My preferences push SKC up in front of LAFC. Also, depending on time of year, Vancouver could have cascadia cup implications, so I'd probably push them up too.


What's your determination for "best games"? Most entertaining? Closest game? Most likely to win so better atmosphere/happy feelings? More offensive game? More defensive game?


I think it’s hard to nail it down. Probably a combination of atmosphere, rivalry, and level of competition. I want to see good teams and players and ideally good games.


Well, that makes it even harder. The season ended less than a week ago. We have no idea who's going to be transferred in or out, so we really don't know which teams are going to get better or worse.


Personally my choices would be: Seattle, Minnesota, SKC, LAFC. Then all others


Nashville has some fun traveling fans. Totally worth it if you get to hang out with soccer moses


drop colorado way down, bring atlanta and nashville way up (Timbers fan who lives near Atlanta and has season tickets at the Benz)


And now you guys have Ozzie - If you thought you played too slow before....


Yeah...as [email protected] ugh


I do this with my family. We have three “couples” to split up (my wife and I, my brother and his wife, my parents). I usually assign a “high value” game to each of us (home opener, main Seattle game, last home game). From there I break it down by our rivals, and high profile games (meaning larger markets as well as high profile players), and then from there I look at when the game is because weekend games are higher valued. I hope this helps


Interesting. My kids are still young, so weekend day games get a bonus, but generally agree with your ranking.


More “must see” games than “I could miss it” games. Always a good sign. (Ofc, every game at Prov is “can’t miss”)


Don't forget about midweek/weekend games. Should be something to discuss about splitting midweek games if those nights are tougher for one of you.


Also in the interests of "fairness" whether someone can have both the opener and closer. When I had a ticket to split with a friend, you couldn't have both of those or both Cascadia games, and ideally, the other person got the opposite one the following year.


The hard thing about this setup is if you take turn picking games, they can just pass on the others until the end. I’ve faced similar problems with blazers tickets where we used to split the laker games. I took a lakers Saturday game with my first pick and he waited until the very end to pick the other lakers game because he already had it. So he got arguably the second best game in the last round of picking games while I got stuck with a bottom of the league team in the same round.


Any west coast team should be high up. Wouldn’t wanna watch a slug fest for a draw with the Revs.


Take any east conf teams. We don’t play them often and it is a lot more intersting