Let's just put Giovinco, Yimmi, Mora, Niezgoda, Moreno and Asprilla all on the field at the same time and just hope the opposition never gets the ball past our front line. Set ourselves up for the most goals scored and conceded in one season. Embrace the chaos!


The classic 3-1-6 lineup


Either this is more posturing from the FO or maybe things have plateaued with Blanco?


Blanco took Timbers off his IG profile :(


Highly doubt there is anything behind this. He is 34. We are not going to replace Blanco or Valeri with a 34 year old who will cost a premium because of his name and profile. We have not really been in that game as an MLS team. Maybe Miami or LAG…


That’s as 1:1 a change for Blanco as I can imagine, including age. Ridiculous to the point of trolling. (Unless he comes really cheap and not on a DP, but I can’t imagine him going for that.)


A couple hours ago I thought this rumor was 100% absurd, but after thinking about it I’m down to 98% absurd. I suppose there is the faintest possibility that the Timbers showed Giovinco’s agent the deal they offered Blanco and didn’t get laughed out of the room? (This is the part I find hardest to believe.) Then they stoke the rumor and leak to ArgenSeba that ItaliSeba would take this deal, so he should be reasonable and come back? And then maybe, just maybe, the Timbers FO isn’t bluffing? (Giovinco is not listed as a free agent though, and I doubt Toronto would give up his MLS rights for free, but maybe they no longer hold any rights to him?)


I believe they received a transfer fee for him, which means they would not hold his rights if he were to return to MLS.


They did get a transfer fee and he’s out of contract with the Saudi club he last played for.


Yeah... [he's a free agent](https://www.transfermarkt.us/sebastian-giovinco/transfers/spieler/52312).


Between 2018 to present, Giovinco has made 83 appearances for his current club in all competitions and scored 16 goals and made18 assists. In the same time frame, Blanco has made 114 appearances for the Timbers in all competitions and scored 34 goals and made 35 assists. My numbers might be slightly fuzzy because I was doing some hand counting off the transfermarkt website, but regardless I don’t buy the identical player 1 for 1 swap argument about how they are similar quality players. Giovinco was an absolute beast in his prime, but he’s had a substantial drop off since he left MLS and started playing in Saudi Arabia. Though to be fair, I don’t know how their league compares to MLS. If his contract is reasonable, I wouldn’t necessarily say no but given his age and recent performance I think he would be clear downgrade from Blanco and shouldn’t command anywhere near the same wages. Also, this just seems like silly season agent shenanigans, and not a legitimate attempt to sign him by our FO. Could be wrong, but that’s the vibe I am getting right now.


No fuck that what are they going to put him in Blanco's old kit and try to pass him off?


TAM them both, Blanco plays one half, Giovinco the other. In all seriousness, though, won't happen. Giovinco wants TFC and no one else will pay him what he wants.


Yeah doesn’t really make sense. Why would we add another forward. Can he play any other position?


It doesn’t make sense to bring in a guy who was league MVP, single handedly won the cup, scored 68 goals in 112 games and is one of the best free kick takers in the world? That’s a literally crazy take. You could argue that at 34, he’s not going to be worth building a team around, but as a Blanco replacement you’d have to be blind to think this isn’t a great signing.


His production has fallen off a cliff, though. Just because he was that player, doesn't mean he still is.


It's hard to know exactly what his current form is. He's been playing in an actual retirement league, probably getting paid more money than the entire Timber's roster combined. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess 1) he's bored of that shit and 2) he's not going to be the highest paid player in the league like he was 3 years ago. This whole argument is like saying "I wouldn't sign Lebron James because he's old and washed up" and ignoring that even an "old and washed up" Lebron/Giovinco is likely better than 99% of anyone else available to us.


It would not be a great signing. He has scored 15 goals in 2.5 years since leaving MLS. Being one of the greatest free kick takers in the world is subjective. Hard to imagine him being on anyone’s top 20 list, though.




Yes, things were different 4 years ago.


Personally, I loved him when he was on TFC. I would still absolutely love to have Seba back, but looking at this move without the Seba situation in mind it would be very exciting. That being said, I don't give this much credit and really doubt it's anything more than agent leaked rumors.


If you're complaining about this, please realize that: 1. We're currently in negotiating with Blanco, and this could very well be similar to what his agent is doing attempting to drum up interest/rumors as leverage 2. If we do get Seba, it's basically like for like




Literally no reason to target him unless one of our forwards is hinting about wanting to leave. Even then, he's in his 30s. There are better options.


Am I the only one confused by signing a 34 year old attacking player? I would rather have DV8 as a super sub then have The Atomic Ant take away playing time from our young talent. Is this some gamesmanship by the Timbers FO to get Blanco to sign?


Bogert is saying that [Giovinco want back to MLS but no teams are pursuing him](https://twitter.com/tombogert/status/1483199632087920651?s=20).


Marco Fabián on a free would be better I’ve said it before. He isn’t looking for high wages and can fit into Seba’s role in the team