And isn't it INTERESTING that she deleted it really quickly but I haven't seen even a whisper of an apology so far.


And she probably won’t say sorry. Because he fans still allow this behavior to happen and see nothing wrong with it


lol she's pretending like it didn't happen and is blocking people commenting about on her videos.


I commented about it on one of her more recent videos, one that's like "this might be too revealing" then it cuts to Maverick, we'll see how long it stays up


lol more like how long till she blocks you.


Doesn't look like she blocked me (yet) but it *does* look like she straight up deleted the video I commented on


I don’t get it??? I keep seeing things about Wisconsin


Someone leaked a bunch of nudes from some ladies from a volleyball team. They are barely 18 year olds that got their nudes leaked


Ohhhh… well that makes this post worst 🥴


Yea. It’s horrible. And everyone is saying it’s fine because the girls are 18 and not minors and they did it to themselves


Um definitely doesn’t make it ok at all.


Yea it’s Fucking horrible!


Idc if the person is 50 years old.. having private pictures leaked is horrible!! I feel so bad.


It is!! And people saying it’s their fault will never understand how horrible it is


They literally have the word “teen” in their age. That’s a child. 18 should not be the legal adult age


I completely agree


I agree. What 18 yr old makes a good discussion that has negative effects for the rest of their lives? My guess not to many. 21 is more appropriate in my opinion. But it's a tuff age either way. Moral to my story. Don't POST NUddies xxx EVER EVER. Why or how is it that hard for people to understand that the internet is forever.


Oh my god that’s fucked up! 18 is basically a child still and was done without consent. Another reason I can fucking stand Jasmin and her fake voice and bullshit personality.


Who's saying it's fine?


Her fans are saying it's fine and shaming the girls to justify Jasmines joke.


A lot of the comments on this topic. It’s so bad. People saying they took the nudes so it’s their fault. Etc


Any person who says this shit is fine, is a disgusting ass person. We've come to find there are videos on the internet of me being trafficked and it's sent me into a really bad headspace .. this type of stuff messes with a person


Exactly!! I have had similar things happen. When I was a minor. So I feel for these people


I feel like it’s not that people think it’s fine because they are 18, it’s because most are 19 and older and they were shared in a groupchat from what I read. It just got leaked outside the sharing circle they already had




Someone help me out what does this have to do with her husband?


So the joke is he is gonna go there because of the leaked photos


Oh okay got it well that’s not a joke lol if anything I had thought her husband had been the one receiving them . Not a great look


Something is off about her. Like she just dropped the whole Marilyn Monroe shtick and her true colors are coming out…..


I have her blocked because she became such a clout chaser and her husband gives me the ✨ick✨


He really does though . Like so much ick.


1000000 %


I have her blocked. I think she was the first person I ever blocked. Then the Herbert’s.


Ohhhhh the fucking Herbert’s irritate me lmaooo


Me too. She was constantly on my fyp talking about needing to take a pregnancy test. Enough girl.


Is there a snark page for her I feel like I’m missing A LOT of details according to the comments! I use to mix this lady up with the other Marilyn look alike. If anyone could give me some more details thank you in advance !


It’s @r/Jasmine_Chiswell_lies


Leaked nudes: who cares. She’s legal. Personally starts an only fans: she’s a tramp! She’s only 18!! I have came to realize that anything a women does will be scrutinized. By other women and by men.


So so true. And it’s sad


her biggest red flag was when she was sexualizing her boobs towards her newborn son


She did what?!


Holy shit what?! I have had her blocked for a long time


What does this mean? I don't understand.


she would make it seem like her son was fantasizing about seeing her boobs. she would press up her boobs for the camera and shake herself side to side and then show her son and say that he can't stop looking at her boobs


Idk guys maybe is cuz......babies that are breast fed will obviously want the boob... And always look at them.... She isn't sexualizing her boobs with her baby.


the video she made wasn't just to normalize breastfeeding. breastfeeding is perfectly normal. it's the way she worded the video and pressed her boobs up. if she hadn't taken the video down, i'd post it here.


They’d lose their mind if they saw some of the onesies made for breastfed babies


Meh, I'd have see it. I have no idea which video is being referred to here, haven't seen it.


i blocked her when i found out her acting nice was an act when she was directing people to attack pinuppixie. this disgusts me to see but i cant really say im surprised


I love Pinuppixie! Why were people attacking her? Because of the Marilyn thing?


Yep..to these idiot stans only Jasmine can cosplay as Marilyn because she lives in Marilyn's old home and find Marilyn's old stuff and talk to Marilyn's ghost because Marilyn's ghost world totally haunt a place she lived at for not even half a year. To them Jasmine is more Marilyn than Marilyn


Something always didn’t sit right when it came to her but I couldn’t get past a mail order bride vibes tbh.


I get the same from her!


That’s a really weird thing to say, is it just because she has a Scottish accent? There’s TONS of valid reasons to dislike her, but that one is pretty silly and misogynistic.


She barely has a Scottish accent since she fakes that Hollywood American one


I might be wrong but I think she recently dropped the fakey accent, last time I saw one of her videos on my fyp she sounded almost normal. Also, damn, y’all really downvoted me to hell for pointing out that calling someone a mailorder bride reeks of misogyny.


You’re assuming that I’m assuming.


Okay, can you explain why you get those vibes from her? Because I can’t think of one non-misogynistic thing that would make anyone think that.


This sub doesn’t seem to agree but I do, so much Jasmine discourse boils down to insulting her for being over the top feminine, the amount of people who feel the need to call her a blow up doll airhead is staggering. She’s greedy, she’s a liar, she’s cringey. Focus on that shit. Not how she give “mail order bride” vibes. Yikes.


It’s gross.


I kinda liked her in the past. I followed her and it was cool that we were pregnant at the same time. It seems like when she got pregnant and afterwards that she became an extreme clout chaser and her videos became so annoying.


I hate Jasmine especially after the dumb ass name she gave her kid and now they're trying for another? Get tf offline


I blocked Jasmine a long time ago. I could not deal with her fake high pitched voice she tries to use. She’s not original and has nothing to offer besides bad makeup.


Is this the one that named her child Midnight? 💀


Honestly fuck Jasmine or whatever the fuck her actual name is. She bases her entire identity on a woman who was mentally/physically broken down and exploited by this same type of misogyny.


we don’t need to hear about ur relationship problems


Someone said in the comments of a duet calling her out “most college kids are atleats 18 stop trying to get clout over someone more popular than you” like it makes what happened to those girls ok and justifies making jokes about it.


Right? It doesn’t matter how old someone is. To have their nudes leaked and then big creators make fun of it? Not ok


I unfollowed her when she made a video mocking domestic violence


mamastillll2.0 posted about it on tik tok and Jasmine stans are unbelievably disgusting in her comment section, excusing it because they are adults. "This is a reach" "Its jokes, go touch grass" "they are adults" yea because they are adults consent doesn't matter?


Oh I can’t stand his women


There’s blind items that he’s had an affair and her fans rallied to bully anyone who questions him. They both suck.


This video was so disgusting and disrespectful to those women. I hope they’ve all been doing ok. As far as jasmines other content its also disgusting that she started making thirst traps after becoming a mom. Normally I do not care and love to hype up other women only IF their children are not present on their social media because we know the kind of people that brings. Out of those people how many do sinister things to photos and videos of your baby? I can’t stand the sexualization when you allow your baby to be a big part of your page


K so can we talk about how awesome she used to be? Then she got pretty famous pretty quickly and now she’s very egotistical and kinda annoying.


She’s always been egotistical and annoying. People just tolerated it more before


Oh wow I thought it was a candy reference I couldn’t remember where they were from lol. Haven’t heard the story about the kids nudes being leaked. Makes more sense than my theory though!




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i feel like this isn’t that deep yall are reaching


What is reaching about making a joke about someone’s nudes being leaked?


nah it’s most definitely fucked up and disrespectful


It’s not the tic tokers fault everyone rn on tic told side your stupid as shit it’s there fault tbh😭😭