I don’t necessarily think they’re wrong about that. 2500 tickets went to the away fans and there are what, 15,000 season ticket holders? That’s the majority of the stadium especially when you factor in a person with 1 season ticket could buy 2 and a person with 3 season tickets could buy 4


NYC got 2500 tickets? Didn't expect them to get that many at all. What was the Timbers allocation for Atlanta? It was crazy small iirc.




> What was the Timbers allocation for Atlanta? What does that have to do with how many we gave NYC?


Just curious, in regards to how many you have to give to the away side, and also because PP is much smaller than Mercedes Benz


There is/was some kind of standard, like 5% or something. Atlanta really, really lowballed us at first and we (the 107IST and/or FO) had to press really hard to get us more seats. 5-10% seems reasonable to me for a Cup match. We are in a weird spot where we have a smaller stadium than some clubs, high local demand, and are playing a team from a very large city that may have a proportionate number of fans. On top of that, Providence Park for a Timbers game is a destination for many people. Hard to balance what we need and can manage during the regular season, especially during a pandemic, with the demand for a championship match. I'm glad we don't have a bunch of empty seats year-round but it sure would be nice to have two or three times as many now...


That’s just a number I heard flying around the internet. 2500 could be wrong. We got 1700 at Atlanta


What’s better youer in line or waiting room?


wait in line is better, because the waiting room means you're not on the queue to get tickets yet.


I am a season ticket holder since the first season and I couldn't even get them during the pre-sale... pretty frustrated


How? There were still tickets left when I checked at 12:45


The app kept crashing for a bit and the computer just kept putting me in the waiting room until 1:20. Every ticket I clicked on to purchase when I got in from time to time said no longer available.


> Every ticket I clicked on to purchase when I got in from time to time said no longer available. Not that it helps you now, but for the future, this just means someone completed the checkout process faster than you did. When you went back and refreshed, you should've seen more tickets available. I'd guess I had at least 40-50 tries until I was fast enough to actually complete the purchase.


I hear you and am glad you got a ticket 😁. I was trying non stop from 1pm on (I could not have gone quicker in the check out process) . We didn't renew ticket for next season so that did play a factor in missing out. However, I would have still hoped to get tickets as a season ticket holder.


What are you in to them for? 4-6K? Why WOULD they hook up the “Timbers faithful”? Embarrassingly pathetic on their part.


Judging by the numbers of ridiculously priced tickets, a lot of our loyal annual members are just fucking scalpers.


I think a lot of them intend to go, but everyone has their number.


You are 100% correct. But….supply and demand and like someone else said….everyone has their number.


Partnering with SeatGeek has been a disaster.


Normally SeatGeek is rock solid. It’s really unfortunate that a massive AWS issue happened at the same time. It’s likely that other providers would have had problems too.


True. I didn’t take into account for the AWS outage. Still think this has been handled poorly.


They also commented right after to someone else saying the system is just overloaded with users... like at least get your story straight!


Time to sneak in.