Feeling nervous…


Don’t be he has good numbers when it comes to saves vs. shots on goal. Seems like he’s a solid keeper. To make him a great one we need a commanding CB to go alongside Zuparic. Honestly if we get that I’m confident we could compete at a high level


> he has good numbers when it comes to saves vs. shots on goal Why do people keep pulling shit right out of their ass and splattering it all over our nice subreddit? He has a 63.4% Save rate in all his MLS regular season games (41 shots, 26 saves, **15 GOALS**). That is at best mediocre and bordering on throwing up a little in the back of your mouth. It ranked him 45th in the league last year, versus Clark who was 5th in the league at 78.2% (source: https://fbref.com/en/comps/22/keepers/Major-League-Soccer-Stats ). In his three years in the U.S. with the Timbers have seen him in 7 MLS games with a 2.29 GA/90 and 12 games with T2 and a 2.17 GA/90. Clark let in 1.29 per 90 last year which ranked him 26th, versus Ivacic ranked at 60th.


My only hope is that these numbers are worse in part because of the 6 goal Seattle shellacking and because he played a few games this year while our back four was in complete shambles. I am definitely very nervous…


4 of those goals were solid and not his fault, but a couple were savable (one was Montero's outside the 18 shot which was 6' up and right in the middle of the goal, and the other was Ivacic spilling the original shot right onto the feet of a Souder who tucked it in).


His distribution is shit.


Obviously we need to give him a chance but I don’t like this. Clark was easily one of the best keepers in the league over the last two years by the eye test and by the stats. Even the game Ivacic started when we beat RSL I thought he was shakey, against Seattle (though that game was crazy) he didn’t even look like he belonged in the league. That being said he’s never gotten to string a bunch of consecutive games together so we’ll see. It’s just tough to hear because Clark kept us in some games we had no business being in and singlehandedly won us several games the last two years. We were a shootout away from being Champions last year and it feels like we are going to be weaker at a crucial position. Definitely hoping for the best and rooting for Ivacic and Bingham but this has me very uncertain. RCTID!


Not discrediting his shaky performances—there have been more of those than not—but he has had a few solid games and some ridiculous saves. Dallas (I think? Maybe RSL? Idk, it was a home game) last year comes to mind, and at San Jose in 2020. There’s a chance he steps up to the plate, but unfortunately probably a greater chance he doesn’t (but I don’t think it’s as bad as some people think)


The other thing is that our back four was in complete shambles during the time when Ivacic got some run this year. So maybe that had something to do with it… ? Hopefully?


He responds to countless other tweets, and obviously he can’t explicitly state anything but the gist of it is that we’re signing Bingham, or at the very least some keeper that didn’t play last year but has first team experience. But I’m 98.76% sure it’s Bingham


I am whelmed


Hopefully our three super draft defenders move up from NEXT roster quick!


Well we're currently one Bravo injury away from playing Bonilla on the left and Tuiloma on the right, so let's see what the kids can do!


I’m *almost* always in favor of letting the kids play!






As long as we get a quality RB, and another decent CB, Ivacic should be ok for a season. If we don't solidify the back line, then we're screwed.


> staff believes Ivacic can be a No. 1 They are dead wrong.


The more I think about this the more okay I am with it. Obviously Clark is a big loss, but Ivacic has the tools, we have a good goalkeeper coach staff, and we can reasonably hope he’ll improve as he gets more games. (And if for some reason he doesn’t, Bingham is an adequate backup.)