To give the older daughter the spotlight at a gender reveal party.

To give the older daughter the spotlight at a gender reveal party.

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If only there was another way to find out...


Now they’ll never know.


Was the baby in the balloon?


The prophecy has been fulfilled. The sacrifice was made. The God’s are happy.




lul’s but for real, Thank’s tho for all the laugh’s and good sub recommendation’s! We Appreciate’s Ya.


\*twitches uncontrollably\*


>twitch's ftfy


Thank's ya'll


'Yer w'lcum


It was the ballon boy


Mayne if they detonate 80lbs of tannerite and create a mini earthquake felt the next state over then maybe, just maybe, could they then find out the gender of their baby.




*cries in Californian*


Pop the mothers belly


why did no one pull out their gun and shoot it?


It's a gender reveal, a mortar would be more on brand.


You've planted a seed.


I painted my tiger pink and had it maul my guests for my gender reveal in Texas.


That was where the problem started.


I thought you were gonna say it's a gender reveal party, not a high-school corridor.


Yeah the guy at the end with the white claw I’m surprised he didn’t shoot it ha!


That “it” is a little girl, sir. How dare you. /s


Because its illegal to shoot children I mean what?


I seriously think it’s allowed in schools.


Cause the bullets gotta land somewhere...


I can’t sleep at night, because of this. How many people have died because of bullets raining down on them, from warning shots. I NEED ANSWERS


*Here you go:* Bullets fired into the air usually fall back with terminal velocities much lower than their muzzle velocity when they leave the barrel of a firearm. Nevertheless, people can be injured, sometimes fatally, when bullets discharged into the air fall back down to the ground. Bullets fired at angles less than vertical are more dangerous as the projectile maintains its angular ballistic trajectory and is far less likely to engage in tumbling motion; it therefore travels at speeds much higher than a bullet in free fall. A study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that 80% of celebratory gunfire-related injuries are to the head, feet, and shoulders.[6] In Puerto Rico, about seven people have died from celebratory gunfire on New Year's Eve in the last 20 years.[timeframe?] The last one was in 2012.[7] Between the years 1985 and 1992, doctors at the King/Drew Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, treated some 118 people for random falling-bullet injuries. Thirty-eight of them died.[8] Firearms expert Julian Hatcher studied falling bullets in the 1920s and calculated that .30 caliber rounds reach terminal velocities of 90 m/s (300 feet per second or 186 miles per hour).[9] A bullet traveling at only 61 m/s (200 feet per second) to 100 m/s (330 feet per second) can penetrate human skin


Probably not much since warning shots aren't common in urban areas, and bullets lose momentum.


At least no one died.


No one died *so far as we know.* Mom seemed pretty mad that child number one didn’t perform the expected task properly. Might have to retire her jersey soon.


I’m pretty sure this moment permanently solidified that little girl’s place as the family scapegoat.


Just because she was smart enough to realize that the whole fucking thing was stupid and no one should participate in one of them.


Maybe Dad should have thought twice on baby #2


Dad should have thought twice on wife #1


We don't know, could be wife #7 and baby #11.


Yes, this is painfully true. She has no shame at yelling at a 4 year old in front of everyone for ruining "her moment".


Yeah, that moment gave me anxiety. She obviously was very comfortable lunging at and swatting her kid. Explains the child's (learned) behavior also.


Okay on one hand, I don’t think the kid was treated fairly. Swatting her like that and scolding her for not wanting to be a part of some silly gender reveal is excessive and bad parenting. On the other hand, she did carelessly throw a dart that could’ve hurt someone.


the difference is one is an adult who should know better


Yeah they seemed fine with it until she screamed and chucked the dart. She could have hurt someone. But still, don't hit your kids.


I mean I would never give a kid a sharp pointy object in the first place, isn't this why we only let kids use safety scissors?


You don't give them darts to play with lol but you're better off having them get used to handling things with care, I'm sure that my thus-far good track record with knives is at least helped by the fact that my mother had me helping in the kitchen at a fairly young age. Nowheres near that young, but you get my point


Kids have to learn safety awareness at a young age. I'm not saying hand a 5 year old an Ak-47. But don't put a safety bubble around everything. Knifes are a useful tool used everyday. Kids should learn how to use them safely.


Agreed they should be taught safely. This feels more like they put the child in a high pressure situation where they had to preform in front of people and handed them a pointy thing.


That balloon is on its way to murder a turtle.


That ballon got sucked into a 747 engine and killed 300 people :-(




And started the biggest forest fire in history


Well at least california did not burn for weeks.. (for those uninitiated.. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/07/us/gender-reveal-party-wildfire.html)


Ocean animals?


True. But she did slap her child and chastise her for ruining HER moment. So the child will basically grow up dead inside


I took it as she slapped her hand and chastised her because precious chucked a dart in the general direction of the crowd.


The child was scared of popping the balloon. Reasonable. The child was getting bullied into doing something they were not ready to do. This is a text book example of how you create a reactive, aggressive and insecure child. She was acting out because she was afraid. It is obvious her mother treats her this way frequently. It is probably how the mother was raised. Getting smacked a lot makes you skittish and aggressive and reactive. This is just bad parenting all the way around. It may be the mother just does not know better. This is the way a lot of parenting still happens, even though there is mountains of research showing it is harmful in the short and long term and does not even temporarily produce the desired outcomes. This video was case in point.


The kid was obviously really overwhelmed with what seemed like a good sized crowd yelling at her, as well as possibly being embarrassed by not popping the balloon on the first try. Yeah, she shouldn't have thrown the dart but the parents should've seen the need for deescalation before handing the dart back to the kid.


Douches all around. I mean, it IS a gender reveal party. But yeah, 1. They shouldn’t have put the kid in that position and should have expected a meltdown. 2. Really badly handled the meltdown, which as has been said, probably explains the kids behavior in the first place.


I got the impression that the girl didn't want the balloon popped. Because, ya know, most kids like balloons! This whole gender reveal thing is really interesting. Weddings are so hyped up for women: the expense, the gifts, how lavish they are, how this is a woman's "most important day of their life", etc. I think these parties are filling the void left after the wedding shine wears off for some people.


Balloons popping are also scary, specially that big ass balloon.


....this is so smart!


The secret to dealing with kids is staying calm. No matter what happens, you have to stay calm and have a smile on your face. If you start frowning and yelling, all it does is makes it worst.




Can anyone make out what the people are saying? Especially towards the end when the person filming just turns around. I have trouble making out words in videos but it's bugging me a lot!


Right at the end? She says, “Oh my god, I said that on the way…” and the video ends.


It is and the person who started the whole thing totally regrets it. One, they are stupid. Just text your friends what the hell you are pregnant with, boy, girl, or like that demon child trying to slash the dudes neck open.


Wait a second. You mean to tell me that the likely-narcissist who started the whole gender reveal thing *totally regrets* that he or she started a worldwide trend?


I'm pretty sure the original gender reveal party happened because it was the first pregnancy that the mother successfully carried to term. It was mainly to celebrate that the baby was healthy, not to show off.


Well now, I just feel like an ass.


[the more you know](https://youtu.be/GD6qtc2_AQA) don’t feel like an ass. There are a lot of things people don’t know, then learn. Which you did, dick! Last part was a joke. Edit: corrected spelling


Don’t. Celebrating a healthy baby is very different from celebrating its sex.


I think it was because the earlier pregnancies had ended in miscarrige before the sex could be determined. It was a pregnancy milestone they had never achieved before and it was one that made the child real in their mind. It wasn't so much about which sex the child was, but the fact that it had one they could know. Edit: It was also a party, to let their relatives know they could start talking about the child, instead of skirting the subject incase things go wrong again.


I missed the 80 pound bombs for a birth ... Not a thing I think ...


yeah, but in her defense it didn't start from narcicism. She had miscarried like 9-12 times, and was celebrating that her child actually lived long enough to have a determinable gender. ​ Que next year, and the 2017 wildfires...


Worldwide xD


Nah, he's not a narcissist, she just thought it would be something cute to do. It's everyone else that has turned it into a psycho competition. Also, another reason why she regrets it is that her daughter turned out to be gender non-conforming.


Yes [she did in this video/article](https://www.audacy.com/wben/news/national-news/woman-who-invented-the-gender-reveal-party-now-regrets-it)


Why is there so much chaos as she's trying to pop the balloon like there's a time limit. Everyone screaming at her was not helpful.


This was my thought, too. Also, a giant balloon, likely filled with something, about to explode right next to the kid's face is a scary prospect. Any kid would be hesitant. That whole situation seemed pretty miserable and I feel sorry for the kid having to live with a family like that. The narcissism, the angry yelling, the stupidity, the reactive slap... seems like a shitty way to be.


I don't know if I would have been able to do that as a child. I was absolutely terrified of balloons popping as a child, add everyone screaming as I'm about to do it, I would refuse like she did, though I don't know if I'd chuck the knife too.


I’m 25 and I still can’t do that without hesitation lmao yes call me a pussy I don’t care


The friends and family participated in it, too, by yelling at her even more. I feel sorry for that little girl, and hope that she has someone nice in her life.


The saddest part is that she is being blamed and shamed for not wanting to do something because it's confusing and scary. They're basically teaching her that her feelings don't matter. Those people should be made to go to an educational program on how to parent.


I still think there should be some kind of parenting license but then you're moving into dictatorship and eugenics territory...


Also the balloon wobbled away as she got close. Holding it by the string was doing no one any favours


Came here to find someone talking about the fact that we all just watched a video of a mother slapping their child in front of a crowd of their family and friends.


When I was 5, I remember my first birthday party. Relatives huddled suffocatingly close to me, yelling for me to blow put the birthday candles. My uncle had his VHS camera aimed at me and the cake. The lights were turned off and the room was claustrophobic and full of hot breath from all the screaming. I don't remember it all exactly, but I do remember crying for half an hour after the lights were turned back on. I don't think I ever blew out the candles. To this day in my 20s, I have never had another birthday party.








Yepp, legit slapped that kid, very great parents if you ask me (obvious sarcasm)


She must of been scared out of her mind with everyone screaming at her.


Yup she was completely overwhelmed and I don’t know why any of them thought yelling at the four or five year old was the right move. Poor kid, now her parents are going to hold this over her head forever. They’ll probably tell the story at her wedding. Edited the age


That ain't a seven year old. My son is 4 and is the same height, she's not even cracking anywhere near the 4-foot height and is clearly much younger than seven. That's just more proof that this was an unnecessary reaction to a kid who didn't know what to do and was already upset before this whole thing got filmed.


I was having a hard time with age range on her, I figured I was going to get it wrong. But yeah she’s pretty young and her parents are assholes.


At first I read “They’ll probably tell the story at their wedding.” Still made sense.


seriously. give a child a sharp object tell her to do something that will make a big scary sound that she won't like and them have everyone scream at her like drunk idiots. that family is a bunch of dicks


She was clearly terrified to pop a balloon straight in her face. That used to be one of my childhood fears.


I got anxious just watching her. Sure, pop the giant, loud balloon amongst all the screaming people and focused attention. I've seen combat training that was easier on the nerves.


Yeah, we’ve all seen Idiocracy


Still not as bad as the doofus who recently used 80 pounds of explosive for their gender reveal party. 🧨💥


WTH??! People are crazy... we've just had a baby and when we went to find out the gender a few months back we very dramatically with precise planning and timing... wrote it in the family chat. 10/10 would do again as no fires were started by that reveal.


Just had a baby last Saturday and same. Both for the pregnancy announcement and gender lol. Everyone was excited and it was good enough for us!


I didn't even bother telling anyone mine lol


If nobody died when the gender was revealed, who's soul will the baby have?


Sometimes it feels like she craves mine, she's slept some good 90 minutes tonight, lol


Some people really overestimate their importance.


"I knocked her up again and now we're gonna make you stand around to find out if it has a penis or a vagina! BYOB"


“And make sure to yell at our current child before you leave,” they probably said.


"Are you fucking kidding me?" ...says the person who let go of the balloon?


...says the person who let go of the balloon to slap her kid's face. I don't know this person, but I don't like her.


That little girl pretty much sums up what everyone thinks about gender reveal parties, but is to polite to tell you.


yes exactly.


Yes this


Oh no the gender flew away


Is this what non-binary means?


Did she seriously get mad about losing the balloon after she let it go to turn around and physically hit her child in public?? A+ parenting. Glad they're breeding. /s


Yeah, she completely forgot she was holding a balloon. Or did she forget how balloons work? Either way it doesn't bode well for the little girls future.


I think it was meant to be held down with that little thing on the ground, and she was holding it closer so the kid could pop it


I'm think it's because the kid threw the needle basically at the crowd. I too would be a bit angry at that, but of course it is never okay to physically attack your children.


I can see this but she also aimed down making me think it was more in response to the mother's bullying (poor thing tried to pop it but looks like she got scared/shy after failing the first time). Should definitely be sat down/put in time out but the mother's reaction looked automatic like she's used to just turning around and hitting her rather than a planned punishment for an action.


Ye she obviously wanted to pop the balloon, but was scared of the actual pop. Can’t blame her.


I was always nervous around the toaster growing up whenever I put bread in it. I can definitely understand her hesitation. Everyone screaming at her and pressuring her made it far worse.


My thoughts, she turned like it was an automatic thing to smack her. You have a kid barely out of diapers, about to have a huge balloon pop in her face, people yelling at her, and I'm sure she's frightened with all the changes going on in her daily life about a new baby coming and not having all of moms attention anymore. This was not the way to handle it. She's going through big feelings and they need to talk about it.


Speaking from experience, not having all of mom’s attention anymore sounds like a fucking win. I got kind of emotionally blindsided by this video, reeks too much of my childhood.


This is why violent parenting is not good anymore


Don't appear to be the type of people who need more kids




I have no clue as to how and why gender reveal parties even became a thing and I can't stand kids - but even I can tell having a bunch of adults shouting at a toddler to do something she's scared of, then hitting her when her brain short-circuits from the stress, is not how you parent.


Sadly, she wasn’t hit for being scared. She was hit because she took away from mommy’s specially planned circle jerk in her honor. It’s the pregnancy equivalent of bride-zilla. Barf.


There was a blogger like a decade ago, who suffered through multiple miscarriages. Her and her husband threw a gender reveal party because they hadnt made it that far in the pregnancy before; it was a milestone. So they made a little party of it. Because she was a blogger, she posted about it, and in true narcissistic, keeping-up-with-the-kardashians fashion, now every self-important parent out there needs to have another elaborate party to one-up all their friends and showcase how perfect their life is.


I'd like to think the balloon ended up popping over someone having a bad day and showering them with confetti, cheering them up.


fantastic. love this!


Probably wouldn't cheer up whatever animal ends up choking on it though.




The kid gets it from being a kid. If she still behaves this way when she’s her mother’s age, it will be because of her mother.


If the gender reveal balloon floats away, by customary law, you must abort the pregnancy


yes the balloon is a metaphor for what must happen to the baby


You pop the balloon, you pop the baby The older sister just didn't want to be arrested in a murder conspiracy




Welp, now you’ll never know.


the baby is now canceled


I think there's a word for that exact phenomenon.




Nope. No, that's not it. Don't worry guys, we'll get it eventually.




Two words: fetus deletus


I'll get the plunger


Gender reveal parties are getting out of hand.


Ah Ah Ah Ah


Staying alive


Staying alive


And thus, the child was born non-binary


The expression on the last guy says it all


wow that couple should have like 500 kids !! !


I love that this got ruined.


That mom screams and hits her very young child when no one is looking. Getting angry at a child because they are (understandably) scared by a huge balloon popping in their face is fucking disgusting. She started screaming and trying to slap, even in front of a crowd, when her kid was behaving in an appropriate way for her age - because it ruined “her moment” of a ridiculous exercise that attention-seeking dipshits crave.


>That mom screams and hits her very young child when **EVERYONE** is looking. .


I completely agree. I am an adult woman who has always been afraid of anything that makes loud noises (balloons, fireworks, etc.). As a child I was TERRIFIED of balloons even more than I am now. If you had put me in that situation and told me to pop that huge ass balloon with everyone yelling around me I would have had a 100% shutdown if not a total weepy, traumatized meltdown. I don’t have children, so I’m no expert, but my decision would be to not give the child a sharp object and put her in that situation in the first place.


That’s the correct decision. It boggles my mind that so many want to hurt the child verbally and physically for failing to cope with a situation she should never had been in.


What a douche mom


so they just told everyone, like humans do?


Thats why you just shoot at a 100 pounds of tanerite and just be done with it.....FOOL PROOF 🤣


The fact that I haven’t been invited to any gender reveal parties means I’ve cut out the right people out of my life.


Now you are definitely not mommies favourite


Who cares about the gender of you kid.


Sir! SIR! It is imperative that you are informed regarding my fetus' genitalia! I cannot allow you to go on existing without such vital piece of knowledge! SIR!


It's a...live


Had two kids. Never did anything stupid like this. It's going to be one or the other. Get lives people.


It could very well change in a few years anyway.


Now the baby will be transgender thanks Karen.


In the UK this bullshit is just a phonecall.


Aye we just rang our parents and popped a message in family group chat. This thirst for attention from these people is cringe worthy


Hitting kids. Way to be a role model


Today karma is a balloon


I didn’t know it was possible to cringe as hard as I just did


Best gender reveal party ever....the suspense builds!


Did one of the other people legit say “what a family” toward the end?! 😂 My sentiments exactly.


That fucking parent doesn’t understand all people screaming is probably freaking out the kid… no need to slap on her wrist dude! Calm down!


What bugs me the most is how quickly that mother turns on her daughter to tell her off. What shitty parenting.


"You're RUINING this for mommy!!!"


That karen already doing bad parenting since years, child gonna grow up with quirks and mental problems. And father seem to not give a f about the situation, standard dysfunctionnal parents.


Instantkarma for smacking ya kid over something so ridiculous


Thank you older sister!


I'm surprised one of the yeehaws didn't pull out his gun and blast the fucker out of the sky.


I wish these people would stop breeding.


Did she for real slap that child? What an asshole.


Not fit to be a mother the first time, let alone the second...


This whole concept is so stupid, I'm glad they lost the balloon.


uhhh... what just happened?


Did someone say "what a family"?


The baby is enby


this family is gonna get along just great


There's a metaphor about parenting in this whole video


All of these people are dumb.


Sure hope they find that balloon so the baby can be born


And off goes the baby


It’s a...hang on...flying away? OH SHIT MY CHILD NOOO STEPHANIE IS FLYING AWAY


Why are they all yelling at that poor girl


I was half expecting someone to come out and shoot the balloon with a bow. Maybe I’ve been playing too much skyrim.