Can we get a grainy YouTube highlight reel set to low-budget techno music, please? Need to my off-season fix.


[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBaaS4PHUx0](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBaaS4PHUx0) He's 19 and very highly rated. More ambitious signing than Paredes at the same age.


Feedback I've seen includes: > Ayala is an immensely talented young midfielder. A real shame that he was only used sparingly last season (11 apps, just 4 starts). He’s one that I was sure would be moving onto Europe after Estudiantes, but his lack of game time has scuppered that. > Ayala plays like someone beyond his years. Has a real calmness on the ball, coupled with the bite, tenacity + awareness which you want in a defensive midfielder. His lack of opportunities last season was a shock, but at still only 19y/o, it won’t overly-impact his progression. > As an Estudiantes supporter, he is amazing. Needs to get better physically but had one of the biggest passing completion percentage in 2020 (and we were the worst team in the league), has an amazing passing ability and intercepts many balls


I'm erect. Chara can mentor this kid, especially as I've heard he wants to coach and could very well end up an assistant.


FWIW, I was directly told by someone in the staff they had a South American scouting role cut out for Chara....but that was back in 2019. He very well could end up on the staff, and I'd think that would fit him better tbh.


Pretty much the entire Chara family is scouting for us already. We got agents in Cali 24/7


I heard they were keeping the scouting role open for Chara when he retires in 2030. Granted he will lose half a step in 2029.


Diego the Eternal


I've heard he was interested in getting his coaching license, but tbh, that was be a fucking fantastic role for him.


Buddy, this is a family subreddit. Can't go around using that kinda language. This is isn't 4chan.


no terrible electronic music, literally unwatchable /s


No Techno?? Downvote!


He looks fantastic in one on one's and challenges.


LOL am sure there is something


Watched this on mute so not sure about the techno part, but... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBaaS4PHUx0&ab\_channel=ProScout


It's just commentary. One of the less grating highlight videos I've watched


Finally, some offseason rumors/news that doesn't have me questioning life.


lol seriously. I hope the FO and Farley weren't honestly expecting us to get excited about Bingham and Ivacic after having just lost Valeri, Blanco, and Clark.


I don't think Farley really hyped this week's signings. He just put out that they were happening. He even downplayed the one. I think fans just got ahead of their britches.


Fortunately they have a longer term view on how to generate excitement


If you're gonna commit to the rebuild, you've gotta commit to the rebuild. Appears a smart move.


Oh FUCK yeah


hey, just signed him on FM22!


oh my god i signed him in fifa like two days ago


Some additional reporting...interesting https://twitter.com/tombogert/status/1482056326062694400


Basically says we're planning to sign another U22 player as well




The sky is falling... the sky is falling.... some Twitter guy with zero access and a penchant for snarky posts said we have no cap space so I took it as gospel.... the sky is falling.... ohh wait we're still an ambitious club with a FO renowned for making good signings with some wiggle room to make moves.


Still have a DP slot open too. I'd expect them to fill the final U22 slot this window and attack the DP slot in the summer. Still should be TAM left to fill out the other spots as well. But it's more fun to panic, right?


Wait, I was under the impression that the MLS Cup runner up, and perennial western contender had an incompetent FO, who didn't care about anything and just wants this team to fail because they didn't re-sign all their mid 30 players for exactly what they're asking for, while getting younger, AND spending big on GK, CB and LB. Could it be possible that maybe JUUUUUUUUST maybe, our former players wanted too much money or too long a contract? Maybe juuuuuuuust maybe us fans aren't as important to this process as this sub wants to believe? Fans are important, sure. But this sub thinks the focus of this organization should be whatever the majority of this sub wants over everything else. Hate the FO for whatever you want but goodness friends, they're job relies on the results on the field and/or making the owner money. Stop thinking they're out to burn it all down.


If you say "GWout" because of what happened with the Thorns, sure, I'm not going to argue with you too much there. If you say "GWout" on footballing terms, you're fucking delusional.


Preach my man


Young $ and Young DP players count either $150,000 or $200,000 against the salary cap (depending on the player's age), regardless of the transfer fee paid until they turn 25. That means the Timbers can add these players with very little cap room remaining. Essentially the transfer fee the Timbers are rumored to be getting for Valeri will pay for one of these players. Now, that doesn't necessarily mean they'll be useful for a team that's trying to win this year, but it does mean that they have room to add promising players if they're willing to spend Paulson's money.


Dude... The transfer fee for Ayala is gonna be several million dollars. We're not paying that shit with the $175k were getting for Valeri's transfer. Just cause it doesn't count against the cap doesn't mean we don't have to pay it.


What do you care how Merrit Paulson spends his money? The point is that since it doesn't count against the cap they can legitimately fit several new, promising players on the team without it costing much of anything against the cap. There's a huge difference between paying a $5 million transfer fee for Ayala on a Young $ deal vs, say, signing Melano on a $5 million full DP deal in 2015. In 2015 a transfer fee that high automatically made the player a DP (even though Melano was only 22 at the time), and thus he counted $436k (the DP salary cap charge) against a cap of $3.5 million. If a player making 12% of the cap doesn't perform you're really kind of stuck. As a Young $ signing not only would Ayala's fee not count against the cap (the Timbers could sign him for 20 million if they chose), he'd only count at $150k against a $5 million dollar cap. The Timbers can take their time developing the player without putting the Timbers at a serious competitive disadvantage. So sure, Paulson has a finite amount of money and we don't want him throwing $10 million at the next Jeanderson or whatever. But presumably he sees young players like Ayala as an investment, and the current roster rules make signing Young $ players a smart way to build a team, especially if they have limited cap room.


I get that a U22 deal is better from a salary cap perspective. I guess my point was that the Valeri deal doesn't pay for it. Paulson is still gonna have to spend. I really hope he does. If we're just talking about the cap, then just offloading Valeri, even if we got nothing back, pays for all the U22 spots.




I'm referring to Rifer, who honestly, just annoys the fuck out of me with his constant need to post controversial hot takes for attention, rarely with any valuable insight, and lately he's been complaining that the Timbers don't play nice with local media (aka he's been locked out of inside info and whining about it, probably because he's a hot-take merchant).


I'm not going to quibble with everything you just said, but Rifer's not really even media any longer. He's not going to break a big story, nor does he try to. He's got his regular career. But I don't think he's wrong about the Timbers slowly but surely shutting out local media. Portland is a city where local media actually wants to cover the soccer team, and the Timbers make it darn near impossible. All of the information about what they're doing comes from the team itself or from international journalists/scouts. Part of that is that members of the media in Portland would need to have meaningful relationships with journalists in Colombia, Argentina, Chile, etc., and that's probably not going to happen. But part of it is that the Timbers, through Merritt, Gio, GW, and whoever they deem to do media relations, just don't answer any questions. You never really know what direction the team wants to go in. They won't speak philosophically or even pragmatically. When they make moves, the team will release a statement, Gio will give a meaningless answer about why they brought a guy in, and that's it.


Remind me, which local media work for established organizations and cover the Timbers? Given Rifer is constantly complaining about his lack of access, I’d say he wants to be local media, and frankly, If I’m GW/MP, I don’t want hot take Twitter “journalists” to be my mouth piece, and it’s a okay if they don’t constantly feel the need to explain everything.


OregonLive, Portland Tribune, KGW, Fox 12, KOIN 6, Stumptown Footy They all routinely cover the Timbers. No one, from any of those organizations, is given inside access. Until two years ago, The Athletic also had a dedicated Timbers writer. Media can certainly hurt an organization, but it also grows the brand. You’re absolutely right that organizations can be tight-lipped. I don’t think you’ll ever find a majority of fans in a fan base that agrees with that approach.


What are you talking about? The Oregonian moved their Timbers reporter to the Blazers and then to the business section. Stumptown Footy's writers literally work for free. No local media is actually investing in covering the Timbers. They do the bare minimum.


You’re right that Jamie Goldberg’s job is no longer beat reporter for the Timbers. But that doesn’t mean the paper stopped writing about the Timbers. In December alone, Oregonian writers wrote 25+ articles about the Timbers. They aren’t big, in-depth pieces, but it’s actual coverage. (I’m not trying to shill for the Oregonian — I can’t stand how conservative it is.) There’s also the reality that the Ducks and the Blazers are more popular than the Timbers, so there’s more local coverage for those teams. But the Timbers really are getting covered by local media. It may be that diehards on this subreddit aren’t tuning in to Fox 12 for a puff piece, but causal fans might. And the Timbers are doing nothing to cultivate this kind of reporting. The Timbers could create a ton of buzz around new signings, interviews with Merritt/GW/Gio around the direction they want to take the team, etc. Heck, the Blazers players and Billups are made available for Q&As nearly every day of the season. I guarantee if the Timbers did this, there’d be more coverage. At this point, though, Merritt knows the brass will have to talk about Riley if there are any interviews, so those are out. And they have never, ever wanted to talk about who they are negotiating with or even what kinds of players they are seriously contemplating.


I see what you mean


This sounds more likely


What tier is Bola VIP?


Tom Bogert is reiterating it and rates the actual source highly


Yeah, it's being reported by César Luis Merlo now, who is a reporter at TyC Sports, which is like Argentinean ESPN (so a lot of soccer focus and insider contacts with Argentinian soccer clubs).


LETS FUCKING GOOOO!!! Farleys comments had me thinking we weren’t after him but I’m really fucking hyped about this signing. I think this is phenomenal


I like it. Push Paredes and Williamson and give Chara some rest days.


This has me very excited


I like it!


would be a positive strengthening of midfield, good.


I'm so hyped!!!