Everyone's fixated on the exorcism bit, but I'm kinda amused by the fact this guy effectively contributed to two very different movies (the first being obvious, the second being *Apollo 13* ).


He essentially contributed to a third movie, Jurassic Park


How so?


They spared no expense on the Apollo mission


You cheeky cunt 😂


Beyond Merrick


And yet not a single dildo has been sent to the moon


That we know of


Michael Collins was alone for a couple of days


You beat me to it


John Glenn wrote JP after being inspired by his trip to the moon.


There’s… a lot wrong with this


It's okay, the live on the dark side of the moon.


Clever girl


No he’s right John Glenn discovered Dino nuggets on the moon and the rest is history


That's the real conspiracy. Dinosaurs didn't die off, they just moved to the moon. They gave the astronauts dino nuggets to buy their secrecy. Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are just trying to show us all the truth.


…honestly though the moon *could* have dino juice on it, right? Isn’t there a theory that the moon wrecked into the earth or off the earth or somethin at one point?


Long, long before dinosaurs juiced the earth.


Dino's already got fucked by an asteroid and this guy wants to put em on earth when we got whacked by another *planet* size object. Rough.


Almost. Dino nuggets are actually terrible if you aren't a kid. He actually discovered Cocoa Dyno-Bites and was inspired by how much better they are than cocoa pebbles.


I know. The sequels never held up.


Exorcist 3 is a phenomenal movie and I am prepared to die on that hill. As long is the mode of death on said hill does not involve being paralysed with acetylcholine, having all my blood transported into small medical jars, before being decapitated by a set of surgical sheers.


Is that the one set in an asylum with a crucifixion and things running upside down on the ceiling? That one fcuked me up proper


That's the one. Directed by Bill Blatty, writer of the original Exorcist novel, and the follow up "Legion", on which Exorcist 3 is by a large an adaptation of.


Brad Douriff was the fucking bomb in E3. Also THAT scene (you know the one) still has its shock value. Great flick.


The director's cut or extended cut or whatever is garbage. I don't remember what the version was called but all the cut scenes were just slapped in there, no editing or nothing.


There were sequels to Apollo 13?


Hell, there were at least 12 Prequels.


Not exactly. They skipped a few after the first one bombed.


He also once chopped down a cherry tree and said, "All I tell are bald-faced lies.", which is why the bald eagle is named after him.


You should work in a circus. You're great at pulling giant things out of your ass.


And Event Horizon is probably him too


The writers of Indiana Jones gained a lot of inspiration from him as well


Not to mention the countless other Apollo movies


And I guess all the Rocky movies as well.


Only the ones with Apollo.


Apollo Anton Ohno?


And all the stand-up comedy


I think we're burying the lede here, the dude inspired an actual Greek and Roman God.


Like Henry Hill with *Goodfellas* and *My Blue Heaven.*


So you're saying the exorcism worked?


I always wanted to be an exorcist.. So I studied and worked real hard to become an orcist. Then I quit.


Username checks out


I don’t know how he makes or even finds so many relevant jokes haha


He's a professional dad, he doesn't find the jokes, they come from his heart.


The jokes find him


He's got a lot of kids


I read this in Mitch Hedberg’s voice.


I used to read jokes in Mitch’s voice. I still do, but I used to too.


Yeah same. I am a robot who travelled back in time to kill some human. But I quit and now i run a company which kills pests.


As far back as I can remember I always wanted to be an exorcist. Being an exorcist was better than being president the united states.


What's stopping you? The odd hours? The threat of demonic attack? The years of schooling? The required vow of celibacy?


As much as I always wanted to be an exorcist, I always wanted to be a GoodFeather for longer.


Welcome to GoodFeather, home of the GoodFeather!


is this an Animaniacs deep cut reference


Possessed how? Like a priest? I exorcise you? I’m here to fucking exorcise you? How the fuck am I possessed?


No, they're saying Satan helped us get to the moon.


Well he certainly helped with the heat transfer. Edit: And loads of awesome music


Took a few courses in Heat Transfer. Can confirm - it is the work of Satan.


Thermodynamics is a bitch


No, Satan wants us to get to Mars to unleash the hell gates from Doom. It's all part of the plan.


The lost Phobos base...


No, his parents just didn't understand that those tongues he was speaking in were just math.


no, spacetravel is satans work obviously.


Satan wasn't involved. All horror-film theologians know Reagan McNeil was possessed by Pazuzu, the Middle Eastern demon of the winds who protected you from other demons. You know, like the demon of engine failure in zero gravity...but seriously, I always heard that THE EXORCIST was based on the possession of a little *girl.* Who is this possessed lad who grew up to work for NASA?


Just in case you're serious... William Peter Blatty was inspired by the real life case but his novel was fiction, including numerous changes for the invented characters of Regan and the people she interacts with. The boy who inspired the novel was real, the characters within the novel were not.


Well, events purported to be real


He was known as Roland Doe. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exorcism_of_Roland_Doe You may be thinking of the exorcism of Emily Rose which was based on a young German girl I believe.


Yes, he must be thinking of Anneliese Michel. That was the girl's name.




Bonne Nuit


Chances are, it didn't. “On Halloween, we always left the house because he figured someone would come to his residence and know where he lived and never let him have peace,” she said. “He had a terrible life from worry, worry, worry,” she added.


Who is this person? Dr. Suess?


I don't think he was fleeing demons, just teenagers. This was right after his care giving saying he had spent his life worried about being found out as the exorcism kid. I think he was concerned people would discover his identity and come by his house on Halloween for thrills or to harass him.


>"Shortly before his death, a Catholic priest showed up at Hunkeler’s home unexpectedly to perform last rites, said his companion. I have no idea how the Father knew to come..." TBH it sounds like the the Church has been keeping an eye on him..


>said his companion Oh my god they were roommates


Definitely the best of friends.


Lol someone upstairs must've tipped them off... Still though, his companion said he shunned religion and explained it away to her as his misbehavior. But then why would he accept the last rites from a priest? And it sounds like his companion was a believer by saying he was in heaven. I don't think we're getting the whole story.


I agree; some missing details here


They said he died of a stroke. A massive stroke that could kill would leave a person quite paralyzed, I imagine. It might have been against his will. That or the reality of his mortality hit home and he was grasping for anything that will give him a sense of peace


So what you're saying is, the demon wanted to go to the moon.


No. He wanted to let the priest know his mother sucks cocks in hell. He wasn't trying to be mean. Just letting him know she's at least getting protein


And giving pleasure in a selfless act. She'll be in heaven real soon. As St Peter used to say "never enough cocksuckers in paradise"


"The science of flight compels you!"




I actually went to the ER of the hospital in St. Louis it took place at. This was in 2016 and the hospital looked like a time capsule from the 1970s.


do you have pics? sounds super cool


It was just a regular working hospital until like 3 years ago, then they built a new one. The building is still there, and gets used for overflow at times. Although I think they sealed off where it actually happened.


A very outdated one at that. Had some spooky vibes to it.


St. Louisan here. They have definitely sealed off the floor where the exorcism happened. There are still a few elderly priests around to tell the story of the exorcism. It’s crazy for sure.


Legit question, why did they seal it off? Did they seal it off because they think the spirits will "escape?"


"Man who went through childhood trauma launches people off planet"


*Do you want ghosts on the moon? Because this is how you get ghosts on the moon.*


##Moon's Haunted




*cocks shotgun* ***Moon's Haunted.***


There's no doors to slam or chains to rattle on the moon. On Earth; however, ghosts can live out their desires of just being annoying dicks all time.


But only old timey ghosts. The new ghosts are too lazy and only want to spend time on bootube


I thought you only got [Wizards](https://youtu.be/nFIA37nFDog) up there


Boy, they really weren't kidding about Dinklage phoning it in, huh?


Sure, blame the Wizards.


Kinda reminds me of [John W Parsons](https://www.vice.com/en/article/vvbxgm/the-last-of-the-magicians), an occultist in charge the ~~Rocket Propulsion Lap~~ Jet Propulsion Laboratory Edit: I was a bit hasty in posting this


Wernher von Braun had a rumoured similar esoteric background. The American rocket program has some weird roots. Even today you have some strange fellas like the alias Tyler from the book American Cosmic (rumoured to be NASAs Timothy Taylor). These folk all claimed to get knowledge from 'elsewhere'. I guess smart people rationalize their Eureka moments different from us mere peons.


That was extremely common then. It was well-known in golden era Hollywood and actors/actresses would go to seances to speak to dead people they would portray in film. They did whatever they could to keep their success and also practiced withcraft. This is how Nancy Reagan met her psychics and astrologers.


Spiritualism is definitely in the mix but every folklore and religion is in the wider esoteric mix. They channeled aliens, god's, inter-dimensional beings, the dead, dreams, visions and sometimes a mix of all of them lol. Be it the real deal, mental illness, or a method, doctrine or protocol to communicate with your psyche or subconscious, I find it fascinating so many genuises and innovativers credit these sources rather than themselves.


>I guess smart people rationalize their Eureka moments different from us mere peons. That's probably true, but you can't rule out elder gods.


Or the literal demons they thought they were talking to


there's a fantastic episode of The Dollop podcast about Marvel/John/Jack Parsons and his insane adventures with L Ron Hubbard.


Not to mention the series "Strange Angel". Which explores his dealings in the occult as a devotee of Aleister Crowley


It probably would have benefited from being on any other streaming service than Paramount+


There’s tons of good shit on there actually. Since all the streaming services are month to month now, it’s pretty easy to just swap them out when you’re sick of Netflix or hulu or whatever. Just kind of change subscriptions randomly to see new shit.


I also recommend the TV series Lore on Amazon Prime. There is a episode about Parsons in the second season. I don't know if there is one about him on the original podcast by Aaron Mahnke, but I don't think there was.


If you can tolerate the narrator's voice. I got through season 1 but I was cranky AF by the end.


Yea NASA has weird occult ties


Liiiike.... way way more than people think. If you start getting in to mission patches and rocket names....things get really weird and its totally logical some nutters think a malevolent force is at play.


Yea... WWII occultism is an interesting subject. Captain America, Indiana Jones and the like were all inspired by Hitlers obsession with Occult artifacts. Then operation Paperclip brings some of these folks into our scientific establishments. [Also worth noting that Jack Parsons was at one time roommates with L Ron Hubbard.](https://www.vice.com/en/article/vvbxgm/the-last-of-the-magicians)


L Ron Hubbard also took his wife and quite a bit of money from the dude. Jack parsons Wikipedia page is quite a trip


I like checking out the wild artwork and mottos on the mission patches. There are several archives available on the web. There are lots of "illuminati", masonic, and occult references. All seeing eyes, pyramids, chtulu, pentagrams everywhere.


[NROL-39](https://hips.hearstapps.com/pop.h-cdn.co/assets/16/32/980x919/gallery-1470857709-nrol-39-1.jpg?resize=480:*) has to be the best in the "what the hell were you thinking?" category.


Yeah! That one is wild. Reminds me of Danny Casolaro's concept of a global conspiracy group he called "the Octopus."


This is what happens when you have a bunch of young people spitball ideas.


It makes more sense when you take into account the idea that NASA Engineers and Administrators were probably the same kids reading science-fiction stories as kids.


Still are. Designing patches and stuff gets assigned to the young people with some artistic skill, and they go wild with it. The only direction is nothing offensive or negative toward any people or groups. As long as that's met, it'll probably be approved.


> Rocket Propulsion Lap What a coincidence, that's what the dancers in the strip club near my base used to call me.


So it turned out to be extraterrestrial and not paranormal.


Basically the opposite of Signs.




this is one of the most interesting TIL I have read here.


As a man of science I wonder what explanations he would have provided for those occurences later in life


After reading about [skeptics' investigations from the wikipedia article about Roland Doe,](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exorcism_of_Roland_Doe#Investigations_and_explanations) he reminds me a lot of the girls who testified in the witch trials; likely exploiting the supernatural beliefs of adults. Given the likely negative repercussions for doing so, I would be surprised if he publicly admitted to this later in life.


The Vatican reformed it's processes for exorcism in the 70s to essentially say "unless you exhaust every possible human explanation, we're not coming out." As we learn more bout psychology and the brain, it's pretty clear most if not all cases are a mix of mental illness, peer pressure, and exhaustion/dehydration.


They even say as much in The Exorcist. Father Karras initially is hesitant to humor Regan's mother about the possibility of her daughter being possessed.


As someone who was once exorcised as a child and now considers himself a man of science, probably just childhood rambunctiousness poorly handled by mentally unfit parents.


Care to expound on your experience and give some background, etc?


It's 11 pm here. Perfect time for this story


It's pretty benign. I grew up in a Catholic household and, instead of being beaten, grounded, or otherwise punished for my "sins," my parents decided to bring the priest in. He declared I was possessed by Satan and proceeded thusly, I suppose. As a disclaimer I was about 6 years old when this took place, I had just started kindergarten.


Parents in this thread: well? Did the rambunctiousness settle ?


All the apparent problems went away when they no longer lived under a particular roof and the authority of certain people. It couldn't possibly be causation. Science simply cannot explain it.


Not sure that our definitions of benign align.


do you mean to imply that it's... malign?




It's nearly impossible to get approval for an exorcism. What proof did the priest say they had?


OP is most likely lying to fit his narrative. For one he is comparing his exorcist to that of the OPs post who was witnessed by several people and documented. Even if we take a grain of it as truth (as you should) it’s not comparable to OPs experience OPs family doesn’t even sound catholic https://www.reddit.com/r/todayilearned/comments/vr6qpq/til_the_boy_whose_exorcism_was_the_inspiration/ieup17a/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3


There's nothing in that comment to suggest his family isn't Catholic. Because they were alcoholics? *gestures vaguely at Ireland*


a feature length film, oddly enough


Paranoid schizophrenia


[Schizophrenia is often mistaken for demonic possession by Catholics.](https://europepmc.org/backend/ptpmcrender.fcgi?accid=PMC3062860&blobtype=pdf)


My brother (born in the mid 80s) is bipolar and was born with fetal alcohol syndrome. They didn’t know that back then. So he grew up with all these issues with learning and behavior. They got him an exorcist, after therapy didn’t work for years, and the exorcist guy ended up just praying a bunch, not really doing anything. My brother is now on his 3rd prison stint and will be a sex offender when he gets out this time.


That sounds like a terrible situation, sorry your family went through that.


Feel more sorry for the brother and his victims than the family. He didn’t choose to be born with fetal alcohol syndrome and a family that can’t understand so they treat him like a disease instead of a person.


Naa, man. You’re right. To be fair, I don’t know it the education about being pregnant and drinking was common back then. But his mom definitely drank through the pregnancy heavily, because our dad is a piece of shit. All in all, my brother is aware of his illness, but doesn’t want to take the medications.


Hell, they used to advertise Guinness to pregnant women because of its iron content...


Oh yeah children’s health education wasn’t great back then it was also normal for families to have a whole room filled with cigarette smoke while all the kids were running around playing. Nonetheless even if the family doesn’t know the risks and dangers of their behaviors they still did them and your brother was born into it. We are a product of our environment and it can be hard to break out of that perpetual cycle, I’m not surprised you’re brother doesn’t want help/meds. Most of his life I assume authority figures have always been the “bad guy” in his mind


> the exorcist guy ended up just praying a bunch, not really doing anything That's what an exorcism is. There's a ritual for exorcism and they recite that.


My father is an alcoholic and my mom smoked and drank while I was in the womb. Strangely enough, (at least from what I've been told) my mother was told to abort me because I had a cystic hygroma and 90% chance to be born with Down's Syndrome. I turned out fine (genetically speaking) but I feel like the circumstances are similar. I had/have issues that weren't well enough known back then and the church, small-minded as it is, declared me possessed.


And they are usually highly intelligent so even the NASA part fits. But could have just been a kid doing it for the attention (even if they believed it).


The guidelines followed by Catholic exorcists require mental health screening by a licensed professional before proceeding. The rite of major exorcism is not performed without moral certitude of the presence of a malevolent force, normally requiring extraordinary acts of Satan as proof. I.E levitation, identification of objects the human cannot see, physically impossible strength, occult knowledge about the participants the juman could never know, speaking fluently in dead languages, etc.


Anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis is a possibility.


Usually it's just over religious/abusive or unfit parents that demand it be done


Ronald Edwin Hunkeler managed to keep his identity a secret since 1949 😲 That was a good read. I have so many questions that probably no one can answer.


Such as: what do they mean by "29-year-old companion"? How hot was this old man?


If you read the original New York Post article that this article links to, you'll see that they refer to her as his "29-year companion," as in, they had been together for 29 years. The Guardian totally screwed that up.


Hot as hell of course


After that experience dude did everything he could to gtfo of here




Looking at the wiki article seems the kid was brainwashed by his aunt and she planted ideas into his head. Subsequently he acted out for her approval and it simply got out of hand. Kid was too smart for his own good . Then goes on to find a better more productive outlet for his intelligence.


This guy clearly had a thing for stuff that was out of this world huh?


First day at NASA: "You're going to die up there!" (Pees pants.)


I laughed way too hard at this.


I remember finding a detailed investigative story about this guy, and the writer eventually got him on the phone, where he basically admitted it was a hoax. Sorry that I don’t have a link handy. Will try to find it. It was years and years ago.


I remember this too and that the man was pretty alarmed he'd been identified. My impression was he had made it up and the story got too out of control to admit it.


This one? [The Haunted Boy of Cottage City](http://www.strangemag.com/exorcistpage1.html)


That’s it! Thanks!


I skimmed this a few times and can’t find anything about Roland admitting the hoax. Can you give me a more exact quote or is it in another article?


Roland Doe never admitted one way or the other, but the writer concludes, based on the interviews he did with the few people who knew him at the time and the one remaining priest who was an eye witness to the St Louis exorcisms, that it was most likely a hoax.


That's interesting. The eyewitness priest thought it was a hoax or was it stuff he said that ked the interviewer to believe that?


From the article: “When I contacted Halloran by phone, he sounded tired and clearly was not interested in discussing the incident with me. Still, to his credit, he thoughtfully answered every one of my questions. I first asked Halloran if he would go on record as saying whether he thought the boy was possessed or not. “No, I can’t go on record,” he told me. “I never made an absolute statement about the things because I didn’t feel I was qualified. I hadn’t studied the phenomena and that sort of thing. All I did was report the things that I saw and whether I would make a statement one way or another wouldn’t make any difference because I just don’t think I was qualified to do so.” My questions to Halloran a were met with brief, direct responses. “Did the boy speak in any languages other than English?” “Just Latin.” “Did it appear he understood the Latin he was speaking?” “I think he mimicked us.” “Was there any change in the boy’s voice?” “Not really.” “When the boy struck you in the nose, did he exhibit extraordinary strength?” “I don’t know, I never even thought very much about it. It certainly wasn’t [former world boxing champion Mike] Tyson hitting me in the nose or something like that (laughs).” There’s more between the author of the article and Father Halloran, but it’s all similar in that it becomes clear that a lot of the phenomena was either exaggerated or taken at face value without further investigation by the priests at the time.


I mean... that's a given, right? It's a fun concept for horror films, but demon possession isn't real. Never was.


Demonic possession would require the existence of demons. Or the Devil. So… I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of the Devil’s recipe for eggs.


While I'm also a huge fan of the devil's eggs, I gotta say that he's been one-upped by some random southern dude. I recently had the opportunity to try Deep Fried Deviled Eggs. Absolutely unbelievable how good they were.


Holy shit. I have a new life goal.


Not exactly a given as some medical conditions can mimic “demonic possession” (as I mentioned in another comment, Anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis comes to mind) but I agree that it’s a given it wasn’t demonic possession


I’ll try to find the thing I’m referencing.


This is the explanation I wanted, so I will chose it. Thank you.


From the article: “From a Cottage City source I obtained an East Coast address where the Haunted Boy now resides and his current phone number. I called and Rob Doe himself answered. Our conversation was brief and direct and he gruffly spoke to me in a very deep, gravelly voice. He admitted to me that he had grown up in Cottage City and had never lived in Mount Rainier. He stated that he had seen the movie The Exorcist but did not offer his take on the film. He seemed very alarmed that I had contacted him and told me there would be no cooperation on his part whatsoever. He would not confirm that he was the subject of this investigation and firmly stated he did not want me to ever call him back again. His response was typical of someone who did not want to be reminded of some distant embarrassing event from his past.”


I'm not saying there wasn't other evidence that may have lead him to believe it was a hoax, but it's a pretty big leap to assume his embarrassment would lead him to believe the guy was signaling it was a hoax. This is far from the other posts stating the guy admitted it was a hoax.


Imagine having religious zealots as parents and then you grow up to break life as they know it by working for NASA


Now this is really interesting


Of course. The Devil made him do it.


I'm imagining the devil whipping the young boy as he's hunched over a desk studying rocket science. "Idiot boy! You forgot to account for wind resistance! I'm never going to get to the moon at this rate!"


Foolish Lucifer. There is no wind on the moon! No wonder God made him move out of home.


So it worked?


Makes you wonder, what's really on the moon???




I heard they carry harpoons.


Wow. Great share. Thanks


The conspiracy folks who claim NASA is demonic are gonna love this.


They thought they were there for an exorcism, instead they had to help the shape-shifting alien adapt to humanity - and luckily for humanity it turns out the alien is super smart and capable of getting us out into space...


Sold his soul as a child to become a NASA engineer. Science is the devil's Kool aid!!!! /s


*Flavor Aid. /s