Novak lost track of the score in the second set, and went to sit down. Even called Vasek to do the same, and change sides.

One of us


One of us


strange. did he think it was 4-3? 6-3 and the match is over


I think he thought it was 4-3, because it seemed he was concerned about the transfer of the balls to the other side of the court for him to serve with


This has happened to him before. I do not remember the situation but i thinl i remember he won a match point but thought it was just a breakpoint and asked for balls to start serving.


Similar situation in a Federer vs Nishikori match in Halle a few years back. Federer won the match on a tiebreak, but didn't realise the match was over. He went back to the baseline to serve again. Nishikori was standing at the net wondering what the hell he had done to make Federer refuse to shake hands.




Should have saved it for the 2019 Championships instead.


AO 13 against Wawrinka I think. It was set point tho


I think you are right.


Called to vasek? You mean his gesturing? He gestures in the direction of his side of the court, I would guess his box.


Gesturing at the ball kids to throw balls to the other side so that they’re ready for when he has to serve cause he thinks they’re sending them to the wrong side.


Oh. Lol