To wear the mask

To wear the mask

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I love the part where he’s growling and looking like he’s chewing on his mask




This guy definitely votes.


"Do you want your future decided by this guy? No? Then make sure you go out and vote, because he definitely does."


Never have I been given a better reason.


I genuinely think independent groups that make political ads to get people to vote need to find a way to legally use clips like this and just say something like "Their vote is counted... but so is yours"


Its funny as I watched this just now I was thinking the same exact thing. These are the "patriots " Trump talks about. These dummies don't know their assholes from their elbows


But he doesn't think. He is likely full of prejudices and bigotry already and short on facts and education. Then, he is wound up by people who know exactly the right buzz words to use and which people to tell him are his enemy and then they leave him and his twisted thoughts to deteriorate this country and humanity even more than it is. All the while they have what really doesn't actually pass as plausible deniability but they cling to it anyways. It's a great time we're in. Hopefully we can defeat this dishonest and destructive side of politics. Doubtful. Also, it really sucks to care about it.


Well, he no longer flies, so there's that.


This comment made me happy actually. Thank you.


I wonder if he had trouble picking. I doubt it.


Used to vote.


Stuff like this man lol, it’s like what’s the point of trying to inform yourself about the issues and make educated decisions when this fuck-nut’s vote counts the same as your own? Democratic Lotteries are the future, this is the hill I’ve chosen to die on.


Not anymore! Hahaha


This guy campaign for Trump. I’m sold.


And we all know who people like this vote for. The good news is that at least we only have to worry about people like this flying the once, although I'd hate to be stuck on a long distance bus or train for several hours with a Conservative ranting about how they landed themselves on a 'No Fly' List. Its amazing to think that these people don't even think that what they did back in January was an act of terrorism.


Yep. Sure hope everyone's ready to turn out for the midterms like they turned out in 2020. Or I guarantee it's right back to Shitsville.


yeah totally thought he was going to eat it


The sad part is this probably his norm There was just someone there to film it What an absolute waste of space


This is probably his norm? I think he was having a psychiatric break. I think this is a person that has not taken his medications for a few days. That or he has taken something that he shouldn’t have.


I think it’s his norm in that he ingested (probably alcohol) something like you said, that he shouldn’t have ad he was showing his behind. This is happening way too often and flight attendants don’t make anywhere enough to have to babysit entitled losers like him, regardless of his mental status. My own opinion is he was faking, very poorly, a mental issue after too much time at the bar preboarding.


He seems to have some kind of mental handicap


I was going to say this is quite sad I feel for him, he probably has CTE or early onset and shouldn't have been on the plane by himself, perhaps he hasnt been diagnosed. Who knows, he clearly isn't in a OK state..hope he gets the help he needs. :(


It's called being a republican


No wonder you americans are divided . What do politics have to do with this?


Some idiot always has to make something political out of it. Can’t you see the guy had a mental problem?


Was waiting for him to change into a werewolf. People, please pick up your wolfsbane from your potions masters before boarding the plane.


That dude looked like he was tweaking hard at the being.


>That dude looked like he was tweaking hard at the **being**. That being was probably just a flight attendant.




The way he was wearing the mask was like my uncle smelling my panties from my drawers. Even the facial expressions were similar.


What the?!


Check their profile, they have some real weird older man/uncle kink stuff going on


Does anyone get stuck in any random odd places that some how a step relative has to fuck them to help them get unstuck? 🤔


Oh man, that happens to me all the time


It's a troll I think, in one post they came to be 22 and 15 days before that they're 19


Troll or person expressing some weird kinks through creative fantasy writing? 6 of one, half dozen of the other 🤷‍♂️


I’m just wondering why the panties in your drawers have an odor. Shouldn’t those be in the laundry?


The uncle just really likes the smell of fresh clothes


it's called layer cake attire.


Hol up……☝️


thats fucked up. what was he some sort of degenerate? he should have gotten the soiled ones out of the hamper. Fucking heathen.


You saw me??






More like he thought he was tweaking and got some bad shit


This is the same exact kinda guy that would break an alliance with russia by invading russia during the fall season, fail miserably because of the winter, and then blame it all on the jews.


Nice WW2 ref to Germany 😂


You're wrong. Hitler cared AT LEAST for SOME Germans. And did anti-tobacco programs, was a veggetarian. But this guy? Only for himself.


The best thing Hitler did was to kill Hitler.


Dude, seriously. Some of these people are regressing to childhood. Why?


This is Trumps America. There’s some fascinating reads on it. Essentially what happened is people are denying truths all around them because they want a distorted reality. It’s very similar to being in an extremely toxic relationship. It’s sad 😞


I remember seeing a post one r/insanepeopleFacebook. It was a lady saying she would rather believe false info than socialist values. So they would rather be wrong.


I mean think about it. Everything around you is lying to you. Friends, family, news, politicians, companies etc. It’s gaslights on a whole new scale. Now you have to not just admit that you were wrong. But live with the fact everything you thought you knew was a lie… it’s a huge issue. It’s happening in the food industry right now even. I just wish people were not allowed to lie. That’s the only solution.


Watcha mean with regards to the food industry? Just curious.


I was referring to the meat industry paying for studies that meat is good for you. The dairy industry also paid for “strong bones” campaign. Meanwhile the United States has the highest amount of milk drinkers and the highest amount of osteoporosis. Everything is bought and paid for sadly. I was raised believing all the lies too until I read the studies and see who actually funded them. There’s a bunch of great documentaries out that will give you just a peek into what’s going on. Edit: the best analogy I was told was, when your animal gets sick, you feed them healthy fresh foods. Meanwhile we get told to eat specific diets instead of fresh healthy foods.


When restaurants started shutting down a lot of servers and kitchen staff had to find different work. Those people realised how much the owners were abusing them in their previous jobs and now it's difficult for kitchens to bring in new staff.


Man, imagine being in any sort of relationship, no matter how tenuous, with Donald Trump.


Lol this guy is clearly mentally ill or on some sort of drugs. What tf does this have to do with Trump


He is yelling about Joe Biden. Yes this has to do with Trump. Yes his mental illness was brought on by the environment that he lives in. Additionally I have yet to see an anti masker who doesn’t worship trump. When I do I will change my tune.


Someone should test their water for lead. It’s possible we have a generation of adults suffering long term exposure.




That’s what I saw too lol


Mental illness sucks


If we say “racist” enough it loses all meaning. This man is having a psychotic break.


Prior to the video and the reason they started recording was because he was yelling some stuff at a POC.


Ah. Guy is totally our to lunch


I mean, that’s still not definitively racism. You can’t boil down every interaction between people of different races as “racism”, or again, the word losses all meaning. What was he saying?


My guy I wasn't there I don't fucking know 🤣 According to Dennis Busch, who witnessed the incident, the man yelled at a woman of Asian ethnicity, telling her to sit down while she was standing up "to deal with a back issue." He then told flight attendants that the woman and the person she was with “didn’t belong here,” Busch wrote in an Instagram post. "After asking him to calm down the man went into a complete meltdown of racist, sexist and belligerent comments, culminating in his arrest at the gate," Busch wrote. "We were lucky to have such a well trained crew who kept their cool throughout the flight!" From a witness. "That's not definitively racist". Who the fuck says that? You can boil down any interaction were a person is being racist to them being racist ya shitlord. I don't know what reactionary you're watching that claims every liberal person in any interaction claims someone is racist but thats just as fucking stupid as claiming any moronic conservative IS racist and doesn't happen all the time. 🤣


Can I not yell at a POC because they’re a protected class? Racism does not equal “yelling”. But, go ahead, keep devaluing the term.


That still doesn't automatically make it racist unless he was using racial slurs or something.


He was drunk, actually.


Racist gets more views


More context here: https://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/unruly-passenger-arrested-growling-swearing-flight-79874692


they don't know, they just know that EVERYTHING is racist


It’s not the police I would have called, it’s a psychiatrist emergency service. the guy looks like he is either going through full on psychosis or is completely high. The police can secure and restrain him but he need psychiatric attention.


In another sub discussing this (the internet, so, caveat emptor) he was carried off by 3 cops at SLC, Utah and cited for drunkenness.


To be fair, in a small area like this I’d prefer at least one cop being closest. I’m 100% for psychiatric professionals being lead on mental health crises, though.


I agree. But with some psych training. Police forces get a bad rap; many of them are unprepared and/or ill-equiped to handle MH issues. Here in AU, the cops are pretty cruisey, they're taught to de-escalate (relative is a copper) but still find themselves in situations where a medical professional response would be more appropriate. Our disability/mental health spend, globally, is inadequate IMO, and the cost of that is viscerally frightening.


Oh for sure. My only concern in this situation is how no one has an easy way to avoid this guy. In psych wards (IMO) or general areas you have a way to psychically distance yourself, but on a plane you’re within arms reach always


Tried to DM you this, but I'm either too old, or too ignorant. Thank you for having an objective engagement, I appreciate it.


No problem, it’s tough to find (at least on mobile). I’m also glad to have a conversation about this topic without it being a sore subject.


Again, agreed. I'm ok with zip ties and duct tape. Airplanes, trains, buses (&c) are volatile, intrinsically dangerous, places - I don't have an answer, but I know we need one.


I was thinking the same thing, this looks like mental illness.


This is the first thing I thought.


Europeans always throwing their functional health care systems in our American faces! Haha!


Oh sweeties, its not just Europeans, its the entire first, second, and even parts of the third world.


Yeah, you would have called them, and they would have called the police. Then the police would do what police do by keeping him calm or at the very least under control until they are able to get him to a hospital to be evaluated.


Yep totally agree, he sounded like he was experiencing thought disorder. Whether substance abuse or he was florid he needed to an assessment.


You are so right!


I mean you do have to be mentally deficient to be a Trumper




Lets gooo, someone made this into a race issue again!


Yeah the OP who wrote the title did..?


Welcome to the no fly list


Is he having a mental health problem? I'm wanting to be on the side that maybe this dude needs some compassion, and might have a mental health problem.


Apparently, according to another comment, he was taken off the plane and arrest for being drunk.


That doesn’t rule out mental issues.


Yeah. I’m not a psychiatrist but if that was *just* drunkenness I’d be very surprised indeed.


And vice versa


The way he was stumbling around when he was standing, I'm guessing more like way too drunk


Man, this doesn't just seem like political views, this seems like drugs or a mental condition, guy needs help.


Jim Carrey is the only one who can wear THE mask


Hope he gets to sit a couple days and consider his choices (though he probably won't) also hope he gets a nice fat bill for $5K or so


5k is much too little.


Thats kinda ridiculous man


>sit a couple days and consider his choices (though he probably won't) Sometimes, it's enough for them just to consider how unpleasant those days were, and how nice it would be to never wind up back there again.


Also the irony of asking someone to wear masks and wear them properly when you yourself do not do this. Proper = over mouth AND nose.




That dude seems unwell to me for sure


Dude obviously has a mental disorder.


This guy is having a psychotic episode.


I used to live with a jackass who would go on similar random rants to himself and have outbursts at random times too. I personally think the guy I had to live with was somewhat schizophrenic so I’m wondering if this guy is too. Sad thing is it seems both guys have too much of an entitled and egotistic personality to admit anything’s wrong and refuse to seek help on their own. They’re barely coherent enough to get by, but they have to voluntarily seek help or wait for law enforcement to do it for them…


That dude was drunk or high or has some real serious mental Illness


Am I the only one that was impressed with the amount of leg room he had?


First class.


no fly list please


Mental illness.


And he had a wedding ring on :|


Bet he beats her but can't beat anyone else. Maybe that's why he's so mad.


Hopefully on the fucking flight to a divorce office


That sounds like reading a lot into it. He seemed to be having a psychotic episode or on some substances at the time. We didn’t see him being blatantly violent, even if he was aggressive.


This dude is mentally ill


Flight attendant didn’t wear his mask properly though.


yeah that bugged the hell outta me


Horse dewormer is a hell of a drug


Kevin is take overdose amphetamine, I've seen that


Reading this gave me a stroke


Old mate Kev is not ok.


So sick of these idiots!


Last two years broke a lot of people


The people laughing at this, saying how this person is throwing a tantrum or making jokes are disgusting. This guy obviously has some kind of mental illness. This is why mental illness gets overlooked. We make light of the symptoms until something really bad happens. Instead of this guy getting help, he'll probably go to jail.


I agree! This is a person who needs mental health care. Why would people not shun him, it's much easier to be ignorant than to be aware enough to make the distinction between a tantrum and mental illness. It's lazy


Or mental illness and being a drunk dickhead.


Couldn't we say this about anyone who refuses to wear a mask on a plane?


Corona turned into zombie plague


So THAT'S how you get to be first off the plane!


*Kevin commits a Federal Crime while possessed by the Keymaster*


The first thing he reminded me of was a damn zombie lol


fuck me, the temper tantrums adults throw over something so benign as wearing a mask Aren't we happy Kevin isn't our doctor or dentist Kevin wouldn't make a very good bank robber


Not really, he can’t wear a mask right.


This isn’t a tantrum it’s a mental breakdown. This isn’t funny it’s just incredibly sad to watch.


The bit that always gets me is that whenever people like this end up getting arrested they're so shocked. It worries me how little self awareness they have, makes me wonder if they ever truly learn from their actions.


What is it with anti-maskers acting like it's the end of the world just because your asked to wear a mask


I swear to god what is wrong with those people. Are they all mentally challenged?


Fucking florida


...Florida man?


Is this the start of the zombie apocalypse?


*tim Robinson voice* REALLY?!


We need Air Marshals to take care of these people


Really dude


Question: if another passenger on the plane felt threatened by his screaming and getting out of his seat and took action to subdue him, would the passenger that took action against the belligerent man be in trouble with the law?


I mean this person is clearly mentally ill


Sure that ain’t a toddler?


“Whadda ya mean, ‘consequences’?”


I know he has a giant American 🇺🇸 Flag blowing in the bed of his pickup truck.


He's clearly drunk out of his mind.


Holy fuck bud chill


America is a disgrace, says the american acting disgracefully


Welp, he did lose his freedom...to fly in a plane. So I guess he can scream about that to whoever cares to listen.


Really? Really? Cant a guy freak out on a plane, act like a complete assbag and not get carried off by police?? *REALLY*?!?


Screw everyone blaming mental illness, he's just a drunk Trumper letting it all go


Every hour of every day, another video of a 50+, white American losing their shit in public. It’s like the other pandemic


Did they forget to record the "racist" part, or did they just assume he was racist because he's a white male?


Why was it racist? Did I miss something?


Apparently all whites are Racist . Gets more clicks that way


These soft ass people call everything racist that they don’t like, really shows their ignorance. It takes away from when there is a real race issue.




To all of you "wonderful" people in the comments. I will start this by saying that the tagging was all wrong I didn't see anything racist. What I saw was a man having a psychological meltdown. Could have been for any reason. The only thing I heard in this that might be political is that he hated what people thought of Americans. To all of you people commenting about Trump calm down this isn't the time for a circle j**k. You had that for 4 straight years. It's time for this to stop. There is no way to tell if this guy is Republican or Democrat. I've seen both sides have meltdowns.


Four bodies and three years later this man will be caught. Symptoms show early but are often overlooked.


Idk, aren't serial killers usually charming? I didn't get an ounce of charm from this man.


I do not understand the anti-mask or anti-vaccine or anti-lockdown movements.


When white people generally can do whatever they want for hundreds of years..you'll get the anti-mask and anti-vaccine movement.


That's not a breakdown. That's a tantrum.


They should cast him as a zombie for the walking dead, his gnarling at the beginning is impeccable


Joe Biden? Really??


With any luck he takes ivermectin and becomes sterile.


People saying this dude is on drugs or having a mental episode have obviously never seen a big important Trumper get really black out drunk. The snarling bit is almost certainly him pulling the “muzzled dog” routine after someone asked him to put his mask on. My favorite part was the “I think of America as…” slowly receding into silence as he was dragged off to wherever.


Just put it out of its misery.


This dude will get a drunk and disorderly charge and on the no-fly list.


Americans are waking up to how crazy they have become


An Ivermectin overdose for sure.


He did seem pretty stupid


They should have just given him his sippy and banky, then turn on some Hannity for him.


We need to turn one of the bathrooms into a ejector pod. Bet he would calm down after bobbin around in the Atlantic for an hour or two.


God these idiots look unhinged, one positive about mask mandates is it reveals the unstable folks who snap and just lose it over a piece of cloth 😂


Where was the racist part? Was it just because he was white?


I don’t know, I think this guy is more than just a douche, I think he is mentally ill and actually needs psychological help more than he needs jail. Maybe early onset Alzheimer’s or something.


"Let's call this guy 'racist' for absolute no reason just so people seeing the video hate him by default, without even starting"


How about this guy might have severe mental health issues? Why the fuck do you want to film it and publish it publicly? Ffs.


What a pussy


White privilege is amazing. lol Let him had been brown.


I don't know we have white people here in the UK and Europe this is a whole other sub-species you have there in the US. Yeah you get the racist rants and the "I'm calling the police" but nothing like this.


Pretty sure brexit proved you also have them there too.


Okay racist clown


So if he were brown and dressed like a muslim WHILE trying to desrupt the plane. You don't think white people would have freaked out? After the attempts at muslim bans, attempting to sue an entire country AND lying about how muslims were cheering on 9/11 you don't think any of that had an effect on people? Right.


Lol the reaction would be the exact same. There is and was no muslim ban, idk what that even means, and there is literal video of muslims celebrating 9/11. Lol. Not to mention being muslim isn't a race to begin with. Just admit you're a vile racist and go


This has nothing to do with white privilege… yes, it exists, but not every fucking thing in the world is an example of it.