He did it! Crying 😭

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Spielberg pakkana manodi peru 🥹 Kicku raa kicku


Also Luhrmann, Chazelle and Cameron


lets goo..mouli mawa made into the elite list.


నేను ఈగ చూసినప్పటి నుంచి చెప్తున్నాను what a movie


Probably a long shot but imagine Rajamouli actually winning an Oscar for RRR and they play Daredumdara dumdara dum dum (Dosti) when he’s walking up to the stage to take it and speaks in Telugu on stage like Bong Joon-ho did it in Korean in 2019


The ~~Dream.~~ DRRReam.


the dRRReam




Oscar nomination ravali ika mana life lo telugu vadi ga adi oka landmark .


Anna only direction lona inka yemina category loo vachaya nomination lu


Best picture Best foreign language film Best vfx Best song


Aa moddalo Johar pic enduku asalu, first pic was enough


Idc about him but he deserves credit for promoting our films to North audience


Nee frustration naku ardham avthundhi kani online hate chusi karan johar meedha opinion form cheskoku... athanu stars thoney pani chesthadu kani stars kani vallani thokkeyadu... Industry insights, especially business lo, athaniki unnantha unbiased info evari dhaggara undadhu




Can't believe rajamouli got nominated alongside great directors like Steven Spielberg , James Cameron, etc..


Irrespective of what I feel about rrr....i m sooo happy that ss rajamouli garu is reaching new heights. If he does win the award...i think it is his recognition for his efforts of all these years. I do hope he gets nominated for Oscars as well.


5 years ago we had baahubali its not a prediction


He was the one who pushed the promotions in Hindi. Say what you will about Karan, he was the first one in the Hindi belt to really believe in Rajamouli.


Evadra Mani Ratnam, Evadra mani ratnam... !!


Kjo gadentiy, Panakam lo pudakala.


How os James Cameron in this list already?


Ok, why are you crying though?


Bruh I just watched this movie for first time...but it was too cringey and the characters so incredibly one dimensional. I don't understand how it's so popular worldwide.


I’d say Raju (the cop) is pretty layered character, sure Bheem is pretty straightforward but that’s what makes the contrast and the dynamic between them great




Wellcum G


61 downvotes in 4 hours , poddu poduney koti dengaru entra 🤣.


Cool. Have you got a chance to watch Avatar?? Want to know what’s your take on that then. Because if you felt RRR characters are one dimensional you will probably feel Avatar to be lifeless and straight up routine. Might as well start with questioning nomination of James Cameron before coming to SSR then.


Probably he might say it is a blue film /s


Probably I rather say nothing anymore, because not liking this movie and being honest about it clearly triggers people. **It's best movie saaaaar BESTEST I EVER SEEN JI!!**


It's popular because, 1. Movie has soul, two main charecters are extremely likeable and charming. And chemistry between them, their bromance is too good. 2. Movie has outstanding action set pieces. All set peices are well designed, fight are well choreographed and shot well. Basically they scream spectacle and maximizes viewing experience especially if you watch it with a crowd. 3. Movie had good screenplay which make it move from one genre to other so effortlessly and doesn't make 3hrs felt 3hrs. Even songs and dance numbers doesn't feel out of place and forced even for people who never watches movies with songs and dance numbers.


There is honesty in story. The screenplay & editing was so clean. Costumes, music, lead actor’s performance & especially naatu naatu, bromance , backstory of ram everything was soo good..I don’t know how can any sane person find it cringe.


Everything was well pitched..But the last 20 mins is a big misfire..Too lazy and shabby ending..Right from the scene Bheem lifts RamaRaju on his shoulder and escapes from Jail..It's quality dipped ..and then dozen number of foolish scenes followed...unlimited bow and arrow, jumping over huge 50 ft and landing easily like a superman with a minimum 70 kg loaded human on shoulder, instant fracture recovery...Everything was perfect until then


For most people that worked because by that point they don't care, they are too invested in those charecters to care for logics of superhuman feats they do. People want them to kick ass and win and do it in a way which maximizes "spectacle" and they did.


evadiki kavali ra nee opinion


Man trying to lose his karma with his dog shit opinions


I trigger ur fragile little heart by not liking this movie? SORRY SAAAAR 😭


it's template and cliched for sure, but i disagree that it is one dimensional. it is well layered emotionally and the narrative is good. more than anything this movie has one of the best screenplays of the year, the director had command over every frame and he grips the audience's attention and refuses to let go


Fuck off


A guy can't even give his opinion on a movie here. That's the level of craziness in this sub.


He can give his opinion... and other people can give their opinion about his opinion. That's how free speech works. Free speech means "I can say what I want". It does not mean "I can say what I want *and everyone else keep quiet.*"


Learn what reddit downbuttons are actually intended for. They are to be used for comments that are not relevant to the discussion. Not for comments that you don't agree with


Well I thought you were referring to the replies. But wrt downvotes I'm guessing that people feel that someone dissing the movie is irrelevant in a discussion celebrating Rajamouli's achievement.


Anyone who says RRR deserves an Oscar is kidding themselves. Eega was the last Oscar worthy film of Rajamouli.