Absolutely, I am down to play him at the 9 and just spam crosses since we are ineffective in the buildup without Mora or Niezgoda


Spam crosses? Nah we’re just gonna play it back and forth across the 18 waiting for the perfect spot to cross, until we accidentally kick it out of bounds


When they played it over top of the backline, he did really well to get on the end of it. Maurice Edu was like "why is this center back the team's biggest goal scoring threat" haha amazing way to compliment a player and roast the timbers all at once


That line got me too, an amazing piece of color commentary


+1 for this


It's embarrassing our defender is our top scorer


I think he’s got it in him, let’s put McGraw in and roll those dice


Fuck it, why not. I'm sure he can't go 90 in that role because he'll come back to play defense, but who the hell cares


Seems like he would be a good box to box CM to me.


Initially he was rostered as a combo CB/CDM but seems to have been nudged back into the backline more permanently as he's grown. But you're certainly seeing what the team saw when he was brought in.


That’s right - i had forgotten that. He is quite strong and I would think it would take some doing for him to get in the type of shape it would require for him to play a midfield role. He’s just so talented though.


For sure. I think the issue for our roster comp is that just so happens to be a very deep portion of the roster already, finding minutes would be tough as currently constructed.


Id say play him in midfield but that also seems like a good way to get him sent off. Guys kinda a loose cannon when the plays not if front of him.