Episode 3 Fashion Discussion! (Long!)

This episode was a bit of a wash in terms of fashion, as most characters remained in their first-appearance outfit or only had one outfit change. But that won't stop me from breaking it down and yakking on and on about it!

Alice: as always, she's the most fashionable and the boldest with her fashion. She wears bright, saturated colors and interesting mixes of colors.

Let's take a look (I've got screen shots this time!)

First appearance: a fun printed tee and pink suit. This is becoming an Alice "signature look"---an interesting, bold, bright colored modern pant suit and a fun, playful top with unexpected twists on the loafer like the Gucci loafer-mule hybrid in "THE" big interview which I won't spoil :) *these are called "pink" but I believe they're actually blood orange

Second appearance bright, blood-orange suit with a green blouse and a kind of...weird scarf at neck. I loved this suit, but could take or leave the pairing with a deep pine blouse and very matronly scarf.

Alice's casual look one thing to note here is how aligned Alice and Gigi are, wardrobe-wise: Low key "hipster" shirts, no bra or a "no bra look", jeans and casual shoes, they have a slightly tomboy, hipster vibe here. While these outfits are casual, they are also very carefully considered and send a message--they're not the "sad mom outfit" of Nat (who they are really doing dirty as a character and with wardrobe) This is a classic Alice look---a simple tank, jeans, and running shoes. You know that tank did not come from Old Navy, it's probably Commes de Garcon or something!

Alice's crochet cropped sweater wow I loved this! I can't find it anywhere, but it looks like Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie. It's adorable.

I'm less in love with her huge gold aviators as I feel they're aging her and kind of making her look like Phyllis, who also committed some serious glasses sins herself with those 90's yellow glasses in OG L word. Only real ones know what glasses I mean :P


I feel she's softened her look and is more feminine and interesting this ep. She's less "business formal" and leaning into her art world side. Love it.

She had two outfits this time around:

Gray suit loved this! The belt detail with the loop in the back, the subtle check pattern on the suit, the overall draping and style---chef's kiss. My guess is it's couture---Ralph Russo, Vivian Westwood, Alexander McQueen--something. My only thought was "is this comfortable for a whole day of work? How is she still so fresh as a daisy to visit Shane in the bar"? Well, it's Bette, I guess! She's a super hero.

Printed shirt and wide legged pants another match to Dani, although more subtle this time: a primary-black pattern, and wide legged, high waisted pants outfit, both with very feminine details--in Bette's case a pussy bow (heh) and in Dani's ruching and a twist detail. Less of a "match" this time, indicating Dani's closer alignment with Sophie this episode---while they're arguing, they have a spark and chemistry and I feel like these minor disagreements are less serious than last episode for some reason--there's a heat there that replaced the frostiness from Ep. 02.

Dani: Her style here is feminine artsy. Rebecca Taylor, Alice + Olivia, Ted Baker, Tori Burch--a kind of preppy with a twist look. She likes to take a slight risk with one element of her look, but sticks to a overall business-formal style.

Her mixed-print shirt is R13 which surprises me, but she pairs this edgy brand with blue pants and matching blue pumps (which I was like "oh, no girl" on), and a leopard belt, giving it a polished, artsy feel rather than leaning into the punky mixed-print look.

Here's her black tee look this was interesting. I could see the single-stitch seam on the tee shirts sleeve hem, which means it's a less expensive piece, was altered for the show, or is intentional (in terms of design). I think it's a less expensive piece, and the design and print are hiding it's less than designer construction and material. It's a cute top. My guess would be Cynthia Rowley, Nic and Zoe, Rachel Roy, DKNY, or similar department store brands.

[She also has some awesome ClubMaster style sunglasses that I wish I could track down

Guest Star link is a spoiler for those who will recognize her My GOODNESS she's attractive. She's the new Jackie Warner, all turning straight girls' heads over here! While I loved her suit, I noticed a few interesting things:

--her shoes did not go at all. The suit is soft warm toned brocade. The shoes were solid black ankle boots and really popped in a bad way when she was seated.

--She had the same necklace arrangement as Shane: choker with one small square pendant, a collarbone necklace, and then a long pendant. I believe the costume mistress either thinks this is super sexy and stud-ly (and thus costumed both Shane and the "Guest Star" who was written as a flirtatious, sexy, stud-ly persona in this look) or is drawing subtle lines between Shane and Guest Star: wealthy, soft masc presenting crush objects with enviable cool and style. Could be both.

--I noticed she had painted nails, and several rings, a very high fashion and femme look that contrasted wonderfully with her sharp, large-featured face and her tomboy hairstyle and suit/boot combo. It worked so well for her. The black nails did some work to ground the black boots, but I would have liked something a little less jarring and substantial for footwear.


-That snakeskin varsity jacket tho! what a great look! My feeling is it's Supreme, Louis Vuitton, maybe Michael Kors, Monse, a Nike Collab, Ric Owens, Off White, or one of a kind made for the show. Shane's style has really evolved. This was paired with skinny gray jeans and soft brown cowboy boots. Shane also wore a skinny lapel men's "Le Smoking" jacket that I feel I recognize from the OG L word days. I think what's making her look so beautiful in this series is that the lighting and color process of the film is allowing us to see her (Katherine's) extraordinary hazel eyes. In OG L word everyone who didn't have blue eyes had "black" eyes---no definition and depth to the pupil and iris. In this L word, the much wider range of colors and warmer, more natural and high-def palette allows us to see how stunning her unusual eye color really is. Swoon.


Men's novelty shirt, same tee as ep 1, jorts she spends half her air time nude, and she's the character with the least money, so it makes sense for her to repeat outfits and looks. Sophie teases her about her jorts, which I like.

Sophie: two different boiler suits. At this point, while I approve of the boiler suits, I feel that costume team is doing the less-wealthy members of the cast dirty. Sophie obviously has tons of fun with her hair and body jewelry and is fashionable. Why is she in a "uniform" that reads "1940's factory worker" ep after ep? I feel like there's something about how de-sexualized (at least from a conventional point of view) her body is---maybe that's a story beat, about how her clothing is her "armor" that prevents catcalling and harassment? But I'd love to see her in creative vintage and the type of outfits that Gigi (who for some ungodly reason is a writer and show favorite, she's getting some kind of "good guy" edit I just am at a loss on) has: funky, loose layers that flatter her and read as modern, tomboy fresh but work and are clearly sexy and attractive. I'm open to argument here--maybe people are loving Sophie's looks and I'm Too StraightTM to see it?

Okay, I've said my bit!! What did we think of the fashion this ep? Love? Hate? Too focused on the truck load of charisma and sexy coming from A Certain Guest Star to even notice? :) Chime in!


Ive noticed Shane rocking the YSL Wyatt boots (or they might be Amiri) with the slight heel and double buckle for the last few episodes. They suit her style perfectly and i love them.


Alice and Bette are always such style icons! Alice first time around not so much but definitely genq!!


So interesting that you posted this! I almost never notice what anyone is wearing on the show but I was captivated by Shane’s jacket and I LOVED Dani’s printed top/blue pants look. I love your insight into their wardrobe!


I love Alice’s look this season and feel like it’s a totally natural outgrowth of her looks from the OGL word, same with Shane and we both noticed some ‘repeat pieces’ from her original wardrobe. Which feels right for her. God, I hate everything about Finley so much (the new Jenny?) that I cant even think about her tatty ass wardrobe. I love Dani’s looks and think she looks crisp and young and beautiful. Bette, while classically gorgeous.... I just want her to modernize or something.... she’s falling into democratic candidate territory ( which duh but still). I think Guest Star is super cute and loved the outfit with the boots but felt like the outfits were the best part of that scene.


I really enjoy these fashion threads! Alices outfits are always so nice. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Gigi’s outfits because it seems she has a really nice style. I agree with you about Sophie’s outfits, I wish they put her in something different other than than wide and boxy outfits!!


I love studying the fashion in this show! Bette: Isn't that grey outfit a jumpsuit? I remember thinking it was a suit and looking at it properly in the scene at Angelica's school and realising it was all one piece. I don't think I've seen Bette wear a jumpsuit before. I love Bette in a soft blouse and then those long wide legged pants, especially in richer colours. She just looks so statuesque and powerful in outfits like that. Sophie: Speaking of jumpsuits, what was with Sophie's blue jumpsuit. I don't really like how Sophie is styled tbh, but it might just be personal taste. I feel like what she wears isn't particularly flattering. Dani: She seems to echo Bette a fair bit (like that reversal of pant/blouse colour combo last episode I think it was) but also adds more vibrancy in her colour palette. I would never wear these colours myself, but I actually liked that mixed print blouse she wore. Pairing it with the soft blue trousers brought out the same colour in the shirt and toned down the brightness. The belt did not match, though, and threw me off. I get why she wore it, as it needed to connect the leopard print to pull the look together, but the print wasn't right and it stood out to me in a bad way. Shane: I didn't even notice her bomber jacket was snakeskin - but for sure, it looks like it would be designer. Her style is rich-Shane, now, lol. It's still very Shane, but the pieces are next level. She has come so far from her first outfit in ep 1 of the og series. I would imagine Generation Q Shane to own multiple items from Rick Owens. Alice: I think her styling is so spot on. It all seems to really represent her. I hate yellow and orange, but it works so well on her and the colour/cut choices seem very natural for her character to wear.


you are so dedicated that you even add screenshots and I love it bc I have a hard time remembering outfits (unless I absolutely love them), so thank you for your service! Gotta say I’m a big fan of jumpsuits so I’m ok with Sophie’s. I think she’s the representations people with simple outfit choices need, there’s always someone like that and she doesn’t look terrible in this episode so great. I feel this Dani mirroring Bette’s fashion and I don’t like it a lot, but she had some great pieces. As for Finley I just love her so she can wear anything. Her character is kinda laid back so she won’t hesitate to put on some jorts, a shirt and be ready to go and I love that. Won’t comment on the OGs fashion bc it’s spot on most of the time.


I want Sophie's shoes from the last scene, but have no idea what they are. Any ideas? Tan suede loafer of some sort.