Croatian dude gets absolutely obliterated by a couple of puffs feat. epic moustache

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Why did they leave the dude hanging like that


I don't know why did they give the joint back to him...


That mustache style gives you +50 resistance to all types of elemental damage and poisons, they knew he could take it. Sall good. Source: am also croat


Those shoves at the end he got by someone off camera, it’s like we all know some asshole who does that. So annoying, lol


It's a party, half ain't even payin attention. I've been that guy, although i was like 18. Second he tries to get up hes unconscious, or vomiting, or both.


He just needs to smoke more, and he’ll be fine


Nah, guy did good. He must have had a few drinks before even starting to smoke (and we all know how well *that* ends) but hung in there and even finished the joint. I’d have been yakking all over the place…


Hard agree. That was a solid effort!


Looks like he was holding down a coughing fit. That takes control, you can see is diaphragm trying to caugh, but he is keeping it together. I believe the mustache was giving him the power.


True, he’s just tryna maintain and he does a decent job of it.


Weed then beer, you're in the clear, beer then grass, you're on your ass.


Two pint rule. You can drink two pints before smoking a joint, any more and you risk getting a bad case of the spins.


Sorry, I’ve never had an issue with smoking and drinking at the same time. Is it really that bad for some people?


I used to get the spins really bad. Like even after just 2-3 drinks if I smoked the spins would be really bad. It's not like that anymore though after doing it enough and I can put down a dozen beers while smoking and be fine. I need help tbh.


the first step is recognizing you have a problem, next up is to start seeking help I wish you the best.


The other 2 replies to this comment shows the dichotomy of the world


If you are not used to smoke it can be a real problem. When I was younger and only smoked once in a while, I puked EVERYTIME I smoked after drinking.


Before I became a full blown alcoholic, I could never combine weed and beer. Always sent the room spinning and usually made me barf. Once my alcohol tolerance became superhuman, no problem.


FWIW, once I smoke a bowl, drinking becomes more of a chore. I rarely finish an entire beer after smoking and if I feel like my booze intake is getting too much, I just smoke for a bit of a reset. I feel like at least some other folks can and do the same.


Same. Bud just makes me sober up in a weird way. Probably because my inner lizard brain wakes up and just wants food and warmth.


I find now I do the same I'll open a beer tall boy and it takes me an hour hour and a half to drink that beer.


Absolutely, I’ve had it happen to me many times and I’ve seen quite a few people have their night cut short by mixing the two.


I didn’t realize it was like that. Thanks


We call it getting crossfaded. I hate it. I get the spins and it sucks.


The trick to crossfading is to do both in even amounts throughout the night. Hit a joint, drink a beer, hit the bong, drink a beer, etc. If tie on a major drinking buzz and then smoke, you're gonna have a bad time. If you get hella stoned and then start drinking, you're gonna go night night. The two together in even-ish amounts? Hell yes.


In all my years of getting faded this is the best thing I have heard and never done. Great advice.


I may have learned some things from my misspent youth 😭


Yes but only if I'm already piss drunk. Couple beers is nothing but it's those late nights after sporting a steady buzz all day, maybe a couple rounds of shots later in the night, then at like 2am someone sparks up a J. That's when I'm fucked and I'll need to hold on to the Earth.


It use to be a guaranteed puke and blackout if I smoked after some medium to heavy drinking for me, not really anymore now that I’m a mild alcoholic.


I used to be able to obliterate joints and drink endlessly. Something changed in my mid-20s, and any time I combine the two now I get the spins and start vomiting profusely with minutes.


It's called "getting older".


In my case, drinking before smoking is the only way to enjoy cannabis at all. Without a good amount of alcohol beforehand, I get heart palpitations, sweat profusely, and feel terrible every time. Once I'm drunk, THC works like it does for everyone else. My eyes get heavy, I have to grin or laugh and I feel good.


As croatian I can guarantee you he had a lot more than few drinks especially since this seems to be wedding. In most case scenarios when someone is getting married in croatia most of the folks are drunk af by 3 pm. He did great.


Back when I smoked regularly, I really liked mixing weed and alcohol. Obviously bad combo if you’re shitfaced, but a few drinks before a joint was great


Honestly thought there was a spew coming lol. I could relate when he started mopping his brow, cold sweats!


I quit cigarretes and weed some months ago and my doctor told me that after that I would be getting drunk easier. Nope, when I was smoking weed I could have a couple of beers and a joint and be flying already, now it takes a bit longer and the drunk is way different.


I think if you just cut out the cigs it's easier to get drunk... weed is a different story


Oh, the good ol' getting real drunk and then smoking. Not so fun days. Even if you manage to get to bed before hardcore puking, laying in bed you would still feel like spinning, closing your eyes would make it worse.


Exactly he even took a third series of that joint and still sitting strong. He did very well. And looks like Split has better weed than zagreb..


The dreaded "spins"


Even straightened his jacket before the J returned. Truly a gentleman.


Yeah this is 100% 5 or more drinks deep (I'm a lightweight), hitting the blunt overzealously and getting the instant spins.


I was waiting for him to vom in his plate


Happy this is the top comment, was thinking the same shit. Looks like a wedding so yeee he's been drinking and probably doesn't smoke that often. Dude took that shit like a champ and still finished it , ngl they definitely tried to make him puke or fall over,dick move from them


When the cross fade sweats start I accept the inevitable and make my way to pay homage to the porcelain gods. Dudes head is on a merry go round going 50mph plus right there


I have no shame in tactical chundering 🤮🤮. Sometimes you just need a reset


The gamble is what time frame you're gonna be working with in there lmao


I just lay down as soon as I can. I won't throw up if I'm high, my body will just start feeling really hot. So waiting till I get home, and then falling asleep on the bathroom floor. That's the way I go.


ah, a nice cold tile floor is the best remedy for a wicked cross fade. I miss college...


Right! Man, it's so strangely comfortable when you're that far gone. Laying naked in a cold porcelain tub feels great too.


with lukewarm water sprinkling down on you from the shower *chefs kiss*




Grass, then beer, you're in the clear. Beer then grass this Croatian moustache




I’ve done both regularly my entire adult life. When I was young, I couldn’t drink if I was high because it made me sick almost immediately. The other way around was fine. As I got older, that went away and now I don’t get that cross faded feel. I throw up based solely on my alcohol consumption, whether I smoke or not


The euro dance music in the background 🤣


Ništa kontra Splita! (That's the song)


[Dino Dvornik](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwDeol2V1Ow) was on a different planet in the 90's. Lower quality full video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sm_724JXojE


I know, it's perfect.


Croatians love a drunken sing a long


My wife’s family is Croatian, I’ve always told them it seems when it comes to singing it’s not important how well you do it but how loud you are.


Ain't no party like a Balkan party


When the rhythm is glad. There is nothing to be sad.


And in a room where you can only hear men shouting and singing. Gotta love sausage parties.


[The second song](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMJsRlH8GxI)


At night, that moustache goes for a walk.


This gave me a genuine laugh. Thank you.


If you get crossfaded with cannabis and you don’t have a tolerance for said cannabis, get ready for the spins.


Even with a tolerance, after drinking too much the weed hugely increases the spins. Taking too much booze was the real culprit here.


The floor needed handlebars that night.


"Remember to breathe, remember to breathe, you're okay man, everything is fine.. nobody knows how fucked up you are- everything is totally cool.."


"Sure! I used to smoke like crazy in the 70's!"


My brother got married in Washington and one of our aunts saw us smoking at the reception and wanted to join us. We told her to take it easy because weed is way stronger than it was when she was smoking in the 80’s. She was like “whatever we used to smoke the whole front lawn!” Cut to 4am no one could find her so we start searching the property and find her passed out on a bale of hey in the barn lol.


With the horse sitting upright smoking next to the window, saying “ohh hey.. found her like this”


Aunt Linda... We all have an Aunt Linda! She was fun...


Hate to break it to you...this dude could have been born in the 1980s. We are getting old, bruh. Some millennials are now middle aged.


It's ok, I was born in the 80's but you would be surprised how many of us are still very much clued in. Still, this guy is very much a product of 80's Eastern Europe for his age.


Puff puff pass out


That last drag after the sweat started was a mistake


I was expecting two gay dudes to turn up and beat the shit out of him because of the title


A couple of PUFFS lmaoooooo


Not sure OP got the joke


So was I 😂😭


And now Sir, welcome to the next 7 hours. The next 48 seconds of while will contain enough info for 8 thousand years. Aaaaaaaaand go.


Every second becomes a minute, every minute becomes 10 minutes and 10 minutes feels like an hour. The music is suddenly way too loud and no matter how you sit you feel uncomfortable. You suddenly realy want to be home in you couch.


I overdosed on edibles a few months ago and this is absolutely it. I went from thinking everyone was going to start a dance brawl à la West Side Story to thinking my life had been an anti-drug PSA that inevitably ended in me jumping through a window that night to thinking I was *the* vessel through whom reality was simulated (concepts, sounds, time, landscapes, religions, cultures) and thought I had now broken down and literally was stuck inside my head in a perpetual 1 second glitch/loop repeating itself over and over again for what seemed like eternity. One of the scariest experiences.


You sure that edible didn’t contain LSD?


I had my doubts too once I started hallucinating. They were my brother’s and I ate six 25mg thinking they were just normal candy (according to the internet, that was past the amount considered an overdose). Once I figured it was not usual candy, I begged my brother to be honest and swear they were just marihuana. He said they were. Apparently all my symptoms correlated with an edibles overdose.


is weed legal in Croatia?


"Cannabis in Croatia is decriminalized for personal use\[1\]\[2\] and legalized for limited medical uses. " [Cannabis in Croatia](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannabis_in_Croatia)


Laws about weed are really dumb here.. It's not illegal to smoke it but it is illegal to own any amout.(Yeah, figure it out). But I assume that it could be legalized in a few years when some other bigger europian countries legalize it.


Nope, smoking or possessing weed is not criminal offence, but it is a felony. If you get caught with it, you will need to go to court and will definitely be fined for it,


posessin for personal use is misdemeanor (felony je kazneno djelo)


We've all been there


Chopper has risen from the dead.


And it looks like he's done himself a mischief!


Neville. Fuckin'. Bartos.


There's no cash here mate. No cash.


Beethoven had his critics too Keithie.... see if you can name 3 of 'em


Checking for this before I made the reference myself. He needs to harden the fuck up.


That dude on the right constantly shoving him is a large diameter dick hole


He just wants the joint back


I got the spins just by watching this. Absolutely horrible memories of trying to keep your shit together in public or at a party when it feels like you're dying, paranoid if everybody know just how close you're to having a panic attack. Fun times with marijuana lmao


Šta smo mi u JNA pušili svi bi umrli da ste probali. Couple of moments later


We croatians loove to mix weed w huge amounts of alcohol, it takes some practice not to "die", he was going head first prolly


There once was a guy way too high but check the moustache on this guy! Took too many hits Should have called it quits. Instead now he thinks he might die.


And probably telling God he won’t try this again if his ass is saved this time


How many people did exactly this in their principals' offices?


Man, happened to me last time I slept under the table for 2 hours. I remember sweating coldly lol.


Dudes a tank, I started getting secondhand drunk dizzies and nausea watching but he surprised me. Thought for sure he was gonna blow


He passed the vibe check. I'd hang out with this guy


He looks like he’s also fighting some indigestion. Maybe a little gas buildup…gotta let those little back-to-back belches out or you’ll definitely have a tummy ache later. A shimmy and shake helps to move around a big dinner. Gotta make room for all those bad decisions.


What a nice observation.


That first puff hit him ...you can see the hesitation then bravado kicked in 😂


Well I guess you haven’t had the pleasure of smoking the Albanian kush that can only be represented and measured on a spectrum ranging from instant heart attack to the best time of your life.


You can see when he got passed the spliff the 2nd time he was like "fuck me that came back round a bit quick"


he's trying to keep it together so hard


Two things; 1) it's puff puff pass. 2) whoever shoving deserves all their bad karma/luck


Instant weed sweats


I once saw a guy on public transport. He took out one very shiny cigarette. Puffed it a few times and he was out. It was a miracle he didn't fall out.


man. dude was holding on for his life not to throw up, ive been there. hope he got the best food and sleep of his life after that


For everyone saying this is weed, I'm pretty sure it's actually a very potent form of tobacco.


This is why you don’t get hammered before you smoke.


“Puff puff pass” exists for reason.


This man became a cartoonish parody of what being high is like, but IRL


This title has a very different meaning if you’re from England


He good.


God damn that is a glorious moustache!


We just watched this man's entire rise and fall


That guy shoving him is fucking annoying


I just love the fact that the set table implies people were actually at some point in the night going to have a proper adult dinner rather than throwing a rager. 😂


This is what happens when you breed two 70s porn mustaches together. Please breed responsibly, people.


Big nose, mustache, and karlovačko - definitely a Croat. He looks like every uncle I have 😂


That Sh*t hit him like a Sledge Hammer. I'm Next! Pass it to ME!


Cheech is really struggling with this one. Self control par excellence. Lol


I want what he’s smoking


Rookie mistake. If you don’t smoke it regularly usually one or two rips will get you where you need to be. Ima bet he ended up in the ER later having a panic attack about manual breathing lol


If you never pissed and threw up at the same time while drunk you not really living


Dude is definitely cross faded. Being cross faded knocks you on your ass sometimes depending on the strain and strength of weed you’re smoking, I wouldn’t say this is taking too much, I would say this is just cross fading the shit out of himself.


Are they listening to some sort of Eastern European Monster Mash remix?


Let the man enjoy his beer and grass in peace ffs.


That's [Goran Žigo](https://youtu.be/ZbBYp3VhEGY) I'd say he's neither unknown nor famous, somewhere in between :D


Ol' Bogart starts blasting off at about the 30sec mark. Pretty wild transformation.


After the 2 puffs, he went on survival mode.


I find it weird that smoking weed and then drinking is a lot less intense and generally more relaxing than drinking and then smoking. I used to get cross faded quite a lot when I used to smoke weed. the throwing up is never fun but that wave of euphoria that runs through you after that first hit is so good lol


Pretty shitty thing to do to someone imo. they clearly got the camera ready just for this purpose, or am I just being cranky today?


Crystal meth + marihuana can potentially increase the all of the effects in a matter of seconds, which also makes it really dangerous, but this could be the case


That Croatian weed just hits different lol.


spins incoming. Been there


This is the kind of non sad af content this sub needs more of


My guy is bulletproof! Bet he went on drinking and drinking till the morning, that's how we do it in Croatia


This is how Disco Elysium started. My guy should have tapped out after the first face towelling but he went back in!


Bro got ZOOTED


Croatian Super Mario needs a pipe to go throw up in


First smoke, then drink - the world gets pink. First drink, then smoke - you get broke.


Homie hit it again when it came back around, he’s a winner in my book.


Wario found out he got cast for the sequel.


We’ve all been there, man’s lucky tho, the moustache and suit add an extra 75 hp/ armour


Is this just weed? Damn, wtf


He probably got drunk beforehand.


Weed and alcohol dont mix Well if you are not used to it.


I’d say he’s a lightweight, and probably drunk AF. I mean he could have ingested be other substances because even lightweights/first timers take a little bit longer than that.


Dotukla ga Đavolja salta. ( The Devil's Lettuce misted his mustache).


ye good ol' be drunk af then puff the first one of the day rollercoaster


I recognize that feeling. I haven’t been smoking for 4 months until last weekend. After a couple of puffs I felt a little dizzy cold sweat heavy head feeling.


This guy just came out the other side tf you mean too much lmao


Johnny white is knocking at his door 😅. In fairness we’ve all been there.. hate that feeling


Once he’s fully faded, he looks like a cousin of Sylvester Stallone.


That looks like Australian Cricket legend, Merv Hughes https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSoaByrdHs5x_KGmHCnbVbLUvr5DXwffPVREg&usqp=CAU


Cross faded


Its a beer drinking mustache


I could wear this man’s mustache as pants.


Karlovacko is really decent beer. I think it's much better than that other beer that's so popular in Croatia.


My man has entered the spin zone.


Isukrsta ti Žigo


Bro drink some water


With every movement you can see it taking hold lol


Weed before alcohol That’s my motto


It's just a Jeffrey


The “nah - no thank you” hand wave 🤣


The number of head shakes to clear the cobwebs. That mustache must be heavy, the way it pulls his eyes down... Lol


Smokin that k2


Oh man I gotta smoke so much to get slightly faded. Not even enjoyable to this point


"Lean back bro, let your lungs air out"


Me every time I have a few beers at the bar and think it's a good idea to hit the J a few times. Give him about 15 and he'll ride through the anxiety lol


Looks like a fucking rockstar. Strapping young Harry Du bois


That was a serious powerpuff


Why? Just wait for it to kick in before you have more!


Woahhh the eye change


It's like his face shape-shifted


Looks like Aaron Rodgers in five years.


Well, that was a whole lot of boring




I’m fascinated by the stash. What makes you look in the mirror and say “yeah, looking good you handsome man you” and walk out in public looking like a fucking walrus


A couple?!? More like a dozen. My guy was going in


What was that fucker smokin. That shit hit him quick.


Guys a real farty panimal