona


Awful. My dad shook like this for a month and to a lesser degree for another few weeks after that. 55 years of alcoholism and stopped cold turkey.


He’s lucky the withdrawals didn’t kill him, CT alcohol withdrawal is brutal. Its incredible he was able to do that.


I begged him to get professional help, as i knew the dangers of cold turkey, but he was just one of those old-school hard cunts. Regardless of the stress at the time I was impressed in a weird way


Someone gets this man a straw


someone get him a benzo more like. easier to taper off alcohol when used appropriately


Seriously the dude needs Valium or Xanax. I used to have withdrawals like this and it’s the absolute worst.


Fuck. Bad withdrawal can lead to stroke, heart attack brain damage. Anyone this bad needs a hospital. Also if you end up in an ER for whatever TELL THE TRUTH about how much you drink so we can help you not go into DTs, and the anesthesia team doesn't accidentally kill you because they don't know how much is in your system....


Do you have special prescription liquor you give to severe alcoholics or do you give them something else?


Its benzodiazepines and medications to support chronic malnutrition from alcohol in IV form, also to reduce the shakes and reduce risk of seizure, with sometimes a low low dose opioid. In the old days hospitals would give alcohol too. Most people don't know how bad DTs can get. People start hallucinating and become combative out of their mind for days sometimes. I have had kindly old men who came in for routine procedures not tell us how much they drink and end up in 4 point restraints to try and keep them from blowing their incision line while they rant about the bugs crawling on them. Its nuts.


Modern medicine is so cool! Thanks for the work you do.


I was giving this chick IV Ativan every two hours, it didn't even seem to phase her. They had to put her on an ativan drip in the ICU, ended up restraining her because even the drip wasn't touching her.


They actually used to prescribe beers! An older nurse told me they used to keep Coors in the medication dispenser


I’m glad somebody mentioned how dangerous it is to detox outside of a medical facility. People seem to think of heroine and meth as dangerous withdrawal but alcohol is way more likely to kill you. This dude is a seizure waiting to happen


I’ve been this guy. So here’s what I have to say to all the drinkers. Have fun, but when you start having withdrawal symptoms, and you’re doing that hair of the dog shit to chase off your hangovers, you are absolutely a short distance in life from what you see in this video. It happens quick, and once your body starts having these reactions they don’t go away and they only get worse. For some people it takes years, for some not so much. Be aware.


My mother needs to see this. She doesn’t realize that she’s a hardcore alcoholic. She thinks that just because she doesn’t drink *every night* (even though she drinks most nights), she isn’t one. I’m a firm believer that drinking a glass of wine every once in a while is okay, but she legit drinks like 6 12oz bottles of mixed drinks and some whiskey some days, and gets so drunk to the point to where she can barely walk and falls asleep with her head hanging down It’s sad. She doesn’t realize that she’s throwing her life away and actively refuses to acknowledge her problem. It makes me so depressed but also incredibly angry.


You need to look up al-anon, my mom was like this, before she got the wrong pain medication from the pharmacy in Germany and then chased it down with a bottle of amaretto and a 6pack of Heineken. Basically, with in the eight hours it took me to get on a plane and get there she was in full organ failure and in a vegetative state from which as the executive of her living will got to tell the hospital to pull the plug. They accused me of wanting to kill my mother. Al-anon which is the support group for family members of addicts, helped me though all the shit emotionally both before and after.


I know some people are pissed that they film this. But I will admit this is educational for people that have never seen this. Honestly, this is hard to watch for me.


Dangerous situation that dude is in. He should be under supervision if he’s not drinking. This guy filming made this video can get fucked. What a knob. How can you just laugh at someone who is that fucked up.. are they friends or something?


He was encouraging him to try to open it himself, tone sounded pretty friendly, then when it was clear the person couldn't open it the person recording did end up helping him open it. I speak Polish, their interaction didn't seem unfriendly to me.


Thanks man. I was seriously raging watching this. Granted poor guy needs help to not drink. But just filming the guy while he suffers. What a piece of foul smelling sticky excrement.


But I thought during a detox, you can’t just quit cold turkey because you get major effects.


That’s correct, stopping too quickly can cause seizures and brain swelling. This guy should be in a hospital to detox


/r/donthelpjustfilm ... At least give this poor soul a straw and hold the beer for him.


I mean the guy filming clearly helped poor dude. He brought him beer and opened it. Also he offered him food. There was no disrespect.


Day three of withdrawal from alcohol… dismal and it can kill you. This is quite sad.


You seem to know your stuff. Day 3 is the hardest when you are trying to quit alcohol (i had sooo many days 3's..). Usually the severe physical symptoms are the highest at 3 days and can last up to 10-20 days(less severe). But those motherfucking first 3-5 days are the hardest!!!


I’ve sat with so many patients trying to console them as a nurse. This stuff is always so hard for too many reasons. People get WILD on day three and are often medically unstable.


Thank you for your service to the people. A really nice nurse consoled me very much and gave me some awesome comfort and life advice when I was in hospital after a DT incident. You guys are doing much more than you are credited for!


As someone who went to detox and then rehab twice for opiate addiction, I've seen people detox from alcohol, and I wouldn't want to trade shoes for anything in the world with them. It's brutal, really put my own misery into perspective. Yeah, I'm pouring sewage out of all holes, sure, but at least I can wipe my own ass without also painting the walls with my toilet paper. The shakes and delirium that alcoholics go through is heinous and brutal, and can kill you under the right circumstances. I've seen a guy freshly off his booze who could physically not feed / clothe / wash etc. themselves, because of the violent shaking. Without someone feeding him water / soup, that guy would have died of dehydration, because there was no way he was going to get water into the right hole on his face. Heroin / Fentanyl withdrawals might feel like hell on earth, but physiologically they aren't lethal. Just a really bad time. My hats off to anyone who quit heavy drinking on their own accord. Case in point, good friend of 12 years and late-stage alcoholic decided one day to quit cold turkey. 3 days later he went into a coma, and didn't wake up for nearly 2 weeks. We (family and I) thought he was not going to wake up. Well, he did wake up, and on his way home got tanked, again. Anyways, he kept trying, and has been sober for over a year now. No detox / rehab, just by sheer determination and faith alone. I needed professional help. He's doing good these days. But fuck me, Alcohol (and Benzodiazepine) withdrawal is the stuff that scares this sober addict tremendously.


Damn that’s heart wrenching to watch


Never been this bad, but that guy is fucking miserable. He’s not just shaking, he’s likely feeling depression, anxiety, intrusive thoughts, audible and visual hallucinations, he could have a seizure, and one of the worst parts: Insomnia. You can’t even sleep through any of it. It’s just days of feeling awful and trying to survive. That beer ain’t gonna do much. Might make him puke, if anything. If he could manage to get about 3-4 or so shots of alcohol in he could fall asleep and wait the worst of it out. Doesn’t look like his “friend” is going to help him, though. An ER could also help, but with how long that takes it’s easier to just try to stomach some liquor if it’s an option.


Withdrawal is an awful topic and i have the feeling a lot of people don't get how fucked up this is. I had it once really hard from opioids and even then that was probably nothing compared to what other peoples withdrawals are like. Especially since they probably have no clue how the restlessness and craving feels.(for me thats the worst part) That shit goes hard on your psyche and it is really tough to get the will to go through it even if it's not a super hard withdrawal. Making fun of someone like he does is just so fucked up


I'm sure this is buried but I have been that way. I drank everyday from 17 to about 26. I stopped and was shaking like this, heart was racing and I was hearing voices. I had to go spend a week in detox before I could even string a thought together. In 12 years I have fallen off the wagon a few times. The craziest shit is if you pick back up drinking again, you almost immediately go back to that state when you stopped before. It's like the withdrawal is imprinted on your brain. I'm so glad I don't have to live like that anymore.


What you describe is known as [the kindling effect.](https://sbtreatment.com/substance-abuse/alcohol/the-kindling-effect/)


I’ve been there, and it is absolutely awful. I spent four days basically stuck in bed because I was shaking so terribly that I couldn’t stand up. I had plastic bags everywhere because I couldn’t stop vomiting. I collapsed when I made it downstairs to get water. My bedroom is only a few feet from the bathroom, and I would end up crawling just to get there. I could see my heart pounding against my chest, blacked in and out, could barely breathe. 103 days sober, and it’s embarrassing to admit that even after all that, even after almost losing relationships and my job and my life, I still want to drink. Alcohol addiction is fucking terrible.


Why beer? How is beer gonna help that guys DTs? He needs liquor or benzos. This is super hard to watch. I've been in way too many detoxes. The guy filming can literally fuck off.


I'm confused, how would consuming alcohol not help the DTs? I guess to get like that you need to be pounding absurd amounts of liquor daily, and so a single beer won't really do shit?


It's like being a heroin addict doing 10+bags/day (at one point I'd have to do a 3 bag shot to stop the withdrawal) and taking 1 Vicodin 500. When I was DTing hard from alcohol it was more excruciating to get through a beer than to just down a pint of vodka to get "normal". I've been clean from heroin almost 8 years but the alcohol snuck up on me after my mom had a stroke in 2018. I wish I could tell you I've 100% quit drinking, but I still drink sometimes. Definitely not every day and I don't withdraw at all, but I still know it's an issue and I'll be ready to 100% quit one day.




Nope, wouldn't even *touch* it. Get your mental health in check now. See a psychiatrist and therapist, get put on (non-narcotic) medication if needed. No one tells you about the depression and self-hatred that comes after getting clean, but I'm gonna. It hits you like a ton of bricks and it's most likely the reason you started using to begin with. I'm assuming here, so correct me if I'm wrong. If you didn't have prominent mental health issues before, there's a very good chance you do now. Depression and anxiety being the 2 major ones. It's very hard to deal with feelings and pain that you haven't felt in a decade. Don't try to "suck it up" or deal with it on your own, you'll be so much better off if you *let others help you*.




Definitely taper down. I've known people who were/still are on them for *years* and they all say the same thing: the withdrawal is worse. They weren't originally intended to be a long-term thing. 6 months and then taper down, buuut there's money to be made in the cycle of abuse. Stick with it, taper down, and I'm here if you ever need to talk about it. It does get easier, I promise. I can give my mom insulin multiple times a day and I've only had 2 little flashes of, I wouldn't even call it a craving, more like a yuck feeling in my stomach.


After being clean for over 14 years my mom passed away suddenly. It may sound corny but she was my bestie, after getting my shit together. After she died I drank and drank. Then every problem that got me emotional lead me to drink. I still drink. I wish I never did.


That beer is 95% water.


This is common. In many hospitals they will actually feed you light beer for alcohol withdrawals. Not joking at all, alcoholic here. I’ve been the guy in this video before.


Might be the first of several, he might want to stop the shakes but still be okay to work, he might not have access to liquor or benzos.


Been there, not this bad but I have been there…this makes me so sad. Alcohol is so crazy bad for you…and I work at a brewery


Poor Soul. Once he was a child with nothing in mind other than his dreams and hopes. Life can hit you hard as fk sometimes and you have no choice but to deal with it that very moment. Hope he gets better!


>Once he was a child with nothing in mind other than his dreams and hopes. Unfortunately, a lot of people who end up like this haven't had the privilege of a childhood that allowed them to enjoy dreams and hopes.


My poor ex husband is an alcoholic, and probably at this guy's level now. I forgave him a long time ago for the entire shit-show of a marriage when it came to light that he, his older brother, and younger sister, had been beaten, raped/sodomized, for years as kids by their stepfather. He told them when they were small that if they told, he would kill their mom. So they never did. It was his brother's children, ages 7 and 10, who blew the whistle finally and it allll came out. My ex never told me anything til much later and it broke my heart. We have one son together, who was 2 when I left his dad. I could tell on his visitation days whether he had stayed dry or not by whether he was trembling or not. So very sad, how many lives one demonic pedophile managed to ruin. I hope there is a god, so there is a hell, so he can fry there for eternity when he dies. And I hope he gets sodomized daily with flaming corn cobs or similar.


Jesus, that is harrowing. But it’s also impressive that you had the presence of mind and insight to realize that your ex’s behaviour is just one link in a chain of terrible abuse and not necessarily entirely his own character flaw. I hope you and your son are doing great now, and yes, that the pedo responsible for it all has a nice, toasty eternity in a hell of his own making.


We are actually happy and healthy. He's an adult with his own kids now, and he always seemed to realize on some level that his dad had problems. Now of course he knows, but when he was little it was like he just felt sorry for him. Kids can be verrry perceptive...uncannily so sometimes.


I used to be a alcoholic for over 20 years and seeing this breaks my heart. He definitely needs support to get off it. Damn man, that shit really sucks. I'll pray for him.




I had a seizure three days after quitting alcohol when I thought I was through the worst of the withdrawals. Thankfully I was with my parents when it happened. All I remember was feeling a little dizzy then coming to five days later in the hospital which is where this guy should be. Alcohol detox is no joke. You can die


Alcohol can jack your life up way faster than most people think. I feel bad for that guy.


Sick bastards filmed this. A wish a could take that poor guys guys situation and inject it into him . Then I would laugh.


Yeah the dude filming is having a great time making fun of the guy. I speak Polish and it's a shitshow.


What do they say?


He's basically teasing him to open the beer can. He says that he opened it a little already for him. Not pretty.


What did he ask him something about dupe meaning ass?


He asks him if he wants a needle in the ass, I'm guessing there's some medicine for this condition


Thanks OP


You're welcome


Alcohol withdrawals can actually kill you


Withdrawals are hell. My best friend in high schools mom died from xanax withdrawals. Showed up at the hospital drunk to get a new script and they would t give it to her because she was wasted. Went home and died in her sleep


This is fuckin sad


*delirium tremens* is the name for this level of alcohol withdrawal poor guy. of course the camera guy just records and laughs - the guy needs a hospital ffs


My dad showed up at my nephews birthday party like this. And again for my son's birthday party. That was the last party he was invited to by my siblings and I. He has reached out since then. And he sounds like he's been getting help. I allowed him to visit a couple weeks ago and looked and sounded sober with no ill effects. Hoping he realized his errors and got the help he needed. Still not letting him near the kids though. He ruined my childhood. Not gonna let him ruin my kids childhood.


One of my close friends passed away a month after his 25th birthday from liver failure. Learn when to stop drinking yall.


Bad case of the DT's


I hope both the filmer and the poor fella on the stoop find their higher power. If you’re laughing at this video, I pray you find yours as well.


My uncle was like this. So many times his heart was failing and he was able to pull through. He bloated up too from drinking. Used to be a skinny guy but healthy. He would have to go to the hospital so many times. One time we had a 4th of July party and I was trying to tell him he needed to stop drinking because everyone loves him and he replied with "I'm gonna die doing what I love. " and that stunk deep. Everyone's face reaction was just quiet. He passed away in his sleep. Everyone would tell him he needed to stop but I was the only one who went more into detail on why he needed to stop and everyone respected that. My family, all they did was really drink but not as bad as him so when we would have a get together they just enabled him. "Well hes just gonna drink at home if he isnt invited here." I miss him so much, because despite him being an alcoholic he was the most down to Earth guy. RIP Uncle Tom. I miss you everyday.


DTs are no joke. I’ve been here it’s not fun at all


Alcohol and benzos (Xanax) are the only withdraws that can normally kill you. There's also something called "wetbrain" that can happen where you suddenly become a vegetable.


Fuck this guy filming. Put down your phone and open the damn can and help get it in his system so he can relax for a fucking minute before he wakes up to this same hell again tomorrow.


That was me. 5 months sober now.


I've had the DTs (delirium tremens). It is 100% the worst I've ever felt. I was tremoring and hallucinating for 24 hours. Was absolutely terrifying.


This is really sad :(


Pretty sure this can kill. He needs actual medicine for this. I forget what they give them but it keeps them alive.


Alcohol withdrawals are no joke. I’m a recovering alcoholic. They can get this bad. There were times I’d have to chug like half a pint before the shakes would go away. When you get this bad you’re usually hallucinating too. Hearing and seeing things that aren’t there, skin crawling, sweating. It’s brutal man.


I can mostly understand what they are saying and the camera man is an asshole.


Super small town. Things like this get buried. The whole county, consisting of 4 cities, had a population of 23,000 people when this happened. I cant seem to find an article on it.


That looks absolutely brutal, poor bastard.