"(Trump) has regular sized hands by the way, the media is full of shit." Or maybe your hands are fucking tiny and non-violent too, you roided up loser

"(Trump) has regular sized hands by the way, the media is full of shit." Or maybe your hands are fucking tiny and non-violent too, you roided up loser


Trump has violent hands, he could’ve been a UFC champ if he wanted to


He's be tremendous fighter. Tremendous


Maybe trump complemented joes height Some say he is the tallest man


Terrifically tall Joe, incredibly tall.


I’m hearing it everywhere


Joe actually said he was short for one of this bits. I saw him in Vegas along with Dave Chappelle


Oh my god he's talking about his tribalism shit wwdh


I think he’s trying to send us a message about his height. Don’t believe what you hair!


Out of a 1:56 minute clip there is 39 seconds dedicated to spruiking the move to Spotify. Water weed dune hair??


> spruiking is this only used in australia?


Probably NZ too. The country, not the state.


"I've actually held trumps hand before. It's completely normal don't believe the media. His penis too. Tastes completely normal. Don't know why everyone picks on him."


He really couldn't have gushed any more.


Imagine being so partisan that you defend Trump against a funny internet meme about small hands as a comedian.


Imagine attacking tribalism, then going on to spew the rest of what he did in this clip.


Both rogan and trump are multi millionaires and got rich through and from the media and yet still play the victim and blame the media.


Cant stop the grift bapa


He knows he has a lot of trump supporters that listen to his garbage podcast. He’s just trying to make them happy.


#TEXAS WENT RED BITCH!!!!! -turtle shell toegan


Na. He *is* one of those suppprters


Yeah and he was a Bernie supporter a few months prior.


Dude views politics like a reality show, he just roots for the interesting edgy characters. As long as his taxes don't get raised he'll support whoever is viewed as "cool" at the time.


Don't you just love when podcasts pander to political views of the majority of their audience. You may call it a grift but these free thinkers speak truth to power, philosophers of our time.


Let me add: both completely without any talent.




Thanks to his father. The guy made his money literally being in the media his whole life. Trump thrives on the media’s attention. If the media ignored him, it would drive him nuts. Bulk of his wealth came from building the trump brand by using the media doing television interviews, writing a book, starring in movies and guest spots any chance he gets to promote his brand. In 1987 when he released his book his celebrity climbed even higher and reached new peaks. He’s been using the media for the past 40 years.


Yes, given his "Small $1m dollar loan"....Plus a $120m+ Property portfolio which he likes to omit from the story. Given to him by his KKK Dad who not only lost a civil suit forcing him to accept black tenants in his buildings but was then sued AGAIN for STILL not accepting black tenants after being forced to do so. Fred Trump was arrested at a KKK rally and was defended by the same lawyer as the organisers (and higher up members of the KKK) of the event. Woody Guthrie wrote at least 1 song all about what an awful human being Fred Trump was after living in his building at one point and being hassled for having black guests. Not that Donald should be judged by his Father's beliefs but it would be nice to drop the act and stop pretending he was a good person and didn't leave Donald huge amounts of wealth.




“Mainstream media” Mainstream media (MSM) is a term and abbreviation used to refer collectively to the various large mass news media that influence many people, and both reflect and shape prevailing currents of thought. The term is used to contrast with alternative media. Trump is the definition of mainstream. When trump says the media he’s talking about anybody that doesn’t agree with him or likes him.


This just in Trump has the same sized has as a man who’s 5’3.


That's exactly what I heard too, B.


He hasn't been president for 7 months who fucking cares


Joe Rogan, it seems.


Committing to the right wing grift? GOOD


There is a cast of Trump's hands at Planet Hollywood in NYC, his hands are fucking tiny given his height.


Joe is 5' 3", Trump's hands are probably gigantic in comparison.


Woa woa woa Joe. Did you say you want to be homeless?? Water we dune hair B! Figure yer shit out!


Amazing hands, people are saying they've never seen hands like this before


I think Trump has small hands in relation to his size, dude's an absolute orange unit, in awe at the size of that lad. But compared to a 5ft5 dude, of course they are going to seem big


"The Media"? I believe the 'small hands' thing was created by supreme Cawlmedy "Assassins". Most (Non Murdoch) News organisations were generally more interested in actual lies. Sorry, "Alternative facts".




You know there’s a real argument to be made that comedians should be considered essential workers


You care too much. Grow up.


Mate, you cared enough to reply. That makes you instantly 10x worse.


This sub hates everyone 🤣 Shaub, the Asian girl on his podcast, Joe, Callen, Trump, Bert, Joey Diaz have all got it on this sub in the last week - I don't think anyone is popular on here!


I haven't heard a bad thing about Will Sasso on here.


I'm fairness I don't know who he is but I'll take your word for it. I've just noticed the sub's jury is out on most people involved in tfatk/the wider podcasting world. Theo Von doesn't get such a bad rap here but also isn't immune


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Yeah seems to be most of the LA comedy/podcast scene and anyone Rogan adjacent. Can't say I disagree with most of it tbh.


You don't know who Will Sasso is? Water yule dune hair?


Great guy, never heard of him 🤷🏻‍♂️


Joe talking about media size narratives while ignoring his viral narrative reeks of shade


That guys nose LMFAOOOO