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It was refreshing seeing a striker crash towards the goal.


Watching the goals again today it was a strong run from him pulled 2 defenders and left Blanco the space for his solo goal


Well, I agree with you in the title, but notsomuch the reasoning. Scores a brace in his debut. Yes. Keep a hot striker starting. Give them minutes. If they keep scoring, you keep starting them. Easy decision. But we don't see practice everyday and that is really where starters are decided (typically). If Niezgoda (or Mora when either/both are healthy) is performing extremely well in practice, I don't think you choose the young striker to start unless he is still streaking. Obviously, whoever produces in games should start though regardless of pay/DP status, so being better in practice sessions only takes you so far...


Not to mention, the logic here ("Fogaça scored!") is a bit off as well in that Niezgoda just scored in his last start, also on a high-effort goal in which he had to work to get the shot off. In practice, I think we do see Fogaça keep starting with Niezgoda back to being that option that can keep opponents off balance with a different playstyle and skillset. He has traditionally worked best at that role anyway, and there's no shame in scoring "more than your fair share of goals" as a sub.


Yeah but we probably won't be keeping around a dp striker as a sub, especially when mora is back.


Nathan should absolutely start next game. 1. He made himself available offensively and didn't just hang on the back shoulder of his defender. 2. hustled defensively, pressed, and broke up some build out of the back for SKC. 3. Put the ball in the freaking net.


It’s clear that Nathan just fits the Timbers system better. You can already see the chemistry between him, Williamson, and Blanco. The fact that he moved around so much took pressure off of everyone else and allowed them to make some plays. Neo will be great again in a system that compliments his style of play. That’s just not the Timbers. My guess is we will see alot of Mora and Nathan sharing minutes with the occasional Ikoba/Neo rotated in. I think the Timbers have found a great option in Nathan and hopefully that will empower them to make some big moves come summer transfer window to free up some money and add depth to other spots in our roster.


Williamson had a great game!


at least next game, yes. if someone’s hot keep them on the pitch


Yeah, I don't know if the kid has long term MLS potential, but his runs are more energetic and fitting the passing of our mids. I like Goda, and overall he's probably a better player, but he doesn't seem to fit with the team right now.


I'm just saying - strikers tend to start really well for us and then trail off after a run of games, so don't turn on this kid when he fails to be a consistent goal machine down the line Very happy to see him take his chance in MLS so well!


Considering he’s one of only two healthy strikers on the squad and they both made their MLS debut yesterday… yeah. That’s not a tough call. Once Niezgoda or Mora get healthy again we can revisit the matter.


Part of me wonders if Gio and company even watched Niezgoda play before signing him for this team. He's a fantastic striker with a lot of quality that likely cannot succeed in this system without reinventing his play style. He thrives off good, clear chances and quality service, two things we've had for exactly one game this season. We've never been able to make a striker like him succeed, and we shouldn't have spent the money we did on someone like him if we aren't going to adjust our playing style to suit his qualities.


I think bringing him in was a conscious decision to be completely different than Mora. Having two drastically different possible play styles allows you to be flexible and change based on your opponent. Of course that requires everyone to stay healthy and not be shit human beings so you have your full squad available to make those changes.


The issue I see is that we generally lack the service Niezgoda thrives on. He's not the kind of player who contributes heavily to the build up play, and it's detracts from his goal scoring when he does. He doesn't make the runs out creators seem to want, and we don't have a real playmaker to support him like we would have with Valeri.


We did last year though. Not much has changed other than injuries and Polo. Valeri's minutes were so small, that he doesn't really come into play here. I think they attempted to have two very different play styles. It's just next to impossible to keep that viable for long periods of time. Great idea, just not very feasible IMO.


I'd rather see Fogaça start *with* Niezgoda. From the games we've seen from both players (admittedly not a whole lot as both players haven't had a ton of minutes with us) Fogaça is more of a true 9, while Niezgoda is more of a false 9, preferring to make a pass or supporting run. If we pair the two up top, that could be dangerous.


I completely agree! I don't give a crap about DP pay, Neo hasn't been getting it done or showing the ability to do so. Start the players that want to be out there and trying.


Fogaça has some similar qualities to Brian Fernandez. Brian was always putting pressure on the back line and drew defenders constantly, leaving tons of space for Blanco and Valeri to just run wild. Fogaça did lot's of that last vs SKC! Constantly running at the backline as they tried to play out the back. Blanco had decent space for his second goal because Nathan accelerated his run and drew some defenders, leaving Blanco with just enough space to take that shot. Watching Niezgoda this year has honestly been frustrating. If the ball does not land on his feet in front of goal, then you wont get much out of him. It just became highly predictable and easy for the opposing teams to defend.