Source is one of the reporters/producers for TyCSports, which is like Argentinean ESPN, so fairly reliable.


Ok now I am going to get my hopes all the way up and start watching highlights.


We can never have too many Argentinians!


Especially when we currently have ZERO Argentinians.


I think this kid could be special! Some of the composure and skills he showed in the highlights I watched had me really impressed; within a minute I was sold. This is very exciting and I’m always happy to add an Argentine to the roster!


fuck yes


I'm so excited!!


Did Chara say, last season, that he would rather move to RB/LB than retire? Maybe he's going to be our starting RB this year?


I don't think so. I know that people have speculated that as he slows down, he might get moved back to defense (like the Timbers did with Caprain Jack and where size dictates that he'd be a FB), but I don't know that he's ever expressed this. I think playing him at RB would be kinda crazy until Williamson comes back which will likely be like May-June given that we have a natural RB in Bonilla and nobody better than Diego to play the 6. At that point, if the plan is to move Diego to the back four, you work it in a little at a time. Don't think we go that route yet, though...


This kids gonna be the future of this team


I feel like I’m setting myself up for disappointment with how excited I am for this signing, but I can’t help it I’ve been thinking about this ever since he was first rumored


I think this indicates Seba is out.


This is a U22 move that has no implication on Seba since the transfer fee doesn’t affect the cap. He’s almost certainly gone at this point, but this move isn’t evidence for it.


Anyone else not super excited bc he’s a teenager and shouldn’t be seeing any field time behind Chara, Williamson, and Paredes?


Well considering only one of those players plays his position, and that player will be 36 in April, yes I am very excited


Wdym they’re all defensive midfielders… or at least that’s there they all play most of their minutes for the Timbers


Paredes and Williamson usually play a more advanced role as an 8 next to either Chara or Fochive. Only on select occasions does either one of them play as a holding midfielder, usually due to Chara being out, but now with Ayala I assume he is our backup 6. Depth chart for the 6 (honestly just listing this cus I’m bored): 1. Chara. 2. Ayala. 3. Fochive. 4. Paredes. 5. Williamson. 6. Tuiloma. Depth chart for the 8: 1. Williamson. 2. Paredes. 3. Polo. 4. Fochive. 5. Ayala (I’m not sure if Ayala will play as an 8 at all. Long term he’s definitely the Chara successor, but right now Chara is still rocking and rolling, so I could see Ayala playing next to him if he shows more than Paredes in Williamson’s absence, so he could be #2 idk)


He's played 33 games in the first division in Argentina so he's probably better than Paredes.


Williamson will probably be out until July and looks like he will start over Paredes. Plus as much as we may hate it Chara won't have that much longer as a CDM.


Is he actually supposed to be better than Paredes this year? We signed Paredes at a similar age and in a similar situation a few years ago and he’s finally starting to live up to the hype. No one was this excited when we signed Paredes and why would we go through the growing pains all over again with another teenager? Again, unless this kid is just way better right now than I realize, people are going crazy over a teenage prospect at one of our strongest positions when we don’t have starting-caliber players at two other positions.


I don't think he'll start over Paredes right away. However, Paredes was a loan w/ an option to buy at low-to-mid TAM. Ayala is a reported $5m transfer with a sell on %. If they didn't introduce the U22 player rule Ayala would be a full, non-TAMable DP. The expectations are understandably not the same as they were for Paredes.


This assumes that Williamson and Paredes are the best possible players we can play in the midfield. I'm my mind, they've both shown sparks, but neither is a 100% surefire starter. Absolutely nothing wrong with lighting a fire under their butts for $150k in cap space. If they get outplayed by a teenager, that's on them. If Ayala DOES outplay them and relegate them to the bench at 18, then he's either playing at a solid MLS starter level or getting sold to Europe for a bunch of money, both of which are good for the team.


Fair enough. I don’t think it’s a bad signing, I just don’t see what everyone is going crazy about. And it seems like our FO is more focused on signing teenage prospects than actual starters, much less superstars.


MLS is pushing teams to get u22 players with special rules such that you can spend more on them without affecting the salary cap much. So if you have money to spend and your dp spots are full your best bet is "teenagers"


I guess considering the way Moreno turned out, signing someone who’s a MUCH higher prospect gets me pretty hyped. Especially when someone like the Javier Mascherano said he should be playing in La Liga