My mate is wondering. Please let me know so I can report back to him.

My mate is wondering. Please let me know so I can report back to him.


Got TF2 with the orange box in 2009, time flies.


Haha, that’s how I got in too. Crazy how basic it was on the console version.


It’s still very basic and not dead, or at least wasn’t dead the last time I played it a few months ago. Played it on my Xbox 1 because I wanted to play half life 2 and got the orange box. Lot of fun.


It's quite fun if you manage to get into a match because your always playing against the same people,


Must be fun.


hey, if it’s a group of the same dumbasses then it’s not a bad group


That's kinda neat.


recently touched tf2 on xbox through backwards comp 2 weeks ago and there’s only one server and it has alot of people in it


I still remember when the first hat update was coming and me and my friends were so hyped waiting for it to come to xbox


How's the wait so far?


it's coming for sure, valve said they'd update at the same time but we all know Microsoft has to do more checks for updates before they release them


Jesus, I just got flash backs to playing 2fort when we’d all be deliberating when the update might finally release. We’d always say any day now. So wild haha


What's it like to rocket jump on a console? This is just the first thing to pop into my mind.


Lol, I had no idea what I was doing for the few months I played on console. I picked up the PC version a year or two later once I had a machine that could run it, and have been playing that way ever since.


Without having rocket jumped on the PC, it was a pretty viable tool to get places on console. But it was usually a suicide mission unless you were actively getting healed by a medic.


Also got with the orange box. I wouldn't say I've played "consistently" but it's my most played game in steam at 1,086 hours.


I only got the Orange Box for HL2E2 and thought Portal was a neat bonus. Didn't even think of TF2 until one day I was bored and gave it a spin. Instantly addicted.


I did this as well. November I believe is my merc badge and my brother's badge is October. I must have had mid-terms. I played TFC a loooot and was anxiously awaiting TF2. At this point I believe I've been playing Team Fortress for nearly half my life. Edit - 3,500'ish hours iirc.




Not OP, but I played team fortress classic for years, absolutely loved it. There were so many mods and just fun game servers, roleplay servers, there was a map you could play hide and seek on! +Hook! I was an admin on Ultimate NeoTF Funhouse for a few years, and I'm still in touch with a few people from back then (2005-2009), they really felt like family. Everyday I'd get off of school boot up my PC, put the headset on and say hello to a lot of my close friends. Now they've got children!


I played TFC and CS1.2-1.6 at the same time. The memories are tied together. I recall playing TFC less once I got good at CS. CS1.3 was where I shone the most and once shields got added the game felt like it was reaching an end point. TFC was wild. Lots of battles and choke points where throwing the spinning grenades and getting numerous kills was hilarious. Sniping on Rats with low grav...oh my goodness. I would have played these early 2000, maybe 2001.


Did you ever play ultimate neo TF fun house??? Eternal Howls server?




That was also my first purchase from online Steam Store alongside Modern Warfare 2 pre order back in 2009. I’m proud of it.


same and I somehow dont have the hat


I also started with Orange Box...on the XB360. We only had 5 maps. As far as I know they STILL only have 5 maps.


In played it in playstation 3 at first, literally like a time machine to a new world and the players are like the tribals from fnv. Was so disappointed to find out that it didn't have hats or anything at all.


But have you played it constantly since.


Same, I tried asking GameBanana how to get mods on my Xbox too lmao.


Me too xD


Same, however played hl2 for a while before


That's where My journey Began XD


I got that too that year one Christmas… Been playing tf2 ever since


7000 hours of game play here, been in since day one.




Giga chad


Peta chad


yotta chad


Zetta chad


isn't zetta less than yotta?


I thonk it’s yotta then zetta


https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metric_prefix go to "List of SI prefixes"


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Very interesting, didn’t think it went that way. Thanks


Holy shit


Elder Mercenary


Mods should give him a flair with Elder Mercenary for such dedication.


Pfft not 25k?


I have 8k and I’ve only been playing for 4 years. Then again over 6k is from afk farming


Almost 10k hours was dedicated to dustbowl. All I remember is dustbowl. All I think is dustbowl. I am dustbowl


Same but 2fort




Same but upward


Same but well




For those curious, that's roughly 292 days of playtime.


Tf2 is 14 years and 4 days old... about 5118 days (counting februari 29th of 2008,2012,2016,2020) 292/5118 = 0,0570 THIS GUY HAS BEEN ONLINE FOR ALMOST 6% of Tf's entire lifespan! More than 24h of playtime every 20 days that pass... He averaged more than 1 hour and 20 minutes. Every. Day. Since. October 10th 2007. Madman


Damn I thought I was addicted. I've only been here since Linux was added in 2013 though.


I've met a person who had 10k hours and got a 100 kill streak with a shovel


I do


And here I was excited with my playtime with only a little over 300 hours lol


I know a guy with over 9000 hours of GTA V


That game is fucking crack, I hate to love it.




Ding ding ding


my friend had 14 k of tf2


I am said mate. I’m intrigued to know your total hours played, what keeps you playing and some of your best memories with TF2 🧡


I played during the beta period. I come back usually around fall every year as I love scream fortress. It's become a tradition now. This year is no different and I've even managed to talk my wife into playing. My best memory comes from years ago. I don't recall what map I was on but I was watching an enemy Demoman on a pipe out a window laying sticky traps. I switched to melee and punched the glass. He turned around, shook his ass at me and then jumped off of the pipe. It had me laughing my ass off!


I’ve played since beta. Depending on how you define consistency, I may well fall in line with your question. I have 2620 hours, mainly playing Soldier and Demo. I’m older and grew up play Quake (and QWTF) so there’s a certain level of familiarity to the game that I enjoy. It’s a game that’s easy to drop in and out of if I have the time and feel like playing a game. You can try hard or chill all in the same round of play, without any consequence. It has some of the best maps and feel of any multiplayer game. There’s a bigger risk v reward to actions, and individual skill can turn it around. I’ve always played, and only really taken breaks for real life, but I didn’t play any games at those times, just due to lack of time. My favorite memory center around a set of servers(call 2098) I used to help admin in the early days. We had a 2fort, Arena, and 5CP/nocrit server. The 2fort was the most popular, but I liked playing the other servers more. Eventually a lot of the regulars wanted to start running events. So we organized a 1v1 tournament (which I won since it was like 2008 and I was the only person that knew how to air strafe) a 2v2 bball tournament, and the 6v6 pugs. Eventually we started a little 6v6 team that scrim’d other community teams and did well and won most of them. We tried playing a real teams and played a team with Davis/woot who was ESEA invite back in the early days and got smashed pretty hard. It discouraged a lot of the kids and we stuck to internal pugs. A few of our regulars ended up joining real teams and doing well. Dave_AC who was on x6 and a few of B4nny’s pre-froyotech teams came from our community. He started out a spy main ironically enough.


I've played since 2018 and have 995 hours


I started this year but I've played alot My best memory is my first time doing well in comp. 2.1 K/D. Felt AMAZING


That’s awesome! Still great to see new players start up still to this day 😁 Good work on that K/D too!


Aye! I played entirely soldier that round iirc I dont play soldier as much as i used to sadly.


its good to diversify. besides, you'll be back. there is no way to ever finish getting good at rocket jumping


Not release, but i joined 2009. I joined during the first ever halloween update with Harvest Event I been there for nearly every update and played daily but grew tired of the game right after MYM and stopped playing there, returned for a bit in Jungle Inferno, stopped again but i was there for the hat crash and got quite a bit of unusuals haha. Mostly just play TF2C now and other games, TF2 just is too bloated and runs poorly for me. I have 4400 hours in total, and my all time favorite memories are playing Halloween 2012 when it came out and getting spells from haunted gifts, and the shitshow meltdown of the Hatless update. Two Cities was amazing too. I remember when we used to bitch about no content during 2013 and we got Robotic Boogaloo and bitched some more, then right after that we got the summer update.


I've been playing pretty solidly since 2011, and I have a few thousand hours. Honestly what keeps me playing is it's still a shooter that I laugh at and have a good time basically any time I boot it up. Outside of the recent bot incursion, I don't think I've ever been *mad* at a game of TF2. It's been fun for me, win or lose, basically every time I've played. That's what keeps me coming back.


Been playing since Orange Box day 1, have 8,000 hours on steam and about 750 on the old TF2 beta. I have no idea how many I put in on the Xbox version but I’d guess I have around 9000 hours total in TF2


I'm just over 7,000 hours played. Been playing since shortly after release. i bought the orange box, but TF2 was the last game from I installed and played. The irony is that it's the only one from the box i play regularly. I've been playing FPS shooters since Doom 2. I've always loved scream fortress, and my daughter now enjoys TF2 and we play together.


Started playing in 2011 when the Uber update dropped and the game went f2p. Just been enamored with it since. Clocked well over 3k+ hours and the main reason is just how chill and casual it is. Its a game I can always just boot up and play a round or two without having a care in the world. Best memory would probably be meeting some of my friends on there, like this guy who gets into a ye olde character and mains demoknight and one of my friends irl who I met on a trade server. It's amazing how much this game has done for me and I'll still put hours into it no matter what.


Started playing Feb 08 I think. About 2200 hours on a couple accounts. It's the quality of the game design that keeps me playing. So much to learn even a decade and a half later. Favorite memory is the first update. They released Goldrush, the first payload map, and that first round with everyone playing it was crazy fun. Least favorite memory tied between 225hp backburner pyros when that update dropped, and how the backstab used to go through a 1 second animation before killing, during which time the target would sometimes move out of range and survive. Good times


I joined around the gun mettle update. And it’s my first game where I have over 1000 hours on it. Honestly tf2 is just an overall fun game. I mainly just play with my friends but we still always have a good time. You’ll always get some kind of clip from playing tf2 wether it’s funny or it’s just you being awesome at the game. And there’s always community servers out there with special game modes. My favorites being dodgeball, vs Hale, slender fortress, and all the x10-1000 servers. Even though I have 1000 hrs I’m still kinda bad at the game. But that usually doesn’t ruin the fun. But recently the bots have been slowly driving me and other people away from the game. I really hope they do something about it. I want this game to still thrive and live when I’m dead.


Tbh. I've prolly put in like 250-300 hours but that's been over a few years. Didn't play from the start. But. The relatively large amount of time I've spent in tf2 compared to other games has been cos I don't think I've found a game with such a great design and gameplay. E.g. the classes silhouette's, the way it feels to get a kill or even loose a gun fight. It's cos the gunplay is just so satisfying. Like. A meat shot with a scattergun? Or a headshotting a fucking spy from across dustbowl? Not sure there is a game that is just as satisfying


i first played tf2 on it's release in the Orange Box, on Xbox 360 i got about 1500 hours there. in 2011 I got my steam account & Started playing tf2 there and have 4000 hours. I did take a break for 2 years as i had moved & didnt have a pc setup During this entire period ive done a bunch of mvm 2cities and about 90% of my matches in casual are Dustbowl. sometimes 2Fort or payload. I just really enjoy Dustbowl, although its often clusterfuck/1 sided (even on winning team it's not fun) when teams are balanced, the gameplay is intense and i find i get really immersed in the game Also rip invasion (i think, the moon map with little robots) map i really liked that


My best memories are from back in like 2011/2012 when I played DR/ambassador spy together with a friend (when those weapons were still super good). Let me tell you, 2 spies working together are damn near unstoppable. We played off of each other so well, it was absolutely ridiculous. One would distract and the other would backstab, or we would just both headshot at the same time. Strangely enough I've rarely ever seen this strategy being used by others, even though it was monstrously OP. The main difficulty of playing Spy is to know when the enemy is sufficiently distracted to move in, which is just completely negated by having a distraction with you on call at all times. I still play TF2 to spy around, but nothing is ever going to top playing spy buddies with a bunch of OP weapons.


Keep in mind that Steam did not originally keep track of played time. That was an addition sometime after the release of Orange Box.


I have never played the game




No pc, and if the ps3 servers have more than 20 players I'll eat my hat


but there’s no hats on the PS3 version


What are you talking about? You got scout's cap, engineer's helmet, soldier's helmet, and sniper's hat!


Does pyro's mask count as a hat?


Does spy's?


Anything is a hat if you’re brave enough










Dont forget about demomans cap


How could i forget…


Scouts default hat


You could try a game streaming service like GeForce now or a remote PC thing like Shadow if you have a decent enough internet connection. GeForce Now has a free tier that lets you play for an hour at a time, whereas Shadow is a subscription. I have tried GeForce Now and it is probably the most convenient if you're using it on a Smartphone or tablet since you can use either a Bluetooth controller (e.g. an Xbox One S or Series Controller), keyboard and mouse or a onscreen virtual controller, but I haven't tried TF2 on it. You will have to sign up for an Nvidia account and sign into your Steam account too. The only potential issue is that TF2 has some Xbox controller support, but its patchy, but I'd assume that a keyboard and mouse should work fine. There's no real harm in trying it out since its free.


It's available on Nvidia Geforce Now. If you have an Android you can run it through the Geforce Now app. They also have a beta version of Geforce Now that runs in Chrome. Just pair a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse with your device and play!




b4nny, 20k hours


Thats kinda insane if you think about it. 4h every day for 14 years


He must have 22k hours by now if not more.


pretty sure he has over 24k now


Damn, my man has more hours than bots do.


Stabbystabby as well. He has 7k hours on spy alone


sorry, i don’t play consistently, i play CONSTANTLY


Casual's a little fucked at the moment but the games definitely still kicking, these days I frequent community servers.




I don’t wanna be that guy but your post history says you’re 15… tf2 is 14 years old


He came out of his mother's womb with the orange box in one hand and a life-sized Medic body pillow in the other


True medic main ✊


Where do you get a life sized medic body pillow? Asking for myself


I sewed it myself, with blood, sweat and cum. The beautifully knitted foreskin was kindly donated by my grandmother.


Lmao did he delete his comment?




What did he say?


I'm guessing he said that he played tf2 since the beginning




And his account


Somebody called?




Not release but still the year of release tho. November 2007


I am a silver badge late boi, early 2008


[There's the steam group for Primewal Warriors](https://steamcommunity.com/groups/primevalwarrior) which was a badge Valve gave to people who beta tested TF2. I don't know how many of those still play TF2 actively but those are (some of the) people that could have technically played the longest.






b4nny has a platinum badge, so a pre-order player from September 2007.


Yo. Currently sitting at just over 6,100 hours on my second account, played the beta with my first during college. I took a few years off on purpose but came back a while ago. Editing to add that I also own a Cheater's Lament lol


Still here


orange box...


I've known the game right around Meet the Spy wasn't released yet but didn't have the proper computer to play the game. I was like 8 that time. I started playing in 2014.


I started playing when I was around 8-9 on an old computer from the early 2000’s it ran the game fairly good, but all of a sudden the computer just gave out one day and it couldn’t even run google chrome, so until 2020 I didn’t play the game for a long time


I was an orange box kid. Tf2 gave me alot to do growing up, unfortunately the game was lost for me when hats and special items just became items, then the bots started, and I havent really been back since. I had some awards for playing since the beginning. Ive played it maybe 3 times in the last few years, as much as I miss it, its not the same feel it once had.


I started playing TF2 in 2007 on the Orange Box on Xbox 360. Moved to PC later.


Same here it's rare to see the orange box on xbox 360 . And I was SUPER excited to get my first laptop to play all my computer games I always wanted to . And I just got last year and I already gotten a couple of unusual things so I'm very addicted.


TF2 launched in October of 2007 and my Grizzled Veteran is dated November 3rd of that year. So not the whole way, but pretty close to it. Admittedly I haven't played much recently because of the bot issue though.


I think I started playing originally in 2012 (don’t 100% remember). Kinda been demotivated since my Steam account got hacked in 2018-2019 and I lost most of my cosmetics and all my taunts. And yes, I had Steam Guard enabled. I had to deactivate it to get back into my account.


I might have a spare cosmetic. Lemme check my inventory :)


I fell for a scam earlier this year. Know how that feels Felt great when someone gave me something to compensate so i wanna make someone else experience that :)


I play since around 2014.


I've only really been playing casually. Something like 400 hours this year. Need to get back into it properly


I played for 5 years.


Got the game not long after release. I played 500 hours or so and took a long break, occasionally a few hours in between years. The game is amazing, dynamic, and rarely dull. Community servers make the game what it is, so the community is what has my investment. Tbh, with the customization level most games should emulate this.


PS3 since early 2008, then PC since summer of 2010. Almost 5500 hours and counting on Steam. I fear I'll still be playing some day in a retirement home


I started in 2007 on ps3 and moved over to PC in 2009. I’ve played ever since but I’ll take a break from time to time for several months at most.


4000 hours, been playing since release!


Got it on the disc waaay back. Played ever since. still do, can't wait to get home to play scream fortress


I got Orange Box on launch day and played TF2 the next day. But honestly my play dropped off considerably 7 years ago and only play a few times a year now. I still do a pretty good job in pubs.




b4nny does


I remember watching a buddy play it when his fancy new rig had a whole 80gb hard drive. Man that thing was a beast back in the day


Played way back in the Orange box days on Xbox


since beta here, 4100 hours, I've played the least in the last 3-4 years but it's a game you can always go back to - s'all about finding a decent community server imo, which are few and far between nowadays Oprahs petrol station is legit


Got into it by an old friend in 2007 been playing ever since


I bought the orange box in 07 or 08, i have an in-game badge with the exact date, soldier of fortune or something. i got into comp in 09 and 10 and had to quit as college got harder as i got older. came back once in a while but i was living a fast life in my 20s so i was never consistent. TF2 is the best team-oriented FPS invented and that's my opinion. That's why I keep coming back. It's like a class-based Clan Arena if anyone played Quake. The TF2 medic class is just great, something about how it's implemented in TF2 is the best. In games like Wolf:ET, the medic was powerful but he was like an assault trooper with a medpack that could heal. Most teams were majority medic class since it was the best. Nothing vulnerable about him, just sacrifices some other utility for healthpacks. While in TF2 the medic is an ultimate sacrifice and requires you to rely on your team mate(s) for defense. A great way to implement a medic type class IMO


Have it since 2008. PC broke, never bought a new one. Bought a mac, catalina update made it unplayable. Bootcamp not possible.


I wouldn't say I've played consistently but I've been with it since 2007 orange box for xbox360, then purchased it again in 2009 for PC. I played it extensively from 2012-2016 but slowly played less and less. I definitely feel the game is still as timeless as always. Hats, maps, weapons, and loot crates are were and still are very superficial and the core of game still remains.


Haven’t played consistently but I’ve had it since Augusta 2008, close enough?


2 steam accounts and played since the beginning. Had my on and off years. Have about 8,100 hours. I still play once in a while if I'm really bored.


Depends on what you call consistently, but at least once every few weeks since it came out. I just can't get through a month without it.


I've been playing since beta


I met some people with the beta badge a couple times.


Froyo B4nny has entered the chat


Bought the Orange Box for Portal, heard it was good. Reasoned that five games for $30 was a steal, and all my classmates say Half Life is an awesome game. Played through Portal, loved it. Decided to try out this weird shooter I've never even heard of, you know, just to check it out before I move to Half Life. Cut to ten years later, I have played that no-name game for over 3000 hours, almost every single day, only taking a break from it when Ovverwatch came out, then eventually realize I wasn't having fun with Overwatch and going back to that no-name game. To this day I have not touched Half Life. That game? Albert Einst-- I mean... Team Fortress 2.


I unfortunately wasn't old enough to play on release, but I officially started in '15 and have played consistently since then. >!Also please tell your friend that it's can only be used as a contraction of "it is", and not to show that "it" has ownership of something. For ownership, remove the apostrophe. !< >!"It's very cold. The sky is covered in clouds, its usual azure hue blocked out"!< >!I'm terribly sorry to grammar nazi, I just have autism and some other stuff, I get really uncomfortable when I see things like that. I know I'm being annoying, I'm mostly doing this for my own sake. !<


Consistently, no. Sporadically on and off the entire time since release? Absolutely. It scratches a very particular itch.


i have 600 hours so yeah not really


got the game at about 2020 a few days before the f2p voice chat muting


I was in 5th grade in 2007 when my dad picked me up telling me he got something called the orange box, I haven’t played in about a month and I’ve stayed away a bit with the boy crisis but it’s still one of my favorite games to this very day


I'm not a day 1 but I'm a year 1 player


\*Raises hand\* I have been playing since the game's release on my brother's account, then i got mine


there is famous player called "b4nny" who has been playing since 2008 I think, he's one of the best competitive player too


My friend introduced me to it in late 2012/early 2013 right around the time that released MvM and I especially remember when they dropped Robocrates without telling anyone what they were. Unfortunately though, I lost the login for that account around 2014 (even after the Reddit April Fools/TF2 hat thing [I got the broken Snoo hat thing]), but if I had to guess, I probably had 500-1000 hours on the game before switching to my new account (I would play it constantly for a couple years). On this account from 2014-onward, I’ve got around 1500 hours, so total I’ve got 2000-3000 hours, I’d reckon. Not very big numbers comparatively, but TF2’s my comfort game (esp around Halloween)


I think I’ve played like 10 years? Idk lol. Mostly competitive for the last 5ish. About 5.5k hours and I really like the combat mechanics and team work specific to 6s comp.


Ive played constantly since 2012 I’m still complete fucking dogshit tho


I used to play TF2 since 2015 like a meth addict to the point that I dropped out of school because I was sleeping in class after passing the whole night playing. I stop playing in 2018 to clean up the mess I did with my academic life, I lost my skills so I just play for fun once a month.


I started in 2014, got 3.3k hours and playing to this day :)




I'm a 2015 player, that good?


I can’t because my computer broke


no, on and off every few years, my last time playing wa a year ago


Not since release but I've been playing since October 10th, 2010


About like 20k ppl


Oh ya, I remember eating spaghettios and playing sniper back then when there weren't bots. Kinda fucks the game up imo now, but still my favorite team vs team 1st person shooter


B4nny. Doesn't he have like 15k hours or something?


Nah I think it’s closer to 22k


My merc badge says August 2009, but I really started a year later after upgrading my PC so I could run it.


Not since release but since 2009, I think thats close enough? I was a dumb 7 year old kid and saw my best friend's older brother playing it, thats how it started.


Been playing tf2 since the 5th grade


Not since release, but I have been playing and following TF2 since 2012 (I first got it in 2013, but I first discovered and later played it on my friends pc prior to that). I couldn’t consistently play it, because my pc couldn’t handle it 2015-2018, but I never lost interest and followed it closely


I still remember my dad buying the original Orange Box physical package when it came out in 2007 and immediately popping into TF2 on a pretty shitty computer. Still remember playing several arena matches during the early days when the Equalizer was still one weapon and being able to bultrue the enemy team with heavy damage and zonked speed. Although I wasn't able to play it consistently due to the aforementioned poor specs of the PC. ​ It wasn't until late 2014, early 2015 that I was finally able to replay TF2 more consistently with my own PC, so while naturally I was there 'since the beginning', I would say I only officially got my start in 2014.


i think B4nny


I started playing in 2010 but I took a big break while I was getting my bachelor degree, after that I came back to play... I really respect people that kept playing this game straight until now.