TIL A duet sung by Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson remained unfinished because Mercury walked out of the recording. He couldn’t tolerate Jackson bringing his pet llama into the studio

TIL A duet sung by Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson remained unfinished because Mercury walked out of the recording. He couldn’t tolerate Jackson bringing his pet llama into the studio


This sounds like an SNL skit


It’s needs to become one now


I feel like Michael Jackson's entire life could be an SNL skit. Back in the 90s MJ was on the verge of buying Marvel Entertainment for the sole purpose of playing Spider-Man in a live action movie. Imagine a 40 year old Michael Jackson playing a teenager Peter Parker swinging around New York City shooting webs and screaming "HOOOOOO!", "Hee-hee!", and "Shamona!" Moonwalking up the walls and shit


I need a 'What If' episode of this


Unfortunately that universe resulted in the Kang of Pop and was pruned.


Don't blame me, *I* voted for the Kodos of Pop.


I'd watch it


I'd like a recurring game show called "Too Freaky For Freddie?" where celeb contestants try to guess if an outrageous thing/food/outfit/animal accompaniment is just *Too Freaky For Freddie.*


Freaky Freddie. MJ and FM swap bodies.


Who wouldn’t?


right? the guy above almost seems to think that *wouldn't* be super awesome. MJ is the guy who hired the crew from An American Werewolf In London to do his Thriller music video, after all


I'd have watched MJ as an old Miles Morales.


Damnit, we need that movie! It sounds so glorious.


I’m pretty sure I would get in line for that.


I feel like we truly missed out on something beautiful.




Username checks out




I've got a fever and the only prescription is more llama bell


> A contributing factor to the delay from the time it was recorded was Mercury's frustration over Jackson's insistence that his pet llama be allowed to attend recording sessions.[3] According to manager Jim Beach Freddie told him "Can you get me out of here. I'm recording with a llama." Michael wasn't keen on Freddie's recreational drug use during their recording sessions. Mercury returned to London soon after and the track remained unfinished


MJ: That's ignorant


Llama: *Spits*


Freddie: (Snorts a fat line off a midget's butt crack)


NOW we’re talking.


And talking, and talking...


Say what you will, that man knew how to throw a hootenanny. A shindig. A hullabaloo.


A ding-dang of a hoedown, if you will...


**Uh JamONa** ^heehee




Recreational llama use is more strange in a recording studio than recreational drug use is.


I'm sure MJ had a prescription for the llama.


Look, he just didn't have a llama in his childhood. His dad would never allow it.


According to the autopsy he had a prescription for a lot of things.


Stop trying to get my llama high! Well, your llama keeps coming in behind the beat!


I am just picturing Freddie doing huge rails of the Peruvian Martching Powder with the Llama and MJ get all pissed off.


And doing blow with a Peruvian llama is probably like drinking vodka with a Russian: they’re gonna keep going until it’s all gone (not like those cokeheads we all know who are all about moderation).


IIRC Mercury would keep large bowls of coke all over the place for convenience


Being the bleat


I'm curious as to what drugs Freddie was doing in the studio


Odds are? Cocaine.


It was quite the hit at the time. People were standing in lines to get it.


You say Coke, I say cain


You say John, I say Wayne.


Using crack and cocaine, to get high , that's what you say you love.


> "Can you get me out of here. I'm recording with a llama." Michael wasn't keen on Freddie's recreational drug use during their recording sessions. Freddie doing drugs and seeing llamas, I'm not surprised Michael was getting annoyed.


If anything Freddie was likely doing cocaine


Michael brought the hump and Freddie did a bump


and yet drugs killed Michael but not [freddy](https://i.pinimg.com/originals/81/cf/60/81cf60d498574c71dae925fef23feff2.jpg)


Thinking you can use propofol as a sleep aid killed him. If you’ve ever been in an OR and seen the amount of monitoring equipment and other drugs used for general anesthesia it apparent that that’s a drug you don’t fuck around with.


To paraphrase Robin Williams, who had some experience with propofol after an operation, “Using propofol to sleep is like getting chemotherapy because you’re tired of shaving your head”.


From an article about it: > they brought up evidence that Murray ordered more than four gallons of propofol between April and June, which Czeisler said equaled 155,000 milliliters of the drug. An anesthesiologist uses between 20 and 30 milliliters to induce a coma for surgery, he said. So going by 25ml that would be enough for 6200 surgeries. quick edit: I kinda missed the word "induce" there. So yea that number isn't a proper representation. But it still sounds like quite a lot of 'just' getting someone to sleep.


4 GALLONS of Propofol??? That's crazy. I have to show a valid i.d. to get a 12 pack of cold medicine.


You just have to become more rich and famous


No just rich and depressed


A gallon of pcp?!


I understood that reference. RIP Trevor Moore.


I didn’t even know it came in liquid form


Oh, when did she pass? About 4… Oh, 4 years ago? No, 4pm.


>more than four gallons … which Czeisler said equaled 155,000 milliliters I think you mean 15,500 milliliters, or you copied from an article that got it wrong originally. Four gallons = 15,141.65 milliliters.


Candidly, I don't think it matters after the word "gallon" was used. Only two words popped into my head, "holy" and "fuck"


What, I got this gallon of PCP...


So... Do you do PCP a lot then?


Got a gallon.


All these squares make a circle All these squares make a circle All these squares make a circle All these squares make a circle All these squares make a circle


Kami I need you to tell me I can leave the lookout Mr Popo, you can leave the lo- Bitch, don't tell me what to do!


Oh my God, when did that happen? About 4.


I just copied what the article stated and assumed they had it right. I didn't really thought about it. Still, enough for 620 surgeries ordered within 3 months also seems overkill to say the least. It doesn't say he used all of it within that time period, but the fact that he ordered in bulk seems like a pretty giant red flag.


Oh for sure the general message of, “Holy shit that’s a lot of drugs” is spot on.


Tolerance is a bitch


25 ml (250mg) is just a one time induction dose used before intubating a patient and turning on gas. You would definitely need an infusion Im guessing like 150-200 mLs to keep someone asleep for 8-12 hours.


Having had milk of MJ, propofol, for a medical procedure, it isn't something you use to get high. When they put it in my IV, it feels cold in your vein. Blink 1. Nothing. Blink 2. Vision is fuzzy. No more blinks. Having suffered from insomnia all my life and knowing the desperation for sleep, I don't think he took propofol as an addict. There is no feel good high. Not even for a second. There is consciousness one second then oblivion the next. He was stupid to use it as a solution to a problem and his doctor failed him.


A lot of addiction has nothing to do with a high. Sleep medicine addiction sure has nothing to do with highs.


Propofol to sleep is like using heroin as a cough suppressant or meth to lose weight


Propofol was the strangest thing I ever took. Immediate off switch. And coming back "on" was quick too. F*cks with memory though. I remember nothing of what the doctor said post surgery. I don't like it.


Hey, you can't cough if you have respiratory arrest!


MJ had very real difficulty sleeping. It’s the reason he hated going on tours, it messed up his sleep completely. He [talks about it here ](https://youtu.be/FdvLjzLnjDU). Even without the touring though, he had problems.


I don’t doubt his problems with sleep were legitimate, I just don’t think propofol is an appropriate therapy for sleep disturbances, which is borne out by the fact that it literally killed him. Although one might argue that makes it the ultimate sleep drug, but I doubt that’s the kind of sleep Jackson had in mind. Edit: a word


This [piece of news](https://edition.cnn.com/2013/06/21/showbiz/jackson-death-trial/index.html) suggests that 60 days on propofol was taking its toll on MJ


i never knew any of this - what an insane story


Wow that is nuts. 60 days with no REM sleep? I had sleep deprivation psychosis once after a period of 4 days of little sleep. Luckily the effects only lasted a day or two. It was terrible. I can't imagine Mike going through that for weeks.


Years ago I got sick and ended up dehydrated. For about two days I could *not* fall asleep. I had a rolling fever that every time I'd nod off, I'd jolt awake moments after, shivering. I got rather loopy and delusional. I was still living with my parents at the time and my mom brought me to the ER where they gave me an IV to hydrate me. I remember needing to pee really badly, then crashing and finally getting some sleep. But even two days without sleep was messed up. I couldn't imagine it going longer.


We still don't know the purpose of REM sleep. NREM is the true restful sleep that "matters". People with narcolepsy are always tired because they only get REM sleep. It's all vivid dreams, your brain never gets to really "rest" like it does in NREM. They get prescribed GHB (brand name Xyrem) which puts you straight to NREM. This is what Jackson SHOULD have been taking instead. Same result, but much safer.


I had a pretty awful gut flu one time that lasted like 3 days. It was coupled with a 68hr bout of 0 sleep. Like no naps or anything, I think it just was bad for 24hrs and then snowballed. I remember hallucinating when I was brushing my teeth, seeing like a jack the ripper type in a top hat behind me, it was insane. And this was just under 3 days with 0 sleep. I called in to work 2 days both being sick and having 0 sleep. Finally I read somewhere the best way to deal with insomnia if it isn't reoccurring is to do your day as you normally would so you trick your body that it's back to normal, so I went in to work the next day at 7am, made it until about 2pm and went home early that day. It was Friday going in to the weekend. I fell asleep at 2pm and slept until 6pm the next day. Yeah, whenever people tell me problems because of no sleep, I 100% believe them now.


The article states: "Jackson may be the only human ever to go two months without REM sleep, expert says". But people who have suffered from [fatal insomnia](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fatal_insomnia) have gone much longer without sleep.


There are also experimental trials with propofol that have gone on for 3 months in scientific situations with folks who have had a condition. But dunno if they were administering it for that time, or just occasionally nd monitoring them for 3 months. There's also some reports that it can re-organize the brain and have a lasting effect on those with depression, even after it is stopped.. But 60 days straight up on a propofol based cocktail is still high and irresponsible and worse for a doc that should have known better.


I spent all my childhood terrified of quicksand while I should’ve been worried about prions.


Read up on rabies as well.


You too? Oh prions.... why do you haunt us so?


I never realized it was a genetic prions disease. Weird


Yeah that's utter bullshit. There are people with narcolepsy that take GHB every night to sleep. It puts you straight into NREM. No REM sleep happens. Narcoleptics are always tired because they only get REM sleep. So basically always intense vivid dreams and your brain never rests. NREM is the true sleep that leaves you feeling refreshed


Jfc that's terrifying


Yeah these article writers always talk so much crap. "This well known person done something in a worlds first even though all these lesser known people have gone through it hundreds of times."


My friend actually had a patient with that once. What an unbelievable condition.


>Propofol disrupts the normal sleep cycle and offers no REM sleep, yet it leaves a patient feeling refreshed as if they had experienced genuine sleep, according to Czeisler. Now that is fascinating. I would expect that the doctor that prescribed Propofol would have known this....


Maybe if he had been an anesthesiologist, but he was a cardiologist. Had no business at all administering an anesthetic to anyone.


Back when I was a pediatric resident, an anesthesiologist once tried to get me to administer propofol to one of my patients who had intractable migraines. He was supposed to administer it, but he was busy with his other patients and just happened to catch me while I was doing a pre-procedure note. The kiddo was hooked up to machines for monitoring, but I still noped out of that. I did not want to be responsible for messing up an anesthetic administration and putting a child in the ICU.


Apparently it also leaves patients with euphoria and builds tolerance in time. And of course in the case of MJ, you had those extended treatment and side effects of memory loss, hallucinations/hearing voices, paranoia etc. And the doc was mixing Propofol with other drugs, and using it for non-scientific treatment "recreational" in conditions that were not appropriate - with way inadequate monitoring for what is, after all, an anesthetic drug with a narrow range to danger.


Mixing it with benzos and freeking lidocaine.


It doesn't cause sleep, anesthesia is not sleep. So I'm sure constantly drugging himself unconscious whilst experiencing essentially none of the repair and maintenance benefits of sleep had him crazy as hell.


Yeah, apparently at the end he was seeing people that weren't there and super paranoid all the time. People were upset at his condition and it was noticeable that something was wrong.


So I recently had an interesting experience with propofal prior to surgery. I felt it start to take effect but I was still aware. I heard a doctor say "oh shit, there's propofal all over the floor!" I could not move anything yet I could feel that I was not breathing. My chest was not moving at all. I considered that I might die but was surrounded by doctors so I wasn't really worried. I felt them put the breathing tube in but it wasn't uncomfortable or anything like that. I don't remember anything after that. It kind of makes me wonder how aware Michael Jackson was during that. If he wasn't breathing and was still aware then he may have heard the doctor leave the room.


Sleep is a completely inappropriate use of propofol under any circumstances. No reputable doctor would give that, so he doctor shopped until he found one who was willing to prostitute out his medical license.


He had emotional trauma from his childhood and physical pain from severe scalp burns from the explosions catching his hair on fire when he filmed a Pepsi commercial. Also he had vitiligo, when probably lended itself to his body dysmorphia disorder, which was prevalent throughout his adult life given his numerous operations which altered his appearance. He was messed up.


Maybe he wanted to die on purpose


Ahh yes, milk of amnesia


Just having it is nuts. Saw him inject the Propofol, felt my face get fuzzy within seconds, and then woke up like 30 minutes later. I was apparently awake and talking for about 5 minutes before I remember waking up, but my wife said the moment I remember was when it was like a switch flipped and I was really there. Before that I was just like a shell of myself. Sounded and kind of acted like myself, but just wasn't quite there.


Some oral surgeons use a mixture of Propofol, Fentanyl (tiny, tiny amounts), a benzo, and something else I cant remember to induce a partially sedated state. You're body gets number and you get really tired and borderline physically non functional. However, your brain is still awake but mostly unable to record memories. When I worked as a surgical assistant for a bit, myself and the other assistants could just give commands to people and most of the time they would just do it. We'd tell people to go to sleep and they'd go to sleep instantly, same thing to tell people to wake up. For people who spoke two languages we'd try to say commands in both because sometimes they just wouldn't process the english. One person just randomly started spouting how they were cheating on their SO after they woke up. Another time a teenager was being rowdy and wanted to remove their IV and a coworker of mine told them to go to sleep like a mother would and he nodded and went right back to sleep. It'd be a scary way to get the truth out of someone as they would just listen to you and answer.


Your comment made me realize that number (more numb) and number (a numerical unit) are spelled the same.


Comfortably Number.


There’s a reason sodium Pentothal was called the truth serum drug.


Propofol in combination with benzodiazepines, no less.


Just had surgery a few weeks back. In the post op room I was feeling some discomfort and the nurse was like heres some fentanyl to help. Considering the amount of fentanyl to kill someone can basically fit on a pen tip and I got just the right dosage to feel like strong ibuprofen...yeah let the professionals do what they know.


And llamas killed Freddie but not Michael


Now if only it had been a llama that killed Freddie.


This reminds me of how John Lennon would always insist on Yoko being in studio, despite protestations from the other 3 band members


I mean, haven't we all had that homie that insists on bringing his girl everywhere?


Or she shows up even though she was told not to


Nobody likes the drama llama


Looks like the duet was recorded and made available somehow: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkcdSj4qBWU](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkcdSj4qBWU)


It's clearly very lightly produced and the frugal use of music really brings their vocals to the fore, and tbh that's how it should be. Two all-time great vocalists and here we get to hear something new more than three decades on.


To me it sounds like an unfinished track. By that I mean unfinished writing, arranging, and recording. Why would these two who don't hide behind big and loud productions on their own be afraid of that here?


Yea it is. This is a very raw cut. Vocal volumes even seem to be a bit different


Yeah, and their vocal harmonies aren't really in sync. That's what gave it away for me. These were probably the best takes they had so far.


I'm not sure of the actual timing but I believe either this was a test or Freddie ended up releasing a finished version by himself. https://youtu.be/mgKSv0gK_NA


Freddie also initially was supposed to be the one dieting with Mike on State of Shock (which eventually was released with Mick Jagger) There is a rough demo of it available that is pretty great even as unpolished as it is https://youtu.be/ax3FOTiWwz0


TBF, dieting with Mike would be awful. Mercury didn't look like a healthy guy.


It sounds like a 90s Christmas song you’d hear in the mall.




How else are they going to get people in the mood to spend their money at their store? At this point, I think it's some sort of Pavlovian training to subconsciously push people to spend more money while shopping.


Burn it to the ground.


And salt the earth after.


Which is kind of what you’d expect from the guys who made We Are the World and A Kind of Magic. Sappy 80s lyrics about saving the world with the power of love.


According to [Wikipedia](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/There_Must_Be_More_to_Life_Than_This) there were 3 duets. This was written by Freddie Mercury. Another one, probably the one referred to here was called State of Shock


Llama! I just killed a man.


“I do not kill people. That is...that is my LEAST favorite thing to do!”




My stomach had the rumblies that only human hands could satisfy.


Put my gun against his head, then the beast began to shed.


Llama, the song had just begun, but now Freddy’s thrown it all away…


LLAMAAAAAAA! OOOH oooh oooh oooooooh!


It's so beautiful. Should have sent... A poet...


Mercury probably didn’t want the llama to kill him and eat his hands


Caaaaaarlllll, that kills people!


God damn it’s been a long time since I saw a Llama’s with hats reference.


"A llama?!?! He's supposed to be DEAD!!!" -Yzma


Ah yes, the poison, the poison for Kuzco, the poison made specifically to kill Kuzco, Kuzco's poison.


Pull the lever Kronk...Wrong Lever! Why do we even have that lever? I swear to god few movies hold up like the emperor’s new groove


I just watched it with my wife the other day. That movie is hysterical. I hadn't seen it in years. My favorite part is the scene where Kronk takes over the kitchen.


Yes that scene is like everything that’s great about that movie x10.


I heard Eartha Kitt’s voice inside my head as I read this


i once banged with eartha kitt in an airplane bathroom


That reference is streets ahead


It came up organically.


Abed, there are no other timelines!


Yeah... weird.


Tina, You fat lard, Come get some recording studio time


SIng the NOTE. Sing the NOTE. Sing the NOTE.


I once worked on a music video with Michael Jackson and Eddie Murphy. Yes, Eddie Murphy released an album once, with Jackson on one song. It was everything you'd imagine it to be. Jackson insisted on having one of the two chimpanzees he brought with him to the shoot on set (with one of his entourage babysitting it) full time. Murphy didn't care, was mostly concerned with the fact a gigantic pimple had emerged on his chin overnight. He kept picking at it, and it just got bigger and redder until makeup couldn't minimize it any more. It was a lovely 18 hour day for everyone, including the chimp. I believe the album and video sank without a trace.


The video is still on YouTube, if it's indeed Wazupwitchu or whatever it's called. I love that song.


[Whatzupwitu - Eddie Murphy ft. Michael Jackson](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMQ3jwqH_lU)


When Freddie says this is just too much... it's definitely too fu**ing much.


Llamas are cool, interesting, furry creatures. Great to be around. Outdoors. You bring one of those beasts inside, into a deliberately tightly controlled environment like a studio, and things go sideways pretty quick. I'm with Freddy on this one.


I do know that at least one of the studios that MJ used frequently had a separate soundproof room, just for his pet monkey to hang out in while he was recording.


Reminds me of that quote from dude I'm forgetting. Brass bands are all well and good in their proper place: outdoors and several miles away.


They fucking stink. Would not want to be in an i ventilated room with one.


They also spit on you. And the “spit” is actually stomach bile. Source: Been spit on by a llama.


Are you thinking of Alpacas? Because llamas are disgusting, aggressive beasts regardless of where they are.


I will vouch for this. I grew up on a llama farm and even the ones I liked were unruly buttholes that kick and spit if they're annoyed. Except for Johnathan, who let us pet him and was nice to kids. But he would have been way to big to be anywhere indoors. RIP Johnathan.


[Michael Jackson & Freddie Mercury - State Of Shock](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ax3FOTiWwz0)


Recording studios are a naturally hot and sweaty atmosphere. It probably stunk out the place


And mj hated all the coke Freddy brought so he brought the llama


He hated it more when Freddie started feeding coke to the Llama.


Christ that would be crazy


Like beer to a caribou, probably.


So they both had expensive hobbies imported from South America?


So that balanced it out pretty well.


Allegedly, Mercury warned Jackson first, saying "If you don't get that llama out of here, alpaca my bags and leave myself!"


“The door’s right there if you guanaco!”


Ah yes Llama Drama


Tie your llama down


Radio LLA-MA! Radio GOO-GOO!


Wikipedia says llama, but the article it cites says Bubbles the chimp.


You clicked on the wrong citation. Here's the correct one (citation 3): >When the manager asked why, Mercury reportedly said, “Because I’m recording with a llama. Michael’s bringing his pet llama into the studio every day and I’m really not used to it and I’ve had enough and I want to get out.” [https://www.biography.com/news/michael-jackson-freddie-mercury-duets](https://www.biography.com/news/michael-jackson-freddie-mercury-duets)


>I’m really not used to it That's an amazingly generous viewpoint. Like any reasonable person would say "and it's fucking crazy" not "well I'm not used to it".


The llama's name was Bubbles the Chimp. Michael wasn't very good with zoology.


Pet Llama? That’s a really mean way to refer to jermaine.


To be fair he loved MJ and said he was a genius he just had no life sense or sense of reality. The recording studio was also in the middle of a mud pit, and MJ had no concept of smoking or owning an ash tray, so Freddie had to knock his ashes off into a bottle top.


"I gotta be straight with you Mike, that llama is tripping me tf out." "Well, maybe if you stopped putting all that magic fairy dust up your nose all the time we could get this song done, god!"


Interesting to hear where some people draw the line.


The issue might have been resolved except Jackson kept insisting "Louie J, is not my llama"..


The 80’s were so awesome, imagine this happening today with like Beyoncé and Adele, wouldn’t happen, who even owns a llama let alone brings it with them to things, Michael Jackson woke up that day knowing he had to record with Freddie Mercury and was like “I’m going to show him my llama” what a time to be alive


"Llama, just killed a man..."


We were one pet llama away from getting a classic


if Freddie found something too weird, it was really really weird then


The Black Eyed Peas reference this in a song, when they sing “He don’t want no llama. No no llama no no no no llama”


I can feel the radiant sass from here. "There's literally a llama in here like I cannot right now"


That's the most michael jackson thing I have ever read lmao


Llama Mia let me go!


**That wasn't the whole story.** The llama had mud on his face. A big disgrace. And it kept kicking a can all over the place.


and so Freddie decided to beat it