Sara Sorribes Tormo pushes back on criticism surrounding Miyu Kato disqualification at Roland Garros. "The only thing we've done yesterday was going to the referee and explain him what happened."

Worst part was they didn't even see what happened. They just reacted after the fact once they realized. Neither of them are looking.


Worst part was they didn't even see what happened. They just reacted after the fact once they realized. Neither of them are looking.


Fuck them terrible sportsmanship


Terrible act by them. Didn't even check on the girl, immediately assaulted ump to throw a DQ on them. Tennis is a fraud sport. We are talking about the most grueling sport in today's era and we still recollect to ancient rules made for royals in the early 1900. ITF has to change, if they don't want the sport to slowly die


Well, kind of hard to explain when you didn’t actually see what has happened


they could have just apologized 💀 now people are gonna hate on them more because their asses lying


Isn't it infuritating when you have indisputible proof of their lies and they still won't admit to their mistake? Kinda Trumpy.


Could be Trumpy. Or Clintony.


"Explain what happened" = lie about the girl bleeding and plead desperately for a default


They didn't say a thing about anyone bleeding.


Yes they did. I believe it was bouzkova who mentioned the blood. You can hear it when they go to the Umpire


Bouzkova definitely said bleeding. I heard it right away when I watched the match on replay. For her to state that unfoundedly without even seeing the incident tells you they were vying for the DQ from the start. Seriously, the ball girl was at the end of the court and Bouzaka was at the net proclaiming the incident, which she didn't see drew blood. It's laughable.


Bouchkova literally said "and shes bleeding" its so bad in so many ways. They didn't even see what happend.


watch the video, unless you are deaf


THEY SAID...IM A MILLION PERCENT SURE....I put everything I own on it like my night stand.


Bullshit. Do they think people are stupid?


most tennis players are quite dumb. so it's possible she thinks she can get away with a statement like this.


> most tennis players are quite dumb. True but misleading. Most **pro athletes** are extremely good at the one thing they have concentrated on to the exclusion of everything else. (Hence they're not good at other stuff, like thinking.) (This makes smart pro athletes stick out a lot. Two current exceptions are Iga and Daniil.)


Where is Novak he is stupidly smart. Like smart about his diet then stupid about vaccines


But he does speak like 5 languages, I don't think he's dumb


The dude'a incredibly talented. We just shouldn't be taking medical advice from him.


Or political advice, for that matter.


Or yk what just any advice outside of playing tennis


So? Kiki Mladenovic speaks 25 languages


IMO believing conspiracy theories is more of a symptom of distrust in authority rather than lack of intelligence or knowledge. It's not that most people who took vaccines (myself included) have actually read all the research papers and understand them. I just trust the scientific method and the scientific community in general. Novak may have even spent more time reading and doing "research" than me. It's just that he probably trusts some randoms on the internet more than the scientists or politicians.


I just don't get if, you are really anti science you should believe neither side, sure you think the government is wrong but then why would you think a crazy person is right with his alternative science, if anything they have even less proof?


Distrust authority is the key. They're not "anti science". They just side with whoever's against the authority.


Or its just nobel disease.


I mean, you don't have to single out tennis players, it's mostly true for any pro athlete. Their time goes into improving their athleticism and their skill in the sport, not improving their brain.


Well, it worked on the stupid umpire.


Not on the umpire, but on the supervisor


A slap in the face if you ask me.


capital bull capital shit




Damn, what an unrepentant asshole. "We were scared..." GTFO out of here with that bullshit. It would have just been a caution if those 2 hadn't put their noses in it.


>So, first of all, we were saying that the ball kid was crying because we were scared, because we were, oh, something happened. That sentence doesn't even make sense to me


She literally tried on the spot to argue that Kato hit the ball **on purpose** simply *because the ball girl was crying*. Then her partner added more about blood. Then when the DQ was happening, they were laughing about it on camera. > "No, no, let me explain to you. She (Kato) didn't do it on purpose, she (the ball girl) didn't get injured," Juge said. > "She didn't do it on purpose? She's crying," Sorribes Tormo said. > "And she has blood," Bouzkova added, prompting the umpire to go to see the ball girl, who was sobbing. [Source](https://www.reuters.com/sports/tennis/doubles-pair-disqualified-after-ball-girl-is-hit-2023-06-04/) Then afterward in the press conference they doubled down on the lies, acted like the girl was crying for 15 minutes due to injury from the ball, and to top it off said that the ball "wasn't kind of a slow ball" **when they didn't even see it**. [Bouzkova even admitted that she didn't see it, so she backtracked and claimed that she *heard* it.](https://www.tennis.com/news/articles/doubles-pair-of-miyu-kato-and-aldila-sutjiadi-disqualified-at-roland-garros). Can't even keep her story straight. > "It's difficult. The girl was crying for 15 minutes. I think the warning first happened because he [the umpire] didn't see she was crying and she was in that kind of pain," said the Czech. > "We told him he should look more into because the girl was crying and the ball went directly at her, it wasn't kind of a slower ball. [BBC Source](https://www.bbc.com/sport/tennis/65803759) I've been commenting about this a lot because I am so beyond disgusted with these two and of course they just keep doubling down even more. By their actions and words, they've proven beyond a doubt that they are liars and cheats who exploited the girl's distress to their own ends. They were so very concerned for the girl that they didn't even bother checking in on her during the 15 minutes that she was crying - which they keep emphasizing - because they were too busy telling the umpire there was blood.


Straight up pathological


Send a letter to your senator. Haha. I agree tho. They were clearly in the wrong. Despicable


Erm so what were they scared about? Their just waffling , a clear sign of lying lol


Hearing the sudden sonic boom from Kato’s banger of a backhand, must have been quite scary.


Bouzkova is saying the same nonsense >“We told him that he should look more into it because all we saw was that the girl was crying. The ball went directly at her, so it wasn’t like the ball bounced and it was just some kind of a slower ball. That’s what we told him, just to look into it more.” Well that's a lie isn't it. They didn't just tell him to look into it, they literally said 'That's a default'


Along with "she has blood". They're somehow managing to make this whole thing look even worse for them.


At first I was keen to give them the benefit of the doubt: trying to turn the set around, hoping for a point penalty, and not believing your luck when hearing about DQ, forgetting about people on the other side of the net and sportsmanship. But now that both keep doubling down with blatant lies, I will cheer against them for the rest of their careers. Name and shame them. This incident will follow them for a long time in the circles following tennis close like this sub.


"Ref, we saw what happened... SHE ALMOST KILLED THE POOR CHILD!"








Lol fuck off cheater


The only thing they’ve done is lying about the ball girl bleeding and shameless laughing when Kato was in tears when being told DQ. You bet your sweet ass we’ll boo you for the rest of the year!


Rest of the year? Should be rest of their careers honestly


What happened was saying the kid is bleeding, getting their opponents disqualiified and laughing at their coaches with no shit given to the named ballgirl. And rather then aplogize and try to end this, get defensive on twitter. She is making it really easy to dislike her wonder what her partner in crime is going to say.


We were all hoping there was some explanation other than SST & Bouzkova are amoral cutthroats. (There is no other explanation.)


Imagine doubling down on “we were just explaining to the referee what happened” as if they saw what happened and there wasn’t plenty of video and actual witnesses and a warning already given. Makes it so much worse that the momentum was clearly against them after taking the first set so makes it even more doubtful that they were arguing in good faith.


What a horrible lying cheater. I had no clue who she was, but from now on i will cheer for her opponents.


This is the way.


Just wow... This is the kind of response that I was hoping for... These two will get hated for life and with a reason.




Yeah they “explained” something that they didn’t even see happen. Then pushed for a default, lied about the ball girl bleeding then are seen laughing after the default? They reek of desperation and poor sportsmanship. The lack of self awareness is hilarious. Do they not realize their game was televised?


SST can push back all she wants. It’s still total BS. I glad Karma bit her in the a$$ earlier today in her singles match. I hope she gets booed in her doubles match tomorrow.


Will always root against Bouzkova and Sorribes Tormo from here on out, absolutely atrocious people


Sorribes Tormo and Bouzkova also laughed after their opponents were DQ'd. Not cool.


Was the ball girl crying because of the drama she’d unintentionally been involved in? If she was actually hurt by a tennis ball …


She was ready to move on but these 2 assholes put her on the spotlight and she panicked.


The way you describe it reminds me of a child’s delayed reaction to getting hurt. Their reaction is often dependent on how the adults around them respond.


A child could get hit by a semi and walk it off but the second an adult starts to fuss they cry their lungs out it's true






> Raducanu had the right idea where she’s concerned. ??? All I remember was that Emma beat her soundly in her magical '21 USO run.


It's one thing if they were saying she's injured and we should bring someone on court to attend to her or maybe she needed to be taken off court. That would show concern. But the conversation i heard was them arguing with the umpire after he explained his decision. I heard very clearly in the video, in response to the umpire ... voices raised saying "not intentional!? But she is crying!" They clearly arguing for dq on the basis that the girl is very hurt.


How is the poor ballgirl doing? Anyone care about her feelings?


Well these two don't lol acting like they were so concerned, yet didn't even go see her


and laughed


Why you lying when we have video evidence. Truly stupid. Just apologize and say you got caught up in the heat of the moment. ​ Would be nice if the two of them paid for Kato's half of the prize money (I believe Aldila still gets hers). It would only be 11,500 euros for each girl, relatively measly for two singles players. SST got 240,000 euro for R4 in alone, essentially 100k more than she deserved thanks to Rybakina's walkover.


Didn’t Kato and the umpire both check on the ball girl? And made sure she was ok? SST and Bouzkova only brought it up further to get an easy win despite not seeing what happened. They made a big fuss out of a small thing to get the dirty win. Super trashy, speaks volumes about their characters.


I was literally celebrating Tormo’s loss today. Such a close match and never has anyone deserved to lose it more than she did. I’ve seen some bad sportsmanship around but this one was in such poor form, I’d never root for her or her doubles partner again. I can’t imagine sharing locker rooms with someone you inherently *know* you cheated against so openly. It’s plain disgusting


Doubling down on their actions.... 🤦‍♂️


They didn't see it and they argued at length with the ref over his decision.


She's not even going to take a bit of responsibility for what happened? What a POS, I hope they're destroyed in their next match.


Man, I'm usually disgusted by the hate players get from degenerate gamblers, but if I could channel all of that hate anywhere it'd be straight at these 2 pieces of shit. Guess I have a WTA enemies list now.


Karens. They’ll be getting looks in the locker rooms 100%


Shit tennis players, cheaters, liars. They both are pathetic.


Yes, and she should have stayed out of it. It's between your opponent, the umpire/arbitration and the ballkid. Them butting in to force a DQ is a vile move. Let alone the fact that she didn't even see it happening.


"That girl pulled a chair from under the mat and smacked her with it!" The umpire is an idiot listening to them. Worse than WWE refs.


She’s one of my least favorite players


I knew it smelt bitch in their team when neither checked on the ball girl....they all went to the umpire before checking on the girl who was closest to them. Freaking cowards.... at least Kato showed Empathy and remorse....and should get her 45 grand of prize money imo.


Are they coached by Mourinho?


You explain why you terrible person next




Downvoters didn't get past the first sentence






The ball kid was already holding as many balls as she could carry. But you’re right I don’t think she was paying attention.


She has a point, the game could not go on while the ball girl was crying. The rest... umpire's fault.


Asking the referee to follow the rules (btw, condition for a default needs to be clarify a bit) looks bad on that case (some players will do it, other won't) but the drama is a bit too much right now.


Unless you're sure your opponent did something out of bad intention, it's a terrible look to ask for a disqualification that strips them of prize money and points. Even worse when camera catches you didn't see what happened, you barely acknowledged the ball girl you supposedly were worried about and you play dumb in the interview afterwards. They were losing the second set, only somebody actually dumb and naive would believe they did it out of love for the rules and concern for the ball girl, it was a really pathetic action with economic consequences for the other players.


I'm probably going to get downvoted for this, but... this is their job, their livelihood. It's easier to be seated at home watching the situation unravel without having to think that you need to win R1, R2 or R3 to make sure you can break even your costs or that the prize money will allow you to go further in your career. It sucks? Yes. It was harsh? Yes. Do I critique them? Not at all. Again, it's their job. They saw a window of opportunity and this is to blame on ITF/Refereeing/whoever decides the penalty. While I'm pretty sure they did want to capitalize on the situation, I'm tempted to say that they didn't want Miyu stripped out of her prize money. But at the time, with all the adrenaline pumping loud and clear, you just focus on the moment. This is a refereeing boo-boo.


Bouzkova and Tormo are both singles players, and the prize money is much, much higher for singles than it is for doubles. There's no way that that tiny bit of money from doubles is going to help them in any way. If anyone needs the money, it's the doubles specialists Kato and Sutjiadi


Bouzkova lost in the first round. Tormo lost today. Saying that the "tiny bit of money from doubles" is not going to help them is, well... maybe they are rich. Who knows.


Prize money for losing in the first round of singles: €69,000 (Bouzkova) Prize money for losing in the fourth round of singles: €240,000 (Tormo) Prize money for women's doubles (per team, so each player gets half): Fourth round: €43,000 (the round in which they got their opponents disqualified), quarter final: €80,000 (this match will be played tomorrow). So yes, considering that a first round loss in singles is more money than reaching the quarters in doubles, it really is just a tiny bit of money




They won the match at the expense of forever tainting their career. Probably affect future sponsorship too. It was an incredibly dumb move even if they act solely on their self interest.




yeah, I did. They rushed to judgement and took advantage of a crying girl. The umpire explained it to them that it wasn’t intentional, their opponents said it wasn’t intentional, video showed it wasn’t intention yet they pushed the issue that they didn’t see in the first place. If they were good sportsman, they would’ve asked to play on. If they cared, they would’ve gone up to the girl to comfort her and see what was going on. They did neither, opting to push for a default and a free win.


Intent doesn’t matter in the case of this rule. This is maybe poor sportsmanship but it’s not cheating like many here are saying.


My suggestion is that you should watch it again


The hate she's getting is kinda weird TBH I feel bad for Miyu that they lost ALL of the prize money, but that's just how the DQ rule in tennis works, unfortunately


they weren’t even watching when the ball girl got hit


It's not really weird if you think about it. Although the rule may have been correctly enforced here, it's just a bad look to intentionally try to get opponents DQd under these circumstances. The exaggeration of the result without actually witnessing the incident totally wreaked of 'let's get these players disqualified' so we can move on. So I can see people feeling this sentiment towards them.


Sure it's not a great look But people are trying to contact sponsors to get the players dropped over this and wielding accusations of racism over it Feels very overblown to me


I don't know anything about that, but if you were a sponsor, would you be satisfied with your athlete laughing at the expense of a defeated opponent? That was the other ugly exhibition shown by the 2 players. Both of them were laughing while the player was visibly upset. Now, they may not have actually seen her crying, but damn! Have some decency and at least conceal your glee over getting an opponent bounced.


> but if you were a sponsor, would you be satisfied with your athlete laughing at the expense of a defeated opponent? This would be a complete non-issue is non-tennis sports TBH Here's an example: During the 2022 World Cup, Harry Kane missed a crucial penalty vs France. This was Mbappe's response: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FjpP6FuXwAELDyJ.png The man laughed at him, and everyone loved his competitiveness


True, but this is tennis. The decorum and custom of sportsmanship are still valued and observed here. Secondly, a sponsor who will make millions of Mbappe even if he murders a school bus of children wouldn't consider dropping him. Different mentality.


At some point tennis fans have to chose between competition/competitiveness and decorum TBH Sportsmanship is not exactly unique to tennis either


Why should they have to choose. Alcaraz gave Musseti a first serve when it was incorrectly called out. Do you really think Alcaraz does not demonstrate any degree of competitiveness? Borna Coric owned up to a ball barely hitting his racquet before landing out. He's about as competitive as any player in the tour. So, no. Fans don't have to choose between sportsmanship and competitiveness. Both can reside equally in the game, but to each their own.


> Alcaraz gave Musseti a first serve when it was incorrectly called out. Do you really think Alcaraz does not demonstrate any degree of competitiveness? Good sportsmanship, for sure. But that's not unique to tennis either >So, no. Fans don't have to choose between sportsmanship and competitiveness. I never said they did. In fact, I specifically said the opposite What I said is you have to pick between "decorum" and competitiveness.


That's what makes tennis unique imo. It's a sport where decorum and sportsmanship are part of the same fabric. If you want to see it as Bouzkova and SST laughing because they successfully got their opponents as being competitive, I'm not going to try and change your mind. The backlash that has resulted appears to fall on the other side of sentiment.


Should be a default now for provably lying to the officials.


You can’t change class. A pos will still be a pos even if it can swing a racket.


I think sarribes tormo and boozkova should be fined. I hope they are boo’ed at matches for life