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"Get me outta here!!!! Get me outta here!!!!" *Proceeds to walk away


That is the part I enjoy. She just turned around, and calmly walked away.


That's because she realized she said she had a gun on her--oops! Better go hide before the cops come


Yup, it looked like she had a sudden moment of clarity...


Her meds finally kicked in.


Is that what people mean by "post nut clarity"?


Wait... does it mean... she had COCKA?!?!


Aaannnd, scene!


It’s LA, she’s just practicing some method acting for an upcoming role about hijacking a plane


I didn't even recognize Leto at first. Pretty damn impressive if you ask me.


I know it wasn't, but if this was someone acting.... I'd be really impressed. That voice tone was visceral (i'm glad the guy behind the counter kept his cool)


Like one of those "what would you do" videos or something


Nah John Quinonas only exists in NJ


Mmmm Quiznos.


Screaming at the top of your lungs can be very cathartic. She prolly felt better.


In conjunction with trying to board a plane with a gun... is a sign of instability and batshit craziness.


It looks like she's at the terminal. I wanna know how she got past security with that gun.


I never actually saw a gun. Are we certain she isn't just yelling crazy shit for who knows what reason?


She said she "has guns held on her because she's homeless!"


Yeah, I think she didn't mean she was holding a gun herself, but had a gun held "at" her.


Yah there's a lot to unpack here.. "Get me out of this fucking state you rapists" and "I had a gun on me because I was fucking homeless" are some pretty serious statements. Obviously this is complete speculation on my part but it sounds like she may have been raped at gunpoint.


I just want to know how this topic came up at the counter.


Sounds to me like she's complaining about mistreatment not claiming she's armed. There's basically no way she'd have gotten past a screening with a gun.


There was a test done in 2017 by the DHS on the actual security of the TSA. In 90% of the tests, they were able to get a weapon or explosive device through screening. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/investigation-breaches-us-airports-allowed-weapons-through-n367851


Dang. That's..not good. TSA's a farce anyway. Still rare to get guns through. plus the woman's statement seems to be more that she's had guns pointed at her.


I don't understand how. I can't get thru with a tissue in my pocket.


She doesn’t have a gun


I think she also yelled "You Rapist!" To a guy just calmly on the phone behind a counter. A lot going on in this clip.


I heard rapist as well. Replayed that part several times.


Mom, I honestly thought I was going to be raped. He had the craziest look in his eyes, and at one point, he said "let's get it on."


"I am so not a raper"


“He looked at me with a crazy look in his eye and said ‘Let’s get it on’”


This house is a fucking prison!


On planet bullshit!


In the galaxy of this sucks camel dick!


Also replayed that part multiple times. Difficult to fap to, but not impossible.














I think she was expressing her greatest need: "a therapist! a therapist!"


I thought it was "racist"...


Either way, how did she know!?!? I'm listening again and again and they both sound correct to me.


"Laurel or Yanny" edgelord edition


Racist rapist




rapecism *edit: I joke that if I ever start a grindcore band with like insanely offensive lyrics I’m gonna call it Rapecism




"Come here kids, I'm gonna GRAPE ya in the mouth!"




I’m homeless, I have a gun, you are a rapist, get me out of here…I’ll see myself out


John mulaney?


I'll lead off with 'I have a gun'. No, no, that's too strong. Savor that one. I will start with the fact that I am homeless, as that is a given. Then, for dramatic effect, I will pepper in the rapist accusation.


Tell me three other things about her


I am homeless. I am new in town. I have a gun.


I will sprinkle on the fact that I have aids


I know...I'll start, 'I HAVE AIDS'...no that's too strong


First I'll push him.


It's funnier if you end with the fact that you are new in town.


I am homeless. I have a gun. My name is John Rambo. I'm new in town.




She had the power inside her all along.


All she had to do is click her flip flops together and say, "There's no place like home. There's no place like home."


I was really hoping for security to pop up. "We're gonna get you outta here"


I see these terminal incidents posed all the time. Airports seem to have tons of security for accessing the terminal but absolutely nothing once you are inside.


Because it's basically never needed. Which raises the question. How the hell did she get the gun to the terminal in the first place


There's absolutely nothing in this video that indicates she actually has a gun.


OP is a karma farmer. This title is probably just AI generated.


Hint: She doesn’t actually have a gun.


She got her out of there


I hope she gets the help she really needs


She's clearly unstable, screaming about needing to get away, and quickly jumps right to something about rapists, and (maybe) has a gun. It's not hard to imagine that something awful has very recently happened to her and she is not coping well.


Manic episodes usually see people jumping from one topic to the next regardless of relevancy to one another. Its a stream of consciousness delivered...well like this.


She walks away like she, in a split second, got her shit together. Only in Florida…


"Phew, almost lost my cool there." Walks off into the sunset.


She proceeded to board a spirit flight without issue


Well, sure, you can’t fly without your pilot.


Okay that’s funny as Hell


God damnit, you won!!!


I would pay to see you say stuff.


This is one of the best reddit comments I've seen.


You'd be this angry too if you had to fly Spirit every day


"Thank you for flying Spirit. We'd like to remind you OMG, GET ME OUT OF HERE YOU FUCKING PEOPLE! Thank you"


"That'll be $9.50 please. "


A United rep saw her zeal for abusing others and offered her a job.


She was charged $50 for the emotional outburst fee. It's not included in the base ticket price.


"How to get on a no fly list" speedrun any%


She's using the tried and true "wield a weapon in an airport" glitch. Saves about 12 minutes, last I checked.


Having a gun is bad enough, but screaming like a psycho and yugely potential threat is a good way to get on the no alive list too.


I wanna know how she got it thru TSA. I fly with firearms all the time (the right way) and lemme tell you, they will stop and check your bag at TSA for ANYTHING that even REMOTELY resembles ANY kind of weapon.


By fly the right way with firearms, I'm assuming that you mean securing them and checking them?


Yeah you just lock them up in a case and declare to the airline it's in there. As long as it's empty and safe and rounds are separate, they've never given me a problem.


So can the rounds be in the same case just not obviously loaded into the firearm?


> Ammunition >Ammunition is prohibited in carry-on baggage, but may be transported in checked baggage. Firearm magazines and ammunition clips, whether loaded or empty, must be securely boxed or included within a hard-sided case containing an unloaded firearm. Read the requirements governing the transport of ammunition in checked baggage as defined by 49 CFR 175.10 (a)(8). Small arms ammunition (up to .75 caliber and shotgun shells of any gauge) must be packaged in a fiber (such as cardboard), wood, plastic, or metal box specifically designed to carry ammunition and declared to your airline. Ammunition may be transported in the same hard-sided, locked case as a firearm if it has been packed as described above. You cannot use firearm magazines or clips for packing ammunition unless they completely enclose the ammunition. Firearm magazines and ammunition clips, whether loaded or empty, must be boxed or included within a hard-sided, locked case. Please check with your airline for quantity limits for ammunition.


^ thanks for answering Bud lol


Right cuz I immediately thought someone needs to step up behind her, knock her out and get that bag.


Unfortunately, she lost a solid 8 seconds trying to clip through the counter.


The NPC behind the counter prevents the clip. Something with hitboxes.


However, this glitch comes with the risk of getting your character instant killed.


She didn’t have a gun. She was denied boarding because she was too intoxicated. [FLL Meltdown](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dQ--HIQdKwM)


Good sir, what happened here and why are there many deleted comments?


It’s like walking into a ghost town in the 1850’s


If I was to guess, it probably has something to do with people getting pissed upon realizing they got click baited


Classic GTA npc walkaway


She'll be back.


And in greater numbers


Crazy people ride in single file to hide their numbers


Uh… how did she make it that far with a gun and why aren’t there an army of cops swarming her?


I think she was saying the “put” a gun on her. Like threatened her with a gun, “b/c [she’s] homeless.” Ofc I doubt that’s true


I heard "hopeless"


I heard "rapist"


I heard “whaaat??”


You guys can hear?


That’s what I understood too, although nothing really makes sense here.


I’m pretty sure the title is click bait and there is no gun


I think she said "they put a gun on me because I am homeless." That, along with " get me out of this fucked up place." Leads me to believe she is homeless, and someone pulled a gun on her, now she is trying to get out of that town.


Ayyyy someone actually paid attention and figured out what was going on! Though I think she is talking about TSA and not being robbed. Unmedicated anxiety, exacerbated by being homeless and having authority figures control her movement. Desperation led her to the airport, and this is the result of her being told that she would not be able just get on plane. People claiming that she is saying she is armed, are just hearing what they want to hear.


She's at a gate though. You can't get to a gate without a ticket.


Exactly. In the US, absolutely no way she made it thru security with a gun.


you'd be surprised. TSA is hardly 100% success [https://www.forbes.com/sites/michaelgoldstein/2017/11/09/tsa-misses-70-of-fake-weapons-but-thats-an-improvement/?sh=14c335c12a38](https://www.forbes.com/sites/michaelgoldstein/2017/11/09/tsa-misses-70-of-fake-weapons-but-thats-an-improvement/?sh=14c335c12a38)


Here’s a quote from a vice article about the failure that is the tsa “The result was that "TSA agents failed 67 out of 70 tests, with Red Team members repeatedly able to get potential weapons through checkpoints." Two years later, a Red Team test at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport achieved the same 95 percent failure rate to detect explosives, weapons, and illegal drugs”


95% you say… *teases mustache*


Keep in mind that the type of weapon matters. For instance, TSA has never failed to catch my oversize shampoo bottles.


The hair clip for my Kippa posses a huge threat. God, I’m glad my parents weren’t legally able to name me Yosef in Argentina, I’d never get through security.


True but sometimes they catch smaller weapons too. Like my nail clipper that had a filer with a "sharp" end.


The IS the unsettling part in all that: why am I not surprised?


Right? And it’s like, I get pulled out for a 20oz tube of toothpaste, but apparently there’s possibly Weapons making it through 70% of the time? Wtf TSA


I don't think that's what you meant by this, but that actually *is* the unsettling part. Security doesn't have to do jack shit, the fact that we think they are good enough is enough to scare off almost all threats. The fact that most people here aren't very surprised means that trust is very low. Hopefully that won't end in tragedy, but I guess that's impossible to say.


I don't think it helps that their equipment seems to be faulty Maybe it's just me though Twice in the same trip I was pulled aside going though the metal detector because it went off. I did a full body scan, showed areas where there may be metal (twice, actually, and both times were different areas of my body), and had nothing on me that may have been detected. Also, had an officer in Baltimore check my purse because of an unusual metal object, which was my multi tool that I got from my grandfather, which has a sharpened edge on it. He let me go with it. The officer at the El Paso air port checked the same item and told me since it had a very small sharp edge that I'd have to put it in with my luggage. I ended up throwing it out since it was not worth the time, but it was dumb either way.


The scanners pick up moisture as well as metal, so if you sweat at all or have slightly damp clothes your gonna set off those sensors


As far as I can remember, I was neither damp nor sweaty, but then again I do sweat as a nervous reaction Thanks though, didn't know that


The body scanners pick up on any object, not just metal. Some people have scars or body shapes that will always alarm in the same place, I’ve seen it happen. Sometimes it’s unexplainable. Source: I used to be TSA Edit: also jeans will alarm a lot because of the material, or other types of clothing will. Even if you move just a bit it’ll alarm in some places.


My dick set off the scanner. I got pulled aside and they asked if I wanted privacy while they patted me down. I said "Nope, I want everyone to see how dumb this is". No, I don't have a monster cock. But for whatever reason the scanner highlighted the left part of my inner thigh, which is where it hangs.


TSA sucks at finding contraband that isn’t nail clippers.


Or 4.01oz of shampoo.


Or something worth stealing


RIP my switch


The last few times I saw this posted there was ~~no mention of a gun.~~ Just air rage. EDIT- Watching on mute strikes again, some folks have pointed out she claims to have a gun.


She says something about having a gun on her. It seems likely that she is mentally ill.


she doesn't actually have a gun. she just has untreated mental illness


Happened in Florida. They didn't let her on the plane because they thought she was drunk. So I guess you can get drunk after you get on the plane, but not before.


FAA reg. 135.121: (a) No person may drink any alcoholic beverage aboard an aircraft unless the certificate holder operating the aircraft has served that beverage (b) No certificate holder may serve any alcoholic beverage to any person aboard its aircraft if that person appears to be intoxicated. (c) No certificate holder may allow any person to board any of its aircraft if that person appears to be intoxicated. Edit: I posted the 135 (charter) reg instead of the 121 (airlines) reg which is 121.575, though the rules are basically the same.


Exact same rules for bartenders. They're legally supposed to stop serving the moment the customer gets tipsy. Never happens


Interesting. I’ve always brought several mini bottles for long flights without issue. Have you ever seen (a) enforced?


Ive seen it happen. Went on a trip with friends and we had brought some beers. The flight attendant asked us not to drink any of the alcohol we had brought ourselves. She then gave us more beer.


Former flight attendant here: it’s about controlling the amount of alcohol consumed on board. I have absolutely had to kick people off when they were too drunk to fly. Drunk people are liabilities in an emergency and it is the number one priority of flight attendants to get everyone to their destination safely. Unfortunately, their sole purpose is not to give you alcohol and peanuts.


I respect that. Its not an easy job dealing with that many people. Allowing people to get wasted isnt going to help make the job any easier


Especially with the way it seems like more and more people are passing their breaking point (*especially* on flights) since the pandemic.


> I have absolutely had to kick people off when they were too drunk to fly. If they couldn't fly I hope you at least gave them a parachute.


Nah it’s every man for themselves up in the sky. Should have come prepared.


They didn’t let her on the plane because she was unruly, which was a result of her being drunk. Unruly passengers are a potential threat to the safety of the plane, so they are often removed or barred from boarding. However, calling the employee at the counter a “rapist” and claiming “they had [sic] a gun on her” leads me to believe this was some kind of psychotic episode.




It’s pretty strange there is a bar every few hundred feet in almost every airport then.


With what they charge for drinks at those bars, I think a very small percentage of people get actually sloshed Edit: ok, I get it, you guys spend way too much to get pissed before your flight.


Dude I get to the airport early just so I can enjoy some airport beers while I people watch. It's my favorite part of traveling.


Yall are rookies. You can bring as many nips with you as you want. Hit the liquor store the night before and bring ‘em in a zip lock. Buy a $4 coke and you’re in business. Source: recovering alcoholic.


This pro on my flight back from Newark the other day brought a bottle of jack and kept ordering coke w/ no ice. He had a great time on that flight.


You've never been to an English airport then. It's common to see people having several pints at 6am...


Airports are a lawless land like being on a train.


Tell me about it...


I’ve been drunk enough to not even remember going through security, but what a great flight, slept the whole way


According to the comment above yours, you're dead. Im so sorry you had to find out this way :(


Death can be extremely detrimental to memory.


Not a proud moment of mine, but I was basically blackout drunk after doing six brewery tours back to back in Dallas. Last thing I remember from the breweries was the last one telling me that there's no way they could serve me more beer, but they gave me some stickers and let me buy a hat. Next thing I remember was the plane landing in Indianapolis. I've been dead for 5 years apparently.


Same. Been drinking hard shit all night up until we got to security. The made me toss my drink, I walked through security, next thing I know I'm in Mexico. Parents told me I fell asleep in the airplane bathroom and throw up so violently they had to shut it down for the rest of the flight. I don't drink like that anymore.


This is precisely the reason I love to drink when flying. Couple drinks n you’re set for the 8-10hr haul


that's not how air pressure and blood alcohol work, but otherwise fine.


Air planes are pressurized. It’s not like a beer in Vail… From here: [[Qoute Source]](https://www.quora.com/Whats-the-internal-pressure-inside-passengers-planes-at-30000-feet) > the maximum ‘differential pressure’, which is the difference between the ambient pressure outside and the cabin pressure inside, is 8.9 psi of difference. That means that the aeroplane is a pressure vessel pressurised to 8.9 psi more than the atmosphere outside. > The ambient pressure at 30,000′ is 0.3 atm or 4.36 psia. My particular aeroplane can add 8.9 psi to this giving a cabin pressure of 13.26 psi, which is about 0.91 atm. That is equivalent to an ambient pressure at about 2,800′ above mean sea level. Not bad!


I am pretty sure she didn't have a gun on her at that point. That far in the gate, if someone had seen it, she wouldn't know until TSA and the cops showed up in felony mode. She wouldn't have free range to wild out like that. I think she is saying that they would pull a gun on her because she is homeless, not that she had a gun because she was homeless. But who knows. This is Florida after all.


It's a clickbait title. This has been posted many times before and the title changes every time. I think the real story is they just didn't let her board because she was drunk and erratic. Don't think there was ever a gun, and it's difficult to make it to that point with a gun, also likely that she'd be handled by police by that point.


What is the response people expect after acting like this? “Oh yeah ma’am you seem so stable and nice that we think we’ll put you in first class and even let you fly the plane if you feel like it.”


Considering her mental state, her level of self awareness is probably less than ideal.


I actually feel pity for this woman. Clearly has nasty mental health issues. I hope she gets the help she needs. Kudos to the calm dude on the phone.


Same. I wish I knew how to help people struggling like this in public. Her “get me out of this fucked up place,” sounded like wildly desperate pleas for help.


Often there is no way, other than removal from the situation.


It’s not that uncommon for people with flight anxiety to take meds to help them get through the flight. And sometimes those meds cause weird ass side effects, especially if you drink on them. People who aren’t used to taking meds like that often don’t even think about the risk of having a glass or two of wine, then suddenly…. It doesn’t excuse this type of behavior by any means. Your mental problems are not an excuse to terrorize the public. But it is a potential explanation.


Dude on phone: “no I’m fine, I’m at work, so aunt Agnes is coming for Christmas?”




Yeah you know that mista mista lady? I think I just killed her


It always amazes me that security is nowhere to be found in these airport freak out videos. People going psycho and fighting for an extended amount of time and no cops or security. I guess they all just hang around the check point and if something happens elsewhere in the airport it's not a priority.


Yet somehow I get "randomly" selected for bomb swab EVERY TIME and have to deal with a team of security peoples.


Security at airports is mostly theater.


When someone is freaking out like this, I promise you many people have called 911 and the police are on the way. However, they might be coming from the last freakout three terminals away so it’s going to be a minute before they’re on scene. You don’t see these videos with cops on scene because typically, when the cops arrive, the show is over. Source: I’ve been a police dispatcher at ORD since 2003.


"That will be all, thank you"


Oh ma'am, why didn't you tell me you were homeless with a gun. That is the only exception we have to the rule, come on aboard!


TBF, she was trying to get out of Florida.


Does the full blown grown ass tantrum ever actually work? Wondering for a friend...


from all the times i've seen these on reddit, the answer is "no." lol ...it usually just gets you posted on reddit.


That looks much more like a psychotic break than a tantrum


Legit oblivion npc screaming at one second wait 5 seconds goes back to casually walking


Mental health crisis. I hope she gets help.


Rapist or racist? Either way acting like a total nut job isn't going to convince people you're safe.


She said rapist. I've seen this video once on a TV show. Someone edited this clip and confused the story.


She didn't have a gun. She had been drinking, had clearly become unmanageable in her drunkenness. So she was told she couldn't board her flight and would have to wait for the next available but she would only be able to board that one if she was sober. She decided to pitch a fit and threaten the airport with "having a gun" on her so they "better get her outta that place, rn!" (***Because everybody knows that's how airports work/s***)


I have this same meltdown twice a day at my desk but sadly, never just packed my bag and walked away barefoot.


Totally stable. I hope she’s in a middle seat and needs to use the restroom every 15 minutes.