Best player in the world. Does this mean he lowered his salary? I would imagine so, I don’t think we’re raising anyones salary given then Clark and Blanco situation. If this is the case, GOD I love this man. I know Valeri is the guy, but Chara will always be the heart and soul of the Timbers for me


Maybe he took a % stake in the club... Truthfully, I think DC is with us for the long term. \- I can see him playing 2-3 (or more) years by moving into the back line, rotating time between there, midfield and rest days; \- Moving into a coaching role with our young defenders and midfielders; \- Acting as the Club's contact with new players as a role model, teaching good habits and helping them feel at home.


Would love to see any of that happen. I could also see him playing more than 2-3 years because he’s such a beast


I'll be honest, this was not what I was expecting. But I will absolutely take it


Not the re-signing I expected but better than all the ones I thought were on the table. Hell yeah.


Yeah... I wouldn't quite call this a re-signing but a contract extension.


Day is still young. Maybe we get a little more before the week is over.


More years of that DAMN smile. Life is okay again


My thoughts they did this and are blasting it on social to prep the fan base for a Blanco exit.


This dude...obviously we all love Valeri, but Chara is the most important Diego and I don't think that can be argued. His statue should be the biggest, and I'm so glad he'll be around for longer. He's done everything we've ever asked.


For real... Like they should just paint a giant mural of Chara with a yellow background on the MAC wall.


Would the old stuffy old MAC club allow a black man to be painted on their building? I doubt. But I agree with you.


Obviously not but 🎵Fuck 'em all!🎵


That fact that we have had top 5 in league history offensive and defensive midfielders, in their prime at the same time, has been truly special. Chara has been our saving grace in so many games over the past 10 years.


Best CDM in MLS history without a doubt.


Finally some happy news.


Why only through 2024, though? Let’s give him an appointment for life, federal judge style. I’m serious.


Someone should post this on the Sounders subreddit. :) Chara is our lodestar, our heart. How fricking awesome to have him through 2024, a total of 14 seasons with us if he plays all 3 seasons. Crazy.


Diego hasn't really lost a step as of yet. The man wants to keep playing, I'm 100% on board with having him!


Yeah... the run in MLS Cup (about a minute in [here](https://twitter.com/TimbersFC/status/1482058605557952516?s=20)) was f-ing unreal.


Good news could a Timbers expert answer two questions for me ? how long is the contract of his brother Yimmi ? and will Felipe Mora be our regular forward ? Greetings to the Boys from Poland


Yimmi’s contract is probably guaranteed through 2023 which an option Year for 2024. Niezgoda should be expected to become more of our primary forward but it seems like Mora’s position to lose.


Felipe and Niezgoda are both gonna be playing every game if fit, with whoever is in better form starting while the other comes off the bench. I imagine they will both only play at the 9, but if we have a few injuries or absences on the wing I can see one of them maybe getting some minutes out wide.


This is the news I want. I'm going to turn off my computer now and go outside for the rest of the offseason.


this is the most important thing right here.


Best news of the season!


awww sweet


We might not have Dos Diegos anymore.... But we still fuckin have Los Diego!


Un Diego