Has anyone in the queue gotten past 10% of the little progress bar thing?! Asking bc I’m pretty sure it’s bullshit


That's where mine has been since 3:30. Didn't even show a bar for the first half hour


No, It has stayed the same for me at least


I’m pretty sure it’s bullshit bc on my work computer the bar is totally blank and has been for an hour. Just jumped in the queue on another device/account two minutes ago and it showed roughly 10% immediately (and hasn’t changed). They’re trying to feed us the illusion of some sense of order but somethin ain’t right


probably like a microsoft progress bar. It'll get to the end all of the sudden and then you'll know you're 1/4 of the way there.


I was in queue and it let me get through, showed tickets available then when I tried to select options none would work. It seems super buggy right now.


It kicked me back to the waiting room after not moving for two hours


I was at 13% once but now I don't even have the loading bar


I’m no longer in the queue. It sent me to a page that says no tickets available “check back later”


Do you mean the waiting room?


Not even the waiting room. Straight up new page that said no tickets available Edit: now back in the waiting room


Mine cleared the bar and sent me back to the waiting room, now it keeps refreshing


I got bumped from the queue after almost 2 hours and zero progress, (got on before 3). Now I'm back in the waiting room and giving up. I'll check back in a few days to see if things have calmed down.


Same thing just happened to me too...maybe they reset it for everyone.


Great advice. As I also learned from a PS5 search - don't give up until it is plainly obvious there is no more inventory available. "Can't access" is not the same thing as "nothing for sale."


Does reloading actually cost you your spot? Don't cookies save the queue?


I really don't know. Everyone has their special way of doing it. I glanced at the code but I'm too lazy to look that hard. I was looking at the timer, which is trying to do an estimate of time for the progress bar, not based on number of people before you necessarily. It could be that they stored your account # in line the first time you made it into the waiting room and you are just sitting there now, no matter what you do. But I've seen some other, rather crappy setups, where it resets your info. I don't like storing too much in cookies. They should be just chocolate, wheat, sugar and fat.


Got bumped from the queue, to waiting room, then back to queue, and now back to waiting room....


Are people actually buying these tickets at the prices their showing and with these SeatGeek fees added on top?


Oh also AWS has had problems today. Looks like they host at least some of their services through AWS. Good times.


i'm still in the waiting room since the 1PM VIP Presale, AMA


I was there when…