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Now thats fascinating


It blew my mind. It's really interesting what they have to say about it. Apparently they're treated as girls from birth and the condition usually only becomes apparent when they start growing a penis. Then they're treated as boys and it's all seen as pretty standard--if a little unusual. And I thought normal puberty was weird lol.


It's not just in the Dominican Republic. In my genetics class we learned about the same phenomenon in Papua New Guinea. We read the story of a Christian missionary who was sent to proselyte in Papua New Guinea. He spent a couple years there and then returned to his home country. He made another voyage to Papua New Guinea and was awfully surprised to learn that several individuals he had known as little girls were now adult males.


Maybe it's a defense mechanism to the catholic church.


I know a community of kids that adapted albeit in a cultural way . All the kids were told , by successive older children , “don’t ever go fishing with Father Bob”. It was a rule they all followed


if that community was NYC in the 40's-50's, my dad had the same story


Not Catholic to my knowledge, but there was a street in my small hometown that girls knew not to walk down without a male escort (even another kid) because of a pair of brothers who lived there. All the boys knew that if a girl asked to walk with you down that street, to just do it. The cops knew about it and everything, but no legal consequences ever happened, AFAIK. Same energy as the community you mentioned.


I'm confused, are you saying that two boys were prolific rapists and the police did nothing, and nobody went round and beat/murdered them? If i didn't misunderstand, and that was the situation; was there any reason they didn't suffer any consequences? Like a powerful parent or something? Or is rape just normal there? Also, what country is this? I don't doubt the story, I'm just curious.


Two men, not boys. Rural (quite rural) America, and this was a few decades ago. Okay, I didn't live in town, so I never got the full story. That was the impression that I got, though, because what else could the implication be? All the kids knew not to let girls walk alone by there, though. There was some sort of developmental disability that they had - rumor mill said they got ahold of a teenager but thought they were dating and got off lightly because of their mental differences. They were known as "the ret*rd brothers", if that helps at all. No idea why no one dished out some vigilante justice on them, though. I was a kid, no one told me any details. It was all couched in innuendo and meaningful looks. It's possible that the alleged victim(s) didn't want to come forward? Something similar happened to me when I was a kid (not these dudes, though) and I never told in a timely fashion because I saw how victim-blamey everyone was/is. Maybe the rumor was only a rumor, and the townsfolk just thought they were weird and wanted to keep their kids away from all that. Maybe it was true and no one wanted to be the one to beat up a mentally disabled person. Oh, and almost everyone who lived in town was related to each other in one way or another, so it's possible that they were connected somehow. Either way, everyone knew to go around an extra block or to go with an escort. I don't mind the questions, it's actually getting me to try and deconstruct some of this. Because yeah, it's weird AF, now that I'm typing it out, but growing up around it, and it's just common knowledge, it seemed normal.


They're equal opportunity abusers: https://www.thedailybeast.com/nuns-raped-girls-with-crucifixes-as-female-pedophilia-was-covered-up-by-the-church


What…… the fuck


Wait'll you read about the murdered babies buried by the hundreds in convents around the world to cover up pregnancies of young nuns.


But wait, there's more! Read up on the growing thousands of indigenous children buried by Christian churches all around Canada! Coming soon to a country near you!


Not just Canada! The United States is in on it too, and you won't believe the mass Graves we've found!


You'll be just tickled pink when I inform you about the Conquistadors less than enthusiastic response to the Aztec's heathenism in South America!


Kinda seems like wherever colonization occurred the colonists were automatically enrolled in a contest to see who could commit the most awful atrocities against the indigenous population


My MIL is Filipino and went to Catholic school in Manila...she told tales of babies buried below the school😱


...And the incinerated ones


People should listen to what the catholic church says more closely. They've been saying satanists have been doing this for decades, but it turns out they were just projecting.


Considering they're the ones that believe in Satan in the first place, it makes sense


Look at me. Look at me. I am Satan now.


If Satan were real who would he bother tempting more: Boring Atheists and Satanists who are going to hell already? Or Christians that he can corrupt and pull from the Flock in a mockery of God? In both situations: Religion is real or not: we can expect Christians to have the hardest time with sin.


Watch the film The Magdalene Sisters. The Catholic Church is renowned for its abuse of vulnerable girls in some countries.


*the catholic church is renowned for its abuse


The girls were just possessions


hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and hide yo husband to, cuz they rapin' everybody out there.


Why am I not surprised…….


Probably because of the hundreds of thousands victims of systematic abuse and coverups Over hundreds of years in every jurisdiction they are active in


I mean after the Magdalene Laundries in Ireland nothing evil the Catholic Church does can truly shock me anymore.


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I just wanna put this where it's visible because I think it's a great addition to the OP's fact. Guevadoces literally means 'testicles at twelve' in Spanish!


I learned about this too in my human sexuality class in college. Back then they called this condition “penis at 12”.


That sounds like a lunch date on a Google calendar.


ohshit that reminds me....


That's what it's called in the article too.


What I'm still confused about is this: They are born genetically male, with XY chromosomes. Normally males develop their genitalia from DHT (dihydrotestosterone) which is made from testosterone. These boys are XY and produce testosterone, but do NOT produce DHT because they lack the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase, that is critical in converting testosterone to DHT. Without the enzyme to create DHT, they develope as girls before puberty. From what I've read, at the onset of puberty (for these boys, usually 12 years; hence *doces* in *guevedoces*) they, like regular boys, experience huge increases in the amount of testosterone created. Apparently this triggers the development of male characteristics, which makes sense. EXCEPT, if the development of a penis and testes depends on the presence of the enzyme to convert testosterone *into* DHT, how does an increase in testosterone cause these to develop? I.E., at puberty they begin making more testosterone like all males in puberty, but if they lack the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme to convert it to DHT, *HOW* do they develop a penis and the testes??


Both T and DHT act at the same receptor, but DHT "activates" that receptor much more strongly. In fetal tissue, T is not strong enough to trigger development of external genitalia, given the fetal concentration of these receptors. But at puberty T increases dramatically along with the receptors, so now it IS enough. Also, they always have testes and a phallus! Their testes are internal because they don't develop a scrotum as a fetus. At puberty, T induces the scrotum to develop and allow the testes to externalize, and the phallus grows into what we'd now call a penis.


This study helps to answer your question. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0303720702003684?via%3Dihub


Perfect, that's exactly what I was looking for Thanks!


I think the title is misleading about vaginas and penises. These people were ALWAYS boys biologically but were mistaken as girls at a young age because of their vagina. But these were not real vaginas. They don’t have uteruses and will never grow breasts or be able to have children. It’s important to note that female is the “default” template for humans. Meaning if you don’t mess with an embryo with hormones or triggers they will naturally developed into girls. Even normal male babies had a “vagina” too but they fuse and turn into a penis much earlier in the womb.


You're right. One caveat: if any of them were androgen insensitive at puberty, they would grow breasts and wider hips. Males who are completely androgen insensitive grow vagina-appearing genitalia but can't have children.


It didn't say they lacked the enzyme, but that they were deficient in the enzyme. So, not enough in the womb to cause development of the penis and testes. But with the huge surge of testosterone at puberty, enough shit is created, even with deficient enzyme, to cause the penis and testes to develop. Also, dht is a more potent form of testosterone, but enough testosterone by itself may also cause the penis and testes to develop.


They already have testes, which is where most of that testosterone is coming from


Just seems like something that shouldn't be possible


Mutations are a fundamental part of the evolutionary process. 99.99% of mutations will serve no obvious or useful purpose but a small number will make all the difference if the environment changes.


Agreed: [Here's part of documentary on it.](https://vimeo.com/145344626)


So interesting! I love how they named him "Johnny" afterwards.


Definitely one of the better submissions, yes.


Yeah this makes total sense once I read it but if you told it to me on the street I'd be really skeptical


You’d seriously be skeptical if a stranger came up to you on the street and told you there’s a small community in the Dominicans where boys are born with vaginas that become penises during puberty? The fuck is up with you?


I would be like “Look I’m not interested in this Q Anon stuff”


Where We Go One We Grow Balls


Is there a vaccine for that?




“They’re turning the freakin’ frogs gay!” 🏳️‍🌈 🐸


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Hmmm something that doesn't happen in 99.999% of the rest of the world? No need to be skeptical, I'll just believe everything this rando says -this guys motto


Well it depends. Did you read it from some “scientific” magazine, be skeptical. See it on YouTube, then you know it’s the truth. Little known fact, the V in YouTube stands for verified info.


I make claims on my channel-> YouTube gives me money -> Therefore I get paid for my scientific output -> I am a scientist -> I can use myself as a source -> I unlocked the universe's command box.


Not joking, serious question, are they tiny, or like they sprout full grown penises?


To you and /u/mewashere1: They're fully formed, fully grown penises. Well, as fully grown as a 12-year-old is likely to be lol. The clitoris enlarges and incorporates the urethra like it does in the womb, some parts of the vagina fuse into a scrotum, and the testes drop into it just like usually happens. It's just all this happens a decade and change later than it does for other men.




Can you imagine growing up with a vagina and then you start growing a pair of balls? I’d freak out man


Dad: Grow a pair. Daughter: Aight.


"taint hard to do"


I think I’d prefer that over growing up with a penis and having it fall off at puberty I guess


oh god, yeah. that would be a huge mindfuck


Still seems less freaky than having what seems to be a deadly medical emergency out of the blue, which is what a period seems to be. And even if males already have the scrotum going into puberty, it's pretty wild how the limp, squishy penis now occasionally stiffens and multiplies in size, ready to jettison some mysterious white goo. Puberty is a hell of a thing for anyone, really.


> Still seems less freaky than having what seems to be a deadly medical emergency out of the blue, which is what a period seems to be. Reason 10 000 for having proper sex ed, including for men, they might after all become fathers of a daughter one day (or be close to a woman in general).


>it's pretty wild how the limp, squishy penis now occasionally stiffens and multiplies in size, But that does start at puberty, even little kids get erections...they just don't become fun til puberty.


I remember playing with my dick before puberty and enjoying it, don’t think it’s just after puberty.


Yup. I remember learning to masturbate before anything started coming out. I was very annoyed at how much of a mess it started making.


Phrasing dawg


I was in for a surprise when my newborn boy had a stiffy when I changed his diaper.


Delayed because humans currently form those organs in the womb but if the population of these guys continue to grow and it doesn't hinder reproduction you could say it will be a natural part of their development process. Makes a case as for what would constitute species separating into other species since this is a huge genetic alteration.


It would probably only start to be a species question if it made reproduction with people who don't have those traits less successful.


So you’re saying redditors are their own species?




Speciation is a trickier topic in science than it may seem. In short, no this would not constitute a new species by any margin because the most common determinant of a separate species is if variants can create viable offspring or not. This isn't even that weird in nature; many species have different types of males. [Coho salmon](https://www.fws.gov/fisheries/freshwater-fish-of-america/coho_salmon.html) are a charismatic example of differential development in males.


But that isn't a hard rule either. Lynx and Bobcats can reproduce. Brown Bears and Polar Bears can. And they're viable offspring, unlike mules and ligers.


Thank you for elaborating, the article had me puzzled at what the transformation looked like. Edit: wording.


I feel like that would be scary as fuck to happen when you go through puberty like yo, if I had a vagina for my whole life as a child, and then as I got older it started morphing into a dick and balls, I would be very frightened, are they educated about it as kids so they know not to worry? And also dumb question: but does it hurt? Considering it usually happens in the womb, it’s crazy to me to think about it happening at such a later time


Given it's a known phenomenon in their community it's probably a lot less scary than this happening to someone else. As long as a child hasn't been separated from the community, or knowledge of this phenomenon erased by more standardized medical training failing to make room for local knowledge.


The article does say that one person was teased in school when it started happening to him. So my guess is that it's still uncommon and maybe not known by everyone in that community. Although this could also just be another example of children being assholes.


I wonder how long it takes for the change to fully take place. Like are we talking a couple months of growing a penis and testicles or a couple years?


I also wonder is it really a vagina or does it just externally appear to be one? I would think if they are biologically male they don’t actually have a vagina, uterus, and Fallopian tubes. The external genitalia probably just appear to be vulva like. So in other words just extremely underdeveloped penis and scrotum.


It only externally appears like female genitalia. There is a vagina but it is shallow. All the regular boy bits like testes and prostate are where they normally are for prepubescent boys.


>incorporates the urethra Are u suggesting urethras migrate?


The clitoris could grip it by the husk.


It's not a question of where he grips it, it's a simple question of weight ratios.


A 5oz clitoris could not carry a 1 pound penis


The only diagram I found skipped that part. The urethra goes from being at the base of the developing penis to the end of the penis. I have no idea how it gets there.


I feel like we are getting close to some people learning women don't pee from their vaginas.


Does it hurt?


Is there some sort of animation or such on this process and the timeline of it?


How does that work though? How long does this process take? Wouldn’t it be painful?


How long does this take to happen?


Well, "doce" does mean 12. ... are they on Metric or Imperial?


They’re notoriously huge. They say if the night is quiet you can hear them falling.




I have the same question. I'd have to assume normal. These genetics wouldn't be passed on if they had isssues reproducing. But this in itself is fascinating. So many questions!


This is the most interesting thing I've read in quite some time!


Me too. Once I read the article it all made sense. But holy crap, I still can’t believe this sort of thing is real. I think I’d freak out if I lived half my life childhood as a female and then all of a sudden my body was like, “Whoop. Just kidding. You’re a dude now. Here’s a peen and some balls.”


Learned about this in a college human sexuality class. Also learned about a practice in American hospitals where there is a normalcy of genital test and if a baby is born with abnormal genitals they where routinely surgically altered to fit the norm. Several children across the states then at puberty discover that the doctors got it wrong when the boys began developing breasts and girls started growing beards. Think it led to many lawsuits and the practice being stopped but not everywhere. Its been along time since the class though anyone know of it? What i found most disturbing was the parents weren’t even consulted about the surgery and it was just done and not even discussed.


It still happens in Finland, some of those babies have now grown up and are speaking about it in public. But a big portion of them also are happy it happened, since they never had to think about their sex and gender during their lives. Tha unlucky cases are very sad, though


>But a big portion of them also are happy it happened, since they never had to think about their sex and gender during their lives. "I'm very happy that the doctor who guessed my gender at birth got it right."


It's so sad to hear about the children who are 'corrected.' I remember reading a comment from an intersex redditor. When he was born, the doctor basically told his mom to pick a gender because he could go either way. His mom had always wanted a girl, so that's what she picked. The resulting surgery and 'medication' he was given to make him develop as if female caused him serious life-long health problems. And then as he got older, it became more and more apparent that he identified as male.


There's a *very thin* silver lining, to realize your feelings were right all your life, because the doctor made a mistake.


Still happens frequently to intersex individuals or even non-intersex XX or XY individuals with ambiguous genitalia, and almost always without the parent’s knowledge or consent. That’s partially why the “assigned gender at birth (AMAB/AFAB)” terminology was adopted.


This is exactly what happened to a childhood friend of mine. She was born with indeterminately gendered sex organs, and the doctors just chose “boy” without even consulting her parents. It was very very much the wrong choice for her and growing up “male” was like torture for her. Luckily, she was able to transition in college. When she went through the process and her parents found out what had happened they went BALLISTIC.


It still wildly done. When states pass "no gender confirmation surgery under 18" anti-trans laws (something that never happens anyways) they always carve out an exception at birth to "correct" intersex people and circumcision. Because it's a tragedy if a 17 year old decides what to do with their genitals but a-ok for their parents to hack them up as they please at birth.


these laws are funny and sad because they carve out an exemption for the only group of people it would affect, so its a lot of nothing that’s designed to hurt everyone.


Plus the hoops to jump through once you decide to actually correct the issue after doctors make that decision at birth. Source: Today is the day for me


This is still a huge ongoing issue in nearly every country, the mutilation of intersex infants is harrowing and happens far to often. In the US the intersex community has been fighting to get it banned with little success for over two decades now


Intersex kids are screwed over by traditionalist views so often. :/


Goddamn that's dark. Kinda messing with me on the inside




[Not exactly safe for work, but not illegal either (it's a drawing)](https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQWI_HVyJ72ytZZUlAWlS5qkagfCtOtgUhyrA&usqp=CAU)


I can wrap my head around all that diagram to make sense of it, except for phase 4-5. How on earth did the urethra *poof* into the clitoros-turned-penis




This is the only thing that boggles my mind about this. I see in the diagram that the urethra is moving forward but to get so far down the penis is crazy by itself, not to mention, does it slowly move down the bottom of the penis or do they stop being able to pee? Does a second urethra form in the penis before the first closes, or does it split? Thus diagram really doesn't show enough.


This diagram doesn’t illustrate how the change discussed in the article happens, it’s a scale of degree of hermaphroditism that some people have permanently. There’s a uterus in these pictures because these drawings are for genetic females (XX) who, somewhere along development, produced more DHT than estrogen and developed external male genitalia. The guevedoces wouldn’t have a uterus and ovaries if they are genetic males (XY) Edit: it may well be that this is what the change looks like, just saying that that’s now what the diagram was intended to show


But why is there a uterus?


[Where's the fetus gonna gestate? You gonna keep it in a box?!](https://youtu.be/vAc5JqcBPK8)


Here! I've got an idea. Suppose you agree that he can't actually have babies, not having a womb, which is nobody's fault, not even the Romans', but that he can have the *right* to have babies.


What's the point of fighting for his right to have babies if he can't have babies!?


It looks like testicles form, but how?! This is fascinating


Ovaries are protected nuts. So they were just sitting where the ovaries would be, I bet, and then dropped.


Yes, undescended testicles is a known thing, but you usually know because you have a penis, and a missing testicle. Or two.






They don’t have hair loss?


The article linked by OP mentions that this group of men is what led to the development of finasteride.


Yeah, that's caused by dihydrotestosterone


Primary source: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/4432067/


I found pictures here : http://www.lgbt-news.com/2018/08/?m=1 (I guess it's nsfw)


this is easily the most fascinating and unbiased read ive seen on reddit in a long time.


that would be a trip to go through puberty and watch as a penis magically appears and grows.


Puts me in mind of Jack Black learning how to penis in Jumanji.


Yeah I went through puberty 18 years ago and I'm still waiting for it to grow.


Wild. The part where the article discusses that sexual orientation seems to be genetically decided in the womb also fascinated me. This type of post is why I read reddit. Thanks for sharing


This is why global warming is so dangerous; a few degrees warmer in the womb and we might all end up male. Or maybe that's crocodiles.


Seas turtles


Both, actually.


Crocodiles' sex is affected by temperature of the eggs where they're buried.


We’re a bunch of gay cunts up here in Australia.


We might all end up as crocodiles‽


Not quite, they didn't say orientation is "genetically" decided, only that the hormone levels while in the womb were strong indicators. This is an important distinction, as genetics are not the only thing that affects hormone levels.


We're woefully behind the curve on our understanding or hormones.


We're amazingly accelerating at learning about everything. If you think About how little we knew 100 years ago - just how much we've learned in the last 5 to 10 is amazing It gives me so much hope for the next 20!


If you're a dude, the crease on your balls used to be a vagina. Feel free to use yourself as a reference.


*vulva but yes!


I'll be right back, gotta go do some science


>Imperato-McGinley's thorough medical investigations showed that in most cases their new, male equipment seems to work fine and that most Guevedoces live out their lives as men, though some go through an operation and remain female. It's weird how there's good evidence that a portion of the guevedoces are transfeminine and just buried it in the middle of the article; all while marveling at the transmasc nature of the boys.


This statement in the end of the article is most interesting: A final interesting observation that Imperato-McGinley made was that these boys, despite being brought up as girls, almost all showed strong heterosexual preferences. She concluded in her seminal paper that hormones in the womb matter more than rearing when it comes to your sexual orientation. This is still a controversial topic and one I explore later in the film when I meet Mati, who decided from the earliest age that though "he" looked like a boy, Mati was really a girl.


Best TIL in years. Really fascinating


Woah you mean better than the 30 "TIL someone who worked on a film was also on another film and this is how they got into films" posts a day?


It's known as 5α-Reductase 2 deficiency, it's a genetic disorder caused by genetic mutation. Simply put it's a delayed fusing of the vagina and development of the penis that usually occurs within the womb. Except like some others have said it isn't like the kids actually have a vagina, they instead have what is effectively tiny underdeveloped genitalia within a vulva that at the onset of puberty grows out from the vulva into a penis and scrotum. Those born with this deficiency tend to have underdeveloped genitalia later in life, experience low testosterone levels, and are infertile.


Small consolation but at least they won’t ever go bald


I love telling my wife interesting "facts". Like the word bungalow comes from houses where they ran out of bricks and the builder said "just bung a low roof on it". Or that otters are actually just wet badgers. One of my classic facts was that boys penises pop out when they turn 12 and they go through puberty. Cannot believe one of my facts is actually true.


Swans can be gay




Penguins can be necrophiliacs. Technically. It's assumed more that they're dumb and get enticed whenever a female (or male) penguin happens to die and fall over into a breeding position; rather than actually being necrophiliacs.


Most animals can be it turns out


And can die from loneliness/missing their partner


See, I didn't know where you were going with this at first, and I almost believed those first two facts. Dammit


I read this as guavacados and now I'm wondering what guava and avocado mixed together tastes like


It tastes like vagina penis




I used to date a midwife and she called the big tear that can occur during child birth as a vaganus.


People say clean penis tastes like avocado


There's a fantastic Pulitzer winning (fiction) book called "Middlesex" by Jeffrey Eugenides that is about a person growing up with 5-alpha reductase. The audiobook is next level.


This is absolutely fascinating. I can't believe I'm just learning about this.


>"I never liked to dress as a girl and when they bought me toys for girls I never bothered playing with them - when I saw a group of boys I would stop to play ball with them." This reminds me of how, in the 1900s, they would raise boys with no penis as girls (malformed at birth, botched circumcision, w/e), and it was believed that they would simply grow up as women, but it turns out that nearly all of them exhibited severe gender dysphoria, mental illness, and suicide. These kinds of incidents kind of hammer home the reality of trans people's identities - it's not someone who feels a bit girly or tomboyish, it's someone who's brain is *literally* built for a different body.


My dad was the one I asked what a ttansgendered person was (he was an obgyn in the DR and he was super smart so I always went to him) and he said it's a person whose brain doesn't match their body. Now when I goggled it it was all about the sex organs not matching and that's the wrong way to look at it. It's not about the bits between their legs it's their brain. I liked my dad's explanation better. This is not a psych thing this is physiological, opposite gendered brain in someone's body.


There is a novel by Jeffrey Eugenides called Middlesex about a person who has this :)


Wow- such a fascinating story. Thank you for sharing- I learned something new today!


Holy shit. So it’s like coming of age for them to get their dicks? That’s insane.


Reading the article, the title appears to be misleading. None of the children are born with a vagina, rather their scrotum and penis are very small an under developed making it look like a vulva. But there is no vagina (ie. an inward elastic canal), and it does not "fuse" as the title says. According to the article, the penis and scrotum are simply underdeveloped, and only develop sufficiently to be distinguishable from a vulva with the hit of testosterone at puberty. \*edit: After reading other sources, it seems there can be a 'pseudo-vagina' (ie. a small cavity that does not lead to a cervix or uterus) in *some* cases of 5-alpha-reductase deficiency, and some tissue fusion happens at puberty, though this article doesn't make any of it clear.


https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/pharmacology-toxicology-and-pharmaceutical-science/pseudohermaphroditism >As newborns, Guevedoces have normal sex accessory ducts and seminal vesicles and no müllerian duct tissues, but their external genitalia appear female, and they are thought to be females. Their genital tubercle is small and clitoris-like. Their labia majora are partially fused and the urogenital sinus ends in a short, blind vaginal pouch. Their urethra opens to the outside through an opening near the vagina. >After being raised as girls, Guevedoces become masculinized at the time of puberty. Their clitoris grows to penis size and they begin to have erections. Their testes descend into their labia majora, which now fuse to become a scrotum. Spermatogenesis ensues and they can ejaculate because their prostate gland enlarges and sperm can be produced. It appears the condition can present in different ways though. There are those that only appear to have underdeveloped male genitalia as well. But in this context they'd probably not be considered Guevedoces in that case. I'm assuming this basically means we're selecting for the most extreme cases rather than simply every or even the typical case of 5 alpha reductase deficiency.


After going down the rabbit hole of medical studies, it seems that there is a spectrum of how 5-alpha-reductase deficiency cases present, going from micropenis to these cases of 'pseudo-vaginas'. Maybe guevedoces are specifically the cases where this is more extreme.


How is this notated in their birth certificate? Is it corrected at a later date?


They just strike out it out ~~FE~~MALE


Iron Male


My mind is actually blown. Nature is crazy


This occurs in remote areas of Peru too, in the Andes Mountains.


Life, uh, finds a way.


Wonder if this is actually more common then it appears. Articles i read on it mentioned that in countries like the US children born (like i mentioned already) without a clear normal genitalia are usually operated on and made “normal” and sometimes the Doctors get it wrong


I truly learned something new lol


Is this where old Greg came from?


yes sir, thank you sir


Should also mention that they observed these genetic males never went bald due to a lack of a hormone, DHT. This led to the most popular anti-baldness drug, propecia, being developed.