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  • Where did you purchase the book? in stores, websites (Amazon, RSA, etc.)
  • Where are you?
  • Or general screaming and excitement are acceptable too!

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Brought it in barnes and nobles eheh...Im busy worshipping it before I begin reading


Amazon. Arrived right on time and I'm in love with the art! I'm so excited to explore these worlds again!


Ordered from bookdepository: books arrive from UK to Hungary in 2-3 days, but still waiting, because after a package is crossing the border the Hungarian Post takes a ton of time to deliver. I have been waiting for one and a half week now. 🥺 Believe me when I say it won't arrive even before Christmas. 😑 Everyone hates the Hungarian Post.


Here hoping for an early Christmas's miracle!


Thank u ❤️


I pre ordered all three books in August on Book Depository. And I recieved them 13 December in good state. Shipped to The Netherlands.


That is so reassuring!! I bought a few books from BD for my friends across the world from me in Vietnam and they are very worried about the conditions


I received mine yesterday, stayed up late to read a little bit ☺️ The translation is excellent. And I love the smell of new books 🙏


I just got mine literally seconds ago! Barnes and noble and in Chicago!


Internally screaming that I have no one else close to me to scream with. 😂   Ended up ordering from Amazon last second for pickup at my local locker today, surprised it came intact in the usual plastic generic Amzn branded bubble mailers (seen Twitter posts sharing bent pages/covers).   Also saw a $10 Google Credit offer come up in my email, and since I get lazy at night to turn on a light, bought the e-Book version too 😅 which'll be helpful for when I want to read while heading to work or elsewhere, leaving the physical copy home in safety with the rest of my other books and manga.


Same! I bought the ebook and the physical, I plan to laminate and keepsake my book. I do most of my reading online (as much as legally as possible) anyway.


I've got mine from book depository. I'm from Poland. I received TGCF, SVSS and MDZS after a week. TGCF and SVSSS were sent together and there was small error with my address but I sort it out as soon as I noticed.


pre-ordered from waterstones uk, oh my gosh can't believe that its like an actual hold-able thing??? they're so pretty?????


Ooh book club would be neat, I'm a slow reader so this would definitely be a good incentive


Congratulations everyone! I ordered mine from rightstufanime and realized I am not going to get any of my mxtx books until may or june because I preordered the first three mxtx books at the same time as the second three mxtx books which are due to come out in may. Such a long time to wait… 😭


Barnes and Nobles on December 14 after I got my haircut


I preorder on Amazon and I still don’t even have an estimated delivery date 🥲


Same 😭 I preordered through Barnes & Noble, the order status says that it’s preparing for shipment, but it’s said that for the past two days (it also says that expected delivery is 12/13 😒)


I bought my sister a physical copy on Right Stuf Anime for Christmas. I also snagged a digital copy for myself from a different seller. I would love to be a part of the book club! Sounds fun!


Got my book from Amazon the day of release in Chicago! So excited 🥺❤️


Got it online at [rightstufanime.com](https://rightstufanime.com), i am in the US!! took about a week to get to me \^\^ sdfuhsdoifj


Went to Books a Million today and bought TGCF there I was so upset I couldn’t find the novel at first those fiends hid it UNDER the display table full of mangas behind other mangas, MXTX and SVSSS where on the table at least that’s how I knew my intuition wasn’t wrong and I was close. I’m would love to do a book club I have no one to fangirl over it with.


Got the first book today from Waterstones UK :)


I got mine from Books-a-million! I preordered a week before release and got it yesterday, instead of Tuesday :P Very happy!!


Hiii, So I recently bought the first volume of Heaven’s Offical Blessing .. but I see people saying there’s like 8 volumes plus extra and about reading the whole thing already. However, I only see volume one out, so where is everyone already finishing it ? And reading the other finished products ??


They read from the unofficial fan translations, which were taken down once it got licensed.


Does anyone know if you preorder from Barnes and Noble, if you’ll get the book delivered to you on the day of the release?


The book is not available in my country and I was talking about the book with my long distance boyfriend so he got one for me.😊😊😊😊


The one advantage of long distance bf!! Love that he is so supportive


he doesn't even know what the book is about he just thinks that i read a lot


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Got my book for Christmas from my parents 😍♥️


Anyone else’s book still taking ages to arrive?? I’m in New Zealand, and it shipped on December 7th but it’s still not here 😭 bought it from the book depository


Hi, My husband gifted me SVSSS and MDZS for Christmas but I want to buy TGCF as well. I'm in Portugal and I tried Bookdepository (sold out) and [Amazon.es](https://Amazon.es) is sold out as well. I tried to find information online but couldn't. Do you know if SevenSeas have said something about this? If it will be restocked?


i pre ordered tgcf vol 1 and 2 in like... september 2021, still havent received them, BUT, i ordered a mdzs vol 1 recently and have already received it? Very confusing, but I hold hope. It says that my tgcf books have been dispatched from the UK (or US, cant remember). Im in AUS, if anyone is wondering :D


I got mine at Barnes & Noble and OMG IM SO EXCITED!!😭🤚✨ it literally came in like 5 minutes ago and I was very surprised about the weight, it’s surprisingly heavy and thick. Looks great tho!


I bought it from Lazada and in a 'Fully booked' store in the mall and located in the Philippines. :D I still only have 6 of MXTX books, 2 for each series and I only have the digital version for SVSSS