Feature Request Megathread

Feature Request Megathread


Navigation reporting police, construction, traffic Waze like features.


Just add CarPlay. Problem solved.




Newbie to CarPlay. Your'e saying I can "CarPlay" waze on my phone to Tesla' on-board nav? But it doesn't impact the onboard system at all?


CarPlay doesn’t replace any built in systems, it’s essentially just an overlay “broadcast” from your phone with a special interface and APIs developers use - all the processing is done on the phone. There is SOME car interaction obviously, microphone, etc. But nothing that doesn’t happen for BT audio already, honestly. Some larger screened vehicles have a CarPlay window sitting next to OEM stuff, which is how Tesla could/should implement it.


oh... so tesla doesn't have carplay yet...


It does not, hence this being a regular feature request.


I'd like to just change the onboard nav to Waze - I'd gladly pay to do it. I know I can get there through a browser but I find the experience significantly degraded


Have you seen https://teslawaze.azurewebsites.net/ (open in Tesla browser)? It's not perfect but it works.






Snow mode would: split torque 50/50 between the front and rear wheels at all times, disable regen braking, and do small tweaks like modify throttle mapping, adjust traction control to be better suited for snow covered roads etc.. Car wash mode would: fold side mirrors, disable auto wipers, roll up windows, and optionally put the car into neutral when force is detected on the wheel.


Why would you fold the mirrors during car wash?


Definitely agree on Passenger Seat Profiles, just had a situation the other day where the previous passenger had moved the seat way forward and it would have been nice to be able to set up an 'easy entry' profile to tap.


Leave WiFi on when parked and plugged into power. When the car goes to sleep, the only ways to wake it are by getting into the car or remotely via the app. Unfortunately, it's my understanding that waking the car up via the app requires sending an SMS to the car. My garage has great WiFi, but no cell service, so I can't precondition my car. Are there any workarounds I'm not aware of?


If you're within Bluetooth range you can quickly wake the car by clicking the unlock button.


Just tested this and it works great, thanks!


Turn on Sentry Mode? (Don't exclude home)


Keep WiFi on when leaving Park.


This used to be a thing. And myself and lots of other people had issues driving away from our houses with the car still connecting to WiFi, but not a strong enough signal to actually transmit any data, so couldn't get music to play or navigation to work, etc.


That’s really interesting, I bet that was annoying! Surely there’s a way for the car to recognize when it’s leaving it’s home location and switch over to cellular the instant the wifi signal starts to degrade?


There is - turn off WiFi when the car is shifted out of park. :)


This... Makes hotspot update downloads a lot easier


- Regen Dots on mobile app. - Wiper control from app. - Restore driving profile from app (ability to move drivers seat from mobile app) - Navigation waypoint - Navigation avoid highways - Summon doesn’t fold mirrors if mirror fold is disabled when locking vehicle. - Ability to change/set Scheduled Departure from the mobile app. Also would be nice if you could select two times, like 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM. - Sentry mode has an option to be on without flashing lights - Increases follow distance. Even at 7 you’re still getting pelted by rocks on the highway - Repeater cameras display on screen with turn signals, for switching lanes etc. - voice command “skip to x time in song, podcasts, video, etc” - Skip forwards or backwards 5, 10, 30 seconds in the dash-cam viewer - Seat controls from phone app - Memory position passenger seat - “Pulled over mode” cameras including internal turn on, mic starts recording, location is sent to a selected contact in your phone along with audio recording (video would probably require too much data), recording is automatically saved once vehicle is in motion. - Seat adjustment via touch screen -Ability to check for software updates from the mobile app.


I don’t understand the need for wiper control and seat changing through the app. When would you need to adjust these things when you are not in the car?


Wiper control could be useful when it is snowing. Every 15 mins I could run the wipers to clear off snow before it freezes, this will use a lot less power than running the defrosters to clear off the windshield.


That would be cool to just have that as a standalone feature. Ice Prevention Mode


When cleaning the vehicle, If I’m out at the yard and hose the car down, I don’t want to get in to run the wipers if I’m full of dirt. If I don’t it leaves water marks on the windshield.


I don’t see it being implemented as it would entice people to use their phones while driving to change settings.


I can't envision a scenario when it'd be more practical while driving to use your phone than the touchscreen


I can't envision a scenario where it's a good idea to crawl into the backseat of your Tesla from the driver's seat with Autopilot active, yet here we are.


Only when in park would solve that. I can’t see someone taking out their phone to use the wipers when they could just use them normally. Most people use auto wipers as well.


You have to towel it off anyways though right?


No I don’t.


> Ability to change/set Scheduled Departure from the mobile app. Also would be nice if you could select two times, like 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM. For fuck's sake Tesla, give us a goddamn charging calendar that lets us set charging start and stop hours - just 7 boxes with the name of the day at the top and the ability to set "Start charging" and "Stop charging". Bonus points if it shows you different saved schedules for different locations. Where I live on weekdays the lowest rates are from 8pm to 10am, and then it is low peak rate all day on the weekends. If I want my car to charge all day on the weekends I have to go down to the garage and disable scheduled charging and then remember to turn it back on Sunday night. It should be a fucking weekend project for their developers to just put together a goddamn calendar UI for the touchscreen in the car and my app so that I don't have to manually fucking do this every week. So damn annoying because it is such an **obvious** and low hanging fruit.


Being able to edit weekends would be great as well. I work one day but not the other.


A button in the app would be really nice but, correct me if I’m wrong, I think that the app already checks for updates when it’s opened. For the last update I checked the software tab in the car when I parked one evening, no update available. Opened the app the next evening, hadn’t touched the car since parking it, and the app told me an update was available.


> Seat adjustment via touch screen Why?


Ability to move the passenger seat while sitting in the drive seat.


Ability to save multiple accounts on Spotify, and be able to assign it to a driver profile. The wife and I have separate Spotify accounts, and it gets annoying signing in and out of each other’s accounts.


Yes please! Our car is an extra Spotify family member for this reason.


Spotify has issues compared to just the phone app. Hard to see what songs at in a list on main screen really without going into the search


Power outlets need to be standard on all EVs. Even if they wont give us a standard NEMA l14-30, 120v outlets need to be offered. YouTube Music


* Blended braking, there is zero reason this car should behave differently when cold * Circle around Fan indicator when in recycle mode * Tap car while driving to return to correct perspective * Show % and Miles/KM simultaneously * full blue tooth support to select tracks, play lists, performer, and place in song Notes on #1, Blended braking is not the evil many like to make it out to be. The idea is that regardless how you decelerate, pressing the brake or lifting off the pedal, that the regenerative means are used first but in all cases if regenerative capacity is limited from cold or full pack that the car blends in the real brakes so that you slow at the same rate regardless. This feature is on many other EVs. On #3, sometimes when trying to swipe to tire pressure or efficiency the new interface misinterprets the swipe and I want an easy way to restore the orientation of the car


I just want to use Apple Music without touching my phone like cmon


- CarPlay, as always. If you don’t want it, don’t use it. It’s optional. - Blind spot monitoring/notification - Id be happy with the side repeater showing automatically when I indicate. - Automatic full camera view when my car is in a tight space. - A round steering wheel option on the S/X. - FSD portability.


Apple CarKey support


I'd like to see the return of EAP. Barely missed the window for it last time and don't want to pay $10,000 for FSD.


* Button to temporarily pause navigation if I'm grabbing some food or stopping to go to the restroom and don't want the navigation to constantly nag me to make a u-turn to go back to the highway. * List of restaurants close off the highway while on a road trip. * Option to change navigation prompts to a 'ding' rather than have it read the entire road name or turn it off entirely. * Option to have navigation auto-disable when close to 'home'. * Car wash mode that turns on creep or neutral and allows you to exit the vehicle. * Ability to remove 'liked' songs in TuneIn streaming. Clicking the thumbs up again doesn't do anything, you're only option is to thumbs down which then prevents the song from ever being played again.


> Button to temporarily pause navigation if I'm grabbing some food or stopping to go to the restroom and don't want the navigation to constantly nag me to make a u-turn to go back to the highway. As the voice talks to you you can turn the volume down with the scroll wheel so that it stops talking


I'm well aware you can turn the volume down but it never goes silent and it interrupts whatever you're listening to at the time. This can be extraordinarily annoying if you're listening to a podcast. Also why I would prefer a 'ding' over the voice prompts.


A list of restaurants within walking distance displayed when you select a supercharger station, so you can decide before you get there


Option to toggle Lowering music when Navigation audio plays


Anti speed ticket mode: Reach upcoming autopilot speed at speed sign and not 100 meters behind it.


Things I dream of but will never happen: * Apple Car Play * The ability set the intermittency interval on the wipers - OR a rain sensor that actually works, like early Teslas had * A damn HUD (which I know Elon has said will never happen on any Tesla) * A CCS adapter for DC fast charging outside of the Supercharger network * Navigation waypoints


Fingerprint authentication for keyless driving in lieu of a password


So I have a few: * Navigation -> USE HOV Lane - Should be auto selected by presence detection (>1 seat occupied, feature is on) * A/C remains on if front or back seats are occupied when initially getting into the car * FSD: Lane Changes to 'follow route' 22 miles in advance are a little schizophrenic, leave that until the last 3 miles before it becomes critical * HOV: Read the signs and determine if it's a california style flex-lane with hours usage 7-9 am etc, couple with occupancy detection * Apple-Music, Amazon Music, Google Music apps * Wi-Fi hotspot * Lane-Change Abort should last more than 10 serconds (car keeps wanting to change lanes, keep having to hit abort to avoid the car doing a rapid decel on the highway) * Ok, kind of a neat one, but Integration with Apple's Find My... * Then here's a couple more: * Sentry / Dashcam * Offload via Wi-Fi to a local docker-VM or VM receiver that offers playback on the desktop. Essentially, if you have good local storage, you should be able to get the car to locally connect to the server when it's on Wi-Fi and upload the USB contents to the VM or App and delete crap off the USB key when it's been moved. * Stealth Sentry (no lights or indicators) * Performance info * Track Performance info / Acceleration profiles, usage and optionally location telemetry to USB and upload to the aforementioned server or VM daily * Bonus, Track per driving profile * Home Charging Usage cost or at least KW/h tracking during the charging session at home * Keycards / Phones * Auto-Select driver / link keycards to profile (whomever opens the drivers door gets that profile (if the authorized user opens the passenger door, do nothing) * Extended Parking mode.... So if you're leaving the car in a garage (like at the airport) for a few days, reduce the parasitic draw from components and turn off cabin overheat protection * when parked at supercharger station, open charging door when driver or passenger exits * Pull-Over Mode - Detecting lights on rear camera turns it on by default * Infobar at the top: * should have a 50% opaque gray background and should be able to have a small red gradient near an alerting icon. * be 1/2 inch not 1/4 inch * Driver HUD / FSD display region * Touchscreen variants should have the HOV button right there next to the steering wheel icon * Larger Speed display font * Bottom Menu * A/C Climate quickmenu (Hold to show) * Driving Car Menu (Left button) (Hold to show: Driving Mode, Steering Mode, Suspension Mode) * Disable Web Browser when driving * Seat Heater Buttons should just be a popup like a context menu * Navigation: * Waypoints and Rest area stops every (60-90 minutes, VW and Mercedes do this) * "Trust the Driver" - If traffic detection sees that a road en-route has a delay, stop panicking when the driver chooses an alternate route or uses city streets. vice-versa - the Highway if it now looks clear * Flat or Downhill route preference: prefer flat or downhill roads * When choosing an uphill road, choose one that has a shallower ascent * Audible Prompts should be based on time , not distance: You need a minute or two to move from lane 5 to lane 1, so fixing alerts at a mile before at 85 mph is really dangerous I have a few more, but these are top of the list for me


Passenger seat lumbar controls in the model Y


Let us fix incorrect speed limits.


Can someone name a feature someone requested in a thread like this that Tesla implemented within the past \~2 years? We haven’t recieved any updates of significance for \~7 months on our Model 3, and the 2020 holiday update seemed to only include a couple features Elon had approved on Twitter. Why does this thread exist? I would like to see bug fixes more than feature requests. Can we get a bi-weekly bug fix tracker instead? E.g.: * Sentry mode events soft-disable Auto-High Beams. * Auto-Folding Mirrors suffer GPS-drift when parking underground. * Music audio glitches due to Autopilot / proxmimity sensor alerts. What about Model 3/Y getting the new UI? I would love for Tesla to improve the quality of the existing features before people talk about new stuff.


I feel you. I put things out on this list that I feel like are no brainers but nothing much seems to be incorporated.


If only there was some kind of *way* to set multiple *points* you want to travel to in the same trip…


Elon brought it up during the S delivery event


He’s also brought it up a million times before the event, flip flopping between “it’s almost done,” “soon,” and “no” - so why should we believe what he had to say last week? He was just playing into the few people who randomly shouted “waypoints!” at the event.


Yeah, didn’t he already say, “Ok” to waypoints on Twitter months ago? The whole waypoints topic reminds me of how people joke about curling every Winter Olympics … equally tiresome.


It is tiresome, but it’s also a feature that would be really helpful. I shouldn’t have to use ABRP to handle my trips - if the car is so smart, it should be able to do it, and if Tesla wants road tripping to be easy as they always brag about, then they should make it so. Deliver on promises.


Oh, please don’t understand— I only say tiresome because it should have happened by now, yet here we are … 😒


Ah I gotcha, my bad :)


Day 78458469535 of asking for high-bitrate built-in Spotify streaming. 96 kbps ain't cutting it, and Tesla will have at least one new Premium Connectivity subscriber should they decide to do this (me).


Since the F150 has power-assisted frunk, why isn't this also included in the S/X? I honestly thought it was "illegal". Also, they could have added a couple of 110V outlets, right?


Apple Music


Auto mirror tilt for only passenger side.


Surprise half this thread is not "round steering wheel". Figure that will compete with CarPlay / Android Auto now.


Autopilot should know that in Finland there are roads that have superwide lanes, and law says you need to drive near the right lane marker. Unfortunately right now AP drives in the smack middle of the lane. This means that there are long stretches of road where using AP means you are driving illegally.


Wow, I've never heard of this before. What's the reason for it?




How many lanes do these roads have?


One each way.


If rain sensing system/camera (which normally would activate auto-wipers when driving) detects rains when parked, close all windows.


More exterior color choices.


88mph=flaming tire marks.


Disable auto-dimming mirrors. They are completely useless in the dark while parking for example.


At least on the model Y, the rear-view mirror is mostly useless all the time and more so at night (driving). Just use reverse camera for parking.


If Tesla is expecting to see less premium connectivity subscriptions by adding android auto/carplay support, then why not enabling it only to who has the subscription?


Better UI (larger map, smaller animated car panel). Or make the left and right panels resizeable.


Model X * App notification if the key fob is left inside the vehicle while parked (similar to open door or window warning). * Apple Car Key. * Door post cameras to be added to the backup and blinker camera views. (Good when you are parkin into a tight parking space or garage). * Sentry notification on the mobile app. * Ability to close the doors and windows from app.


* Option to fold/unfold mirrors in the app. * Fan speed control on the dock when using manual AC mode. * Automatically reduce music volume when voice navigation is speaking. * Recognize traffic light orientation and display them horizontally/vertically. * Homelink button in the app should ask which door I want to open.


HUD, at least just for speed.


Disney plus, HBO, Prime video


* On-screen wiper controls "pinned" when rain is detected or when the user turns the wipers on. I had to turn the auto-wipers off after the last update, because they turn on constantly when there's no rain now... but it would be nice if instead of just turning on, the controls appeared. * A way to minimize the "autopilot graphics" in the 3/Y in favor of larger map and camera views. A strip just wide enough for the speed, icons, and controls with either a reduced or removed 3D view. * Better monitoring and top-up of the 12V battery. * An option to pause audio playback when speaking directions instead of just reducing volume. The volume reduction is fine with music, but nearly impossible to understand when the content is something like an audiobook and it's just two things talking at once. * Better distance/energy estimates, especially for repeated trips. It's consistently off by more than 30% on a trip we make regularly, and the estimate never improves. * Option for mixed regen/disc braking at high SoC and other reduced-regen conditions so that the car behaves the same regardless of battery conditions. Edit: I'm thinking specifically of our 3 and Y with these, but I'm sure some of them apply to other models as well.


Make it cheaper.


* Updated browser * Starbucks app * Tim Hortons app * Overcast app (podcasts)


- Apple Music - Apple CarKey support or Apple Watch support or Ultra wideband support for unlocking the car. So annoying the few times Bluetooth doesn’t connect. - Sentry mode viewer on mobile app - Apple Watch support for the app/ Watch face complications. iOS widgets would be cool too - Ability to change the length of time for the green light chime to go off. It’s helpful if I space out or something, but sometimes it feels like I didn’t even have a chance to press the pedal before it goes off.


Check the parking brake in the app. I live on a hill and am allways worried that I forgot to push the parking button long enough...


Model Y: Home trunk level setting. One setting for home location for garage door height and anywhere else open the trunk all the way.


The car tell me when I’m in range of the supercharging cable, so I don’t have to get out to check and back up again. I thought after a year of ownership I’d get the feel for how far I need to back into a supercharger stall but that’s not the case yet!


Drive-In Theater mode where the car turns off the screen's backlight (or really dims it) while keeping the radio on for several hours, perhaps adding the ability for drive-ins to offer wifi streaming for surround sound and additional information about the movie or concessions. Double tap on wiper button to increase auto wiper speed.


Fix Spotify so it doesn’t turn into Spotify Radio after you choose what you think will be an entire album to listen to, and it goes into radio mode after playing just the first song of the album. Super annoying!


Basic autopilot for $2000 or less for 2018 or older cars. $3000 is too much for this feature that’s standard equipment now and it’s literally just a software switch they need to flip to enable it.


* Use apple watch as a key * Turn off air vents on driver/passenger sides


Heads up display. It’s table stakes in 2021.


Turn off passenger A/C when passenger is in option.... it's there already... Blind spot mirror light?!


Macros. i.e. a couple of screen buttons I can define myself, for example "wipers" turn wiper on then set max velocity, or "Car wash mode" as another user stated here: fold side mirrors, disable auto wipers, roll up windows, and put the car into neutral