Ive noticed Shane rocking the YSL Wyatt boots (or they might be Amiri) with the slight heel and double buckle for the last few episodes. They suit her style perfectly and i love them.


Alice and Bette are always such style icons! Alice first time around not so much but definitely genq!!


So interesting that you posted this! I almost never notice what anyone is wearing on the show but I was captivated by Shane’s jacket and I LOVED Dani’s printed top/blue pants look. I love your insight into their wardrobe!


I love Alice’s look this season and feel like it’s a totally natural outgrowth of her looks from the OGL word, same with Shane and we both noticed some ‘repeat pieces’ from her original wardrobe. Which feels right for her. God, I hate everything about Finley so much (the new Jenny?) that I cant even think about her tatty ass wardrobe. I love Dani’s looks and think she looks crisp and young and beautiful. Bette, while classically gorgeous.... I just want her to modernize or something.... she’s falling into democratic candidate territory ( which duh but still). I think Guest Star is super cute and loved the outfit with the boots but felt like the outfits were the best part of that scene.


I really enjoy these fashion threads! Alices outfits are always so nice. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Gigi’s outfits because it seems she has a really nice style. I agree with you about Sophie’s outfits, I wish they put her in something different other than than wide and boxy outfits!!


I love studying the fashion in this show! Bette: Isn't that grey outfit a jumpsuit? I remember thinking it was a suit and looking at it properly in the scene at Angelica's school and realising it was all one piece. I don't think I've seen Bette wear a jumpsuit before. I love Bette in a soft blouse and then those long wide legged pants, especially in richer colours. She just looks so statuesque and powerful in outfits like that. Sophie: Speaking of jumpsuits, what was with Sophie's blue jumpsuit. I don't really like how Sophie is styled tbh, but it might just be personal taste. I feel like what she wears isn't particularly flattering. Dani: She seems to echo Bette a fair bit (like that reversal of pant/blouse colour combo last episode I think it was) but also adds more vibrancy in her colour palette. I would never wear these colours myself, but I actually liked that mixed print blouse she wore. Pairing it with the soft blue trousers brought out the same colour in the shirt and toned down the brightness. The belt did not match, though, and threw me off. I get why she wore it, as it needed to connect the leopard print to pull the look together, but the print wasn't right and it stood out to me in a bad way. Shane: I didn't even notice her bomber jacket was snakeskin - but for sure, it looks like it would be designer. Her style is rich-Shane, now, lol. It's still very Shane, but the pieces are next level. She has come so far from her first outfit in ep 1 of the og series. I would imagine Generation Q Shane to own multiple items from Rick Owens. Alice: I think her styling is so spot on. It all seems to really represent her. I hate yellow and orange, but it works so well on her and the colour/cut choices seem very natural for her character to wear.


you are so dedicated that you even add screenshots and I love it bc I have a hard time remembering outfits (unless I absolutely love them), so thank you for your service! Gotta say I’m a big fan of jumpsuits so I’m ok with Sophie’s. I think she’s the representations people with simple outfit choices need, there’s always someone like that and she doesn’t look terrible in this episode so great. I feel this Dani mirroring Bette’s fashion and I don’t like it a lot, but she had some great pieces. As for Finley I just love her so she can wear anything. Her character is kinda laid back so she won’t hesitate to put on some jorts, a shirt and be ready to go and I love that. Won’t comment on the OGs fashion bc it’s spot on most of the time.


I want Sophie's shoes from the last scene, but have no idea what they are. Any ideas? Tan suede loafer of some sort.