Seriously, am I too old or???

I just hit 30, finished ACOTAR and CC series and thought hey, I’ll read ToG why not..

But as I read the first chapters, she seems childish not getting the guards attention and thinking she’s hot shit etc etc…I totally understand it’s a step down from the others but how far we stepping?

Is it worth the read if I already feel a little annoyed?


I mean, Celaena is only 16/17 so that can be understandable but TOG is arguably the best series by SJM!


And SJM was only 16 when she started writing it right? So totally makes sense. I would definitely argue it's better than ACOTAR but I'm waiting until ACOTAR is "complete" to really say for sure.


I meannnnn she kinda is hot shittttt. Like she invented that word level hot shit. It can seem a little childish at the beginning, but you won't regret continuing further because this series is just so worth it :)


I'm 30 and about to start KOA and have absolutely loved the series thus far. You don't get the super spice but in return you get an amazing story and get to watch the characters evolve from insufferable to badass.


you put it perfectly 😂


I am 30 ( read tog at 29). I love this series. It gets better later on. The 3rd book for me is when I started to love it! To each their own but I would suggest giving it a chance ❤️ it does get amazing


I’m in my 40s and loved the series albeit I cannot remember much about books 1&2 as I read them in 2019 and the rest in the last half of 2022. However it gets better and arguably book 5 onwards is the turning point in the quality of writing and world building


ToG is my favourite SJM series (as a late 20-something) in great part due to the massive character arcs that take place over the 8 book series. The original characters start off feeling fairly young, but they go through so much and grow as individual characters and as a cast together. The series also grows and matures in tone as SJM evolved as a writer, and I would argue it's her best and most mature series of the three based on content and subject matter by the end (CC is starting to rival it, but ACOTAR got the light treatment of the three).


37 here - finished KoA last night. I thought there was no way either ToG or CC could beat ACOTAR, but right now ToG has my whole heart. I have no shame at the absolute sobfest I had last night. SJM started writing the series when she was 16 (or close) so the first books are written in a younger voice but I have no doubt you’ll fall in love by the end. By the middle 😉


Heh I feel you. The first 2 books can be very... childish. SJM is still a teenager herself when writing them. Book 3 onwards everyone grows up a hell of a lot. By the end, you wouldn't even recognise some characters. It gets far better. And you're not too old. I met a 30 something year old a year ago who LOVED the books. Talked to me very passionatly about the books, tough couldn't tell me everything as I wasn't done yet


late thirties here and really love TOG but the first books are slow going. Third book and beyond really shine imo.


Also 30, the first couple are harder to get through because UGH but after that it's fucking rad.


I'm 30 and have started a re read! As others have said, the series is low on spice compared to her others. The first couple of books are definitely more YA, but her writing improves as the books continue. It's an incredible story, with amazing characters. Also echoing what others have said.... she is hot shit. Like the most badass heroine ever.


I’m 26 and loved the series, in her defense, she’s a dumb 17 year old who is hot shit. I adored her character as the series went on. Don’t force yourself to read anything you don’t want to. Keep reading if you want, but if you don’t like it, don’t force yourself.


Urgh yeah the first book is verrrrry teen but the series ages up, I think as both Maas and the readers got a bit older. Persevere, the second book is good but from book 3 onwards the series gets soooo good


I read it when I was 34 and I did not like Celeana in the first two books but loved her (possibly favourite character) starting in Book 3 when in my mind she became an adult. Also the whole tone of the book 3 is different, it’s less YA and more adult


35 here and finished the series in early January. The first two books can be a drag but the books do get better as SJM also gets better with her writing. This series is my absolute favorite from SJM’s and you won’t regret it. Just power through it. It will be worth it.


It's definitely worth it, and I'd argue that ToG is the superior of the 3 series. The world building is exceptional, and the characters have a more diverse range of personalities. In fact, I feel like a lot of her characters from acotar and CC are modelled on characters from the tog series. I was 27 when I first read ToG and, I found Celaena sooo annoying, and to be honest she never really completely grew on me, but, I didn't stick around for her, I stuck around for a multitude of other characters and their plots. I think the huge difference between ToG and the other series is that it feels well plotted, the big reveals add up, and the twists have all had just the right amount of foreshadowing. When compared to acotar, where no one important can die, and have to be or become fae, or CC where there is way too much fan service and a lacklustre plot. ToG feels like an epic fantasy. Yes, the FMC is kinda annoying, but her journey through the 8 books is an epic tale you do not want to pass up. Also, I feel like she is less unlikable if you read Assassins Blade first (I read it 4th) my sister did, and she Loooves Celaena.


29 and currently reading the ToG for the first time! I’m loving it. I am on book 4 and it feels like every book has just gotten better!


Book 1 is nearly insufferable at times. I also read these for the first time as an almost 30 years old. You have to just try and ignore the childish moments Celaena has. It helps if I read her as someone who is in literal deny/survival mode with a lot of insecurities she hasn't acknowledged yet.


It gets better!


It took me two reads to get into ToG, the first quarter is a little insufferable but if you push through it's worth it!


I was in your boat. I read cc at 25 and ACOTAR at 26. I also read cc and acotar first and yeah I also felt like the ToG series was a letdown at first since it felt wayyyyy to YA compared to the other series. But with saying that, I would still suggest reading it. Celaena is annoying as all hell with her "world's greatest assassin" crap and Chaol and Dorian aren't much better tbh. But as the series goes on Celaena is humbled and starts her shift into a completely different person. Other characters are introduced and as SJM grew as an author so did her books. Also, there is a lot of cool things that are set up in this world starting in book 1 that tie into the world building of both ACOTAR and CC. The world building for me was the best part. I have one more book to go and so far ToD is my favorite book.


First two books are like that. Gets much better books 3-5 imo


I'm 34. About to read Kingdom of Ash but it took me until Heir of Fire at least to agree that this series was worth it. The 1st 2 books in the series aren't the best and were a bit of a slog for me. Also recommend reading Assassin's blade either first or before Heir of Fire. Someone suggested I read it after Heir of Fire and that was HORRIBLE. It was like Heir of Fire was where it really picked up and I thought "ok here's the girl who wrote ACOTAR" and then I had to lose the story momentum going back to Assassin's Blade. After all my skepticism to start I'm now losing massive amounts of sleep, peace, and brain power over this series and I'm re-reading some of the books before I read Kingdom of Ash because I'm not ready for it all to be over.


I found her a little annoying too in the first two books, probably because SJM was just 16 while writing it. she wanted to name chaol chaos after all😂 just keep reading, it gets a lot better. TOG is my favorite SJM series of all time


I really disliked the first 2 books but after that I was HOOKED! You gotta hold on. Those first 2 books are crucial to world building and setting things up. I’ve never read a plot this complex and well put together. It’s worth it!


I’m gonna be honest I didn’t love this series until like book 4. She wrote the first very young, so both the writing and plot get a lot better as you go, but it’s a big commitment


Thank you everyone 😭


I felt this way in the beginning too but the series is well written and it expands on her attitude later


SJM wrote the book as a teen so it’s fair to say the writing won’t be the same as CC or ACOTAR


I'm 38 and read the series a year or so ago. I enjoyed them a lot but...I tend toward teen/NA/YA stuff. SJM started ToG when she herself was a teenager so the first book or two can come off as a bit rough and whatever, but it does get smoother and better.


I'm 33 and doing a second read through right now! If you can get through it, book 3 is where it becomes absolutely amazing. It's so worth it.


The first couple books of ToG are kind of meh and then the story basically explodes and is amazing. You also have to remember that SJM wrote ToG when she was like 16 and expecting a 16 year old to write an extensive mature book/characters is very far out of reach


In my 30s as well, I really enjoyed the series. I haven’t read CC but started with ACOTAR. Honestly I think it gets a lot better - I was hooked by the third book. It helps that it’s pretty easy to read.


I (31) had a hard time with her age and immaturity too, I do with most fantasy series. Everyone’s always sooo young. So in my head I just make the characters older and that seems to help a little. Celaena does get better so I’d stick with it, it’s also a great series! More action than romance which I enjoyed.


Throne of glass was my favorite series!! I would def keep going I kept in mind for the first 3 books that she was under 20 but it gets so so good! also im 32 for reference


I was 18 when I read TOG, I’m 27 and rereading TOG, and at my age now, I totally understand what you’re saying HOWEVER, the character development and the way Sarah so cleverly weaves this particular story is worth every second and I envy anyone who gets to read this series for the first time!


I am 23 and do not like this series in terms of writing style. I have found solace in the character’s, which is about the only thing that kept me reading each book.


The first book is really icky, but it gets good halfway through the second book and keeps improving. Overall better than ACOTAR in my opinion


The series gets good at book 4. Not a fan of tog-hof but I will say com and hof are significantly better than tog. I also didn't bother reading ab until I finished koa. I actually liked it better that way.


The first couple of books are a little rougher writing style, but as a person who first read them in their late 30s, I really enjoyed them and it became one of my favorite series. It gets better. I promise. So many bad*ss characters!


How did you stand Rhys, Az, Cassian, and basically every High Lord, if you don’t like characters who think they’re hot shit? Lol. Yes, internally they have a lot of self-deprecation, if not hatred, but externally, they present themselves to be nothing less than hot shit (especially Rhys and Cass, in my opinion). The character you’re talking about is exactly the same way — someone who presents herself to be all high and mighty, but has endless internal turmoil about herself. And in all honestly, to those guards and Dorian, she is hot shit because they need her because truly is known to be *that* good.


I’m 31 and two of my besties in their early thirties read it with me & we loved it the most of all of the series…


Tog, acotar and SJM in general is not high level literature. So yes sometimes it's kinda shit. Mostly it is hot shit. But anyway you can read out her things. I read because even if it's not totally awesome, it's still fun and gives lots of ideas. And the hot/romance part is pretty decent.


I am 26 (and arguably a snob when it comes to literature) ToG was initially a little bit of a struggle for me, but overall is my favorite SJM series by a mile. The first 2 books are a little bit of a struggle, but the last 3 books especially I think are the best of SJM.


Late 30s here 🙋‍♀️I just started reading it in November and have enjoyed the storyline thus far. I had the same first impression but glad I kept at it. There is zero comparison in spice (unless that changes in KoA, haven’t started yet) but it’s a really well thought out world given when she started writing it. Entertaining for sure!


I’m the same age as you and also found myself rolling my eyes a lot through ToG at the immaturity of the characters (mostly Celaena). But they really grow a lot through the series and it became one of my favorites I’ve read in a while. Stick with it!


Celaena is supposed to be immature to a certain extent because she's 17, other characters don't have the same excuse, and IMHO she's the character matures the fastest.


I’m aware of all that. I’m not saying she’s badly written or that her character doesn’t make sense in the context of the story, just that Celaena’s immaturity annoys me personally.


Well, it's less spicy🌶🔥 than the others since it's classed as YA, but man it's most def my favorite🤩 It's a bit of a slow burn, which really battled with my ADHD, but damn it was worth it. I'm currently re reading the series and just finished Queen of Shadows. For reference, I'm also turning 30 next month.😂


If you enjoyed Maas’s other series then you’ll enjoy this one. ❤️


I'm turning 30 and ToG was by far my favorite series. I started with acotar and didn't think anything would top it, but ToG surpassed it for story imo. It's largely discussed that the first book is not the greatest but it is worth it.


I started reading ToG at 46. Never too old! To be fair, I thought the same at first, but the characters and storyline mature as the books progress. I'm just about to start Empire of Storms.


Hello! A lot of people are skeptical of the ToG series, considering the low quality of the first 2 books. But let’s not forget that she was only 16-17 when she wrote the first book of the series. Wait till Heir of Fire, and from then on, the writing gets noticeably better!


Best SJM series and maybe best series of all time. please read all of it. Give it a chance til at least book 3 (I promise it's worth it!)


I'm 25 and TOG is by far the best series, followed by CC then acotar. And I mean this from a personal opinion, and from a more academic opinion as I have an English degree.


If you’re having this problem then I would suggest reading the prequel The Assasins Blade first. It makes you fall in love with Celaenas character imo


ToG is my favorite SJM series. That plot is just…so good. Hope you keep going!


she acts like hot shit in the first two books, but in the later books she IS hot shit


it gets better later on and more mature as the character arcs develop, it was a bit of a struggle getting through the first like 2 books bc SJM did write them when she was younger and it's very obvious that her writing wasn't as mature as it is now. but stick around, it's soooo worth it!


it's definitely worth it! she is hot shitt (lmao) and yes, like others said she was 16/17 writing the first few, but her voice becomes much more mature and confident the farther along the series goes. It's definitely worth reading!!!


Just to reiterate some other comments - the first book and some of the second book is just very young writing. I swear if you get through the first two the rest of the series is unbelievable, my favorite series ever!